'I'm Pretty Shook Up': Parent Texting With Students Still On Lockdown At Saugus High School

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Brian Skiba says both his son and daughter were at Saugus High School when shots rang out at 7:30. DeMarco Morgan reports.

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  • Elizabeth Garrison
    Elizabeth Garrison Month ago +1

    This is really a shock, Santa Clarita is or was one of the safest cities low crime rate

  • Don't trip Jack tripper

    Okay big guys, These school shootings are getting tiresome now...you cannot unarm us so get over it already.

  • Gemini Rising
    Gemini Rising Month ago +1

    Wtf??? Another shooting??

  • Jabba Jay
    Jabba Jay Month ago

    More bullshit false flag shenanigans to attack the second amendment and take away guns from Americans. The elites are in a panic because more and more of us across the planet are waking to their depopulation agendas and plans for a New World Order. Don't fall for your criminal governments lies.