Masterchef Worst Dishes And Moments

  • Published on Jan 2, 2016
  • This is the edited version!

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  • TheDerpyGuy
    TheDerpyGuy 32 minutes ago

    They start freaking out about how much they spend on the food materials but keep throwing away plates and bowls

  • TheDerpyGuy
    TheDerpyGuy 47 minutes ago

    At least baldy ain’t as bad as this punk at 5:30

  • Kenji Bae
    Kenji Bae 57 minutes ago +1

    Omg every single bad dish is like 99% cutters how is he in the competition 4 so long honestly...

  • Valeriya Goncharov
    Valeriya Goncharov 2 hours ago

    I realize it’s a serious competition but the bald freak takes it to a whole other level. He humiliated the person, that’s uncalled for. His criticism sucks, majority of the time repeating what Gordon says.. such a “tough” guy. What an idiot

  • Connor Shaw
    Connor Shaw 20 hours ago

    6:00 Christian you little PuNk 😂

  • Zackary Shelton
    Zackary Shelton 23 hours ago +1

    *you can tell Gordon is frustrated with baldy throwing the food away*

  • Salty Boi
    Salty Boi Day ago

    U can see the hurt in the Gordons eyes his actually very disappointed when he sees the horrible food while the baldy just disrespects the person

  • Derek Pifer
    Derek Pifer Day ago

    trash can getting a workout

  • Kyle
    Kyle Day ago

    I prefer the UK Masterchef because on the US version they rarely explain what the issue is with the dish, they just overreact or just spit it out and talk about leaving the competition ... on the UK version they analyse the dish and review every aspect ... calmly and professionally.

  • Brett F.
    Brett F. Day ago

    The whale around the 23:00 mark acted so high and mighty and had an even worse dish than the guy before, lol.

  • Brett F.
    Brett F. Day ago

    That bald guy is on a power trip and needs to calm the fuck down, seriously.

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    And there is the reason why you should never celebrate to early

  • lucy prevell
    lucy prevell Day ago

    when the one guy legit invented a crepe cake

  • ANEKA Channel
    ANEKA Channel Day ago

    8:48 I'm sure that big guy wanna eat that

  • NSN
    NSN Day ago

    37:01 careful a fly will go through your mouth!

  • Ben Ayers
    Ben Ayers Day ago

    If anyone believes the America version of the uks masterchef is actually a real cooking competition and takes it seriously is just a stupid as the show itself. Look at the quality of the English cooking to the Americans. It’s just a stupid counterfeit of the real show and I’m surprised to think that Gordon Ramsay can work on this show in America and be allowed to make a complete mockery of the original. People actually get in to the competition by making some backward mc and cheese with a 7 min back story to the contestants life. And how since having a car crash has to we’re a cowboys hat and has learned to cook like a chef in 18 months of recovery. Coz cooking got him through it. And he remembers memas. Recipe word for word even the she died before his second birthday. But the Mac and cheese was dish of the day... 👌🤔 what a load of bull shit

  • Melany Seoane
    Melany Seoane Day ago


  • UMdabestest
    UMdabestest 2 days ago


  • Kit Yu
    Kit Yu 2 days ago

    If joe gets the trash can your done

  • Daniel Juarez
    Daniel Juarez 2 days ago

    Son unas perras ni lo prueban bien que mierderos

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 2 days ago

    Why does Gordon Ramsey have protected sex?


  • phuc khang duong
    phuc khang duong 3 days ago

    5 min, throw in trash .20 sec later, throw in trash WTF !??

  • phuc khang duong
    phuc khang duong 3 days ago

    I don't want to go to this competition anymore :0((((((

  • 【Quake Woman】
    【Quake Woman】 3 days ago

    It's master chef not masturbate.
    I'm dead XD

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who likes Baldy he’s no Gordon Ramsay but he’s badass as well

  • Renan V
    Renan V 3 days ago

    Everytime i see baldy throws the food i laugh

  • freezing
    freezing 3 days ago

    My apologies
    Thank you Chef
    tO tHe mEaTlOaF

  • jacob vaughn
    jacob vaughn 4 days ago

    i counted, the bald guy threw up to 10/15 dishes away.

  • Brian Bryant
    Brian Bryant 4 days ago

    Tali caught endless dingers fuckin idiot 😂😂😂

  • MegaKidKyle
    MegaKidKyle 4 days ago

    its ironic how one clip krissi is laughing and joking and the next she got destroyed.

