Twins reunited after 70 years apart - BBC News

  • Published on Sep 13, 2015
  • They were separated at birth and it took 70 years to bring them back together. George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski, 69, were born in Germany after their Polish mother was sent to a forced labour camp.
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  • janine miller
    janine miller 3 years ago +9139

    These are real men who are not afraid to show their emotions.

    • Ifeanyi Jude
      Ifeanyi Jude Month ago

      Only twins will understand

    • great futuresss
      great futuresss Month ago

      @patricia garrish you Patricia

    • patricia garrish
      patricia garrish Month ago

      @great futuresss
      You Patricia

    • D. Clark
      D. Clark Month ago

      Beautiful story! My mom is a twin and has to be with her sister. So happy these wonderful men are now together! Wish I could have a job reuniting people like this!

  • Emack B
    Emack B Year ago +274

    I’m sad for their poor mother, they were taken from her without her being notified, and she wasn’t allowed to have them back. That must have been so sad. I’m happy these guys found each other again

    • ace x
      ace x 11 days ago


    • Ajayi Immanuel
      Ajayi Immanuel Month ago

      The only person who get a happy ending was their mother

    • ahmed omer
      ahmed omer 2 months ago +1

      That what is happening in Sweden with families nowadays.

  • J K
    J K Year ago +554

    I'm a single dad of twins I cannot imagine the heartache of waking up and finding out your babies were gone. At least adopted is better than disappeared I suppose, but I'm crying for that woman rn. I could not live with that always searching always wondering never knowing. Who is protecting them? Are they safe? I could not. I feel so sorry for her.

    • Lee-Angel
      Lee-Angel 25 days ago

      @kc khang so sweet 😍

    • Beirut27
      Beirut27 Month ago

      @Di Turner 😢

    • Di Turner
      Di Turner Month ago

      @Beirut27 The corrupted prostates of church and prejudice did this too many. I sense they hid my baby son or malpractices but not sure if baby is rip or alive even though grave. One I raise. Brilliant twin in his character and me I trust no one but God just I do not sense my other little son died. I was young 16 near 17 and supposedly 4 weeks early. Premature 5 lb and 4.13lb I think...identitical higher stalked for research

    • Space Lemur
      Space Lemur Month ago

      The video says she was not healthy, and indeed, she died when the boys were six. It might have been obvious at the time that the children would have a better chance of thriving as adoptees.
      Was she destitute? PTSD? We don't like to think about it, but many civilian Germans were in desperation at the end of the war and the following years.

    • kc khang
      kc khang Month ago +1

      As a father of twin boys I can relate.

  • Lioness
    Lioness 2 months ago +20

    I know exactly how they feel! I found my dad at age 40 and I didn’t loose hope myself. Now I have a dad, 3 sisters, a brother, 3 nieces and 2 nephews and a bunch of aunts, uncles and cousins.

    • Oyin Falola
      Oyin Falola 18 days ago

      Wow God bless u and you're family

    • Nese
      Nese Month ago

      I'm so happy for you!

  • blackeneddove
    blackeneddove 5 months ago +113

    I am sobbing. I can see their love for each other, it’s so strong. I wish them many years left of happiness together. ❤️

  • Cameron Renwick
    Cameron Renwick 2 years ago +2814

    The Polish people suffered so much. Too much. They deserve all the happiness in the world.

    • ERT_Chimpanzee
      ERT_Chimpanzee 14 days ago

      @Tsandza Dlamini Guess what! We Estonians have been under Germans, Polish, Swedish, Russians, Danish rulers. That was was from 1200 to 1918 and started 1939 again when WWII started and we got our independence again in 1991. Blacks have better life in USA than they have in Africa.

    • obiwan88
      obiwan88 2 months ago

      @Tsandza Dlamini I'm afraid your heart that full of anger and hate have clouded your senses and judgement, and you have completely missed the point.
      This is never a competition to see who suffers more, which you have made to sound like.

