The CANZUK Union Explained - Explaining Brexit

  • Published on May 12, 2019
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    After Brexit the UK will be free to make it's own trade deals and establish it's own new relationships. One new union which has been discussed is the CANZUK model, bringing together the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We discuss why these countries, if it will happen, if it would work and what it means for Brexit going forward.
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Comments • 2 673

  • xxnoobslayeriv
    xxnoobslayeriv 7 hours ago

    That political union would have a hell of-a navy coverage

  • SweetBeatJinx
    SweetBeatJinx 7 hours ago

    I'm a remainer but if/when we leave the EU I'd fully support Canzuk agreement.

  • Doc Huard
    Doc Huard 20 hours ago

    Beg after the content, not before! Are you nuts? 👎

  • Aesma
    Aesma Day ago

    A political union between countries so far away they face completely different problems is a dumb idea. And offering that after the UK would just have exited a political union ? Lol !

  • Eazy Buxafew
    Eazy Buxafew 2 days ago

    No free movement for the other countries in the commonwealth huh

  • fanmale97
    fanmale97 2 days ago

    More like CANSUCK am I right?

  • imdbist
    imdbist 2 days ago

    Don't like the use of UNION. Smells to much of the EU.

  • Anthony Vollmer
    Anthony Vollmer 2 days ago

    Full support!!!!!!

  • Mark L'Estrange
    Mark L'Estrange 3 days ago

    'When the UK leaves the EU' is repeated again and again LOL Yeh Right.

  • DreamskyDance
    DreamskyDance 3 days ago

    Im not from UK, so i dont know anything about the comonwealth.. can you do a video about that ? What are the other commonwealth nations except the above mentioned ones ? What is their relationship, is this something like queen, a relic from the past just for traditions sake ( speaking about that, is the role of the queen of any substance now ? another video ? ) or does it have some political power ?

  • Anzacsam
    Anzacsam 3 days ago

    I would support closer economic and free movement of labour but I wouldn't a political or economic union. Closer cooperation and possibly the UK becoming re-engaged with the Commonwealth realms and the commonwealth Republics would also be good. Also it would allow in the future for the UK to feature more prominently in Asian economic talks.

  • Free World
    Free World 3 days ago

    CANZEU should be EUCANZ
    What to travel and live in Australia? EU CANZ!
    What to make a business in Canada? EU CANZ
    Want to move your money to Paris? EU CANZ
    Want to start a romance with a sheepi in NZ? EU CANZ

  • MaidenCorp
    MaidenCorp 3 days ago +1

    Leave the EU to avoid migrants, get the same through Canada. Wise move.

  • Mark Stuckey
    Mark Stuckey 3 days ago

    I don't want my country to be in a trade deal with the UK, or have an open border with it.
    There's enough whingeing poms who think they're a big fish in a small pond.
    Also, what do we want from the UK; my experience is that british products I have purchased are at best poorly made and second rate with little or no customer service or back up provided.
    Maybe if the UK became more democratic; abolition of the house of lords, proportional representation, abolition of the civil list &c.
    We have nearly five times more trade with China and growing at a steep rate. The Chinese are also, in my limited experience, more dependable.
    I don't want my country to be tied to such a villain of a nation that jumps in to illegal wars and invasions. To tie ourselves to a country that has made itself a (somewhat deserved) target because of its contemptible foreign policy and international misconduct could also make us a target.
    Screw Britannia.

  • xrx0R 9
    xrx0R 9 3 days ago

    This just exposea the close-minded mindset of the british people who support this.
    They make the EU sound like it's a demon, but would gladly support the same thing, only this time we'll have 'civilised' Anglo English speaking Canadians and Aussies instead of Romanians and Poles come here to 'steal' our jobs

  • Slinkerdeer
    Slinkerdeer 3 days ago

    6:19 *Extra deep breath*

  • cyberlizard
    cyberlizard 4 days ago

    Free trade and free movement but no to political integration.

  • Theo Kellermann
    Theo Kellermann 4 days ago +1

    For me, it sounds like "Can thug".

