What is 1HP of damage in real life?

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
  • What is the IRL equivalent of 1HP damage in a video game? Reddit's got you covered.
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  • Neha Wagley
    Neha Wagley Day ago

    When you are lying down and then you get up fast so your vision goes all black and blurry

  • Breezyeevee72
    Breezyeevee72 Day ago +1

    When you try to sleep with air pods, but then they fall out while/before you sleep and you have to frantically search for them.
    -1 hp
    + Rage Buff
    +Blindness(at night)
    Quest completed for the 20th time
    Find the The pods of air in the dungeon of comfort.

  • Sorry I cant change my username

    When the breeze is so strong you lose your breath
    Hp -1%
    Suffocation 5 secs

  • Sully
    Sully Day ago

    When your reading a book and try to scroll down

  • bongo cat
    bongo cat 3 days ago

    The sleep jerk also has a paranoia effect

  • British Wrath
    British Wrath 3 days ago

    I am the epotime of joint cracking, there's very few I can't do.
    If I don't do it every morning, I'll have random clicks through out the day which gets annoying.

  • DaViD732 _
    DaViD732 _ 3 days ago

    When you put your tongue on a pole in winter and you get that wierd taste in your mouth -5hp

  • Blake tha Boss
    Blake tha Boss 4 days ago

    The answer is 2 punches

  • Solo
    Solo 5 days ago

    When ur drinking water, and someone tells a funny joke and you laugh and the water comes out through your nose

  • where's the lamb sauce

    when you bite down in just the right way to send a chill down your spine

  • GraffieNoobLord
    GraffieNoobLord 6 days ago

    Im confused why no one added when u bite ur tounge *Suprised pikachu face*

  • LeeZM
    LeeZM 6 days ago

    when you washed your hands and after that you scratch a paper

  • Majestic Mew
    Majestic Mew 7 days ago

    When you eat spicey food and then choke while swallowing.
    - 10 hp
    Burn effect
    Skip a turn

  • Incognito !
    Incognito ! 7 days ago

    When you stub your toe -1 hp with frenzied affect for 1 turn, forces you to attack nearest object.

  • SpetsnatzLegion 336
    SpetsnatzLegion 336 7 days ago

    Mouth ulcer
    Though this may be part of a bleed-type effect which is -1 psychic damage every turn for 40 turns, with a 3x multiplier if you accidentally bite it.

  • Alpha Dragon
    Alpha Dragon 8 days ago

    When you puke inside your mouth acid bile

  • Alpha Dragon
    Alpha Dragon 8 days ago

    When any of these happen I imagine the minecraft getting hurt animation

  • Games Galore
    Games Galore 8 days ago

    so basaically everything is *-1hp*

  • Sky Guy
    Sky Guy 8 days ago

    Not enough mentioned stubbing your toe or breathing up a bit of water through your nose while swimming

  • Tom Channing
    Tom Channing 8 days ago

    Static shock

  • Connor Meriwether
    Connor Meriwether 9 days ago

    Get pecked by a Duck -1 HP, -3 Intelligence

  • blackcat bloodyrose
    blackcat bloodyrose 9 days ago

    Stubbing your toe does more than 1 hp espicially if you do it a lot i have like three permently broken toes i do cause im short with short arms and big feet meaning i can never get close enough to things and i am always stubbing my toes and thats like a daily -1 hp but i can fit in small spaces walk easier on snow and still move silently

  • xXGilly55Xx
    xXGilly55Xx 9 days ago +1

    When u think the video would be about the title but then u realise it’s not.
    Wait, that’s illegal.

  • Sexy Gacha
    Sexy Gacha 10 days ago

    When you bite ice cream.
    -80 hp.
    When you trip on air.
    -45 hp. +confusion for 5 turns

  • Cranberry-Kitsune
    Cranberry-Kitsune 10 days ago

    Stub ur toe


    Scraping your legs on concrete - 42 HP + bleeding + multiplying X2

  • a ʟɨʟ' ɖօɢ
    a ʟɨʟ' ɖօɢ 10 days ago

    When you stub your toe on a nail and fall into a lemon pool

  • GwolfGamer
    GwolfGamer 11 days ago +1

    1HP damage irl is hitting your toe in a table leg

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 11 days ago +2

    When you get soap water in your pee pee whole

    -99999999HP + Impending Doom effect

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 11 days ago +2

    When you cough and sneeze at the same time.

  • PixelBite
    PixelBite 11 days ago

    When you play games

    *The media:*
    -100 intelligence
    +100 voilence

  • Cheeky Chimp
    Cheeky Chimp 11 days ago

    When you forget how to breathe for a sec and then have a mini panic attack and then have to pretend its all fine and you totally didnt forget your most important body function

  • TheNubWithAHat
    TheNubWithAHat 11 days ago

    Bleed effect: pointy chip hitting mouth roof
    Paralyzed: hitting your elbow on that specific spot

  • uwu I The Creator of The Pro-Vax Pride Flag I

    When you get total brain failure and fucking literally think that you forgot you,re car but you,re in it
    -1 HP
    -10 Intelligence
    Confused Effect

  • Avery Masters
    Avery Masters 11 days ago +1

    When you turn on the air conditioning in the car in the summer and the air is hot.

    1d4 fire damage +burn status for 2 turns

  • Naity
    Naity 12 days ago

    3:00 today I was watching TheXvidwith my phone in one hand and I was sleepy, I almost yeeted my phone when ie happened

  • Afourman05
    Afourman05 13 days ago

    It's a combination with stomach acid. It happens when you eat to fast you're bending over too much repeatativly- can happen by doing squats or situps too.

