What If You Were Stranded on the World's Most Remote Island?

  • Published on Oct 30, 2021
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Comments • 3 417

  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax 6 months ago +5223

    Bouvet looks like where Club Penguin used to be. I don’t think it’ll be that bad

    • Stormyboygod
      Stormyboygod 4 months ago +1

      @FleX club penguin is the greatest thing Disney gave up on

    • Basic bee
      Basic bee 4 months ago

      @Elenita Rea point Nemo isn’t even land lol

    • Elenita Rea
      Elenita Rea 4 months ago

      Point Nemo is smaller than Bouvet Island. I think.

    • kattelyn92
      kattelyn92 6 months ago

      Tip the iceberg!

  • Dirtymartini 74
    Dirtymartini 74 6 months ago +4568

    When the ISS flys over, the astronauts are the closest people to this island for a split second

    • Gonun
      Gonun 17 days ago +1

      Made a quick sketch in a CAD program to calculate how long the astronauts would actually be the closest people to you. When the ISS goes straight over the Island, they are closer to you than Tristan da Cunha for 4550 km of the ISS's path along its orbit. The ISS has an orbital velocity of 7.66 km/s, making the astronauts the closest human beings for almost ten minutes.

    • Fjank Solbejg
      Fjank Solbejg 25 days ago

      @Leo-A It depends on the orbit tho. If it is orbiting around equator i.e. it would not be the closest people.

    • Eric Southard
      Eric Southard Month ago

      I’ve heard the same about point Nemo in the pacific, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case here too.

    • Michael Ryan
      Michael Ryan Month ago

      Scary perspective

    • tiny sad violin
      tiny sad violin Month ago

      @Brian Hum 😂😂😂

  • JP Alexander
    JP Alexander 6 months ago +319

    I love how they speak as if someone can become stranded there. You don’t need to worry about getting off the island because it’s probably harder to get on the island.

    • RandomBaguette
      RandomBaguette 8 days ago

      Yeah, I’ve been there before. There’s a lot of penguin and it’s really nice!

    • RandomReevuze
      RandomReevuze Month ago

      @cs40660 it depends

    • cs40660
      cs40660 Month ago

      @RandomReevuze it’s not an accident if it’s on purpose then

    • Mozee
      Mozee Month ago

      @RandomReevuze 😂

    • Kaden nelms
      Kaden nelms Month ago +3

      @RandomReevuze best comment ever lol

  • Murat Ünlü
    Murat Ünlü 6 months ago +614

    Imagine someone is actually there and we just don't know because it's so remote.

    • Rodrigo MBL
      Rodrigo MBL 15 hours ago

      @Eddii care to expose in what way my reply demonstrates I haven't understood the original comment?

    • Eddii
      Eddii 15 hours ago

      @Rodrigo MBL obviously you didn't lol

    • Rodrigo MBL
      Rodrigo MBL Day ago

      @Eddii I understood it quite clearly but thank you for your unnecessary concern

    • Eddii
      Eddii Day ago

      @Rodrigo MBL Damn the comment really flew over your head lol

    • Rodrigo MBL
      Rodrigo MBL 14 days ago

      @DontBanMeBroDontBanMe! democrats talking about taking responsibility lol

  • MrAlfable
    MrAlfable 2 months ago +26

    Apparently there was a lifeboat found on the island during an expedition in the 70s. So another view on this is that human life is so pervasive that through sheer randomness it'll still manage to set foot on the most remote corner of the planet.

    • Derrick Foster
      Derrick Foster Month ago +3

      That reminds me of a quote from a documentary about the migration of species from years ago. I am paraphrasing it but it was something like "given enough time the impossible becomes a definite."

  • The Smiler's Secret
    The Smiler's Secret 6 months ago +2251

    It's kind of comforting to know that, despite the rapid urbanization of seemingly everything around us, there's still a lot of untamed wilderness out there

    • Talis Dorman.
      Talis Dorman. 9 days ago

      @1873Winchester Wywehhe.