  • Arjan Sidhu
    Arjan Sidhu 4 days ago

    British Asians are salivating at the possibility of free movement to Kanida

  • Papa Giuseppe
    Papa Giuseppe 4 days ago

    There is nothing quite like the wishful thinking of the British concerning rubbish like this to make themselves feel better after the disaster that is Brexit. A political union or even something such as freedom of movement and a shared economy would NEVER be accepted in Australia. Such a deal would be bad for Australian workers as the work force would be flooded by overseas nationals. In terms of trade, why would Australia look to the UK over Asia? Regarding national security, the sharing of intelligence makes sense however Australia's foreign policy is one concerned with the Asia and Pacific region, not Europe. We should also mention the fact that since the end of the Second World War, Australia has created its own strong national identity, one that is very much seperate from the British and English identity Australia once had.. Why would Australia regress back to that British identity it has long left behind? There are many negatives for Australia to enter such a deal and very little to gain. But of course the British like to look back at the 'grand old age of Empire' rather than face the fact that they have caused the political and economic mess they now find themselves in..

  • Stewart Ellinson
    Stewart Ellinson 4 days ago +3

    Why not just "British Empire 2.0" or "the White commonwealth"?

    ideas like this are painful twaddle and illustrate the utter vacuity and nostalgia driven fantasies of the Brexit lobby. No doubt, a free trade deal with the Assyrian empire is in the pipeline according to some....

  • Baconmuncher
    Baconmuncher 4 days ago

    This channels for lazy braindeads who love being indoctrinated

  • 3pharaohstowers
    3pharaohstowers 4 days ago

    The American government of 1933 went bankrupt and dissolved is sovereign authority, it only exists in name and ran thru constitutional common law and corporate law and british and maritime law, yeah you heard right Americas federal courts respect british law, as it the only federal law we can practice since the colonies. Maybe the uk can reinstate the American government with a trade treaty, so we can have a legal functioning government system that finally works. --------------------- --------------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------------------------- "It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress session June 5, 1933 - Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only" as revealed by Representative James Trafficant, Jr. (Ohio) in the Federal Register United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303 (Ohio) addressing the House.

  • Mendicant Bias
    Mendicant Bias 4 days ago

    Not to mention that, and I know no one cares, but the planet's on fire and we're seriously talking about stretching our major supply lines to the other side of the world rather than our immediate neighbours. God know's how much more carbon that means but the inherent fragility of that system should be enough.

  • BewareOfTheKraut
    BewareOfTheKraut 4 days ago

    Tories: Free Movement is a red line, we are leaving EU.

  • Shadowjak23
    Shadowjak23 4 days ago

    I do have a loose understanding of the Commonwealth so a more in depth video on that would be appreciated

  • Daniel Eyre
    Daniel Eyre 4 days ago +2

    Hahahaha New Zealand will NOT suddenly start trading with the UK again post Brexit.
    This video is absurd.

    • Daniel Eyre
      Daniel Eyre 2 days ago

      +Bojaxs I google and I find no such thing. My cousin works for the ministry of foreign affairs and trade in Wellington and she's told me that there's no reason nor desire for any trade deal with post Brexit Britain across the ministry.

      All I see is blind speculation and hypothetical from some pundits and idiots or a possibility.

    • Bojaxs
      Bojaxs 2 days ago

      New Zealand is currently seeking a free trade deal with the U.K. post Brexit, including a reduction in Visa restrictions. Google it and see for yourself.

  • MegaGouch
    MegaGouch 4 days ago

    New Zealand used to do a lot more trade with the UK before the days of the EU.
    A lot of old NZers still moan to this day how the UK rejected NZ trade agreements for the EU, hence NZ turning towards Japan, USA and China for trade.

  • AscorbicGypsy
    AscorbicGypsy 4 days ago


  • Brock
    Brock 4 days ago

    As a Canadian I support CANZUK to the extent of I want free movement and more trade. I do not want a political alliance that would have us create a governing body on top of our respective Federal governments.