  • Alex Tiamtisack
    Alex Tiamtisack 14 days ago +1

    When headphone pull a piece of hair

    - 1 hp

  • Benjamin The Hedgefox +

    Losing a speedrun, -1 health (mentally not physically!) -1 confidence and 35% chance, no screw it, 99.9% chance of rage.

  • M4L1C10U5LY C0N73N7
    M4L1C10U5LY C0N73N7 15 days ago

    Oh, I've died then.

  • HistoricalDogeking ,
    HistoricalDogeking , 15 days ago +1

    Honestly, you will recover +1 hp every minute, if you eat when hungry you will recover 1+ hp every second.
    That’s how health system works

    • HistoricalDogeking ,
      HistoricalDogeking , 15 days ago

      The healing effect when eating will only last 1 minute and using medicine when sick you will recover +2 health every second and the sickness will go away faster (the healing effect of a medicine will only last 5 minutes)

  • Tanner Oldenburg
    Tanner Oldenburg 16 days ago

    The heart on the title is 2 health???

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips 16 days ago

    Anybody else say ouch when they bump into something and it doesn't actually hurt but when you really hurt yourself like smashing your finger in the door you just say ow in you head.

  • ML 3K
    ML 3K 16 days ago

    When you step on LEGO

    Insta death

  • Your local meme dealer

    Getting soap in a paper cut

  • SqueezedTable 58
    SqueezedTable 58 17 days ago

    I dropped my iPad on my teeth with braces it was at least 5hp

  • Jesus died for our sins

    american version: when you realize it an enemy

  • CACboy
    CACboy 17 days ago

    Running up your wooden stairs with slippery socks and killing your shin

  • DxRz
    DxRz 18 days ago

    When your crush calls you "bro"
    *Status level: (✖╭╮✖)*

  • KKstar5051
    KKstar5051 18 days ago

    When ur playing Wii sports tennis and you throw too hard and hurt ur neck.

  • Samuel Garcia
    Samuel Garcia 18 days ago

    When you stub your toe -600

  • Dale Wrixon
    Dale Wrixon 18 days ago

    when you sneeze while drinking soda

  • meow dreemurr
    meow dreemurr 18 days ago

    When u wake up not dead 9 hp

  • incision
    incision 18 days ago

    When you don't move your arm in a long time and when you try to move it, it starts hurting
    -5 hp
    Frozen effect

  • carley.
    carley. 19 days ago

    when you get shampoo in your eye
    -1 HP
    + Sting effect

  • it ́s Gametime
    it ́s Gametime 19 days ago

    When you accidentaly step an a dog
    -100 hp
    - 3 happynes
    + 200 evilness

  • Drake of the Lake
    Drake of the Lake 19 days ago

    Being out in the summer, even with sun cream. Pale as fuck. 1 hp per minute

  • WulfeniteGirl #768
    WulfeniteGirl #768 19 days ago +2

    I'm confused, no one said "when an ant or mosquito bites you"
    (Minus poison effect)

  • robbie :D
    robbie :D 19 days ago

    cutting ur finger or toenail too low

  • GamerBoy
    GamerBoy 19 days ago

    When you drop your phone but you catch it before it hits the floor:
    +100% Movement Speed
    Status Effect: Relieved
    (Regenerate 5HP every turn)

  • Omer Gouner101
    Omer Gouner101 19 days ago +1

    4:07 admit you did it

  • Thunderus Night
    Thunderus Night 20 days ago

    When you fart silently near someone and they smell it and it STINKS

  • Lavender Dan LD
    Lavender Dan LD 20 days ago

    I once called my MALE teacher mom

  • RedditWhip
    RedditWhip 20 days ago

    Dropping your phone on your face with glasses on?
    -30 HP
    +Bleed Effect

  • Ultimate
    Ultimate 20 days ago

    When u get up to fast:

    *status effect:nausea*
    *status effect:blindness*
    *status effect:mining fatigue*

  • Joel Hessling
    Joel Hessling 20 days ago

    Shampoo bottle falling on your toe -5 HP

  • Doody Henoo
    Doody Henoo 20 days ago


  • WiLD MiND
    WiLD MiND 20 days ago +2

    When You Are *"Asked"* To Study
    +100 Stress
    -100 Happiness
    +50 Iternal Damage

  • The New Vcvrpj
    The New Vcvrpj 20 days ago

    Get Out While Rainy
    *3Hp-* /Second

  • Nicolino Will
    Nicolino Will 21 day ago

    When you accidentally kick a table you didn’t realize was there. -1 HP, 30% chance of stun.

  • Vorpal
    Vorpal 21 day ago

    When you step on a lego
    -99999999999999999999999999 hp
    -screams of agonizing pain effect

  • The Super Bape Shark

    When you look for your fork and it's in your hand and you stabbed yourself accidently
    - 5HP
    + 3 Embarrassment
    - 10 IQ
    Status:Burning + Bleeding(sometimes burning without bleeding)
    If you did this you know I'm not lying

  • 사랑미챙
    사랑미챙 21 day ago

    when you tell a joke to your friend then that friend told it to everyone so he gets all the credits
    -1 HP
    Status effect: Betrayed
    Conditions: -1 ally

  • Griffin Fredrickson
    Griffin Fredrickson 21 day ago

    1 heart = 2hp, dummy

  • Zephyr Bloom
    Zephyr Bloom 21 day ago +1

    that feeling of going into a black hole before bed, just me? ok