Would any Man United players get into Liverpool’s starting XI? | Bent & Hunt | The Debate

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
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    Darren Bent & Stephen Hunt discuss Sunday's game between Manchester United and Liverpool. They debate what the absence of Pogba & De Gea will mean for Manchester United.

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Comments • 1 165

  • Not Disclosed
    Not Disclosed 19 days ago

    Alisson is a much better keeper than De Gea

  • Darren O' Connor
    Darren O' Connor 21 day ago


  • Abdi 4k
    Abdi 4k 22 days ago

    Skill wise: Pogba gets in
    Reality: Players with egos aren't allowed in the Liverpool dressing room.

  • Oli Mercer
    Oli Mercer 23 days ago

    he's asking some stupid questions really. "Does the fact utd have won more points against liverpool than any other team matter?" Nope. "Do liverpool care about breaking their record?" nope. They want to win the football game. Stats sound good with your mates or on sky tv. Those stats mean nothing on the pitch

  • Tigerburningbright
    Tigerburningbright 25 days ago +1

    Bent deserves to be on this panel.....discuss

  • Syd Cassemis
    Syd Cassemis 25 days ago

    Paul jogbar never seen him sprint

  • Mic Mid
    Mic Mid 25 days ago

    Klopp wouldn't take a 1-0 win? Yes he would.

  • DecayOfficial
    DecayOfficial 25 days ago

    It's Man City's record, not United's

    DUNC AMF 25 days ago

    This is not a Derby.

  • Sasmson Douglas
    Sasmson Douglas 25 days ago

    What is Bent saying what Utd fan goes to watch a Man Utd v Liverpool game expecting to lose. It is a completely different situation the question is are the players gonna play like it is Liverpool or Cardiff City

  • Jack Russell
    Jack Russell 25 days ago

    Celtic-Rangers is a bigger match than Liverpool-Man United😂, quality wise fair enough but all that you look for a rivalry atmosphere, hatred, theres not many derbys better than the Old Firm so sorry no Liverpool United is not the biggest game in British football

    • Jack Russell
      Jack Russell 22 days ago

      @fifaboy fifaboy read what i said you mongo, qualty wise is fair enough but passion, atmosphere, hatred everything a good derby has the old firm trumps this game easily, if you have never experienced the derby then sit down ya wee cretin

    • fifaboy fifaboy
      fifaboy fifaboy 22 days ago

      what the hell are you on about. Your talking about celtic who couldnt even get past the champions league preliminaries and rangers who haven't won a single trophy is 199999999 years

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 25 days ago

    If everyone on form ( playing there best football ) then maguire for Matip, Pogba for Hendo, Martial for Firmino. ( firmino is a better player but martial is a better striker when on top form. If were just going by recent form then of course no one from united gets in Liverpool team. On form a lot of them are not even good enough to get into the united team, they just don't have anyone who stepping up.

  • robert jones
    robert jones 25 days ago

    Pogba is lazy and disrespectful, thinks he s bigger than the club, alex would of got rid of him, and he s the best they got right now, say no more, then again football is a funny old game

  • barak obama
    barak obama 25 days ago


  • Christopher Whitehead
    Christopher Whitehead 25 days ago

    A manager does more than just buy players.! OGS has shown nothing with regards to style of play, intensity, movement, planning for offensive OR defensive set-pieces.... NOTHING.
    He could buy 11 or 15 new players and if he does nothing about coaching, it will all be a waste of time.
    It is an insult to Juergen Klopp to suggest that he has just bought the right players. ( this applies to Guadiana and Pochetino too). They have turned clubs around by coaching, man-management, micro- and macro- management, philosophy, methods, intensity, you name it. OGS HAS SHOWN NOTHING OF THIS.

  • Fianna
    Fianna 25 days ago

    only in football does failing get you a top job

  • Fianna
    Fianna 25 days ago

    no united player gets in the team

    TOMGOTTI 26 days ago

    Fair play bent talking truth

  • Umesh Chhetri
    Umesh Chhetri 26 days ago

    Fire Man United manager ⚽️

  • Umesh Chhetri
    Umesh Chhetri 26 days ago

    United is going down like. 0-4

  • Szymon Pierzynski
    Szymon Pierzynski 26 days ago


  • Frank Jaeger
    Frank Jaeger 26 days ago

    De gea and that's it.

  • Sublzer0
    Sublzer0 26 days ago

    Liverpool go for the jugular. Rip em apart!!!!

  • Paul
    Paul 26 days ago

    Biggest game in Britain? 😂😂😂😂🤣

  • klopite
    klopite 26 days ago

    bent calls it a free hit for united, thats FPL terminology so i guess he plays fpl then😁

  • stickyii
    stickyii 26 days ago

    When pundits look nervous and can steal a living.

  • Thomas IP
    Thomas IP 26 days ago

    So biased. You mentioned the scores everytime United won but not Liverpool. What a waste of time.