    While I'm not against EU style political alliances, and I would like to see the UN become a stronger power in the world who could potentially level the playing fields between countries which would smooth out a lot of globalization's issues that's pretty different then chaining CANZUK nations' laws to each others when we're so geographically distant and all of us are facing unity crisis' of our own. Canada for example after Quebec finally settled down their separatist tone (thank God, I love the French!) Alberta is now raising the separatist flag and every Province, City, and branch of the Federal government seem to be sueing each other. To add to that chaos would be devastatingly difficult here, and with the whole Brexit thing I don't see the UK supporting that either.

  • James Duffy
    James Duffy 4 days ago

    Commonwealth video would be great

  • theSkyRunner54
    theSkyRunner54 4 days ago

    Even under the most auspicious circonstances, I don't see how that would be better than staying in the custom unions. Canada already have a deal with the Pacific Rim nations and another for Europe.. The countries won't just say "yes whatever.. join in", they're going to be a lot of negotiations and UK won't have as strong as leverage they had while in the Union...

  • Twitchy McFish
    Twitchy McFish 4 days ago

    Who becomes the new leader of the common wealth after the queen dies??

  • fanagot
    fanagot 4 days ago

    also known as empire v.2

  • Place holder name is place holder

    I'm all for canzuk, as long as it doesn't involve free movement. We shouldn't discriminate between the citizens of foreign countries when it comes to immigration.

  • Nixx
    Nixx 4 days ago

    Why the hell would the UK try to get into another union after we've spent so much time trying to get parliament to do what they're told and leave the one we're currently in

  • Shaidz
    Shaidz 4 days ago +1

    As a Kiwi myself, would be cool to have some vids on the commonwealth, how it works, does it actually DO anything (or is it just a fancy title) and the political relationships between the larger players (NZ, AU, Canada, UK).

  • darkfool2000
    darkfool2000 4 days ago

    What a pipe dream, Brits are pretending that their only option isn't to join the USMCA deal while they still have something to offer.

  • Ian Collis
    Ian Collis 4 days ago +1

    Screw the UK! CANZUS all the way!

  • flynnneil88
    flynnneil88 4 days ago

    We aren't a manufacturer anymore, we are a services nation. A CANZUK agreement would see 'people' be a precious commodity. As such you'll see trade increase between the 4 nations.
    I don't understand why Remainers are so against this model but are happy for EU nationals to come in. Ironically, Remainers are the ones exercising their prejudice by not wanting a deal with CANZ

  • E Zandman
    E Zandman 4 days ago

    This sucks. New Zealand needs out ASAP. F*ck this wave ruling bullcrap. 19th century is over you nitwits. Greets from ya neighbour the Netherlands. lol

  • Chris Rasmussen
    Chris Rasmussen 4 days ago

    Well lets see, we are already in a trade agreement with Australia and New Zealand (Trans Pacific Partnership.) We are in an agreement with the UK (via the EU.) Considering our recent experience with our big free trade partner threatening to rip up deals and imposing tariffs, and the UK's actions in Brexit, not sure why the CANZ shoud trust the UK part of CANZUK not to just change its mind a leave in a huff after few years. And of course finally, though we can see why the UK would want such an arrangement... What's in it for us?

  • Thomas H.
    Thomas H. 4 days ago

    If we can have a South African trade deal or freeport that would help Canzuk, if we can do the same with India better still & with a China trade deal being optimum.
    & with the Commonwealth Countries too.

  • Kevin Breslin
    Kevin Breslin 5 days ago

    All because British people cannot learn another language.

  • J K
    J K 5 days ago

    You guys are just trying to remove all the non-english from your world, aren't you?

  • Ginger
    Ginger 5 days ago

    This has got to be the most ridiculous wet dream ever cooked up by people with more fantasy than sense.
    Simply put: Australia and Canada will *NEVER* accept free movement from the UK.

  • Duvee Hie
    Duvee Hie 5 days ago

    Why would capitalist Canada, Australia and New Zealand want to lower their standards by joining with socialist UK.

  • Michael
    Michael 5 days ago

    Seems pretty racist that they outright excluded India.

