FUTMAS & PROJECT TOTY! - #FIFA20 Road to Glory! #86 Ultimate Team

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
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Comments • 184

  • Ethan Schroers
    Ethan Schroers Month ago +1

    I use your videos to help me fall asleep at night, surprisingly helps

  • Toby
    Toby Month ago

    I literally cannot play Fifa for the past 2 weeks nearly! Wasting my time. I have an unreal connection but fifa is messing up! Everything is slow,sluggish,I can’t turn or pass where I want, delayed, button delay. I’m losing every game. Bang out of order of EA for making their terrible game unplayable!!!

    DJ FR!SKY Month ago

    Absolutely noone:
    Nepenthez: OH IS THAT A BOARD!

  • martin serrano
    martin serrano Month ago +1

    That play with ramos was probably because you’re used to tackling by just crushing into the player , i believe if you would’ve pressed the O button it would’ve been different , love you keep the great work

  • Mike Ndoye
    Mike Ndoye Month ago

    Anyone that knows this how do u complete the expensive parts of the bundesliga league sbc pader born etc

    • Ahmed M
      Ahmed M Month ago +1

      You just do it

  • Ashwin Venkat
    Ashwin Venkat Month ago

    Hey Nep, absolutely love the content and not a day goes by when I don't view your content on both channels. It's a testament to the great work you do and I just want to say, "Keep it up!!"

    I added this question for you few days ago in the POTM Messi SBC discussion video and I was hoping you can give us your thoughts regarding Milestones, if possible. I have hit 300 Squad Battles wins (LUL, I know) and 300 Rivals wins already. I have been wishing for some time for EA to bring more milestones related to these game mode, perhaps something like "Squad Battles II", "Rivals II" or "FUT Champs II" Milestones (one that ppl can unlock only after finishing the first set of 300 wins for each mode) so we can grind towards more sets of packs similarly. I hope they bring it when new season comes out next Friday.

  • Daniel Rincon
    Daniel Rincon Month ago +1

    Hi Nep, when doing the scb for bronzes to silvers, I think it is more efficient to use the squad builder option. It is faster and less tedious

  • Safeer Shabir
    Safeer Shabir Month ago

    Keep up the good work nep 🙏🏾

  • Reece McCarthy
    Reece McCarthy Month ago

    love the live gameplay nep

  • Jason Carter
    Jason Carter Month ago

    Nothing wrong with coming up against people better than you

  • DRE
    DRE Month ago

    How do you get so many coins

  • Striker Man
    Striker Man Month ago +1

    Told you van dijk is crap he can't even defend haha

  • ayden sunassee
    ayden sunassee Month ago +4

    I was 10-5 in champs and then at 6 I lost 6 straight and I feel like everyone I lose to only plays for around 20 mins and scores 3-4 goals and are really passive for the rest of the match

    • Miggy
      Miggy Month ago

      This WL has been a disaster! The most unbelievable shit has been happening game after game.. I can’t even start to explain it.. even one of my opponents messaged me after the 2nd game and apologized for how the game ended lol.. 1 shot on target for opponent, lose 1-0 with 9 shots on target.. loose balls always bounce to opponent team..make tackle in the box, opponent was laying face down on the pitch, I couldn’t get the ball, he gets back up and scores.. extra time lasts 3mins pass cutoff time.. smh, I am so disgusted with the game this WL

    • whatdoyou meaannn
      whatdoyou meaannn Month ago +1

      I won 2 in a row and then im my third game i was 5-2 up and my xbox updated so i got a loss and then i went and lost 5 more in a row after that to people that didn't seem that good but my team was awful, im now 6-6 so just keep playing and hopefully you do well

  • J1 •
    J1 • Month ago

    The Game is heavy as fuck

  • nathan williamson
    nathan williamson Month ago +1

    Completely done with playing this game now. The gameplay is so bad I miss fifa 19. Each game mode seems to play different to the next. Little mistakes like a bad pass that you dont want to do and that's is you are a goal down, terrible keeper decisions and sloppy not well worked goals are just the big issues I've noticed. I think I will just work the menu from now on and stick to squad battles

    • RandomVidReece
      RandomVidReece Month ago

      you miss fifa 19 lmaooo. you like el tornado crossing and scoop volleys that game was horrific