    • SamuraiDom
      SamuraiDom 2 months ago

      @Cecil Bisshopp oh I know that, I never said only we suffer…

    • SamuraiDom
      SamuraiDom 2 months ago

      @Cecil Bisshopp Hungary isn’t Germanic… but thanks anyway

  • Juana Pray
    Juana Pray Month ago +12

    I am sure their mommy, in heaven, played a big part in bringing them back together again. No doubt and how happy she is now!!! May God bless the 2 twins and their families and all siblings who have found each other or who are still going through it. Keep your Faith!!! ❤️❤️

  • Lepe1
    Lepe1 8 months ago +64

    I'm sooo happy for them. I feel for the mother, how horrible it was to have lost her children. I hope God allows her to know they are now together. It's unfortunate they didn't grow up together but at least God granted them the gift of spending their lives together in old age. Love this

    • Beirut27
      Beirut27 2 months ago

      Oh but from the moment she died she has been protecting them so she knows everything that happens in their lives and she was there, at the airport, looking down on her sons!

  • KayD828
    KayD828 Year ago +59

    I was born in Warslaw Poland this story is heartbreaking so surreal to watch these two twin brothers reunite I’m in literal tears

  • Jessica p
    Jessica p Year ago +62

    Finding my sisters was so beautiful, it really completes a heart.

    • Jess De La Souza
      Jess De La Souza 2 months ago

      I am happy for you & your loved ones that you found each other! From on Jessica to another

    • Morgan Brown
      Morgan Brown 10 months ago +1

      Hello.... how're you doing hope you're safe due to the covid 19 pandemic

  • libra42ful
    libra42ful 2 years ago +4010

    Their Mother must be smiling down on them, and can now rest, her babies are once again together...

    • Kenton202
      Kenton202 Month ago

      @NoStressEmpress so why did Jesus reply to Saint Dismas (who was crucified along with Christ) “Amen, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.

    • NoStressEmpress
      NoStressEmpress Month ago

      Their mother is not in heaven nor hell. She's in the grave, awaiting the resurrection. That's what the Bible says.

    • Kenton202
      Kenton202 Month ago

      @I ubk for you no for all of us it is real. Can’t wait to see you there and tell you I told you so.

    • libra42ful
      libra42ful Month ago

      @Gerson Galan maybe...

    • Sanober Malhotra
      Sanober Malhotra Month ago +1

      What a sweet thought. 🙏

  • K R
    K R 8 months ago +45

    I have watched this about 12 times and it has me crying every single time. These two are just golden, so much love ❤️

  • Roman Bernacki
    Roman Bernacki 3 months ago +16

    Wszystkiego Dobrego! Również mam brata bliźniaka, ta historia przypomniała mi żeby zadbać o naszą relacje, bo ostatnimi czasy się oddaliliśmy. Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  • Bang Chan
    Bang Chan Year ago +32

    I have a twin and I can’t imagine being apart or being separated from her. I love her so much and it would break my heart if I didn’t know where she was or didn’t even know she existed. She’s my best friend and my other half. The tears these guys are shedding are also shared by mine, I’m so happy for them 😭

  • Iba Maria_79
    Iba Maria_79 11 months ago +121

    The mother's soul is finally at rest🙏 may they never be separated again

  • 1375mundo
    1375mundo 5 years ago +4984

    I feel so sorry for the mother, I hope her spirit is at rest knowing her sons are together.

    • royal diadem
      royal diadem Year ago

      She knows nothing, shes asleep

    • Gail Sype
      Gail Sype 2 years ago +1

      @Halsten Snowborn It was a different time back then. Women often were less educated than men, and had fewer job options. She may have suffered from depression; she was certainly ENTITLED to be depressed! The mother may have become overwhelmed and just gave up. Not because she was a bad mother, but because she likely had so few options. Europe was in chaos after WWII; there were few social support resources to fall back on.

    • Jacques Jacobsz
      Jacques Jacobsz 3 years ago

      How would we know what was written on the document to be the truth anyway?

    • Jason Voorhees
      Jason Voorhees 3 years ago +1

      Indeed man...

  • babyfrank66
    babyfrank66 Year ago +77

    It is very difficult not to let a tear escape when you see an old man cry.

  • Ariel Urrutia
    Ariel Urrutia 3 months ago +31

    I'm a twin myself I wouldn't be complete without my brother at all, seeing this brings a tear to my eye.

