SLENDER MAN Trailer 2 (2018)

  • Published on Jul 26, 2018
  • Trailer 2 for SLENDER MAN Trailer 2
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  • FilmSelect Trailer
    FilmSelect Trailer  8 months ago +1951

    Here is the new trailer for Slender Man

  • gamer pro fortnite
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  • Avianna Foo
    Avianna Foo 3 days ago

    the song in the end made me not scared lol

  • mairi rannu
    mairi rannu 4 days ago


  • Glindell Gumahad
    Glindell Gumahad 9 days ago

    i am scared

  • Jordan Agrell
    Jordan Agrell 10 days ago


    • Jordan Agrell
      Jordan Agrell 10 days ago

      Fartocs Games Horror AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!😱

    • MOOB
      MOOB 10 days ago


  • SveeryToonLT
    SveeryToonLT 15 days ago +1


    • MOOB
      MOOB 10 days ago

      Hi People

  • XxkillerslumberXx X
    XxkillerslumberXx X 20 days ago +1

    *the crew of marble hornets are crying blood tears*

  • Tortured soul
    Tortured soul 21 day ago

    just gouge out your eyes with a spoon problem solved 😶

  • Lunawolfxox
    Lunawolfxox 22 days ago


  • hooC fifty
    hooC fifty 22 days ago +2

    This really killed off the slender man hype this movie just ruined everything about slender man

  • Comet Studios
    Comet Studios 23 days ago

    I saw Illuminati !

  • Kiki Foxy
    Kiki Foxy 23 days ago +2

    1:09 bird box! :>

  • Gabriel Degulacion
    Gabriel Degulacion 24 days ago +1

    0:52 pause this give this 0.25 speed and play it


    *illumnati confirmed slenderman*

    SM0L BEAN 25 days ago

    The trailer looks sick, but the movie is just bad.

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 26 days ago

    I love Joey king

  • clash royale master l
    clash royale master l 28 days ago +1

    My name is Jeff :-)

    • MOOB
      MOOB 10 days ago

      Ha ha ha

  • BERAT Taşçı
    BERAT Taşçı 28 days ago


  • Joey Madrigal 94
    Joey Madrigal 94 28 days ago +2

    It’s so lame Movie

  • Jearynz Rosete
    Jearynz Rosete 28 days ago

    this viduo are looks like bord boxs??😂😂

  • Roffie Alfarizqi
    Roffie Alfarizqi Month ago

    Slender man is so creepy better than all killer

  • YouTuber Awesome Girl
    YouTuber Awesome Girl Month ago +1

    I love slender man😁

    • MOOB
      MOOB 10 days ago


  • YouTuber Awesome Girl

    U love slender man😁

  • DSkehan2004
    DSkehan2004 Month ago

    I couldn't believe they made a real horror movie about Slenderman. lol😅

  • Daniel Walker
    Daniel Walker Month ago

    This movie was really bad.

  • Maria Otilia Dragan

    is horror?

  • Shah Ban
    Shah Ban Month ago

    I am scared

  • TheDarkestGamer100
    TheDarkestGamer100 Month ago +1

    From a drawing, to a whole movie

  • Spark Raymond
    Spark Raymond Month ago

    Why does the movie was a trash:-----------> The movie developer isn't a Creepypasta fan....:P

  • Bendy the destroyer 1000

    Woah thats creepy


    *_SOMUON HIM_*

  • Sgt. Selim
    Sgt. Selim Month ago +1

    faceless nobody is your friend....

    slenderman: RUDE!

  • Xuyen Vu
    Xuyen Vu Month ago


  • Mavi Portakal
    Mavi Portakal Month ago


  • Anisa Ali
    Anisa Ali Month ago

    They should make a similar movie but about Jack the ripper

  • Miocat
    Miocat Month ago

    Just watched it and I thought it was good! Personally, I'd rate 4/5, and I will watch again prolly x3

  • wapanda
    wapanda Month ago

    Is the slender man cousin of venom? 😂

  • Сленирствик

    ты настоящий??

  • regular oof
    regular oof Month ago


  • Fabiana Cardoso
    Fabiana Cardoso Month ago


  • Ian Mon.
    Ian Mon. Month ago

    Slender Man looks like a *fucking tree* in the thumbnail.