    • 1873Winchester
      1873Winchester 9 days ago

      @Talis Dorman. Nope

    • Talis Dorman.
      Talis Dorman. 9 days ago

      @1873Winchester So if we do communism for 5 years we massacred 5 times higher.

    • Sigma Chad Male ionaire
      Sigma Chad Male ionaire 27 days ago

      Go live in chernobyl's gigantic abandoned city, lots of wilderness for you.

  • Penguin
    Penguin 2 months ago +14

    Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort RealLifeLore puts into his content for us. Great job

  • Aaron Marks
    Aaron Marks 6 months ago +102

    I like how this island is mentioned in Alien vs. Predator (2004), as "Bouvetøya Island" - they took the full Norwegian name, which already means "Bouvet Island", and added another "Island" to it.
    It's also supposedly the frigid Antarctic island where most of the movie takes place, but the one scene that actually shows on a world map where the characters are heading shows Peter I Island instead, which in the dialog is mistakenly called "Bouvetøya Island"

  • player 1
    player 1 6 months ago +492

    "I am gonna speedrun minecraft"
    the spawn point:

    • ii_taniaizgaming_ii
      ii_taniaizgaming_ii 3 months ago

      istg minecraft be spawning you in the most useless places 💀

    • Khiêm Nguyễn
      Khiêm Nguyễn 4 months ago +2

      @Connor Schultz or u can go 4 mapless treasure

    • Connor Schultz
      Connor Schultz 4 months ago

      @Khiêm Nguyễn ..ok fine
      ~~swim with a nearby dolphin until you find a ship wreck and take the wood from it to make sticks and a wood pick then gathe stuff to make stone picks and mine some iron you've surely seen on the ocean floor by now~~

    • Khiêm Nguyễn
      Khiêm Nguyễn 4 months ago +1

      @Connor Schultz but u didnt even have tree to make bucket

    • Connor Schultz
      Connor Schultz 5 months ago +1

      Bla it's over an active volcano! You spawned next to lava source

  • Cuban
    Cuban 5 months ago +13

    I love watching videos like these and also looking on Google Maps and researching islands and countries like these. It's the most fascinating thing ever to me. I don't even understand how some of it is possible. How do people find these places, how does life form there, how does the island even exist? Life is crazy.

  • Rix Robin
    Rix Robin 6 months ago +4431

    I remember finding this island on a map is my highschool class room 10 years ago and it was my special piece of knowledge back then, every time I see a video on Bouvet Island it brings me to then and I am happy more people are learning about it.

    • Pit
      Pit Month ago

      Same I liked when it was on worldle a month ago

    • YTFlove4ever
      YTFlove4ever 3 months ago

      We had paper maps. No way we could've "accidentally" found that spot on paper map since no map would be printed on big enough scale to include this island AND any other peice of land.

    • kingofthebums
      kingofthebums 3 months ago

      @David Wicks Thats awesome! If I was a wealthier man I'd book a flight right now! It's snowing where I live

    • David Wicks
      David Wicks 3 months ago +1

      @kingofthebums I live in Tasmania! Yes it's real and there are people, about 500,000 I think. It's a great place to live

  • stilldownwiththemutantunderground

    Norway: "It's free real-estate."
    Everyone else: "Is it, though?"

    • Xavier Callejas
      Xavier Callejas 2 months ago

      No it obviously isn't free realestate

    • Reeanna S
      Reeanna S 3 months ago


    • RoyKin'
      RoyKin' 6 months ago +3

      Its free, but not quite a real-estate.

    • Michael Armer
      Michael Armer 6 months ago +3

      so remote they don't even bother to fish its waters

    • Robin Hood
      Robin Hood 6 months ago +2

      😂😂😂 we dont want it anymore, at least not this norwegian 🇸🇯😂

  • Liver Success
    Liver Success 6 months ago +4

    The ocean between Antarctica and the southernmost tips of the Southern Hemisphere's continents is so much more vast than I ever realized when I was younger. It's like Russia and Canada combined, but just ocean and a few tiny islands.