  • Omer Y.
    Omer Y. 10 months ago +27

    Never too late to reunite a family ! Congratulations and wishing a long happy life to these beautiful souls

  • Margui622
    Margui622 Year ago +23

    I’m tear -eyed. What a emotional reunion.

  • Microsystem
    Microsystem 2 years ago +1709

    For me, I just lost my brother. I completely understand his feeling, "I don't care if I win the lottery, I just want to have my brother by my side."

    • Microsystem
      Microsystem 5 months ago

      @Julia Shireen He is such a nice brother. He knows that saying good bye would break my heart and he never said it.

    • Julia Shireen
      Julia Shireen 5 months ago

      I am so sorry for your loss, Microsystem😢😢😢😢

    • Terrific Tara
      Terrific Tara 10 months ago

      Me too buddy. Me too💕

    • Qorr Ilajzi
      Qorr Ilajzi Year ago

      This comment makes me cry so hard I feel you 🥺

      VIKRANT SHARMA Year ago

      Sorry for your loss 😭

  • A G
    A G 3 months ago +11

    I'm sure their Mama was rejoicing in Heaven when she saw her babies together again. ❤️

  • basaka00
    basaka00 3 months ago +8

    Gosh, I got so emotional with this video. I'm so happy for these men. To see each others again was so meaningful for them. I can't imagine my life far from my siblings, they mean a lot to me.

  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota Toriumi Year ago +11

    As a twin I could just imagine how complete they feel now, I cried so much when they hugged, and their poor mother lost not one but two of her babies! Ugh my heart!

  • michelle mcgill
    michelle mcgill Year ago +53

    Being a Twin, this touched me omg I’m sobbing 😭

    • Oscar Brody
      Oscar Brody 9 months ago +3

      Hello, Michelle,
      How are you doing today?

  • Sanja Simic
    Sanja Simic Year ago +14

    I cried my eyes out!! Im so happy for them!

    • Morgan Brown
      Morgan Brown 10 months ago +1

      Hello.... how're you doing hope you're safe due to the covid 19 pandemic

  • lk j
    lk j Year ago +9

    Heartbreaking to know of their separation. As a mother of twins adoptive parents should take both or none. No one can understand the bond they carry. Happy to see they've been brought together at last.

  • zainab cute channel
    zainab cute channel 18 days ago +1

    I am very happy and touched to see twin brothers who can finally meet again after 70 years long🥺, I hope they are now living happily together🤗

  • NLK
    NLK Year ago +8

    It's emotionally touching and beautiful especially the huge flower bouquet he brought, just so touching

  • Cristina🌸
    Cristina🌸 Year ago +944

    As a twin I could just imagine how complete they feel now, I cried so much when they hugged, and their poor mother lost not one but two of her babies! Ugh my heart!

    • boopus221
      boopus221 9 months ago +1

      This is a tough one not to tear up over

    • lk j
      lk j Year ago +1

      @Claudia s Same as mine are 27. A very unique bond many cant possibly understand unless they are or who have raised them

    • Ali Eganhouse
      Ali Eganhouse Year ago +5

      SAME!!!!!! I have a twin brother and it’s just us mom and dad couldn’t get pregnant for 11 years and then luckily by the grace of God, or whoever you or anyone else believes in as a higher, became pregnant at 33 and it was single-handedly the best thing that could have happened to parents that were desperate for having children. A true blessing. It makes me cry thinking about how devastating it was for my mother to not think she was ever going to have kids, I would be too! But as it obviously turns out for it in the end, she was the winner- and ended up with two children, both a girl and a boy, healthy as could be, and at the same time. 😊. I wouldn’t have had it any other way either!!! I love my parents and being a twin so much. ❤️.

    • Harshal Kamble
      Harshal Kamble Year ago +1

      I m also twin

    • Ricardo Estrada
      Ricardo Estrada Year ago +4

      Christina may God bless you and your family wherever you are😇😘🙋🙏

  • Haeun Kim
    Haeun Kim Year ago +8

    Their life story is literally something that would come out from a movie. I wish people would adopt twins together- it is so sad to see them having to stay apart. I am so happy for the two of them now that they are together.

