The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2019

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • The third GMTK Game Jam has come to a close. In this video, I look at my favourite games from among the 2,600 projects that were uploaded.

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    Top 20 Games

    00:00 - Introduction

    01:32 - Kickochet

    02:52 - Project1on

    04:00 - TowerBag

    05:18 - Castle Demonstone

    06:23 - Level 1_1

    07:56 - Paisible après-midi au fil des toiles

    09:20 - Singled Out

    10:34 - InFAILtration

    12:03 - Intercom

    13:37 - Hivemind

    14:15 - Cannon

    15:18 - One Action Heroes

    16:10 - Lurking in the Dark

    17:19 - Super Polygon

    18:23 - Only One Minute Before Restart

    19:12 - Soulward

    20:12 - Chicken Hike

    20:56 - Block Steady

    21:50 - Happy Accident -

    22:37 - Buddy System -
    Music is Late Night Tales by Lee Rosevere ( )

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  • Blackthornprod
    Blackthornprod 2 years ago +676

    Great video Mark :) , and such brilliant creations featured. See you all next year for GMTK jam number 4!

  • Platitudinous
    Platitudinous 2 years ago +2

    It's a good thing this jam got more than one game!

  • Derpi
    Derpi 2 years ago +1

    Level 1_1 seems like what Donkey Kong 64 could have been, using one Kong to open up a pathway for another.

  • Matheus Cunegato
    Matheus Cunegato 2 years ago +853

    Me and my friend Rodolfo are super happy that our game (Towerbag) is in the list. Thank you so much for all your videos and for making this GameJam, it was super fun!

  • leo lefebvre
    leo lefebvre 2 years ago +1

    Hey there, I'm one of creator of Paisible après-midi au fil des toiles! I am so glad that you and so many people liked our game :D

  • Milaan™
    Milaan™ Year ago +185

    For the chicken hive thing, I might have an idea:

  • Matthew Telles
    Matthew Telles 2 years ago +3

    Because of the theme, wouldn't it have been funny if he showcased ONLY ONE game?

  • LimaLiamAndTheBigBean
    LimaLiamAndTheBigBean 2 years ago +322

    I so, so, SO hope that some of these do one day get developed into full fledged games

  • Niklas Mikkelsen
    Niklas Mikkelsen 2 years ago +276

    "Negative nancy" is mentioned twice in the ending. The door kicking game is called "Door Knocker"

  • katowo
    katowo 2 years ago +422

    There should be a separate category for game art, feel, music etc. because even though the rules mention that the jam is about game design and not necessarily how it looks, you can't help but be influenced by the looks of a game. Even in your streams you seem to have liked the good looking games more (why is the UI pickle?), which just comes to show how the rating categories need to be revisited.

  • Matthew Telles
    Matthew Telles 2 years ago +147

    It feels good when a game you really liked got on the list. Successful game jam Mark Brown!

  • Edge Is Love, Edge Is Life
    Edge Is Love, Edge Is Life 2 years ago +140

    This game jam was my first, I didn't finish my game, but I sure as hell am going to! Now that I don't have only 48 hours, though, I'll put some polish in first.

  • Sera
    Sera 2 years ago +9

    Number 12, One Action Heroes, looks incredibly like Snakebird. I point that out not as a bad thing, simply that it's neat to see the inspiration!

  • Sir Chasm
    Sir Chasm 2 years ago +28

    Regarding the game Singled Out, it reminded me a lot of Edmund McMillen's "Fingered!" in the sense that you have to pinpoint a specific individual out of a crowd, and doing so incorrectly will make you feel guilty for having sentenced someone to an untimely death. I'd recommend it for the same reasons Mark liked Singled Out, though it is a bit more... oblique.

  • S P
    S P 2 years ago +10

    I absolutely adore this. I am truly amazed at what these developers were able to do and create to submit. I think I admire it so much because I am not a very creative person, so to see the incredible ideas portrayed here is really moving. I hope the developers get motivated to expand their ideas, and I hope all their hard work and creativity pays off. Every year I expect this event and every year it mesmerizes me. So thank you all

  • Germaphobe
    Germaphobe 2 years ago +2

    I'n gonna need a full review of MarkMark Mark Mark.

  • zaxapitsa
    zaxapitsa 2 years ago +13

    One Action Heroes is awesome. Soulward is so much like Celeste, I mean it in the best of ways. And the french paintings thing was great too. Those three I'd definitely buy.

  • Zet
    Zet 2 years ago +96

    Although this list only covers 20 picks, nobody who has participated at this game has "lost".

  • Gen
    Gen 2 years ago +241

    I hear his buttery smooth voice and I am instantly calmed

  • Eragon
    Eragon 2 years ago +2

    I really wish that you would do these more often, it's so interesting to see what people come up with, hearing you describing them is very entertaining, and I do want to get into game creation sometime soon, but my actual motivation to make stuff comes and goes a lot, so I worry about missing, or not feeling up to participating, in the next one and having to wait another full year.