I Tried Period Leggings

  • Published on Jun 17, 2017
  • THE PERIOD VIDEOS ARE BACK! I saw these period leggings, so I tried these period leggings. What do you guys think? Would you try these for your period? A big thanks again to the sponsor of this video, the Clue app: xq5r.app.link/tmO8uVTeZC
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    You can get the period leggings, if you want them, here! www.pantyprop.com/
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +9521

    HELLO LOVES!! happy friday! who is on their period here?! would you try these things??

    • CottonCandyBoi
      CottonCandyBoi 21 day ago +1

      Safiya Nygaard you called us friends in the video but now you are calling us loves, please this is too much for me, this relationship needs to slow down a bit, I’m not friend-zoning you, it is just too fast for me

      For those who are oblivious, this is sarcasm and I’m trying to be funny, don’t be woooshed

    • CrazyFrailAlex :P
      CrazyFrailAlex :P Month ago

      Does Clue tell you when you first period will happen?

    • LaShawn Daine
      LaShawn Daine Month ago

      Never. I don't think anyone who has endometriosis or fibroids would try anything like this.

    • Rose Chan
      Rose Chan Month ago

      ... Ehhhhhhrm... I uh... Am fine with my thick panty liners thanks...

  • Kelsey Ramirez
    Kelsey Ramirez 2 days ago

    The North Remembers!

  • Big Chungus Studios
    Big Chungus Studios 2 days ago

    While watching this I noticed how perfect your lips are for playing the flute. You have no teardrop on your upper lip. (which makes it nearly impossible) They are just... PERFECT for it! So if your interested in playing the flute, you are going to succeed at it! I believe in you!

  • snake girl
    snake girl 3 days ago

    I'm not sure if these could handle Lucifer's Waterfall.

  • FLUX Underwear
    FLUX Underwear 3 days ago

    Hi Safiya! We’d love to send you some of our period proof undies to try out!
    Our undies hold 4 tampons’ worth and can be worn even during heavy days. We offer five styles including our Detachable style that can be changed anywhere without stepping foot off the ground!
    You can find out more at fluxundies.com and get in touch with us at info@flux-panties.co.uk
    Look forward to hearing from you! 🥰

  • CJ Sweet
    CJ Sweet 4 days ago

    god it’s SO eerie how much safiya looks like shiri appleby when she’s not swearing make up

  • Subliminal Ent.
    Subliminal Ent. 5 days ago +2

    As a guy with a weenie I think every female on this Earth is commendable for going through that extra human stuff in order for the world to keep spinning. Y'all the real MVP, honest 💪 Sis Fist to all the Wahman 👊💯 💯 💯

  • Liza Golubova
    Liza Golubova 6 days ago +1

    I don't like to wear pads on my period but I have to cuz my mom won't let me wear tampons and or menstrual cups.

  • ghostnat
    ghostnat 8 days ago

    How weird every time my period comes this video is recommended

  • Risha DIY's
    Risha DIY's 9 days ago

    Downloaded Clue! Can't wait to try it!

  • Artemis Wilson
    Artemis Wilson 9 days ago

    That review at the end really sold me on it. I might get a pair.

  • Daniela Ryan
    Daniela Ryan 13 days ago

    You know you found the one when they like looking at your period cycle

  • Haze Paden
    Haze Paden 17 days ago +1

    You have such a supportive boyfriend 😍 you’re very lucky

  • Just Joy
    Just Joy 19 days ago

    You sound sick Saf

  • Chiknkein nugeget
    Chiknkein nugeget 19 days ago

    A weird coincidence, I’m 13 and I’ve been watching your what the period series and today the 28th of January 18 I got my first period 🤔 and what sucks is that I’m sick and My pimples are getting worse and tomorrow the 29th of January is my first day of grade 8!! Ok if your wondering why I have my first day of grade 8 on the 29th of January is because I’m in Australia and even worse my mum only has tampons and I told her I don’t wanna use a tampon so ya I have to use toilet paper because 2am...