  • MegaRaikou64
    MegaRaikou64 6 months ago +14

    Every time I go into these videos I always low key like to see how it seaways into the sponsor of the video. I was wondering how he would do this one as micro center and electronics don't work on a remote island, but he did a pretty good turn around. 6.5/10. I'll see you all in his next video for my next ranking.

    • whollibaugh
      whollibaugh 6 months ago

      i skipped the ad, before it played. but sounds like i should check it out

  • Smalf L
    Smalf L 6 months ago +2

    I think a better question would be "How would you end up stranded on the world's most remote island?"

  • Victor Erickson
    Victor Erickson 6 months ago +14

    id love to have knowledge from inuit and native russian populations, and live there for a week or two with experienced hunters. That is the ultimate camping trip. You'd have to bring supplies but you'd never forget it.

  • Platylobium Obtuseangulum

    Great clip and mini-doco here. Shared. Imagine it would make a fascinating scientific case study for a place untouched by humans to see how much rubbish, chemical pollutants, etc .. turns up, how creatures respond & evolve and more. Fascinating for climatologists & glaciologists too I'd expect.

  • Ron j dj
    Ron j dj 6 months ago +1

    I am so fascinated by the way he describes every words and I watched through the end. Normally I get bored but this was interesting. Please make more videos like this.

  • Ashley Dolin
    Ashley Dolin 4 months ago

    20 years ago I found this island on a map and I so badly wanted to see what it's like there. It would be amazing to be rich enough to fund a trip.

  • Sam McKay
    Sam McKay 6 months ago +1496

    The thought of being in a kayak in the open ocean is absolutely terrifying

    • Kelly Cox
      Kelly Cox 15 days ago

      I've paddled my 15' kayak 2 miles or so out of Moss Landing harbor. It's no big deal at all.

    • Iron Bridge
      Iron Bridge Month ago

      Done it before in the South China Sea. You get used to it eventually once your fundamental skills are sound. And definitely do your homework with regards to the weather.

    • M G
      M G 2 months ago +1

      I went around the tip of South America in a sky-scraper sized cruise ship and it was also terrifying. lol

    • SARM SA
      SARM SA 3 months ago


    • AeneasGemini
      AeneasGemini 5 months ago

      Still better than swimming

  • Miss Shroom
    Miss Shroom 9 days ago +1

    Oh I would love to see the fungi there🥰 ….amazing how adaptable everything is. All the unrecorded critters…I wanta go❤️🌎✌🏼

  • Heze Kiel
    Heze Kiel 6 months ago +8

    So happy to learn that so much of the world is still empty of people and I hope it remains that way

  • Theicyillusion
    Theicyillusion 9 days ago

    When he talked about escaping the island, I thought it hilarious he didn't talk too much about the seawater. Yay! You find a kayak. What happens when the freezing cold water splashes into it as you row? What if you capsize?

  • Hershey
    Hershey 6 months ago +8

    I’m surprised RLL didn’t touch on the fact that there’s a row boat randomly on the island. (If it’s still there…) Maybe it could be partially restored to escape!

  • Phantom Warrior
    Phantom Warrior 5 months ago +1

    Imagine if we could teleport to everywhere in this planet, how cool it would be to teleport to there, how many thing you could find, like *nothing*
    And also take photos from there or install a webcam in there.

  • Toba Unuigbey
    Toba Unuigbey 5 months ago +1

    I DON’T know how I found this channel but I’m happy I did. Great content!!

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 6 months ago +13

    My uncle has actually visited Bouvet Island. He was a part of an expedition a few years ago. They needed a doctor with them, and he joined them because he is a doctor.

  • Eddie shanahan
    Eddie shanahan 6 months ago +50

    How often does Google Earth update? You could try writing help on the snow or a beach and hope Google Earth sees it and somebody shares it ..of course it's a long shot to put it's doable if Google Earth updates regularly.. I'm just thinking out loud.