  • TheFelltimber
    TheFelltimber 5 days ago +1

    Swapping the EU for CANZUK.... the whole union concept is issue for leavers. Weird.

  • Exspes
    Exspes 5 days ago

    I'd rather these kind of deals done individually between nations, instead of a trading bloc that will slowly create more and more laws ruling the member nations, no longer being just a trading bloc, but It's own proto-nation.

  • pvfsm
    pvfsm 5 days ago +2

    To be in CANZUK Canada would probably have to leave NAFTA, which they would never do since 77% of their exports are to the US.

  • J A Trekker
    J A Trekker 5 days ago

    I don't see why Canada would tie itself to a failed economic and politically disaster of the UK. the last time Canada was in closer political and economic union with the UK our solders were led by incompetents, our First Nations Peoples were decimated by disease and bigotry, (which we are still paying for to this day. IE The Indian Act), our resources were exploited and plundered. I don't know about New Zealand or Australia, however I'm certain few if any in Canada are interested in a return to THAT situation. Besides, you people can't even figure out what you want to do with Brexit, why would any country enter into an arrangement with the UK, just so you can change your mind and want to leave. You Brits are too high maintenance.

  • INX
    INX 5 days ago +1

    6:18 *inhales deeply*

  • Ace Garcia
    Ace Garcia 5 days ago

    CANZUK would be great for Britian and make us a real country again. The UK has much more in common with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand than Germany, France, or Belgium.
    While I'm not for a single currency I am for a free trade agreement, a single market and customs union, and a shared armed force.

  • Ace Garcia
    Ace Garcia 5 days ago

    I'm for taking CANZUK one step further and creating a trade and poticital union with the mojarity of Commonwealth countries.

  • INX
    INX 5 days ago +2

    Oh my this is such a smart idea make canzuk a thing we must!!

  • Ggdivhjkjl
    Ggdivhjkjl 5 days ago +1

    Did you know the very first bill Australia's national parliament ever passed was an immigration bill based upon race?

  • RigityRigity RektSun

    No where in the world do you HAVE to allow free movement in order to establish trade deals, so I don't see why there has to be free movement along with the trade deals

  • Mr MT
    Mr MT 5 days ago

    Ahah, the figures are actually ridiculously small ! 130 millions people is just the UK and France combined. 18.1 million km2 sounds like just too much land to manage. And mostly desert and ice. A lot of it is empty in both Canada and Australia.

    • Mr MT
      Mr MT 5 days ago

      And Europe's combined GDP is around 20 trillion dollars !

  • T F
    T F 5 days ago

    No one's buying this bullshit, why explain something that should be so simple

  • Evan Holloway
    Evan Holloway 5 days ago

    I keep hearing the stats about how the majority of British trade is with the EU and how it wouldn't work in a CANZUK agreement but I would like to know what trade was like between CANZUK before the UK joined the EU? A time where our countries worked much closer together. (if that's possible to find out!)

  • Jonny LaRock
    Jonny LaRock 5 days ago

    I'm sick of this guy's glottal stop, its not 'Brexi' its brexit' with a T on the end!!

  • JoaoG R
    JoaoG R 5 days ago

    everybody's biggest trade partner is China, but transatlantic/ transpacific trade is too far.

  • JoaoG R
    JoaoG R 5 days ago

    Cold War geopolitics forced the UK to leave the Commonwealth & join the EEM.
    European rules blocked commerce between the UK & the rest of the Commonwealth.
    "we shouldn't make CANZUK because we don't have trade"
    EU bureaucrats win.

  • JoaoG R
    JoaoG R 5 days ago

    if CANZUK was to become the 1st step towards a Commonwealth FTA, it would be nice.