  • Tadhg Parker
    Tadhg Parker Month ago

    Moses Simon is class
    Like so Nep can see

  • David Hurst
    David Hurst Month ago

    It's called scripting the game is full off bullshit

  • Rashed Tariq
    Rashed Tariq Month ago +3

    15:13 the player plays in the uae league not the Saudi league

  • Jai Cairns
    Jai Cairns Month ago

    Got loads of Argentinian s now (macherano, Martinez, di Maria ect) could link them all and use messi + icons

  • Callumd 2781
    Callumd 2781 Month ago +1

    Hi nep when are the rttf cards getting upgtaded love the content

  • Zani Tejeci
    Zani Tejeci Month ago

    Id reccomend everybody that Moses Simon he has a 5 star weakfoot 95 pace hes insane

    • Firmino
      Firmino Month ago

      Zani Tejeci yeah exactly so why is his sbc cheap to do when he’d be 25k if not less on the market bro

    • Zani Tejeci
      Zani Tejeci Month ago

      @Firmino That card woul be cheap because nation and league and he fits the meta perfectly with that 98 agility and balance

    • Firmino
      Firmino Month ago

      Zani Tejeci doesn’t matter if he got couple informs he wouldn’t be worth more than 25k and 50-60k for him is wank

    • Zani Tejeci
      Zani Tejeci Month ago

      @Firmino his normal card is 75 i think

    • Zani Tejeci
      Zani Tejeci Month ago

      @Firmino if he would gotten an inform it wouldnt be 84

  • daniel zainodin
    daniel zainodin Month ago +1

    3:58 the guy is 9.9k on bid nep

  • Michael Au Yeung
    Michael Au Yeung Month ago +1

    Nep: Spending 300k on league SBC for a crap 84 rated+not even 100k of club stock.
    Also Nep: Easy profit, let's do another league.

  • Daniel Higginson
    Daniel Higginson Month ago +41

    Absolutely nobody:
    Nep: my wife changed our milk from semi skimmed to full fat, and that’s why I haven’t won a draft in 5 entries...
    That thumb sleeve comment killed me, you must be the only person in earth that wears one :)
    Keep up the good content bruh, love the vids.

  • Salah Mammeri
    Salah Mammeri Month ago

    Great content nep
    Keep it up

  • SteelPulse415
    SteelPulse415 Month ago +28

    do you think you're losing more often in the draft because you (or others) have convinced people to play draft instead of champs, and it has increased the skill level in that mode?

    • Reev Trivedi
      Reev Trivedi Month ago +2

      Ahmed M he kinda is 🤷‍♂️

    • Ahmed M
      Ahmed M Month ago

      SteelPulse415 chill he’s not that popular

  • Jamie Hallyburton
    Jamie Hallyburton Month ago

    Nepo Freiburg is pronounced fryburg

  • Sebastian Bahena
    Sebastian Bahena Month ago

    Nep can you please explain the League sbc method

  • Vcaze
    Vcaze Month ago +1

    "I don't think Arslan is nearly as good as Tonali and Battalgia". Arslan and Tonali is basically as good as each other and they're slightly better than Battaglia but okey. Worse links tho

    • Sam
      Sam Month ago

      Vcaze battaglia miles better than arslan lol

  • Harry_3
    Harry_3 Month ago

    Should I invest in cheap chem styles

  • Julius Kasoro
    Julius Kasoro Month ago

    Can we stop complaining already. The cards for promos like these are suppose to be for fun not meta. You know the reason you bought the game to have fun

  • Benjamin C.
    Benjamin C. Month ago

    I'm starting to think EA are purposefully continously crashing the market.
    We've got to the stage where upgrading one player costs 800k~1m at least.
    By crashing the market, it reduces our selling power, negates the benefits of rewards, and pushes people towards FIFA points.

  • Striker Man
    Striker Man Month ago +1

    Promo is a fail already 10 seconds in haha

    CHEWY HOWARD Month ago

    With all these special cards in packs does that mean team of the week will be dead next week?

  • GinHead
    GinHead Month ago +8

    Use a time lapse of sbcs for example in the background while you do the Q and A’s

  • Aryan Chowdhry
    Aryan Chowdhry Month ago

    3:56 someone was buying that torres for 9.9k

  • Sefton McGowan
    Sefton McGowan Month ago


  • Rabbit's Foot
    Rabbit's Foot Month ago

    Hey nep. One of the most frustrating things about this game is how the design it to where you have to play so many games to do all the objectives and then put so many walls up to make this doable in a decent amount of time. The celebration scenes are what feels like an entire minute each time and this is even more annoying when you’re trying to smash through games and don’t have much time. Also why is the DNF modifier even necessary. Quitting a match does not hurt your opponent at all if anything you’re helping them by giving them a free win and more importantly not wasting their time. I already am not getting match coins for the game that I quit and I’m not getting any rivals points and am accepting the loss. Not sure why they deem it necessary to penalize you so heavily for simply quitting a match.

