Nu & Jo Ke - Who Loves The Sun (Original Mix)

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    Label: BAR25 Music
    Release: 2011-07-12
    Cat. No: BAR25-019
    Artists: Nu
    Remixer: Chris Schwarzwaelder, Acid Pauli
    Release Title: We Love The Sun
    Release Type: EP
    Medium: digital / vinyl
    Territorry: ww
    A nomad of modern times, who has travelled the continents with his music, Nu is as diverse in his musical styles as he is well travelled.
    Taking influences from his various homes, such as Switzerland, Germany or Peru, the producer and trained sound engineer branched out into various genres (deep house, hip hop, trip hop, ambient, experimental, dance and even film and dance theatre music composition). Through this years-long musical journey Nu then found his true calling: instrumentals amalgamated with his electronic production all held together through solid rhythms.
    Nuʼs music has a strong emphasis on live performance. He fuses clean-cut minimal techno with the raw sounds of his analog synthis and his self-made instruments. He works with anything from self-recorded samples, over drum and synthesizer machines to multi touch screen controllers. He has collaborated with various artists, labels, corporations and events, such as VJ Sanch, Node Festival, Pixel Festival, Bachstelzen, Fusion, Goldmund, Yosoy records, Puma Records, WHITE and of cause BAR25.
    1. NU - Who Loves The Sun (Original Mix)
    2. NU - Who Loves The Sun (Acid Pauli´s Let It Be Naked Remix)
    3. Nu & Chris Schwarzwälder - Dance In My Pants (Original Mix)

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  • João Victor Martinez
    João Victor Martinez 18 hours ago


  • orpheas Barber
    orpheas Barber 19 hours ago

    Quarantine time with weed & this song

  • Manuel R. Knipping Reynoso


  • MIKEL-S.OfficialPage

    This song represents the Summer in Greece 🇬🇷 🔥🔥

  • MDMA 420
    MDMA 420 2 days ago

    Old but GOLD♥️

  • Holokai Yama
    Holokai Yama 3 days ago

    7:39 2020 hands up!

  • Delta Christian Héron-Bâtard

    Je peux écouter ce titre en regardant se lever le soleil.
    Je peux écouter ce titre en regardant le soleil se coucher.
    Je peux écouter ce titre quand le soleil est au zénith.
    Je peux écouter ce titre toute la journée et toute la nuit !

  • Cristal Donagy Sánchez

    Me encanta esta canción, esta bien shingona,. 💎🕉️

  • Krzysztof Zygucki
    Krzysztof Zygucki 5 days ago


  • Jandrez
    Jandrez 5 days ago +1

    Me ha alegrado la cuarentena otra vez :)

  • María Martinez
    María Martinez 9 days ago

    ✨La amo 🤍✨

  • Only Drinks And Drugs
    Only Drinks And Drugs 9 days ago +1

    Drogaaa auditiva
    Cannabis la activa 👾

  • Dyan pie
    Dyan pie 9 days ago +1

    estoy escuchando esto en unos audifonos gaming tracer 30 soullion, que vaina tan buena

  • Cesar Gallardo
    Cesar Gallardo 10 days ago +1

    nice sond 4 am

  • Bahena Per.
    Bahena Per. 11 days ago

    Cuernavaca morelos!

  • Tomas Scagliarini
    Tomas Scagliarini 11 days ago

    Chi ha vissuto i tempi maledetti quanto memorabili dei 90's dove Lsd terribile piaga ma sconosciuta quanto incredibile esperienza creava geniali spostati che oggi hanno capito e fanno la differenza....