    • Unamedzube7xb
      Unamedzube7xb 2 months ago

      I just noticed that google updated my place

    • Shah Affiq
      Shah Affiq 5 months ago

      @Phantom Warrior google should update it

    • Phantom Warrior
      Phantom Warrior 5 months ago +1

      @Shah Affiq probably it's something around end of 2000s early 2010s...
      This is because they do not update every day the Google Earth, in some places they update many times, in others just in some months, in others just after a few years. This place is so isolated and covered by the clouds of Antarctica and Africa that the Google Earth satellites can't update the maps from there often, and also it's not the main worries of updates in Google Earth. So, yeah maybe if something will be updated there, probably just like in a few years and the last one was around 2010 because it's time enough to Google update every single place on Earth.

    • Shah Affiq
      Shah Affiq 5 months ago

      @Phantom Warrior how do you know that?

    • Phantom Warrior
      Phantom Warrior 5 months ago +1

      The Google Earth doesn't update this island in their maps since 2008

  • Rjm0007
    Rjm0007 6 months ago +1188

    Damn when the British empire sees a piece of land and doesn’t want to take control of it you know it must be bad

    • Revolver Ocelot
      Revolver Ocelot Month ago

      @XXXTENTAClON Netherlands still had their "Vietnam" moment in Indonesia though

    • Maria Kelly
      Maria Kelly Month ago

      @Revolver Ocelot The Hawaiian State Flag is just took busy.

    • Coastalwaves360
      Coastalwaves360 3 months ago

      That's what I was thinking

    • bla
      bla 3 months ago


    • phil
      phil 6 months ago

      @Crispo Uk holland is only 0.4 the size of scotland , never mind england . also england on its own is bigger than portugal .

  • Toc Toc Trax
    Toc Toc Trax 6 months ago

    Again a great video! Keep up the excellent work! I'm looking
    forward to another awesome upload! Take care and stay in touch! ⭐️

  • Cam
    Cam 3 months ago

    I like how cities are becoming bigger so we can care for the wilderness more

  • EA 333
    EA 333 3 months ago +2

    Imagine how isolated this is that even imperial UK said to Norway: “Meh, you can ‘ave it m8!”

  • Shizon84
    Shizon84 3 months ago

    This is incredibly how a country can claim land so far away. Next thing we know, countries will eventually claim parts of Mars, Venus, and maybe moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

  • ADCArtAttack
    ADCArtAttack 6 months ago +1714

    So what you're saying is....
    It'll make a good spot when I wanna avoid responsibilities?

  • Humblebee
    Humblebee 2 months ago

    Only thing i can think to do would be to try and make a raft out of a seal, using hide and bones for the hull and lashing it together with sinew. If you can catch several seals, you could use the bladders to make the boat buoyant enough to resist sinking if capsized.
    You'd almost certainly die of thirst while sailing it tho. Can't think of a way to get around that problem.

  • Skyfuel15
    Skyfuel15 6 months ago

    Love that you're encouraging people to build a pc!

  • Cameron
    Cameron 6 months ago +8

    I wonder if access to the island is really just restricted for nature preservation reasons - If I were Norway, I'd build a small, secret underground base there. It seems like a perfect location to stage small scale intelligence operations into the African and South American continents. It has an active volcano, which means it can be powered geothermally with no above-ground infrastructure. It's extremely remote and the routes by both sea and air pass mostly through areas with very low traffic, so people aren't likely to notice travel to and from the island. And on top of it all, because it's renowned for being so utterly remote and inhospitable, and because ships need permission to go there, it's unlikely anyone would ever find such a base. Even if permission were granted to some explorers to chart and map the island, with weather being so unpredictable and dangerous there, they might still not find it lol.