  • realcanadiangirl64
    realcanadiangirl64 2 months ago +3

    I love the ending of their story so much 💙 I'm adopted and understand how important it is to know your history

  • c m
    c m Year ago +5

    I can't imagine what they've gone through. I hope they have many healthy years to enjoy their friendship.

  • Asis Civies
    Asis Civies Year ago +5

    Amazing and beautiful history! Congratulations for twins!

  • Noora Nazzal
    Noora Nazzal 6 years ago +1617

    What an incredible story!! Alhamdulilah they found each other ... so happy for them :)

    • Rebka Bini
      Rebka Bini Month ago

      My Heart rate increase atfter the story . I’m in emotional

    • Y
      Y 3 years ago


    • Sufom
      Sufom 4 years ago

      AnnaBeth McCain Arabic, more precise definition would be praise be to god :D

  • Leanne Smith
    Leanne Smith Year ago +3

    Their love for each other after such a huge separation is obvious, their story incredible

  • Penny Waters
    Penny Waters 9 months ago +16

    two wonderful old gentlemen - makes me happy that they have found each other

  • Akanji R. Omidiji
    Akanji R. Omidiji Month ago +1

    I couldn't believe myself crying 😢.... I'm so happy for them 💓

  • Jerry Okazaki
    Jerry Okazaki Year ago +25

    TheXvid should Not have the right to allow dislikes on videos with such heartfelt and impactful emotions such as these, no one should have disdain when it's about brothers finally being able to reunite after "70" freaking years

    • Sandra Kissack
      Sandra Kissack 10 months ago

      Hey Jerry, there arnt any dislikes,🤷🏻‍♂️👨‍⚕️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Me Myself And I Z
    Me Myself And I Z 5 years ago +4167

    I'm always confused how you get people disliking this video? What is there to dislike, unless your life is miserable?

    • realcanadiangirl64
      realcanadiangirl64 2 months ago

      @Abyan Syafi My twins don't look anything alike

    • HLOG
      HLOG Year ago

      Dominik Krulak not really

    • Patricia Alley
      Patricia Alley 2 years ago

      @PianoXfan1 I think you and I need to discover what these two people discovered. you don't have to be twins to figure out that underneath It all we are one big Spirit. You have seen propaganda about Hillary. I have seen propaganda about Trump. Why can't you and I rise above that? Why judge one another? That is what starts the wars that cause the kind of suffering this mother endured.

    • Cameron Renwick
      Cameron Renwick 2 years ago

      Evil people are always among us. Respect to the brave Polish people.

  • WAlves
    WAlves Year ago +6

    Boy, this made me cry for hours..
    I can’t stop thinking on them and their mother and all the suffering that they went through.
    War will always left its marks and these hurts deep in the soul. 😢

  • Kamil & Racquel's Diary
    Kamil & Racquel's Diary 6 months ago +6

    I couldn't keep my emotion the moment they hugged each other.♥️

  • Kobey Kitty
    Kobey Kitty 7 days ago

    Heartwarming to see these brothers reunited.
    I couldn't hold the tears back.

  • Paul Bradford
    Paul Bradford Year ago +1

    What a wonderful, sad story. Twins have an emotional attachment. My Mum was a twin, but her brother died when she was six weeks old. She didn't find out that she was adopted until she was 15 when she needed her birth certificate for work. She loved her adoptive parents immensely. I remember them well and they were lovely. They could have kept he secret as she had a birth certificate with her adopted name. I found that in her papers after she died. after her adopted mother died, she traced her real mother. My Mother, my younger sister and I went to visit her for a weekend. After that weekend, she contacted my Mother to say that she didn't want to see her again. In later years, when I spoke about it with my Mum, the circumstances of her birth made me suspect that her Mother was raped. She was in service as a Lady's Maid in 1934 in Belgravia. She was sent to a private nursing home to have the babies and went back into service. I think the father was someone the family knew, to treat her that way. Interestingly, she lived in a lovely area when we visited, so I think that she was 'looked after' either by the family or by the father of the children.
    My Mum talked a lot about her brother, wishing that they had grown up together.