  • clement varenne
    clement varenne 11 days ago

    Nu & Jo Ke - Who Loves The Sun (Original Mix)
    67 784 777 vues•10 déc. 2011


  • Rita Marchitelli
    Rita Marchitelli 11 days ago



    LA portada parece el coronavirus 🤣😷👽 firmes.! 🇲🇽

  • Sebastián Chávez
    Sebastián Chávez 13 days ago +6

    Me planeó drogar con esta rola ❤️👌🏼🕶️🚬

  • Pogotowie Maturzysty
    Pogotowie Maturzysty 13 days ago


  • Vogue Rec
    Vogue Rec 13 days ago


  • Jordi Sunset
    Jordi Sunset 17 days ago

    Who loves The sun. Who doesn't have it

  • Abdiela JM
    Abdiela JM 18 days ago

    :-) happy

  • Onur Yıldız
    Onur Yıldız 19 days ago

    oğlum ben neler yaşıyorum

  • Luciano Alejandro Padilla

    La primera vez que escuxhe esta cancion estaba con el corazon roto, muy drogada con hierba y senti la cancion eterna, pero muy buena la pistaaa felicidades al creador y a mi amiga, por enseñarmela

  • Susi Sanchez peral
    Susi Sanchez peral 22 days ago

    Abra que aprender ingles

  • Emiel D'Haeseleer
    Emiel D'Haeseleer 23 days ago +2

    I'm finna trip a whole night with this kind of musicccccc👌

  • F E
    F E 24 days ago

    This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Alexei094
    Alexei094 26 days ago

    this song is sooo good

  • Ángel Ramos
    Ángel Ramos 27 days ago


  • Lenny Merry
    Lenny Merry 27 days ago

    Love the sun me like yo

  • Henrietta Farkas
    Henrietta Farkas 28 days ago

    Very sexi 😍😈🙈

  • Sylvius Hieronymus Asparagus

    i love the sun
    i even worship him
    but i don't like
    his storms

    AMA ASMR 28 days ago +2

    Used to get stoned to this while driving on our way to the beach and back

  • que ondaa wachos
    que ondaa wachos 29 days ago +1


  • Azim-Chavoshi Fatehali
    Azim-Chavoshi Fatehali 29 days ago +1

    خنک آن دم که نشینیم درِایوان من وتو
    به دونقش وبه دو صورت به یکی جان من وتو
    من وتو بی من وتوجمع شویم ازسرِذوق
    خوش وفارغ زخرافاتِ پریشان من وتو
    این عجب تر که من وتوکه به یکی کنج یکجا
    هم دراین دم به عراقیم وخراسان من وتو
    به یکی نقش براین خاک وبرآن نقش دگر
    دربهشت ابدی وشکرستان من وتو
    چندنفرفارسی 🇮🇷🇦🇫زبان های عزیز این آهنگ رادرسال ۲۰۲۰ گوش میکند لایک کند👍

  • Nicolas Pablo Rodriguez Rodriguez


  • Rod Farva
    Rod Farva Month ago +1

    Que recuerdos... 😭😭

  • DarkGrimm115
    DarkGrimm115 Month ago

    Think the original is better imo

  • Robert Zimmer
    Robert Zimmer Month ago

    Who loves the sun
    Who cares that it is shining
    Who loves the sun
    Who cares that it is shining
    Who cares what it does
    Since *you* broke my heart
    Who loves the sun
    Who cares that it makes plants grow
    Who cares what it does
    *Since you broke my heart*
    Who loves the sun
    Who cares that it is shining
    Who cares what it does
    *Since you broke my heart..*
    Who loves the sun
    Not everyone
    Who loves the sun
    Not everyone
    *You lied, you lied*
    *So many times*
    *You broke, you broke*
    *Not only my heart*
    *Promises I make, you make*
    *You break them, yeah*
    *You uttered the words*
    *And I felt, I felt*
    *That I'm so strong*
    *You were so wrong*
    *So, so wrong*
    *I tried to keep strong*
    *In whirlwinds of trouble and doubt*
    *Who cares, who cares*
    *Certainly not you*
    **It's not even about love*
    *It's about truth**
    Who loves the sun
    Who cares that it is shining
    Who cares what it does
    Since you broke my heart
    Who loves the sun
    Not everyone
    Who loves the sun
    Not everyone
    Who loves the sun
    Who cares that it is shining
    Who cares what it does
    Since you broke my heart
    Who loves the sun
    Not everyone
    Who loves the sun
    Not everyone
    I love the sun
    Like everyone
    I love the sun
    Like everyone
    Like as if you want
    Each on his own
    I love the sun
    Like everyone
    I love the sun
    Like everyone
    Like as if you want
    Each on his own