  • Gracie Bee
    Gracie Bee 22 days ago

    Uk term*cloth used to wash face
    American term* button up shirt
    Safiya term * shirt to the around your waist to cover up you bulky period leggings

  • Fionavlogs
    Fionavlogs 23 days ago +1

    Wait.... so your not wearing underwear?

  • Gobi512
    Gobi512 23 days ago

    Tmi...big time

  • Destiny McVey
    Destiny McVey 25 days ago

    You should try the reusable bamboo pads. They worked really well for me.
    These are the ones I use:

  • Worthy Daisy
    Worthy Daisy 27 days ago

    a little late but this is my first period 2nd day

  • Jessalyn Beckers
    Jessalyn Beckers 29 days ago

    Um looked up gusset it is a piece of material sewn into a garment to strength or enlarge a part of it, such as the collar of a shirt or crouch of an under garment

  • Katrina Hudson
    Katrina Hudson Month ago

    Take a drink of water everyone she says period XD

  • Flare Evil
    Flare Evil Month ago

    I need that but its too big is there a smaller one because i got my period today and im 10

  • ToofToof
    ToofToof Month ago

    Men who are super comfortable talking about periods and supporting their woman are the best. I personally have fertility/period problems, so my fiancé is super involved and regularly asks me what’s happening, and I love it

  • Denise Santoni
    Denise Santoni Month ago

    I just 💗 both of you. You always make me laugh😆😆

  • Shelby Berry
    Shelby Berry Month ago

    Well she wasnt wrong lol
    a piece of material sewn into a garment to strengthen or enlarge a part of it, such as the collar of a shirt or the crotch of an undergarment.
    a bracket strengthening an angle of a structure

  • Panda Lover
    Panda Lover Month ago

    Lol she has 61,530 mail

  • Tracy Taylor
    Tracy Taylor Month ago

    thought.... try them at home with out on a moderate day just to see what happens? Idk it looks like the same material as the period swim suit that she went commando in.. worse thing that happens is you make a mess... best thing.. no pad.

  • Lisa Cloud
    Lisa Cloud Month ago

    I love how the smell is always rated. 🙄

  • Heidi Kirby
    Heidi Kirby Month ago

    Omg he's so supportive. I think everyone needs a Tyler.

  • mishka the drama queen

    i have used it for a year

  • mishka the drama queen

    i also use clue but it is not accurate for me

  • Buster Brutus
    Buster Brutus Month ago

    Tyler reminds me of Diego tintico or however you spell it look him up lol

  • Lillian Sampsel
    Lillian Sampsel Month ago

    Omg I am so in love with how supportive he is with you. What a great relationship .you two have

  • Kristian Villatoro
    Kristian Villatoro Month ago

    lmao gus·set
    a piece of material sewn into a garment to strengthen or enlarge a part of it, such as the collar of a shirt or the crotch of an undergarment.

  • Ethan Alexander
    Ethan Alexander Month ago

    does it work for men?

  • NATO Blauvelt
    NATO Blauvelt Month ago

    Umm... i don’t understand.... do you not wear undies? Just asking becausei always do, just curious

  • Beth Meth
    Beth Meth Month ago

    While I’m watching this I see Tyler looking at you and u can tell you guys r meant to be congrats on your engagement

  • Annika Holland
    Annika Holland Month ago

    Gusset is the proper word for what she was talking about.

  • A G
    A G Month ago

    I like how you said that you just felt like going to Disneyland... For us we have to full on plan it and have like a schedule type thing lol. You're really lucky😊

  • LaShawn Daine
    LaShawn Daine Month ago

    I'm so sorry your period last seven days. 😞

  • Sophia Manzor
    Sophia Manzor Month ago

    s e x y t i m e s

  • Kate R
    Kate R Month ago

    Gusset as it turns out is indeed a proper term for it 😂😂 added to my everyday vocab now

  • David Alan Goldberg
    David Alan Goldberg Month ago +1

    So, by period leggings, you aren't discussing leggings from say, the 1970s or 1980s?