  • Noto Kiddos
    Noto Kiddos 2 years ago +4214

    It's amazing that despite being apart for 70 years, they both showed up in similar shirts...

    • DyKing
      DyKing Month ago

      Noticed that too!

    • Marc Vivori
      Marc Vivori Month ago

      @순두부찌개 한개 I’m an old man and don’t own a plaid shirt. Hahaha. Solids or stripes only.

    • Marc Vivori
      Marc Vivori Month ago

      That was the first thing I noticed. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Vivian S
      Vivian S 3 months ago +1

      @Carole Carr One shirt is checkered, and the other one is gingham print...

    • Vivian S
      Vivian S 3 months ago +1

      @Adriana Ratsch-Rivera Means they are "paternal" twins!

  • Brenda Hutcherson
    Brenda Hutcherson Month ago +1

    How Awesome! We were adopted and found out there are 12 of us. I’ve been Blessed to meet each one. We live miles apart but there always in my Heart. I’m So Happy they are Reunited.

    • Brenda Sparkman
      Brenda Sparkman Month ago +1

      OMG I have a sister I never seen tears a falling down from my face

  • Jade Haert
    Jade Haert Year ago +7

    I’m so happy they are together. They were so emotional and so happy to see each other. Now they can spend their time together and it’s beautiful. They have wonderful souls.

  • leonore450
    leonore450 Year ago +2

    I really cried when they hugged 😂. I got emotionally affected at this pandemic time..missing my family even more and praying to be safe all my loved ones..So happy they found each other and there’s still time to get to know each other as brothers. 🙏❤️

  • Milou
    Milou Year ago +3

    this is the most heartbreaking story ever but i’m so happy they found each other 🥺

  • Jae
    Jae 2 years ago +3025

    "I don't care about winning the lottery I just want to have my brother at my side"
    That's so sweet😭😭

  • John John
    John John 10 months ago +1

    The fact that both of them wore similar kinds of shirts when they met each other for the first time, love can just be so deeply rooted ♥️♥️

  • Melissa Meaux
    Melissa Meaux Year ago +2

    This made me feel so much, so many different emotions! I am so glad they finally found each other, I just hate that it was so late in their lives

    • Oscar Brody
      Oscar Brody 9 months ago

      Hello, Mellisa,
      How are you doing today?

  • Adham Mahmoud
    Adham Mahmoud 4 months ago +4

    If only my brother knows how much I love him. I remember our fights as kids, I remember the cries, I remember the fun, I remember the support. Love you forever ❤️

  • King Eris
    King Eris Year ago +3

    The truly sad part of this story is it took 70 years. That’s a long time. Still never to late. What a great story.

  • drakethedragon100
    drakethedragon100 Year ago +2155

    I wish all siblings would be adopted together.

    • Nikita 151
      Nikita 151 Month ago +1

      @Greg Previte Best of Luck!!!

    • saint matthew ani-onuh
      saint matthew ani-onuh Month ago


    • Mrpiccaso
      Mrpiccaso 3 months ago

      @macalauresmuse now it is much more common a lot of people don’t have the heart to split up siblings back then like you said it was after a war chaos was still around everyone was very very broke and we’re barely surviving so adding an adopted kid in the mix wasn’t much of an option for most family’s and I have a feeling the adoptive family’s probably weren’t even always told that the kid they were adopting had other siblings so they never got the chance

    • Greg Previte
      Greg Previte 6 months ago +2

      I wish so too. I’m 39. I just found out I have a twin brother out there. I really hope to find him. I hope he’s well and has had a good life.

    • No Finn
      No Finn 9 months ago

      @Whitney in many places that’s just not the case.

  • Jeon googie
    Jeon googie 8 months ago +4

    I hope they live a long live together ❤

  • John John
    John John 10 months ago +8

    "In my heart, I always knew I had a twin brother ", this is so beautiful 😭. May God fill your hearts with abundance of love always 😭💗

  • Kristi Namyslowski
    Kristi Namyslowski Year ago +2

    I have watched this so many times. My heart just ached....I am so sorry life happened the way it did for you two. I am so thankful prayers were answered and you were able to be with each other.