  • Engine Tuning
    Engine Tuning 5 days ago

    Movement Of People...
    Would be less problematic, as standards of living, and therefore wage requirements, are similar.
    ... and so too the general 'moral way of life'.
    The main complaints of the people of the more developed European nations are:-
    Workers accepting ridiculously low salaries, and dramatic shifts in their way of life - as different cultures tend to regroup together in specific areas, effectively swamping those areas almost overnight.
    These complaints aren't mindless racism - it's based upon the fact that the character of their lives has changed in a way that they don't like.
    ... it's often portrayed as racism, and the flame of racism is fanned ... but it comes from purposeful mismanagement of immigration.
    Would grow, but the primary beneficiaries would be Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
    Ie. It would be PRO for them, but not for the UK, as they couldn't replace the EU.
    However, it might turn out fine, when the dust has settled, as the EU and the UK gradually rehabilitate their trading agreements.
    ... as the main need for the EU was to show that you can't leave the bloc and be okay.
    Presumably, trading requirements will force a gradual return to general normality (?)
    UK - EU Trade...
    European trade must anyway continue, as the UK and the EU are fully integrated - businesses depend upon each other, particularly small to medium sized enterprises.
    Brexit will create totally unnecessary chaos, and impact the lives of vast numbers of people - people who don't even know that their salary is dependent upon trade within the EU.
    Goods that might now take just 4 days to deliver will likely take much longer (due to the forced punitive measures).
    Even then, this time scale can never be achieved with the CANZUK nations - everything will be a 6 week delivery time at minimum.
    ... and because this trade wont be enough, companies will need to become embroiled in customs formalities.
    Suddenly small companies will find that they need a shipping department, when previously they just put stuff on a lorry and off it went.
    This will raise costs for UK businesses, as compared to their EU competitors who will continue without the customs issues.
    A percentage of UK businesses will simply close ... creating a downturn in the economy, while at the same time, prices must rise, to account for the additional costs and tariffs - a double whammy.
    The wealthiest people will be fine (they are always fine).
    It's the general population that will suffer - all those people saying "we can make this work" without a single thought in their heads of the trading integration that will be dismantled and the ensuing chaos.
    Strangely enough; internal EU dissatisfaction is growing.
    Now would be a great time to stay in the EU and use that dissatisfaction to force a new EU direction.
    However, that would be the sensible approach that would reduce chaos.
    Therefore, I can't help but think that 'having the masses in a general state of constant chaos' is a suitable method of administration.
    ... it certainly keeps the populace busy, while the top few remain totally unaffected.
    We might even back out of brexit, which in itself would create ongoing chaos, with the plebiscite divided down the middle.
    It would certainly be a beautiful move, from a 'divide and rule' perspective, but I guess that this is anyway now inbuilt, whether the UK stays or leaves.
    Therefore, I would say that (overall) this move by Cameron has been a total success.

  • Anita Williams
    Anita Williams 5 days ago

    I've always said there should be a citizen swap proposal - if someone wants my spot in Australia I'll go somewhere else

  • Cappy-go-lucky
    Cappy-go-lucky 5 days ago

    Of course everyone likes the deal in NZ, even kiwis can’t stand it there in NZ

  • Pedro Barrera
    Pedro Barrera 5 days ago

    P A X B R I T A N N I A I N T E N S I F I E S

  • Maui Cooper
    Maui Cooper 5 days ago +2

    As a New Zealander living in London on a 2year working holiday visa its exciting to think young professional New Zealander’s can potentially invest themselves into this county and economy long term 👍🏼

  • Chris Fielder
    Chris Fielder 5 days ago

    This would be amazing, but sadly can't see it happening.

  • Vee Cee
    Vee Cee 5 days ago

    The U.K. could forge deals with anyone they wanted. Every damn country that is or was part of the commonwealth can all do trade with U.K. - Death to the 4th Reich.

  • Luis Aldamiz
    Luis Aldamiz 5 days ago

    The USA does not approve of this plan to take away their recently acquired colonies, sorry Queenie.

  • Grezz
    Grezz 5 days ago

    Question: If the UK left the EU and formed a CANZUK area/agreement would we have free trade with EU via Canada due to the EU's new CETA deal?