  • subscribe to willNE

    She's so realistic! Ik some you tubers would NEVER do this but she is so awesome for doing this! Ilysm saf!!! ❤💙

  • ash S
    ash S Month ago


  • looking for Pablito imaginary friend

    And currently only Tyler gets it
    YES I DO
    And he likes it
    YES I DO
    ME :😂😂😂😂😂😂if only every guy was like Tyler the world would be a much much better place for guys

  • LuckyMe8806
    LuckyMe8806 Month ago


  • Chloe Sarvay
    Chloe Sarvay Month ago

    I got a fabletics ad before this.

  • kanza malik
    kanza malik Month ago

    God you're funny

  • Ceana Sseba
    Ceana Sseba Month ago

    8:08 i thought you had 4 toes on ur left foot for a sec

  • Tammy James
    Tammy James Month ago

    I love that he is so ok with this.

  • VampierLair
    VampierLair Month ago

    I wish I had a period I could track like this. My period is so all over the place it drives me crazy!!

    • Ari O. Ramirez
      Ari O. Ramirez Month ago

      Probably because of your age. On your early years your period is irregular

  • Sephra Ardan
    Sephra Ardan Month ago

    So they need to gussy up that gusset?

  • Shadow Cats
    Shadow Cats Month ago

    I would never wear leggings without underwear especially on the monthly curse!!!! Da MoNtHlY CuRsE

  • Levan Ico
    Levan Ico Month ago

    Sex with me but wear your leggings

  • Lillian Crooms
    Lillian Crooms Month ago

    I've gotta pee...but I don't wanna have my first period nevermind think about it...
    Edit/check-up: no period

  • trudy rose
    trudy rose Month ago +1

    I stay inside on my months

  • kaie
    kaie Month ago

    I love how I searched up period leggings and it show all of saf's videos on period based products

  • Ellen O'Hara
    Ellen O'Hara Month ago

    OMG you're boyfriend/fiancé gets you clue thingy?!?

  • Marcos Life Journey / VLOG

    What you don't have underwear then ??? Right ps you the best

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman Month ago


  • Taryn Naftali
    Taryn Naftali Month ago

    *and just like that, all male viewers left* XD

  • Becca B
    Becca B Month ago

    I love that she has over 61,000 unread emails

  • jocelyn
    jocelyn 2 months ago +1

    i got an ad for thinx before this video bye

  • Izzy_Is_Busy
    Izzy_Is_Busy 2 months ago

    Day 3 of horrible period: *runs out of jasmine tea and aspirin* NOOOONOOPNOOPOOO

  • Kawaiianime07
    Kawaiianime07 2 months ago

    So i watched this while on my peiriod lol

  • carolyn zhao
    carolyn zhao 2 months ago +1

    on my PeRiOd i always wear a period underwear and different pad sizes for flow sizes

  • Emma England
    Emma England 2 months ago

    same...i'm a legging wear-er (i live in leggings)
    and i'm a period haver (once a month)

  • Laryn homer
    Laryn homer 2 months ago +1

    Tell me why I got an ad for period leggings before watching this 😑😂

  • Hannah Clouse
    Hannah Clouse 2 months ago

    I call it a "goosh" (like book) not drops lol

  • Kimberly_in_wonderland
    Kimberly_in_wonderland 2 months ago

    " I think if anyone saw they would just glance away like 'I don't know what that is'" 😂😂😂

  • Cali Kari
    Cali Kari 2 months ago

    hahahahaaaaa Funniest one...

  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson 2 months ago +1

    now that she's done this video, they are showing a period underwear ad before her video xD

  • SasquatchKiddo
    SasquatchKiddo 2 months ago

    Literally as I got my period, TheXvid brought these videos up. Also thank you for trying these out because I was going to get some but noooowwwww I don’t think it’s my style

  • Danielle T
    Danielle T 2 months ago

    Your personality is awesome and I love how open you are about period thangs!