  • Space Lemur
    Space Lemur Month ago

    As one who lost my brother 40 years ago in a car crash, I feel great joy for these two men. May they have many years to discover eacch other.

  • Joanne Kapitan
    Joanne Kapitan Year ago +1

    As a twin Mama I just wish twins could be adopted together. They have such an incredible bond straight from birth and it breaks my heart when I hear these stories of them being separated.

  • Mark Caswell
    Mark Caswell Month ago

    This absolutely had me in tears best wishes to both of them

  • Miroslava Bartošová
    Miroslava Bartošová Month ago +1

    Krása ❤️

  • Princess Agatha
    Princess Agatha Year ago +15

    To see them both so open and excited to love each other was a beautiful thing. The absolute joy and unrestrained love was so, so amazing to watch.

    • Morgan Brown
      Morgan Brown 10 months ago +1

      Hello.... how're you doing hope you're safe due to the covid 19 pandemic

    • The Dude
      The Dude Year ago +1

      Love is best power in the world.

  • Adetunde Babs’s
    Adetunde Babs’s 3 years ago +1074

    To be robbed of 70 years of brotherhood. Am glad their mother tried to find him and am glad their met before one or both them had died. And I pray that they have many more years to get to know each other and their families.

    • consolata wamatu
      consolata wamatu 2 years ago +1

      Oooh yah may they live long, Gods works in a mestiries ways that's why God kept them alive

    • Katandra Roney
      Katandra Roney 3 years ago +2


    • Espen Ekeberg
      Espen Ekeberg 3 years ago +17

      In their eyes they GOT some years with brotherhood. No bitterness in this video. love it

    ALLCOMEDY 6 months ago +2

    I am blessed with 6 brothers…we’re truly competitive with each other and sometimes it’s not healthy.This kind of videos reminds me just how much we should appreciate each other . Thank you for this heartwarming video

  • Mary Sherman
    Mary Sherman Month ago

    Great story , I love when families are reunited. Wonderful. Thankful that these two brothers are together again. Ty for this story.

  • M
    M Year ago +2

    I needed this today. It’s beautiful. ♥️

    • Morgan Brown
      Morgan Brown 10 months ago +1

      Hello.... how're you doing hope you're safe due to the covid 19 pandemic

  • Elina Zalite
    Elina Zalite Year ago +3

    How sweet . I couldn't stop crying . So beautiful .

  • Aisha MammaOfTwins
    Aisha MammaOfTwins Year ago +257

    As a mother of two year old twin boys I could never imagine to see them apart , cause they have such a strong bond.

    • Mari Montalvo
      Mari Montalvo Year ago +3

      Me too, the bond that my twin sons, & my twin grand-daughters have, is unbelievable. My twin grand-daughters born from my oldest son (he is not a twin). We love them deeply. Also my other grand-daughter, my oldest grand-daughter, grandson. We r soooo happy & grateful to GOD, AMEN.

    • lisa poole
      lisa poole Year ago +3

      Me too. My twins just turned 11 and they have the sweetest relationship. I cannot imagine them missing out.

  • Lin Berry
    Lin Berry Year ago +1

    This is story that speaks straight from the heart. From deep sadness to incredible joy. God bless and keep them.

  • Precy Esteibar
    Precy Esteibar 2 months ago

    I cried a river and so happy for them 💛💛💛

  • Penny Daum
    Penny Daum 3 months ago +1

    I'm so happy for them. 💙💙

  • Mufassil Islam
    Mufassil Islam Year ago +823

    I never had a brother. But of the viewers whoever would like these words of mine, are my brothers.

    • Victor Kabanda
      Victor Kabanda Month ago

      @Helene D oui, moi aussi!

    • Kenton202
      Kenton202 Month ago

      I will see you in heaven dear brother.

    • Ken Lucero
      Ken Lucero Month ago

      After watching this video, may I respectfully request my heart back. Oh, and may I have a Kleenex

    • veggie Chip
      veggie Chip 3 months ago

      have a good day brother : ) !!!!