  • ChingWard
    ChingWard 4 days ago

    The bald guy is such a cunt

  • G-way Madman
    G-way Madman 4 days ago

    Fucking hell krissi’s personality is so shit

  • Adeeb Tahir
    Adeeb Tahir 4 days ago

    Gordon's Analogies are HILARIOUS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • ban4nza
    ban4nza 4 days ago

    Cristian be like:
    What!? im sure im not eating anything

  • shady
    shady 5 days ago +1

    this bald nigga is the most over dramatic piece of shit ive ever seen

  • shady
    shady 5 days ago

    these dudes have no fucking chill, atleast address their dish in a somewhat polite manner instead of spitting it on the floor or walking away and throwing it in the trash, jesus

  • Arrion Archie
    Arrion Archie 5 days ago

    I thought tommy was a girl at first haha

  • Ross DiamondThief
    Ross DiamondThief 5 days ago

    Say what you want about Gordon Ramsey, at least when he critiques the contestants’ dishes he actually says what’s wrong with it. With Joe, if you accidentally forget to season your dish it’s “this is garbage, your wasting our time, you’re out of this competition (THROWS IT IN TRASH CAN)”.

  • Y Bother?
    Y Bother? 6 days ago

    also, how the fuck is jennifer in so many of these lmao

  • Y Bother?
    Y Bother? 6 days ago

    i fucking love joe

  • Angelo Enriquez
    Angelo Enriquez 6 days ago

    15:41... DEAD

  • Smile 92
    Smile 92 7 days ago

    Joe....u aint Gordon Ramsay, stop fucking act like him.

  • Exotic_ Dummy
    Exotic_ Dummy 7 days ago

    Cutter was there like... A LOT

    • TheJking85
      TheJking85 4 days ago

      Cutter can cook. It's just that the judges were pushing his buttons so that he talks back to them so that the ratings get boosted. Masterchef hides behind the cover of being a cooking competition. But it's still a TV show at the end of the day.

  • Rice Gains
    Rice Gains 7 days ago +2

    Lmao he doesn’t know shit about cooking so he just throws the food away so he doesn’t have to talk

    • Rice Gains
      Rice Gains 4 hours ago

      Jay Harv28 oh my god he can hire and fire chefs,what a god

    • Jay Harv28
      Jay Harv28 8 hours ago

      Except he knows a lot since he owns umm many many successful restaurants in the world

  • Tunde
    Tunde 7 days ago

    I thought McDonalds was good

  • Goofy Station
    Goofy Station 8 days ago

    I hate seeing someone sad and crying, especially a guy

  • lidya SALAS RAMOS
    lidya SALAS RAMOS 8 days ago

    Ok but wtf is wrong with baldy at 14:40

  • MRtoast
    MRtoast 8 days ago

    who the hell is this bald dude?? wannabe Gordon Ramsay ass hole. I'm surprised he can eat with his head so far up his own ass...twat

  • Victor Cale
    Victor Cale 8 days ago +1

    26:32 that scoundrel Gordon is at it again, stealing contesters ingredients. I'm keeping my eyes peeled, Gordon. Better watch out next time.

  • Méabh Clancy
    Méabh Clancy 8 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey: Damn.
    Bald guy: You see this guys? This is garbage. *throws in trash can*
    Glasses dude:

  • R!OT elements
    R!OT elements 9 days ago

    He should throw himself in the trash can

  • I Don't Know My Name

    When they enter Master Chef to complain

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith 9 days ago

    People are starving and Baldy's like: lol nope, that foods going into that beautiful trashcan.

  • Chay Smith
    Chay Smith 9 days ago

    What season was that dude Christian on?

  • Miss Gloomy
    Miss Gloomy 10 days ago +2

    21:50 I just want to punch her in the face yall.. I would be laughing my words out if her food was terrible and was got thrown I the trash can AHA!!

  • Nvaeh Strng
    Nvaeh Strng 10 days ago +1

    If i was cutter arguing with joe like at 37:24 or so i wouldve said "mmhmn alright caillou"

  • Kevin Zaccaro
    Kevin Zaccaro 10 days ago +1

    Baldy is such a try-hard douchebag à la Simon Cowell.

  • Graham Wormald
    Graham Wormald 10 days ago

    Look at Joe wearing ridiculous shoes with a suit it is like one of my so called mates that I hate the thief wearing trainers to a funeral

  • Graham Wormald
    Graham Wormald 10 days ago

    My mate eats steak alive in the pan turn it over out of the pan eat

  • Missing Diamond
    Missing Diamond 10 days ago

    Man Joe is brutal!

  • Yla Ine
    Yla Ine 10 days ago

    Every season have a guy with a lot of arrogance.

  • Alex C
    Alex C 10 days ago

    I felt bad for Daniel. He tried his best and even when they insulted him, he was still respectful.

  • Max Westphall
    Max Westphall 10 days ago

    34:15 “I know how to do my job.”
    Their job is literally just to eat food and complain about it

    xKRONxAxTHONx 10 days ago

    Ramsey says something mean " Yeah that foods gotta suck! I totally agree with him!"
    Bald guy says something mean " well thats alittle much dont you think? Dick"

  • Poddy dodger
    Poddy dodger 11 days ago

    Australian version so much better.

  • Alien Person
    Alien Person 11 days ago

    Ugh, Krissi was such a bitch.

