Margaret Atwood - Full power of Women Speech


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  • NE xkc
    NE xkc 2 months ago

    The system patriarchy itself that named and established by an infinite huge number of males ,which all of its power has been aimed to murder ,slave , eat and manipulate females specially who
    are the true and only gods that is related incredibly to divinity and ethereal sense to art.

    There is no such a stuff would be more lower than this full male creation .
    Tear this shit up ! Females!The one and only species that is related to fully prerequisite artistic creating and making!
    Supreme species.
    Go yr ways to destroy and recreate .
    All the blessings.

  • VeganWorld Peace
    VeganWorld Peace 2 months ago

    I wish I could move to Canada or another place!

  • Karyna
    Karyna 2 months ago +2

    i loved her book 'the handmaiden's tale' and am looking forward to reading her other works. what a wonderful and well-spoken human being

  • April Hall
    April Hall 2 months ago +2

    Well contextualized and said, as always Ms. Atwood. We are so lucky to count you among our greatest Canadians. I've read your books from adolescence onward and always guided by your sense of fairness and careful hope. I too have been impressed by the enormous and organized protestations of Americans since November 2016.

  • L. Poper
    L. Poper 2 months ago +10

    First of all, this is MARGARET ATWOOD, why aren't there more views and 👍?? Second, the 2nd season of The Handmaid's Tale..omg!! But most importantly of all, yes it would be nice to live in a time when we don't need a "special" day to recognize women...

  • Dylan Flynn
    Dylan Flynn 2 months ago +2

    Star wars didn't cause 9-11 you bigoted nutcase