  • richlondonrich
    richlondonrich 26 days ago

    What utter shite. When 70 iq people get commentary jobs... Utter shite.

  • KoRDarthBaggins
    KoRDarthBaggins 26 days ago

    We buy good players... Just to sell them

  • Adrian Worsdall
    Adrian Worsdall 26 days ago

    Hunt looks drunk?

  • miro sroka
    miro sroka 26 days ago

    Man UTD made one mistake.....They allowed Pogba to raise above Jose. If at that time the club backed Jose and show Pogba the doors, the dressing room would be like under AF, everybody would eat the grass to play for Jose.

  • Peter Berry
    Peter Berry 26 days ago

    Man u better than Liverpool lass year really

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 26 days ago

    records mean nothing

  • Simen Moen
    Simen Moen 26 days ago

    Not only has Stephen Hunt physically aged about 40 years in the last decade, but he also talks like a senile old man who makes Darren Bent seem like the sensible one

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 26 days ago


  • Björn
    Björn 26 days ago

    I'm a Liverpool supporter and I don't agree with Bent here. Liverpool do not need to try and win by four goals. The only thing that matters to me is GET THE WIN at Old Trafford, which we don't do a lot of the times. Anything more than a win is a bonus, the three points is the important thing. If we're gonna thrash them it's probably easier to do so at Anfield anyway

  • Jamie Leach
    Jamie Leach 26 days ago

    Did the Irish bloke win his appearance on this show in a cereal box? Jesus Christ if he’s been paid for this then there really is too much money in football 🤣

  • GDogsGarage
    GDogsGarage 26 days ago

    14 mins 33 seconds could have been summed up as “no”

  • Mehee f
    Mehee f 27 days ago

    Chelsea have had more mangers and still won

  • Jim Clawley
    Jim Clawley 27 days ago

    We’re favourites but it’s a massive derby so form always goes out of the window.

  • Ethan Claridge
    Ethan Claridge 27 days ago

    Pogba only

  • ross mcewan
    ross mcewan 27 days ago

    when ever they do this its on form so it should be a full liverpool team

  • Mr Anomalous
    Mr Anomalous 27 days ago +1

    Honestly I don’t see any player taking someone’s place at Liverpool.

  • Ashton Worth
    Ashton Worth 27 days ago

    Is there a shortage of pundits or something?

  • K
    K 27 days ago

    And these guys actually get paid for this gibberish

  • Martin Mcwilliams
    Martin Mcwilliams 27 days ago

    Sky desperate to make Utd a threat lol

  • nel 9
    nel 9 27 days ago

    Loved it when John McLain shot Klipp Klopp in Die Hard

  • Ryan Rogan
    Ryan Rogan 27 days ago

    De Gea, Maguire, Pogba, Martial all would have a shout of getitng into liverpools team....
    the issue is current form. in that case not one would get into liverpools B team

    • Na Na
      Na Na 26 days ago

      Ryan Rogan Maguire? No chance. VVD, Mathip and Gomez all as good or better. Allison as good as DeGea. Martial? Don’t make me laugh who do you drop ? He can’t play Firmino’s role so it’s Mane or Salah! Lol. Complete dreamer.

  • Xavier Cottrell-Boyce
    Xavier Cottrell-Boyce 27 days ago

    liverpool 2 man utd 0

  • Jack Grace
    Jack Grace 27 days ago +1

    No way any united players would get in the Liverpool team

  • Liam Moore
    Liam Moore 27 days ago

    I think people are saying give ole a chance so scum go down and who can blame them

  • moorso 23
    moorso 23 27 days ago +2

    How does ole get a chance if David moyes didn't?

  • Mark Cooke
    Mark Cooke 27 days ago

    Maguire regrets leaving

  • jonnyp awake and failing.

    Klopp gets it put of his players by saying look at last season you did all that and still came second that's all he needs to get them to go 1 better I'm a blue and if I was Liverpool I wouldn't let the league go this year after being that close and having my heart smashed up is fight this year harder longer ..but football is a funny thing ctid

  • Mark Cooke
    Mark Cooke 27 days ago

    Lingard would get in to Liverpool squad...young up and coming super star .... Mark my words ha ha

  • Phillip Oconnor
    Phillip Oconnor 27 days ago

    With Pogbas attitude he'd struggle to be a ballboy at Anfield.

  • N N
    N N 27 days ago

    Lingard wouldn’t get into a pub team in Liverpool

  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor 27 days ago

    De gea over allison , you do gear

  • John Longworth
    John Longworth 27 days ago

    On current form none of the Man Utd team would even make Liverpool' s Carabao cup team.

  • Craig McBlain
    Craig McBlain 27 days ago

    Yet again, another pundit refusing to accept in full how bad Utd are. They’re DREADFUL. Why are they even trying to make out that Liverpool are going to be scared of them? They’re worlds apart.