  • Hello I like blue
    Hello I like blue 2 months ago +11

    Who else got a period underwear ad before the video?😂

  • Sara Liv
    Sara Liv 2 months ago

    I love that she is ok by talking about her period

  • Rose Netherton
    Rose Netherton 2 months ago

    Your videos are great, except it's SO annoying to hear you say 'shmash' so much at the end of the video. Just speak regular English and don't make yourself sound dumb!

  • nav xo
    nav xo 2 months ago

    xoxo..gusset girl

  • Depressed Cactus
    Depressed Cactus 2 months ago +2

    Before this I got an add for period underwear lmao

  • jenni85vanadalia
    jenni85vanadalia 2 months ago

    I would have wear these leggings with a pad and underwear. I wear leggings with dresses so these might work for that.

  • Jon Mc'kay
    Jon Mc'kay 2 months ago

    So now I watched all your period videos, I now get ads for period products. And. I am male. -_-

  • Butterflies and Angry Skulls

    Tyler probably has a few ideas on how to hide a bulgy crotch. It’s a daily struggle for men.

  • Ashley Dailey
    Ashley Dailey 2 months ago

    "The pouch is in full view" lmao @ Tyler calling the crotch area the pouch. Also , take a shot every time you say gusset and one would be pretty drunk lol

  • ciaochowbella
    ciaochowbella 2 months ago

    Three things:
    1- That crotch/package/gusset situation is just too noticeable.
    2- If you have to wear a pad with it, it's useless.
    3- How do you know if it's leaking if it's in black? I would have appreciated seeing this in a lighter color that would really show leakage.
    I consider them a fail mostly for having to wear a pad with them.

  • Tamara Moomjian
    Tamara Moomjian 2 months ago

    I'm so glad I don't have to worry about this anymore and I'm also lucky to have a husband that is just as caring as Tyler.

  • Ginger Snacks Cole
    Ginger Snacks Cole 2 months ago

    I am totally downloading clue

  • Alissa Dickerson
    Alissa Dickerson 2 months ago

    That company took your money and lied to you. I’m mad

  • Laura
    Laura 2 months ago +2

    Get a boyfriend that looks at you like Tyler does at 5:18.

  • FacebookQueen
    FacebookQueen 2 months ago

    On my period watching this lol. I'm always looking for comfortable bottoms to wear on my period. Since I wear my sweatpants for work what else can I wear? I am not sure about these. They are cute but don't think I would be confident enough with the crotch area bulk. But as a pad user this does have some benefits as well. This is an awesome video. Your outfits were cute that you put together as well :-)

  • Bianka Paterek
    Bianka Paterek 2 months ago

    i got a thinx ad before this

  • Natalie Galay
    Natalie Galay 2 months ago

    After watching your period videos, I've gathered that the menstrual cup plus the thinx seems to be the best combination 🙊💁

  • Unicorn lover Welch
    Unicorn lover Welch 2 months ago

    Wait... I know this is a old video but on the website wear she bought them it said “ for him “ IM CONFUSED?

  • Mog-Gyver O'Neill
    Mog-Gyver O'Neill 2 months ago

    ..Goddesses abound.. Wtf??! The panties were bad enough!!

  • Peyton Stanley
    Peyton Stanley 2 months ago

    I love the videos about alternative period products

  • shelby anderson
    shelby anderson 2 months ago +1

    I got a period underwear ad before this vid XD

  • Emma Burk
    Emma Burk 2 months ago

    My period is either medium, heavy or Niagara fucking Falls. It’s rough.

  • Ցɑςհɑdemonհҽɑɾե Եʍ

    I used clue, I got my period on nov 18th,2018. It ends tomorrow ( nov 21st,2018) Yay. I’ve had enough of it. IT only lasts 3 days 0-0

    I have not had any cramps >:)

  • Michele Davis
    Michele Davis 2 months ago

    You’re kinda my hero...not many people are cool and confident enuf to bare the “toe” as you have! You are so self assured and easy going and it’s so nice to get all angsty reading other people’s tweets and watching the vids of crabby people and then turning to your channel for a few hours of zen each night!