  • TwoCan VanDam
    TwoCan VanDam 5 days ago

    So many cultural Marxists in the comments yeesh looks like Trotsky's legacy lives on. What's so wrong with culturally (and to a lesser unrealistic degree;racially) homogeneous societies? Japan is the safest place I've ever been much much safer than the UK. (faulty elevators, not acid attacks stabbings and murders make the news there). Poland is safe too... What does Poland and Japan do differently to USA, Germany and UK? Oh they don't care about declining population as long as they can control who comes into the country and can keep their culture and identity a majority in their own homeland! Some things are more important in life than GDP.
    Stop being slaves to the central bankers of capitalism and planned cultural degradation of Marxism!

  • TwoCan VanDam
    TwoCan VanDam 5 days ago

    The Queen has far more power and is far far richer than anyone is taught in school. The royal family are interlinked with powerful families such as the rothschilds who basically run the money supply of the whole world. They are far richer than the likes of Jeff Bezos (bar a few countries Trump and John Bolton are trying to get us to invade right now).

  • PidLive
    PidLive 5 days ago

    6:19 what happened there?! 🤣

  • Shannyn Rew
    Shannyn Rew 5 days ago

    Um, haven't heard a peep about this in Australian press. Does anyone outside of the UK actually think this is a thing?

  • RRP
    RRP 5 days ago

    Movement betweens these countries makes more sense. Rather live in New Zealand than Bulgaria

  • One Man Rifle Maker
    One Man Rifle Maker 5 days ago

    You don't need a trade deal to trade.
    Trade deals only work for governments so they can tax your trade.
    Funny that eh?

  • George Wharmby
    George Wharmby 5 days ago

    Prehaps the Caribbean nations like Jamaica and other country’s with a large english speaking population, such as india

  • Amparo Gusen
    Amparo Gusen 5 days ago

    Not only a brilliant idea, CANZUK could be the most logical and responsable way to organize and keep together the most positive, civilized and successful people the humankind has ever experienced.

  • winston_smith
    winston_smith 5 days ago

    I don't know if we can turn back the clock, but before the early 1970s a huge amount of agricultural trade occurred between NZ and the UK. The EEC stopped a lot of that trade and devastated the NZ economy. You guys in the UK might not be so pasty and feeble if you got some decent grub.

  • MrKayaker69
    MrKayaker69 5 days ago

    There should definitely be free movement of people between the CANZUK really would be awesome 🌟

  • Brijeka Vervix
    Brijeka Vervix 5 days ago

    As an Australian, I really hope this happens. Easy movement between CANZUK countries would be really good for me.

  • Zaphods BlueCar
    Zaphods BlueCar 5 days ago

    Weeellll.... back when the UK joined Europe, they basically shat on Australia and New Zealand, cutting them adrift and killing their respective UK export markets.
    Since then we’ve found new markets in Asia. New markets which are immensely more profitable, so sorry UK, but we really don’t need you any more...
    No-one here gives a toss about CANZUK and it’s almost never mentioned. Although it would be nice if Canada fielded a cricket team...

  • Konceited Kai
    Konceited Kai 5 days ago

    First of all rename it because CANZUK sounds rubbish and secondly you can resolve all the race-relations problem by bringing in the Caribbean nations, uniting them under one flag & currency and using them as the central hub for trade will bring the investment in infrastructure that they need. As well as put the Navy strategically closer to the Falklands in case it kicks off again with the 'Argies'.

  • RealityBitesShit
    RealityBitesShit 5 days ago

    Lol CANZUK is dead Australia, New Zealand and Canada want independence. Brexit destroyed the Commonwealth and it doesn't benefit UKs former colonies to have an unpredictable union called the UK. The UK is weak its appeal was its association with the EU now thats dead take your royalty and suck a big old D!!!

  • Doctor Core
    Doctor Core 5 days ago

    Of course it's gonna be Oceania vs Eurasia vs Eastasia, it's the natural order of things. Japan's 2006 anime Code Geass updated the future as Holy Britannia (CANZUKUS), Chinese Federation (OBOR), and European Union (EU). Now where's the Giant Robots and Hot Babes?