  • Panda Master64
    Panda Master64 11 days ago

    I feel bad for the people that actually try and then the judges humiliate them so bad

  • honchoryanc
    honchoryanc 11 days ago

    I react the same way when my mom makes tendies for me

  • Nobody jus nobody lol
    Nobody jus nobody lol 11 days ago

    Hey Baldy, How about they throw your head in the trash,
    because there wasn't enough HAIR

  • Anthony Gladiator
    Anthony Gladiator 12 days ago

    ⓜaster Chef

  • TrýHÁrđ Cx
    TrýHÁrđ Cx 12 days ago

    Not a Caribbean meatloaf stupid, don't embarrass us like that.

  • TrýHÁrđ Cx
    TrýHÁrđ Cx 12 days ago

    So got Krissi got her ass handed to her

  • Grant Griffiths
    Grant Griffiths 12 days ago

    22:52 it’s sooooo satisfying to see that fat bitch get told her food is terrible right after she’s done laughing at the other dude. Dumb diabeetus whore.

  • Kapping II
    Kapping II 12 days ago +1

    15:41 “It’s Masterchef, not masturbate.” lmao

  • Qween
    Qween 12 days ago +2

    Joe: this is DISGUSTANG
    **throws food out**
    **the food he throws out is the best one there**
    Joe: oops wrong one, sorry!

  • Makay Miller
    Makay Miller 13 days ago

    Just when you thought he couldn’t ‘trash’ talk them anymore he keeps burning them with his awesome garbage roasts. Aaaaaaaand even Gordon cant keep up with him.

  • trinity038 love
    trinity038 love 13 days ago

    Tbh I would do more than what Christian did

  • Gauri Sharma
    Gauri Sharma 13 days ago

    15:42 🤣🤣💥

  • Vanessa Martins
    Vanessa Martins 13 days ago

    The chefs are honest, funny and they follow Standards, and you have got to be Strong to work in a kitchen. You have to impress the chefs.

  • boldsign
    boldsign 13 days ago

    4,600 trash cans disliked this video

  • ArN Neuer
    ArN Neuer 13 days ago

    13:22 Did You See The Word "Felix"?

  • 1914titan
    1914titan 13 days ago

    24:30 WTF?! 😱

  • a feesh
    a feesh 13 days ago

    7:15 he looks like Jonny Cruz XD

  • Emily Editz
    Emily Editz 14 days ago +4

    Joe tries way too hard to be a replica of Gordon it annoys me so much

  • Mc Sommer
    Mc Sommer 14 days ago

    Seriously. Tell me this is not scripted and made to entertain people simply by "the super bossy cook destroys the little ones who try their best and have a bad selfasteem"

  • Mc Sommer
    Mc Sommer 14 days ago

    "Constructive criticism" 😁😁😁 idk why he's even famous

  • Goh Zhi Hao
    Goh Zhi Hao 14 days ago +3

    Does that baldy get escorted everywhere now?
    Or is he assasinated already...

  • Ice Nortwead
    Ice Nortwead 14 days ago

    Rip trashcan

  • Walt_ thealt
    Walt_ thealt 15 days ago

    45 minutes of Gordon Ramsey insults

  • A Fasanmi
    A Fasanmi 15 days ago

    I feel like Joe throwing food perfectly in the trash, had to be rehearsed. And they take 3 bites of the food, then its gone, what do they do with it? cause thats a waste of really good food.

  • Stevie's Characters
    Stevie's Characters 15 days ago

    that bald guy can suck my ass istg he's so over the top when he judges them
    i don't think he should criticize so intensively and insult them so much, just tell them their mistakes and stop it there

  • THEMantvis LTU
    THEMantvis LTU 15 days ago

    Yeeaaah that trash canevery time full of shity dishes

  • Charlotte Moondrop
    Charlotte Moondrop 15 days ago

    Gordon: “Wow...”
    Contestant: *smiles with pride and awaits compliment*
    Gordon: “Wow. Wow. Wow. How did you get this lamb more raw than when it came out of the mother’s womb”

  • Charlotte Moondrop
    Charlotte Moondrop 15 days ago

    1:49, I love how they’re all like “hey dude, this idiot put raw flour in this” and the others are like “raw flour?! What? Is he crazy?” And I’m here like.... what does raw flour even mean? Are you meant to bake a tray of flour before using it hahahahaha

  • kenjefferson cortez
    kenjefferson cortez 16 days ago

    i wish bald joe doesnt suffer hunger. i know u have your own opinion but is throwing food that is not delicious a good idea. its a waste. common baldie dont be dumbass

  • Josh Lampani
    Josh Lampani 16 days ago

    99% of the comments are hate toward Joe

  • Juan Miguel Rioflorido

    this is why Vegetarians should be aware in masterchef that when the judges will expect meat in the dish you will serve them to you have to put, not because you're vegan does not give you the right to disobey the judges instructions.

  • Josh Lampani
    Josh Lampani 16 days ago

    I think I’ve already seen this 25 times

  • slowmotion Milk
    slowmotion Milk 16 days ago

    We need the losers bracket

  • Morbiid
    Morbiid 16 days ago

    How the hell did Cutter make it to the final 5? I feel like we messed up 10x more than at least 4 other who were thrown out before him.