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man Month ago

    Lmao I took them

    KING _BOY Month ago +1


  • Fayad Melouk
    Fayad Melouk Month ago

    Sa veut dire quoi slender man

  • chris gaming
    chris gaming Month ago

    I'm disappointed

  • XxKittyStaarxX XxKindessxX

    I’m only 9 and I watched this movie
    Kind of a disappointment because I wanted to see Slenderman more often and no one survived so... it sucked
    I don’t like the movie
    And I watch horror movies like this...
    I really hate this one where the bad guys win, WORST HORROR MOVIE EVER
    Worser than this movie (I know worser is not a word lol)

  • Pedro Pereira
    Pedro Pereira Month ago

    Ok ok o k

  • Nakroth - BBoy Công nghệ

    Valak and Slenderman fight, who will win ??

  • Battulga Jargalan
    Battulga Jargalan Month ago

    What fuck shet shet

  • Soraru
    Soraru Month ago +2

    Bird box 2 looks great

    • Miocat
      Miocat Month ago

      @Walt 6565 ... This is why I don't make jokes😂

    • walt 6565
      walt 6565 Month ago

      +Miocat it was inspired more from lovecraftian monster like cthulhu who makes every one insane

    • Miocat
      Miocat Month ago

      Oh god what if BB was inspired by slendy?!😲

  • plague123
    plague123 Month ago

    Fun fact: slender man is also an SCP aka scp 582

  • Isabel The Nightguard
    Isabel The Nightguard Month ago +1

    this movie sucked could have been better

  • the great german
    the great german 2 months ago

    *Wets bed*

  • Pudding Wizard
    Pudding Wizard 2 months ago

    I've watched enough tentacles doujin to know where is this going

  • Baby Chungus
    Baby Chungus 2 months ago +1

    I hope the make a eyeless jack movie, like if u agree

  • Ladybug Offical
    Ladybug Offical 2 months ago

    i watch this it isn't really scary like a trailer....

  • Jayleen Luo
    Jayleen Luo 2 months ago

    The longest trailer I’ve ever seen

  • Vuk Kesić
    Vuk Kesić 2 months ago

    I see you

  • Tonyetloris 25
    Tonyetloris 25 2 months ago

    Je les vu il pue la merde

  • Lollipop Lotti Love
    Lollipop Lotti Love 2 months ago

    Si saben que pueden prender la luz y ir al bosque en el dia no?

  • Golden Minecraft Gold
    Golden Minecraft Gold 2 months ago

    *Jeff the Killer has lost his mind.*

  • KRAL Ribaric
    KRAL Ribaric 2 months ago

    This isnt horror this is scary

  • Frederick Echon
    Frederick Echon 2 months ago

    Seriously slender man is just a made up stories and then they make a movie about it amazing but that's not the true story of slender man where's slenderina I suppose

  • Lor_ Kreny
    Lor_ Kreny 2 months ago

    I made a song about my experience with SLENDERMAN! Come and listen on my channel. Don't forget the drop a like and subscribe!

  • ChimChim_ SalyLand
    ChimChim_ SalyLand 2 months ago

    Omg the movie is coming on my birthday

  • Vincent Ordas
    Vincent Ordas 2 months ago

    Amnesia: you can unsee him

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 2 months ago +1

    the movie was garbage

  • bryan Rosas
    bryan Rosas 2 months ago

    Where slendrina

  • Eniko Csongradi
    Eniko Csongradi 2 months ago

    It was not crazy

  • Kiwi intro maker
    Kiwi intro maker 2 months ago

    Heres A Little Funny Slender Man Multiplayer Moment If There Was One,
    Slender Man: -Grabs Someone-
    Person: -Screams-
    Police: FBI OPEN UP!
    Slender Man: Seriously? I just grabbed someone and i lose.
    Me: Wow, I just freaking lost.
    Person: YES!!! WE WON GUYS
    Person: I cant believe it.. It was amazing.. He freaking grabbed me and the police came in..
    Me: -Eats Cookies-

  • Kiwi intro maker
    Kiwi intro maker 2 months ago

    So, Heres My Theory, Katie went missing and became kate? (The Chaser Proxy)
    And her other friends went missing also, But if a random guy went missing. That means he became The Proxy "Charlie"
    That's My Theory On Slender Man Movie & Slender The Arrival
    EDIT: All of my words got a red thing under it, Lol