    • Cameron
      Cameron 12 hours ago +1

      @Vaiman tobe assuming it's genuinely that dangerous all the time, and that there isn't a better way to enter. Given how remote and rarely visited the island is and how only planned government sanctioned surveys ever take place, it wouldn't be hard to conceal an entrance

    • Vaiman tobe
      Vaiman tobe 18 hours ago

      You know, that would be cool and all. But you'd still have to travel 2000km to get anywhere close to the tip of africa. All other directions are even worse. I'd say it'd be too remote for even THAT!
      Not to mention you would still need to traverse the dangerous climate every time you enter or leave

    • Isaiah Mohi
      Isaiah Mohi 5 months ago

      You're a genius

  • Mario Bowser494
    Mario Bowser494 4 months ago +1

    Imagine if someone was actually on the island and they were discovered during the next expedition

  • Duckmeister
    Duckmeister 6 months ago +2986

    "It's a desolate, empty island in the middle of nowhere."
    Norway: *We'll take it!*

    • Sam
      Sam 3 months ago

      @tskjesusfreak the only reason they currently have it is to conserve it as a nature reserve. it serves no financial benefit for them

    • Toba Unuigbey
      Toba Unuigbey 5 months ago

      @EB Indy I’m sure you could get there without them knowing. I’d be scared of another nuke being dropped there 😂

  • Andrew Ponti
    Andrew Ponti 6 months ago +20

    So you're saying THIS is where the next Bond Villain will build his lair complex? Can't wait for THAT movie!

    • Paddy Warner
      Paddy Warner 3 months ago

      Or where the next Bond villain will hide his prisoners

  • Jemme McCann
    Jemme McCann 6 months ago +2

    Next video should definitely be, “Where is the BEST place to live in all of those green/yellow places?”

  • Diy Guy
    Diy Guy 3 months ago

    Sounds like a good place to build a second Global Seed Vault. Svalbard is actually starting to warm up and become a travel destination.

  • Thomas G.
    Thomas G. 6 months ago +3

    Bouvet Island. The worlds largest glacier.
    Because there’s no trees, or rest, or warmth, or anything.
    And the island is bald with a lot of snow it makes hell look like an iceberg.
    It’s easier to survive in the woods than on top of a glacier.
    Like glaciers, they kind of look like nature’s ice cubes to the frozen parts of the Atlantic.
    All is how I would put it other than the looming, hot and territorial Sentinel Island.

  • Don Keyballs
    Don Keyballs 6 months ago +1382

    You may not be allowed to visit the island but if there's literally nobody within 2000km, who's going to stop you?

    • Doge boi be flying
      Doge boi be flying 4 months ago

      @YChessTV yeah

    • Doge boi be flying
      Doge boi be flying 4 months ago

      @YChessTV I think so year

    • Jimmy Cranier
      Jimmy Cranier 4 months ago +1

      Why do I always feel like somebody's watching me?

    • Fire Engine
      Fire Engine 4 months ago


    • JAFO
      JAFO 4 months ago +2

      @Th3RadLad_ - The war wasn't "against" Argentina. Argentina attacked a British possession. So Britain handed their arses to them.

  • warrenwoodhouse
    warrenwoodhouse 3 months ago

    2:43 actually, the closest land mass by your video would actually be the southernmost tip of South Africa, not Antarctica.

  • Eric Southard
    Eric Southard 6 months ago

    My favorite part of bouvet is that lifeboat someone found ashore. It’s origin is a fascinating mystery.

  • ArchetypeGotoh
    ArchetypeGotoh 5 months ago +3

    1:54 “but the absolute worst place on the entire planet to be stranded on, without a doubt, is in Nor…”
    …th Korea?
    “way.” Norway
    …did not see that coming

  • seneca983
    seneca983 4 months ago

    3:05 "the only human within that circle"
    Not necessarily. There could be ships or planes in that circle.

  • Thomas Rinschler
    Thomas Rinschler 6 months ago +328

    There's apparently a weather station on the island, so the best thing you could do to get attention is to go there and start smashing things. Yeah, you'd probably get in trouble for breaking the equipment, and who knows how long it would take before they would send someone out to fix it, but beyond that, there's not much chance to get anyone else's attention...

