SLENDER MAN Trailer 2 (2018)


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  • FilmSelect Trailer
    FilmSelect Trailer  21 day ago +1460

    Here is the new trailer for Slender Man

  • Kits de B
    Kits de B 48 minutes ago

    Oml it's the girl from the kissing boof😍

  • Please Stop
    Please Stop 4 hours ago

    this kinda looks boring.... lol

  • Trasie Potts
    Trasie Potts 7 hours ago

    Joey King! I love this movie💗

  • Nice Name
    Nice Name 7 hours ago

    My favourite ( aka the one thats scarying me the most ) one creepypasta

  • Steve Wertz
    Steve Wertz 8 hours ago

    So what else is new on boxxy software?

  • Ultra Instinct Warrior

    i didnt even know there was a slender movie until it came out

  • David Yarn
    David Yarn 8 hours ago


  • Blake Ritchie
    Blake Ritchie 9 hours ago

    Ya know what the three main fuck-ups that the people in this movie made?
    1) they didn't play the pc game, it's just like reading the manga!
    2) there was paper involved... never. Involve. Slendy boi. With. Paper!
    3) they all fucking looked at him for a long time!

  • Demijan Gligorijevic
    Demijan Gligorijevic 11 hours ago

    Are you just gonna make trailers or the fucking movie for once?!

  • pitmaGaming
    pitmaGaming 12 hours ago

    I like the happy music at the end

  • Mike Daniel Espeja
    Mike Daniel Espeja 13 hours ago

    They should make a Creepypasta Cinematic Universe. Creepypasta Infinity War anyone?

  • gamer smuzie
    gamer smuzie 14 hours ago

    why did he say slender man like dat slendddeerr maann

  • NANI?! Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

    How to win slenderman:
    1. Play it on day
    2. Dont use camera... you can use your eyes :/
    3. Dont go to the forest
    4. Slenderman is not real... its fictional character...

  • gamer smuzie
    gamer smuzie 14 hours ago

    i saw slender and nothing happened but when my friend got caught by him hi was paralyzed im tracking slender down

  • Casper
    Casper 15 hours ago

    Just poke your eyes out

  • Casper
    Casper 15 hours ago

    6 years is pretty long Time

  • John Smith
    John Smith 15 hours ago +1

    Just look at the ground while collecting the 8 pages.


  • Damon Slayer
    Damon Slayer 16 hours ago

    hey wait a minute it's been 10th on August so where is it?!?

  • Anakin Espino Rebollar
    Anakin Espino Rebollar 19 hours ago

    Venom's Trailer looks awesome XD

  • strqnger.eggos
    strqnger.eggos 21 hour ago

    This movie was so bad but I would watch it again 😂

  • the twin cousins
    the twin cousins 22 hours ago

    Slender man so scary

  • Wyatt Williams
    Wyatt Williams 22 hours ago

    Movie was garbage

  • Nicholas wiriadi ciputra

    I hope next slendrina :v

  • Nicholas wiriadi ciputra

    Next jeff the killer or granny :v

  • Diário das princesas jm

    SO falta lancar granny e slendrina depois HAAAAAA ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Richard B
    Richard B 23 hours ago

    lol.. this trailer, basically told the story within 3 minutes... thanks I just saved money on ticket..

  • whomst’ve
    whomst’ve Day ago

    tell me why the trailer is better than the movie lmaoo

  • Chara the killer

    Thx for the trailer

  • Fugglenurd
    Fugglenurd Day ago

    One of the worst movies I've ever seen

  • Sjorben
    Sjorben Day ago

    Im so sick of stupid teens in every horror movie. It fucking sucks.

  • Gabriel Campos
    Gabriel Campos Day ago

    Tomara que dê medo, pra mina que vai comigo me agarrar

  • Miguel Ángel Ruíz Barragán

    Ahora una de jeef the killer

  • andrew lesly
    andrew lesly Day ago

    This movie suck as hell we all boo this in the cinema

  • Rana HeartyGirl
    Rana HeartyGirl Day ago

    Oh wow he gives u nightmares ehh i might not want to watch the movie but i will

  • Viviana Ruiz
    Viviana Ruiz Day ago

    Omg slender man

  • TheDarkEmpire -ROBLOX and MORE!!

    i saw it i loved but they under used slenderman they need more scenes with him

  • J.Mort
    J.Mort Day ago +1

    Looks shit.

  • CtGuy
    CtGuy Day ago

    OMGGG wat MGGGG slenderman OMGGG

  • JessLuna
    JessLuna Day ago

    Slendy is famous nowww
    - BEN

  • Venom
    Venom Day ago

    Maybe just a couple...6 years too late, sorry the slenderman trend died I was once really popular thing but now its just old, are they just catching onto the trend

    BRUANDRE 7 Day ago

    Do you think they could start there own creepypasta universe like marvel did.

  • Kibo Toishi
    Kibo Toishi Day ago

    No.... They didn't even get the lore right!

  • TSM_Munch
    TSM_Munch Day ago

    It took me years to unsee this guy. I was deathly afraid of him when I was younger.

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez Day ago

    Slenderman is the shit yo

  • L3ON
    L3ON Day ago

    Yep it was trash

  • Dave Toledo
    Dave Toledo Day ago

    Wish the movie was here at the Philippines.

  • corzza bear
    corzza bear Day ago

    If they are gonna make a slender movie they need to make the rest of the other creepypasta into movies

  • PECroama
    PECroama Day ago

    Slenderman doesn't seem as scary as I expect in this movie

  • Yosse Jz
    Yosse Jz Day ago

    Para cuando en México?? :'(

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man Day ago


  • Slender 1345
    Slender 1345 Day ago

    i will watch this definitely he is my fav creepy pasta

  • Robert Gaming
    Robert Gaming Day ago

    2018 or 2019

  • Cheeseandlol
    Cheeseandlol Day ago

    Kids, this why you don't use internet explorer. It takes 6 years to upload a video.