    • Eduardo Perez
      Eduardo Perez 7 months ago

      I am your mexican brother

  • Tappus Max
    Tappus Max 2 years ago +712

    They are aged 70 at outside, but in their inside both of them just a kid when they hug each other for the first time. It was very emotional moment. Im glad at least they found each other before they died.

    • HLOG
      HLOG Year ago

      HeavyEntertainment ?

    • DanishTroll
      DanishTroll 2 years ago

      TIL hugging is for kids.

  • Jane Morgan
    Jane Morgan Month ago

    Such great news to read, that these twins found each other. I am so happt for you both.

  • Allison Johnson
    Allison Johnson 2 months ago

    I'm an only child...I couldn't imagine knowing I had a sibling, much less a twin out there. I've always been jealous of true sibling bonds. I know some people grow apart from the people they grew up with...but to have someone so close in age to you that can be your best friend from birth must be glorious.

  • Betty Pendleton
    Betty Pendleton Year ago +1

    So wonderful they found each other ❤️

  • ruth dawang
    ruth dawang Year ago +1

    I cried tears of joy for these lovable twin brothers. God bless them.

  • marcy eaglecloud
    marcy eaglecloud 5 years ago +984

    look at their shirts!! a twin speaks to the others heart and that bond is unbreakable

  • Janet Percell
    Janet Percell Month ago

    What a wonderful reunion after 70 years apart!

  • Nessuh Todd
    Nessuh Todd Year ago +3

    Prayers for these brothers. I am overjoyed to know their story❤

  • Tiffany Marie Zaccagnino

    What a awesome story, God bless them both ❤️🙏🏻

  • Trish Erp
    Trish Erp Year ago +1

    I'm so happy for you both. May God bless and keep you!

  • Mark Marsh
    Mark Marsh 2 years ago +868

    "Deep in my heart I always knew I had a twin brother." .... That memory is REAL and it's from their time in the womb together. ... AMAZING.

    • Mark Marsh
      Mark Marsh Year ago +3

      @Just Sara A paper from Scientific American Mind in 2011 is a good place to start. ... I don't know how to link it but if you type "Social Before Birth: Twins First Interact With Each Other As Fetuses" on the Google search line I'm sure it will come up... and you'll find it fascinating BECAUSE you're a twin. .. cheers.

    • Just Sara
      Just Sara Year ago +2

      @Mark Marsh Point taken. I guess I can only speak from my own experience - I do not remember womb-time with my sister, and I don't "feel like a twin" or anything, I just know I am one. Could you possibly point me toward the science you mention? I'd actually love to read up on it!

    • Just Sara
      Just Sara Year ago

      Not to be a downer, but I kind of disagree. I am a twin myself, but there really is not a way this can realistically be true. Deep in all our hearts, we know we long for very deep connection, though. We all need that, but we do not remember that far back. A baby in a dark womb can't tell that's another person with them in there.

    • AA
      AA 2 years ago +8

      @2ndhandSue Your friend's son and his wife are good people

  • Susie D'Agruma
    Susie D'Agruma 3 months ago +1

    I wish these 2 men the longest time possible together, health, peace

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen 9 months ago +2

    So wonderful to see real men cry and show their emotions and love for each other. We will never ever know the pain and hurt millions of people endured in that horrible WWII conflict. The loss of lives, homes and families is unfathomable today.

  • Sheryl St. Germain
    Sheryl St. Germain Year ago +1

    There mother was beautiful! I hope they found who there father was and met that family if possible.

  • Recommendally
    Recommendally Month ago

    I can't imagine this happened to me and my twin. Thank God they found each other.

  • Emma Nelson
    Emma Nelson 5 years ago +2961

    Thank god they both speak Polish. Can you imagine finding out you have another sibling and that you don't even speak the same language as them?

    • Ms Cheryl B
      Ms Cheryl B 3 years ago

      I was just thinking the same.