  • Ezra Cohen
    Ezra Cohen Month ago +3

    10:17 do u even English

  • Synth967
    Synth967 Month ago

    Witsel should be atleast an 88 or 89..

  • Billy Fradgley
    Billy Fradgley Month ago

    When the premier league sbc coming?

  • iADDEX
    iADDEX Month ago +2

    Its like the fifth time you say ”i am really going to try to play all 30 games” and still end up only deciding to play til 14 wins. Sure, I understand why you stop at 14 wins but come on take a decision and stand by it..

    • Liam Williams
      Liam Williams Month ago

      Ffs grow up or move on. He is aloud to change his mind

  • Shaun Sim
    Shaun Sim Month ago

    mate u should seriously try that sbc simon hes is ridiculous 98 agility and 98 balcance with a hawk ive not lost a game with him sice i done him imagine what u could do!!!!

  • Abdo Scholes
    Abdo Scholes Month ago

    Did really the Turkish league cost 120K ???

    • Sam
      Sam Month ago

      Abdo Scholes ‘really’ should be after ‘league’

  • Aran
    Aran Month ago +2

    Since yesterday tackling has been awful. Glad it's not only me. I used VVD in champs and draft and even he can't make a clean tackle. He just never comes away with the ball. I've also experienced that thing where your keeper tackles your own player

  • James Mcnally
    James Mcnally Month ago

    Got de ligt Toty nominee absolutely baited for van dijk lol

  • Romy Walton
    Romy Walton Month ago +4

    The game definitely feels different today, glad u noticed it too. Also today I pulled a 190 draft. Tbh not sure how big of a deal that is atm but it’s on Twitter if u want to have a look. Glad someone else felts gameplay was different today

  • dansmusicproduction

    Gameplay has been heavy for me today. Also passing and shooting is taking ages for 3 weeks now unless you do first time shots and passes

  • Rudtube 123
    Rudtube 123 Month ago

    When do we get our packs for logging on

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez Month ago +2

    hey nep do you have any idea why the RTTF cards haven’t upgraded?

    • E-N-D
      E-N-D Month ago

      Jesus Gonzalez EA are slow, same happened with OTW

    • Liam Williams
      Liam Williams Month ago

      They have now

  • Dylan Lewis
    Dylan Lewis Month ago +1

    What's happening with rttf cards?

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh Month ago +2

    Deciding if I want to play weekend league or watch movies on Disney+ and play CoD. Decisions.

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh Month ago

      @Chummy Chummy didn't and I dont feel bad either

    • Chummy Chummy
      Chummy Chummy Month ago

      Aditya Singh don’t play weekend league

  • Scruffa Stuff
    Scruffa Stuff Month ago +2

    Man.. I lost a match today against a clear pay2win squad, thing is, he ran through my varane, literally, half of messis body went through half of varane body.. I equalised, then the same exact thing happened.. flippen on the replay he literally ghosted through varane.. That's called scripting.. That's what happened to you with your keeper.

    ICE EDITS Month ago

    Nep sorry if im rude im not trying to but u say that EA doesnt give good rewards or players but im getting sick pulls but u always get so hight expectasions if that makes sende like in one of those packs u were hoping for a walkout or icon fam

  • thespoonthatcan ,
    thespoonthatcan , Month ago

    Hey neppo

  • Muhammad Adeel
    Muhammad Adeel Month ago

    you discarded Crespo?

  • Angelo Terrana
    Angelo Terrana Month ago +5

    Why do you keep relisting those pepes? Seems like theyve been there for a month or so

  • DizBuster
    DizBuster Month ago +2

    Somethings clearly wrong with gameplay since the last patch notes

    • humber 007
      humber 007 Month ago

      Definitely since last patch , I was having the same feelings as Nep wasnt sure if it was me or the game but when I play my mates online I dont get half the problems

  • realj 17
    realj 17 Month ago +1

    Craig Douglas is the best

  • Joe Bhoy
    Joe Bhoy Month ago

    Does anyone know when the rttf cards get upgraded