• Published on Jul 6, 2018
  • Today was such a huge day! FINALLY brought my old furniture to my moms house and rearranged my room!
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    Hi! My name is Mia Stammer and I do comedy, lifestyle, and daily vlogs! Things like DIY, Life hacks, apartment tours, expectations vs reality, and girls in real life! This video is packing up the moving truck!
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  • Tonenology
    Tonenology Month ago

    This video is all over.. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Ava Garner skits
    Ava Garner skits 10 months ago


  • Belinda Eddy
    Belinda Eddy Year ago

    You need some fairy lights up in there 😂

  • Izabella James
    Izabella James Year ago

    I saw what was on the mug you hade your middle finger up

  • kiwi Khawaldeh
    kiwi Khawaldeh Year ago

    I love ur intro

  • Gracie Horne
    Gracie Horne Year ago

    What kind of car do you have Mia?

  • Mira Jane
    Mira Jane Year ago

    What shoes is she wearing?

  • Cliodhna Lavery
    Cliodhna Lavery Year ago


  • Autumn's Outlet
    Autumn's Outlet Year ago

    Please do an updated makeup tutorial!!! PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!

  • India Kostiuk
    India Kostiuk Year ago

    When you get 8 minutes into the video you should get someone to make a mural or something like that for the wall

  • Maisie Wyatt
    Maisie Wyatt Year ago

    I love u Mia 😜🍭💋🍉🍒

  • Maisie Wyatt
    Maisie Wyatt Year ago

    Why did u blur out the mug

  • jojo siwa xdxd
    jojo siwa xdxd Year ago

    a book shelf?
    or a accessory shelf or a shoe rack

  • Daegan W
    Daegan W Year ago +1

    My corgi knows Bang too

  • Isabella Marie
    Isabella Marie Year ago

    I kinda think you should get another nightstand and put one on each side of your bed

  • Moriah Marion
    Moriah Marion Year ago

    I hate moving to much work

  • Hannah Frenzel
    Hannah Frenzel Year ago

    Just wanted to say I have your pusheen shirt!😁😂

  • Diamond
    Diamond Year ago +1

    It is so satisfying for me to watch cleaning and organizing videos, I don't know why.

  • Ginni Pnnu
    Ginni Pnnu Year ago

    lot's of love from India 😍😍🌈🌹🌹🎉🎉

  • Foxey Lemons
    Foxey Lemons Year ago

    Wooooow no people dislike her she isss okkkkkkk

  • Zeina Ahmed
    Zeina Ahmed Year ago

    Yeah I saw it in her story

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra Year ago

    Your room is so cute!
    I love it!!! 😍

  • Ana Chicas
    Ana Chicas Year ago

    Omg that pizza looks soooo good it's like tieidiy

  • Isabella Rain Henley

    Love you ,you are my favorite person/youtuber

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea Year ago




  • Litty Boii
    Litty Boii Year ago

    I had that pizza it was so good

  • Marissa Hilson
    Marissa Hilson Year ago

    I love your intro 😍

  • Carrie Meyr
    Carrie Meyr Year ago


  • Marija Marie
    Marija Marie Year ago

    why isn't anyone taking about her Jughead shirt? I love it!

  • l k
    l k Year ago

    Love you

  • Brooklyn Godfrey
    Brooklyn Godfrey Year ago

    You should try and move the 2 pictures frames above the dresser and put it on the blank wall by the door. Just a suggestion

  • Lena Shaw
    Lena Shaw Year ago

    Ken is soooo cute.i love how it looks like he is shaking his but when he walks! My heart is melting cuz corgis are my favorite dog breed

  • Maya
    Maya Year ago

    i think you should put the hanging ligjts over your bedside tables; it would bring in some symmetry and you won't hit your head when you sit up

  • Jade Weiss
    Jade Weiss Year ago

    Where’s that bright pink top from????🤤

  • Life with Jadzia
    Life with Jadzia Year ago

    I think you should put the plants on different levels (one higher or lower than the other) and maybe do 3 plants in each of the corners you mentioned and maybe another 2 or 3 in the other corner😉😁👍

  • Alexis G
    Alexis G Year ago

    Blonde and short hair looks great on you

  • rylee
    rylee Year ago

    you could put up some cute shelves and put little knickknacks and books on them !

  • Katie Nickole
    Katie Nickole Year ago

    You should do a picture wall on the extra wall

  • Maddie JoAnna
    Maddie JoAnna Year ago

    its been quite a while and I am still not over the intro. its sooo good!!!!

  • Wowi WOW
    Wowi WOW Year ago

    Lol Mia tried to blur out her doing the rude finger on her mug but I still saw it after she blurred it out. No affense to Mia , I love her and her videos so much , I hope you all agree, and I also hope you agree that Ken is so cute and that Mia and Kyle make a beautiful couple

  • Ava Washington
    Ava Washington Year ago

    I love You so much mia

  • Emmarie Shanna
    Emmarie Shanna Year ago

    Get cute fairy lights and string them to make a cute word or phrase

  • Giorgia Chemoul
    Giorgia Chemoul Year ago

    My name is on ur t-shirt

  • Amanda Phillips
    Amanda Phillips Year ago


  • Jasmin Lopez
    Jasmin Lopez Year ago

    Hire Mr. Kate again❤️

  • Nicole M. Rivera Pabón

    "Mia Mia Mia Mia let me see that azz!"

  • Meadow Runde
    Meadow Runde Year ago

    When she showed her old videos I saw her shirt and I have a shirt like hers but hers was short sleeved and yellow and mine was long sleeved and red.

  • Patricia Chlystek


  • B. B.
    B. B. Year ago


  • Gillian Boms
    Gillian Boms Year ago

    Alisha looked so sad on the blog also is you laundry basket your basket and Kyle needs to cut his hair

  • It’s Ya boi
    It’s Ya boi Year ago

    when are u doing a what i eat in a daY?????

  • Jenica Delacruz
    Jenica Delacruz Year ago

    Hi Mia💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Jessilyn Cruz
    Jessilyn Cruz Year ago

    Her shirt in the beginning

  • kawii potato
    kawii potato Year ago

    Mr.Kate time! Plzzzzzzz

  • Janela Safia
    Janela Safia Year ago

    the title is confoozling me

  • MeliSims
    MeliSims Year ago

    I am also trying to eat healthy and lose weight. So far I have lost 21 pounds in about a month. It sucks at work because none of my friends are dieting! At least I have a gym buddy, my mother in law.

  • Kea Lim
    Kea Lim Year ago

    You should get air plants and hang them from the sealing.

  • Alanna V
    Alanna V Year ago

    You should have a chalkboard wall. Just know that it comes in different colors.

  • yeet presley
    yeet presley Year ago

    Omg i looooovvveeee her jughead shirt

  • Rachel Jacobson
    Rachel Jacobson Year ago

    9:19 you need a headboard ( maybe like a stained wood one with stains on the planks of wood)