    • Kino D
      Kino D 3 years ago

      I think the passion, love, and excitement to see each other will nullify all linguistic barriers

    • Count Ogle
      Count Ogle 3 years ago

      *I literally just watched that before this one, except that was MOTHER and DAUGHTER..Sooo heartbreaking...And you think you cried on this one, watch that one. By the time i watched this one, I'd cried my heart out, so no more tears lol. The girl is that girl from Australia who was on the 'X Factor' and 'the voice' and she's black but "Indian black." She's gorgeous too. So she gets to Sri Lanka and her mum doesn't speak English and this girl was adopted @6wks old and has been in Australia so she doesn't know whatever language...BUT it's so beautiful she comes around the corner and she goes straight to the front of the lady she believes is her mom and it is! Then after that no words need be spoken! Their tears and hugs I guess says it all! Oh, and the music..She couldn't hesitate to sing in the end! Ugh! I kinda cried! (Then my 4month old who's been crying most of the day starts laughing! And am serious! I must look like Kim K.W. crying when i cry!)* 😂

    • JoyfulMinimalist
      JoyfulMinimalist 3 years ago

      I can. I'm adopted, my Spanish isn't good. I could very well have siblings out there

  • virginia nelson
    virginia nelson Month ago

    I hope they live long healthy lives , as they deserve some real quality time together.

  • Daniel Delgado
    Daniel Delgado 7 months ago +2

    Im 47 and i miss my identical twin and emotional everytime i go back to visit Florida.. il never forget day we hugged forever minutes before him leaving and driving off. Life was never same again,,,but im glad at least ive always a home to find him. Cant imagine these 2 very strong twins separated and their emotion just broke me. My heart sank

  • Nicole Serena Lauer
    Nicole Serena Lauer 3 months ago

    What a beautiful mother! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Patricia Minard
    Patricia Minard 3 months ago

    A beautiful and unforgettable story. I'm speechless. Thank you both for sharing your story.

  • Amanda Meyers
    Amanda Meyers 5 years ago +270

    I feel awful for the mother being denied a basic human right. I am happy the adoptive parents were nice and that the brothers found each other.

    • ferzy09
      ferzy09 4 years ago +1

      and being raped by an American soldier. So can't blame her for initially wanting to abandon them in the hospital.

    • Juliet t
      Juliet t 5 years ago +25

      Amanda Meyers She was denied more than that. She lived in a concentration camp. After all that torture, they top it off with denying her the right to see her kids. It's very sad.

    • ch194wh
      ch194wh 5 years ago +52

      If you paid attention, they were repatriated to Poland without the mother being informed, and was told she would never get them back.

    • iloveowls90
      iloveowls90 5 years ago +10

      if you paid attention she was too ill to care for them

  • Arnold Ramos
    Arnold Ramos 2 months ago

    I’m so emotional, family found is one of the great joys in life

  • Patricia Cassimore
    Patricia Cassimore Month ago

    I’m so happy he found his brother & has a new life with his bother in it. 70 yrs is a long time I know they will cherish the rest of the years together.

  • Súper Bella
    Súper Bella 2 months ago

    They have lived and endured so much throughout the years that they learned what really matters and show their emotions.

  • Master B
    Master B Year ago

    I’m so happy for you, guys! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Robert Kamminga
    Robert Kamminga 2 years ago +1775

    1 minute silence for the people who never met their twin and died without ever knowing how their twin looks.

    • Red Head Momma717
      Red Head Momma717 Year ago

      @Hassan Ahmed Jama 😢my twins had sister (they would have been triplets, there would have been an identical) that was lost before they were born. I still think of what ifs 15 years later and I suspect I always will.

    • Momma Jim
      Momma Jim Year ago

      Bondi they are for ternal twins. For ternal twins are hereditary. Identical twins are a chance. The bond between twins is some thing unexplainable. I am a fraternal twin, we can feel each other symptoms unfortunately sometimes even depression. There is no need to look like your twin in order to have a connection. Just thought I’d share😃

    • RuslanM97
      RuslanM97 Year ago +1

      @Bondi I was looking for this smart ass reply and I'm not disappointed 😂

    • Robert Kamminga
      Robert Kamminga Year ago

      @Lee how did the "@" disappear from your reply?

    • Lee
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      Jayani Thantirimudali that’s a pretty stupid comment right there

  • Cecilia Niyi Francis
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    OMG!!!!, What a story.
    Thank God they are both alive to see each other. Wish them Best 🌹🌹👌👌