  • Gerardito Mayer
    Gerardito Mayer Month ago

    Amazing !!!! !!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Kely Kosi Akuitse

    Satané soleil ☀

  • Richard marsh
    Richard marsh Month ago

    this is A TUNE !

  • elchamacon100
    elchamacon100 Month ago

    Velocidad x.25

  • Brann Tanguy
    Brann Tanguy Month ago

    I love the Sun

  • Kristina Sajerman
    Kristina Sajerman Month ago


  • Ulises Cortes
    Ulises Cortes Month ago +1

    La escuche por primera vez en el restaurante donde trabajo y la amo hoy !

  • Pierre cambray
    Pierre cambray Month ago


  • Цијанид
    Цијанид Month ago

    i love being high af :)

  • Lu Healy
    Lu Healy Month ago +1

    The Velvet Underground bro, Nu makes magic with this 💫

  • Nexto Audio Visuales

    I am addicted to this song OMG !

  • Daniel Maldonado
    Daniel Maldonado Month ago +1

    Esto no es un track, es un viaje astral

  • saurabh sapra
    saurabh sapra Month ago

    hit if u came on 2020

  • My Name Is David Hogg & I Approve This Message


  • Talha Emir Demirgan

    Insane feelings while high on coke

  • SO81 a.k.a. Shock Osugi

    Who on Earth had the audacity to downvote this masterpiece? 13 thousand unappreciative assholes. Shame on you.

  • omevaom1
    omevaom1 Month ago

    beautiful music......thank you

  • Bastian Lara
    Bastian Lara Month ago

    Su netflix y tuturtu

  • Claudia Saba
    Claudia Saba Month ago +1

    This is more than music, it’s a message from the fabric of existence. Also, Free Palestine

  • Mine
    Mine Month ago


  • Daniel Parales
    Daniel Parales Month ago +3

    ésta cancion me dio la bienvenida a la weed y no puedo estar mas orgulloso de ello

  • Johnson TJ
    Johnson TJ Month ago

    Give me your playlist 😍

  • Aura Salamon
    Aura Salamon Month ago

  • Hristo Nikolaev
    Hristo Nikolaev Month ago

    Very best

  • Dorvay
    Dorvay Month ago +1

    Esta es la canción que no puede faltar en una fiesta electrónica

  • Louise
    Louise Month ago

    F*cking sublime...almost better than Velvet Underground

  • Star Tsar
    Star Tsar Month ago

    I do!

  • L3YT
    L3YT Month ago

    Who loves The GSM

  • S.S Chile
    S.S Chile Month ago +1

    Atacan nuestro sol. El sol proyecta su suelo solar en el firmamento. Trabaja como una gran bola de disco proyectando su suelo y así mismo conocida como luna

  • Yunes rusty
    Yunes rusty Month ago

    This gives me flashbacks....everytime i hear this tune im im not so Im adding it to my 🔥 list

  • Color Blind
    Color Blind Month ago

    Love Jesus Christ not the flashlight in the sky

  • ანნ გიუნაშვილი

    Eternal love 💫💞

  • Koma fa
    Koma fa Month ago

    possitive vibes? this track gets me so fucking sad

  • Manuel R. Knipping Reynoso

    DANCE, while u still can

  • DjWiadRoman
    DjWiadRoman Month ago +1


  • Emre Yaz
    Emre Yaz Month ago


  • Paul Whelehan
    Paul Whelehan Month ago

    Out of this world when I’m in a certain place

  • Jean jayrho Suncion laura


  • όλα είναι κύκλος

    to tmhke sas gamaei poytaneeeees!