Opie & Anthony - Colin Quinn, Jim Florentine and Bob Kelly

  • Published on Dec 17, 2016
  • A-Rod/Jeter and Stories.

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  • Jonny Daly
    Jonny Daly 10 months ago +3

    This would have been better if Opie was there.

    Is something nobodys ever said

  • Thomas Henesey
    Thomas Henesey 10 months ago

    Anyone read the Deadspin article bout Jeter and his sex tales? I read he gives swag bags and says yeah Jeetz and i think either eats ass or likes having his ass eaten.

  • awfpunisher
    awfpunisher 11 months ago +1

    Ant the pedo.

  • bsklasika
    bsklasika Year ago +5

    Ant: Jessica Biel, that's a big score.
    Florentine: that's a big score - pre-kid, in her prime.
    thats some quality sports talk.

    • Tristan Rich
      Tristan Rich 4 months ago +1

      They were talking about Jessica Alba.

  • Sloth
    Sloth Year ago +3

    one of the best episodes. love me some Nopie clips!

  • renewer
    renewer Year ago +11

    Ant, Quinn, Florentine, and Kelly... what a killer segment, thanks for uploading!

  • D Bag
    D Bag Year ago

    what show is this from? Is this the one where they try to maintain some level of positivity but they can't help but trash each other?

  • ACS Shap
    ACS Shap 2 years ago +28

    Was actually upset when this clip ended. Opie-free Radio is the best.

    • peter blumpkin
      peter blumpkin 10 months ago

      @Isaiah Summerford he destroys fun

    • Mike Splitt
      Mike Splitt Year ago +1

      Amen to that brother

    • Isaiah Summerford
      Isaiah Summerford Year ago +2

      Ержан Насанов he kills fun

    • Ержан Насанов
      Ержан Насанов Year ago +2

      I see everywhere on utube somebody will always comment about Opie being terrible, I don't get it why so many people hate him