  • Axel smith
    Axel smith 5 days ago

    This would be great, I’m Australian and I got my Polish citizenship so I could move to the UK, then you guy did brexit🙄🙄. So CANZUK would be super useful hahaha

  • Daeva Skye
    Daeva Skye 5 days ago

    Why would Australia NZ want hoards of non-native British immigrants pouring into their countries? Sounds like a very bad idea.

  • Kindly Patriarch
    Kindly Patriarch 5 days ago

    Elizabeth II is the Queen of Canada when acting as our head of state not Queen of the UK. Nothing strange about a monarch wearing multiple crowns. I imagine the same thing applies to Australia and New Zealand.

  • Mikey B Potts
    Mikey B Potts 5 days ago

    Video about the commonwealth and how the queen is head of state of other countries please

  • J J
    J J 5 days ago

    Just wait for the angry brexiters start moaning about FOM between these countries...

  • Adrian Roshu
    Adrian Roshu 5 days ago

    Why would Canada, Australia and New Zealand want such a thing ? What can the UK offer to them other than probably try and control them ? UK is leaving the EU, why wouldn't it leave CANZUK as well in 50 years ?

  • Alba1970
    Alba1970 5 days ago

    i will make it simple for you Scotland will be leaving the UK ... and remaining in the EU ... the English can keep the royal family and there inbred relatives .... Scotland is no longer your slave Indyref2

    • Alba1970
      Alba1970 5 days ago

      +Phil Flintknapper57 you obviously haven't seen the polls yes is well ahead and to win said referendum the NO side on the eve of the vote promised near federalism, guaranteed EU citizenship, tax jobs safe in Scotland, 13 type 26 frigates built on the clyde, pensions triple locked wanted Scotland to lead the UK not leave ...

      The NO side broke every promise instead of leading the UK we we have been ignored and instead of near federalism we have EVEL ... without the vow Scotland would have been a Independent country and the unionists are bricking it because a 2nd vow won't work next time round ...

      The UK is finished it had it's chance on september 19th 2014 and blew it .... you only have yourselves to blame Scotland is not Catalonia and England cannot force Scotland to remain in the UK .... the UK. is finished

    • Phil Flintknapper57
      Phil Flintknapper57 5 days ago

      Scotland HAD a referendum on the issue, which was soundly defeated, in 2014. If they had another, that would likely be defeated too, according to the polls.

  • Patrick Germain
    Patrick Germain 5 days ago

    Canadian here, this sounds like it would be extremely beneficial to a post brexit UK, less so to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I think that such an arrangement would have to be very carefully worded. None of us are at all interested in being ruled by London if that is what you are dreaming about.

  • Rokinco
    Rokinco 5 days ago +1

    Ahh yes the 5 eyes agreement. Suppose to stop torrorism but cant stop a white guy from gathering weapons online and killing 50 muslims. So i really wonder what the 5 eyes are doing with their power

  • emokidsij
    emokidsij 5 days ago

    Thanks, this was really informative and well laid out 👍🏻

  • Dean Nilvalli
    Dean Nilvalli 5 days ago

    What a brilliant idea! Resurrecting the British Empire and uniting the English-speaking countries. After all, combining the GDP of Canada, Australia and New Zealand is smaller than Germany's alone, so that should easily make up for the lost trade with the entire EU. And of course, as Canada, Australia, the UK and NZ are all so near, and with similar trade needs, I see no problem there, either. Plus, I can easily see Canadians and Australians looking to swap their huge houses, sunny weather/great skiing and unspoilt nature to live in the wonderful UK, with all its perks (too numerous to list here, also too hard to think of any). Looks like within a few weeks, things will be back to normal for UK prosperity. I guess what I find so amusing about this video is that the makers surely know this entire idea is simply a farce, yet they carry on valiantly, trying to present it as seriously as possible, as if it is not some utterly unrealistic, naive pipe dream. I wonder how many takes they had to edit out when due to the narrator bursting into laughter.

    • dforscher
      dforscher 5 days ago

      and, they exclude south Africa, India, Malaysia, other smaller former colonies ... discrimination ?