Republic of Ireland 1-1 England (1990) ECQ

  • Published on Nov 17, 2013
  • Looking back almost exactly 23 years to highlights of England's tough looking European Championship qualifier away to Republic of Ireland in November 1990. On a windy afternoon, David Platt gives England the lead before Tony Cascarino equalises for the home side as the match ends in an almost inevitable 1-1 draw (the second of three such scorelines in less than a year between the sides!). Includes a post-match interview with England manager Graham Taylor and some analysis from the following Saturday's edition of Saint & Greavsie.
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  • Black Cats
    Black Cats Month ago

    Jimmy Greaves, what a cunt

  • Darren Hayward
    Darren Hayward 3 months ago

    England were very lucky to be in Sweden in 1992 whereas Ireland were very unlucky not to be in Sweden

  • damo brien
    damo brien 4 months ago +1

    Ah the old Wednesday afternoon qualifiers. I was at this with my late dad.
    There was a very tense atmosphere in Dublin that day. Not helped by the fact SF were having a protest march.

  • Jose Parcenary
    Jose Parcenary 5 months ago

    1:00 Times have changed. That'd probably be a yellow card today, but not even a free kick back then.

  • xpat73
    xpat73 6 months ago

    Funny that Casacrino should never have been playing for Ireland as we out found later. He was not qualified.

  • Padraig Cosgrave
    Padraig Cosgrave 8 months ago +5

    RIP Graham Taylor

  • silver
    silver 8 months ago +1

    I was in the north terrace at the wall for this one

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly 8 months ago +1

    Great goal by cascarino

  • James Burke
    James Burke Year ago +1

    the "Pat the Baker" advert board

  • celtic tiger
    celtic tiger Year ago

    when eire score... brit scum moore and greaves say nothing...again anti irish

  • ImNewAndHere2Stay

    We did make Gary Linneker shit himself

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson Year ago

    The time when Ireland played England every other week.

  • Jonathon Gates
    Jonathon Gates Year ago +1

    Pat the baker

  • Thomas Randall
    Thomas Randall Year ago +3

    Jimmy Greaves and Liam Brady didn't sound too friendly towards each other during the commentary on this

  • TheProd1991
    TheProd1991 Year ago +2

    What does an Irishman do when his car runs out of petrol? Gets out of his car and blames Britain.

    • whitemountain apache
      whitemountain apache 3 months ago

      How do you get 40,000 English into a mini ? Tell them it belongs to somebody else !

    • LFC YNWA
      LFC YNWA 9 months ago

      what happens when Briton goes into a recession ? it blames the rest of Europe....brexit cant happen quick enough fuck off out of it your not wanted , the orange prods in the north will be banging their drums on the streets while the young irish men bang their wives in their houses :)

    • Adam Peckham
      Adam Peckham Year ago

      EIRE 32 I'm desperately trying to get one !

    • MrBagpipes1971
      MrBagpipes1971 Year ago +2

      Why would we blame Britain? If is not like anyone actually buys British cars now is it?

    • EIRE 32
      EIRE 32 Year ago +5

      TheProd1991 did you get your Irish passport yet. All the prods are Queuing around the block to get there Irish passports

  • Sean Doran
    Sean Doran 2 years ago +3

    Defo pen for Ireland..Today it was a shoe in.

  • tomas reily
    tomas reily 2 years ago

    it was a penalty

  • kilo bailey
    kilo bailey 2 years ago +4

    Leaving a player like paul gascoigne out of a massive game like this would be unthinkable now

    • Antonio Sapienza
      Antonio Sapienza 3 months ago

      @Jose Parcenary Says more about the limitations of the late Graham Taylor than the merits of playing Gascoigne .

    • Jose Parcenary
      Jose Parcenary 5 months ago

      I think it was a common tactic at the time to drop your 'skill' player for tough away games. Not sure exactly why. I guess they figured there was no point trying to play football when it was going to just be a pitch battle.

      I remember Liverpool would do the same thing with Peter Beardsley.

  • Mr Kipling
    Mr Kipling 2 years ago

    Brilliant atmosphere!!

  • Robot Lover
    Robot Lover 2 years ago +15

    Back when Lansdowne had a bit of atmosphere.

    • The major
      The major 6 months ago

      Was at virtually all Ireland home matches from 86 . Atmosphere comes from the team . Look at the big wins like Germany at home , Bosnia etc . Stadium was rocking ...Our time will come again . There is huge talent coming through . I was at some brutal matches in the old stadium even under Jack . Brazil in 1987 had about 15k at it bizarrely. We win 1-0 too ! Certain matches stand out in memory, wins v Spain , Holland , Portugal Yugoslavia Germany etc

    • silver
      silver 8 months ago +2

      Soccer belongs on the northside of dublin , the prawn sandwich prods from the south side are flooding irish games now , if they could move croke park amd the gpo to the southside they would . Long lìve ireland down with these southside prods

    • Jose Parcenary
      Jose Parcenary Year ago

      It's hard to cheer when you're eating prawn sandwiches.