  • Emmanuel baltazar

    The movie sucks

  • BløøDy The Psychopathic Friendly Demon


  • Dark Nights
    Dark Nights Day ago +1

    Sony: Do this movie with us and you'll be big!
    Slendy: Immideatly agrees

  • dreamcatcher_7
    dreamcatcher_7 2 days ago

    I somehow see Crypt Tv's Look-See in slender man

  • Cato Sicarius
    Cato Sicarius 2 days ago

    so memes are being turned into movies now lol

  • Trainer Alex
    Trainer Alex 2 days ago

    Just saw it. Gonna make an in depth review on my channel however, if your wanting to see it hoping for a good HORROR film, then don’t. if your watching it for entertainment, the watch it. dont expect a really amazing horror film, but be entertained

  • Typical lama
    Typical lama 2 days ago

    I love how it’s all scary
    Then.... the end of the vid comes

  • Iron Lungs
    Iron Lungs 2 days ago

    this movie won't even get a pre-order on Playstation Network, I'm not gonna spend 18 dollars for a lame, boring and predictable PG-13 "horror" movie, Javier Botet was pretty good in Stephen King's It, but Slender Man, he's fallen so low in a very short time. this movie has one star out of 5 on RT, 2 out of 5 on imdb, hell this movie was even compared to 2002's American remake The Ring: the difference between the Ring and this: the ring is good, this: Slender man is derivative, boring, terrible. Slenderman and it's creator are just a waste of life, time, and money.

  • Playlist Central
    Playlist Central 2 days ago

    Goodbye sleep

  • Roman Majernik
    Roman Majernik 2 days ago

    Sony's films getting lit 🔥 Slenderman and then Venom well that will be awesome

  • Squirrel Gadget
    Squirrel Gadget 2 days ago


  • Faceless Mask
    Faceless Mask 2 days ago

    SO AHAHA THE ENTIRE PLOT IS, "Oh, let summon this freaky humanoid creature that we've never seen before. That's how we'll get our friend back!"

  • X x Lovely Lauren x X


  • That Weirdo
    That Weirdo 2 days ago

    Psychological horror movie are great

  • Panda Thug
    Panda Thug 2 days ago

    Ya I rate this 12% rotan tomatoes

  • Panda Thug
    Panda Thug 2 days ago

    I could make a better slender man movie than this and a better slender man trailer

  • Panda Thug
    Panda Thug 2 days ago


  • Shamira Etlellison
    Shamira Etlellison 2 days ago


  • Hallie Malcher
    Hallie Malcher 2 days ago

    Yay made a movie about my nightmare

  • Gilbert the loli Nightray

    This looks like something I'd watch for free online but never pay for.

  • Andrés Torres
    Andrés Torres 2 days ago

    Cuando sale?

  • Przemek Marzec
    Przemek Marzec 2 days ago

    kuuurła kiedyś to nie było slendr menóf

  • The Bag
    The Bag 2 days ago

    1:47 he is literally the grinch

  • Luke Kelleher
    Luke Kelleher 2 days ago

    This new hentai is looking mighty great

  • Rvcapone xp
    Rvcapone xp 2 days ago

    I gona see whit my freinds

  • SSJHasuun
    SSJHasuun 2 days ago


  • Schehrazad A
    Schehrazad A 2 days ago

    Watched it, complete shit.

  • Triten Dest
    Triten Dest 2 days ago

    😀 movie.If you can recognise who made that,you will know it's not gonna be good probably.Please tell me if it is bc it's written by them

  • kalamari
    kalamari 2 days ago

    rip x btw

  • PlayerOne TheMaskedYoutuber

    I wonder how the girl that was stabed 18 times by her freinds as a sacrifice for slenderman, feels about this movie?.... But as for me I cant wait!! 😁✌

  • ThotDestroyer
    ThotDestroyer 2 days ago


  • Grand 214
    Grand 214 2 days ago

    Trash movie just watched it its not what i expected they messed it up by making it pg 13

  • Inkgirls 50
    Inkgirls 50 2 days ago

    Shoot my name is Katie

  • Brenda Torrez
    Brenda Torrez 2 days ago +1

    don’t watch it waste of money. It ain’t good.

  • g802247 Tv
    g802247 Tv 2 days ago

    Movie could have been better and have a better ending but I would give it a 3/5

  • Genni Loren
    Genni Loren 2 days ago +1

    🔴 *SLENDER MAN fiIm (2018) **#NOW** available here: ***

  • FC vận động viên
    FC vận động viên 2 days ago +1

    Name flim

  • L3SH3S
    L3SH3S 2 days ago

    yeah is shit 13% on RT haha i win i win xD

  • DarkSide
    DarkSide 2 days ago +1


  • Kassi Perez
    Kassi Perez 2 days ago

    This movie was realllllly good

  • フレイア・ムーンFreya moon

    Omg! So awesome!!!

  • -L!T T!L-
    -L!T T!L- 2 days ago


  • Jayson-breen
    Jayson-breen 2 days ago +1

    When does it come out

  • Radio Man
    Radio Man 2 days ago

    This movie any good?

  • Mayo Poppins
    Mayo Poppins 3 days ago

    I just watched it.
    It's pretty bad, doesn't mean I didn't like it though.

  • I am a Fan of Lots of Things

    When the trailer ends, it's left with a bunch of erie music. Then the fun outro music of the channel starts playing.