  • Iraine Macalalag
    Iraine Macalalag 2 months ago

    just duck lol noob

  • jean rose martinez
    jean rose martinez 2 months ago

  • Realist oldschool
    Realist oldschool 2 months ago

    Its like blair witch project with a brighter flashlight

    LTU VMSA 2 months ago

    Omg nice trailer for slender man but i didnt know that there s a slender man film but still nice

  • Basil and Bay Leaves
    Basil and Bay Leaves 2 months ago

    breena u cute

  • Maria Macias
    Maria Macias 2 months ago

    me encanto pero no debenquitar las partes pertubadoras solo pongan que la pelicula es para mallores de 18,19,o 20 etc pero igual me encanto 😊

  • Mohammed Glal
    Mohammed Glal 2 months ago


  • Breena Assiak YT
    Breena Assiak YT 2 months ago +1

    Who else challenged their self to watch this full-screen IN THe DARK.......
    Yes I know it’s crazy but I like scaring myse-
    Nvm I’m such a weirdo 😂
    Edit: I just did... meh could have been scarier

  • Astronomy guy
    Astronomy guy 2 months ago

    Looks pretty shit

  • B4nster
    B4nster 2 months ago

    A movie that should have been released like at least half a year after the popularity of Slenderman.

  • Fat,chubby UNIKAT
    Fat,chubby UNIKAT 2 months ago

    “Once y see him u can’t unsee him” POOR SLENDERMAN I HATE U PEOPLE SLENDEE IS DE BEST BOI

  • Valdez family 5
    Valdez family 5 2 months ago

    Slender man existed in 2009

  • The Twisted King
    The Twisted King 2 months ago

    The movie was awesome but the girls in the movie we're fucking dumb as hell

  • CookiePuppy Cookie
    CookiePuppy Cookie 2 months ago

    2:00 to me makes no sense for that to be in a movie that has to do with slender man

  • long beet
    long beet 2 months ago +1

    frist creppypasta movie

      THE BISON 2 months ago

      pau pau I wonder what next creepypasta movie is next?

  • Son Ramirez
    Son Ramirez 2 months ago


  • Gaszpacso
    Gaszpacso 2 months ago

    Summon him

  • SacredMoonGoddess
    SacredMoonGoddess 2 months ago

    I love slender man N.C. HES a big
    Man and he kill humans

  • Fox Savy
    Fox Savy 2 months ago

    Do you have Full movie about slenderman HD?

  • Tomomi Hisano
    Tomomi Hisano 2 months ago

    it's look so good movie😂

  • Mad Koning
    Mad Koning 2 months ago +1

    I just wasted my time to watch this horrible movie and it was even not scary

  • Gomez1915
    Gomez1915 2 months ago

    This movie is about 2 years too late

  • Sofura Begum
    Sofura Begum 2 months ago

    This is scary

  • Jakopic
    Jakopic 2 months ago

    So good

  • zenia _stamp
    zenia _stamp 2 months ago

    The just made me disapointed....It was horrible

  • Lucas Bp Gaming
    Lucas Bp Gaming 2 months ago

    What age is it!?!

  • G.A.P- the alien potato
    G.A.P- the alien potato 2 months ago +7

    I'm watching it right know and it's just male involved Besides from "Sex and stuff" this isn't a horror...they could of made it as a forest no one dares goes in and some people made someone got into the forest and then something scary happens...
    1/10 it's ok but just not the horror of slender I was looking for...

    • G.A.P- the alien potato
      G.A.P- the alien potato Month ago

      That's ok
      My comment may confuse people that read it lol

    • Miocat
      Miocat Month ago

      Ooooh wait did you mean the summoning was supposed to be in the forest?? Cuz I agree on that xD I thought you meant he should only be seen/affecting his victims when they're in the forest for the entirety of the movie, even after being summoned
      Not really trying to prove a point tbh, sorry if I made it seem that way, but I believe I misunderstood your comment

    • G.A.P- the alien potato
      G.A.P- the alien potato Month ago

      They watched a video
      In that case it doesn't make sense, and I'm really confused on it because it doesn't make sense.
      I know your here to prove s point but slender Man can't just be summoned by computer it doesn't make sense

    • Miocat
      Miocat Month ago

      Slendy ain't limited to the forest tho, and if that was the case, it'd be like "don't go in the forest" "okkaii" problem solved. What makes you say that this isn't a horror?