    • Keith Johnson
      Keith Johnson Year ago

      Same as Wembley, it's been taken over by the middle class now

    • Barry B
      Barry B Year ago

      It's absolutely horrible now man, The small away stand drowns out the home fans.

  • onlyweatherlol93
    onlyweatherlol93 3 years ago

    great goalkeeping ffs how do England concede such an awful goal? A long ball punted in jeez

    • Jose Parcenary
      Jose Parcenary 2 years ago

      In fairness, Cascarino had two men on him and neither did anything apart from ball-watch.

    • The Colonel
      The Colonel 3 years ago

      I think Woods was wrong footed.

  • Hen Smithers
    Hen Smithers 3 years ago +9

    England 1 England 1

    • Steve Ruddick
      Steve Ruddick 2 months ago

      No rest for the triggered I see..

    • LFC YNWA
      LFC YNWA 9 months ago +2

      all those native black men that make up the english home team now hard to spot a white one among them:) rule Britannia is a joke the white British have been thinned out from all her colony's coming from overseas to say hello to their queen and staying for their entitlements as a British sovereign ......hahahaha the most popular mans name in England right now is Mohammad ohhhaha ya couldnt make this stuff up what a sickener for their monarchy

    • ImNewAndHere2Stay
      ImNewAndHere2Stay Year ago +1

      Go back further, it would be Ireland 1 Ireland 1

    • bonzo dog
      bonzo dog 2 years ago +3

      Hen Smithers fuck off

  • LongevityMUFC
    LongevityMUFC 3 years ago

    hi, have you got the full version of saint and greavsie available to upload?

  • The Colonel
    The Colonel 3 years ago +3

    I met Tony Cascarino at an event in London last week and chatted to him about that goal. Funnily enough he was a bit unsure which year it was, he thought it was 1992 (maybe a few beers had been had). Anyway, was very friendly and chatted away about what it was like behind the scenes with the squad. He said that big Jack gave Houghton a right verbal blast at the end of the match for that miss at the end (although I thought Houghton's miss in the return fixture at Wembley in March 1991 was actually worse as he had more time to pick his spot).

    • The Colonel
      The Colonel 3 years ago +1

      @JS2000 Still had time in that campaign to make amends, against the Poles.

    • JS2000
      JS2000 3 years ago +1

      Ya it was a dreadful miss and the one which cost us a place in Euro 92.

  • Graham Clayton
    Graham Clayton 3 years ago +4

    The 2nd of three consecutive 1-1 draws between these two teams between June 1990 and March 1991.

  • Cool Baire
    Cool Baire 3 years ago +13

    Neither team has the same quality of player now than they had then

    • Jose Parcenary
      Jose Parcenary 5 months ago

      Well, right now England are arguably as good as they have been since 1966.

    • James Burke
      James Burke Year ago

      spot on

  • Dermot Lopez Productions

    Great to see Gordan Cowans.

  • alastair saint
    alastair saint 4 years ago +6

    Think this match was on tv on a schoolday during the day.Remember the physics teacher turning on the tv just as the republic scored.I knew its was going to be downhill from italia 90 from that point on.

  • Mark Ganus
    Mark Ganus 5 years ago +5

    England are now a knackered side incapable of threatening the simplest of opposition

  • Mark Mcglade
    Mark Mcglade 5 years ago

    bye bye ireland.

  • Mark Mcglade
    Mark Mcglade 5 years ago

    bye bye ireland

    • tomas reily
      tomas reily 2 years ago

      art least england where terrible

  • OceanBlue
    OceanBlue 5 years ago

    Those were the days of rampant IRA terrorism!

    • seanbhoy493
      seanbhoy493 8 months ago +1

      @robicenco 1 Neither. Didn't achieve a united Ireland but brought it a lot closer and got nationalists a lot more rights than they had before.

    • robicenco 1
      robicenco 1 8 months ago

      @seanbhoy493 If IRA supporters in 1990 could see into the future, and see Northern Ireland as it is today (in 2019), do you think they would have regarded the IRA as having won, or as having been defeated?

    • MrBagpipes1971
      MrBagpipes1971 Year ago +3

      It was also around the same time that Britain and it's American masters started making a mess of things in Iraq.

    • BigMcGee
      BigMcGee 2 years ago

      You can pretty much say that about the brits during any time period.

    • seanbhoy493
      seanbhoy493 5 years ago +11

      so england couldnt beat the Irish in war or football