    • that zombies player
      that zombies player 2 months ago

      @JAFO on this island it likely would be because there is no reason for enough satellites to be that far down to give this desolate landscape even intermittent good internet

    • Altanis
      Altanis 3 months ago +2

      @John Mat it says SOS and has a plaque with a few languages and drawings. You’d be able to figure it out

    • John Mat
      John Mat 5 months ago

      We couldn't use the button. Its in Norwegian.

    • JAFO
      JAFO 6 months ago +2

      @Rand Zopyr - Going by current reports, it won't be intermittent, nor weak.

    • William Fulgham
      William Fulgham 6 months ago +10

      @Rand Zopyr Also as I mentioned on another post on this board, there have been amateur radio groups that have landed and operated for a few days including one official DXpedition. There are 3 of those trips planned within the next few years, using amateur radio on several different ham bands, K5EYS

  • Kaisa Azaria
    Kaisa Azaria 6 months ago +1

    Thanks for making this video in November. If I get transported to the island "as I am", at least I'll be covered in warm winter clothes.

  • Matheus Borges
    Matheus Borges 2 months ago +4

    thanks to this video, I was able to guess todays worldle

  • Sean Maher
    Sean Maher 3 months ago

    The vid I'm about to recommend has no connection to me, but I have been kind of mesmerised by a vid on here called 'Bouvet Island as you've never seen' (worth looking up). It's just a helicopter ride around the island coastline in what looks like 'summer'. It's magnetic viewing. It challenges the imagination.

  • Nash Henry
    Nash Henry 6 months ago +1

    Great video! I would love to live on the Pitcairn Islands.

    • Warrior Girl
      Warrior Girl 5 months ago

      @Nash Henry Well, they are trying to encourage people to immigrate, so maybe you should try to move there.

    • Nash Henry
      Nash Henry 5 months ago

      @Warrior Girl I would because it is a beautiful island and I would like the seclusion. It would be peaceful and calming and you would get to connect with the other people that live there.

    • Warrior Girl
      Warrior Girl 5 months ago

      Why would you want to live there?

  • Zenyl
    Zenyl 6 months ago +560

    Don't forget that, even if you could catch the penguins or other animals on the island, you wouldn't have any wood or kindling to start a fire.
    So you'd be on a diet consisting exclusively of raw meat. Certainly better than nothing, but risky.
    In reality, the best thing to do if you were suddenly teleported to that frozen wasteland would be to lie down and wait for the cold embrace of death.

    • Jack Goodman
      Jack Goodman 4 months ago

      You could cook the meat, just run to like a Home Depot on the island and pick up a lighter, there not that expensive

    • Redeye
      Redeye 4 months ago

      +*Steel Beam*
      Be careful you don't accidentally blow a steam cloud between them in the cold, or a baby will spawn out. What kind, I dunno, I'm only used to carhart jackets and vape clouds

    • *Steel Beam*
      *Steel Beam* 5 months ago

      Pfft. Just start rubbing penguins together until they catch on fire.

  • SandmanDealer
    SandmanDealer 3 months ago

    I like how this went from "yeah this place is the most isolated place in the world" to "Norway owns it and has 3 planned expeditions to it" back to "Don't teleport here cause you'll never be rescued"

  • carringbushpet
    carringbushpet 6 months ago

    I thought you were going to mention the photo of the lifeboat that was found there in the 60's. The captain of the ship also found a peice of an copper floatation barrel that had purposely been split open on the "beach" of the nyroysa part of the island. Mentioning the vela incident and the lifeboat go hand in hand with bouvet
    On a return trip a few years later the boat was gone and they couldn't find any more evidence of people who had been stranded. Spooky stuff, this place has always creeped me out

  • Spark That J
    Spark That J 6 months ago +4

    Interesting fact to think about: Perth, Australia is one of the most isolated cities on Earth.

    • Joker071
      Joker071 6 months ago

      Its mabye the most isolated with over 1000000 people but I think Honulu is even further away from other civilization

    • Daniel V
      Daniel V 6 months ago

      Yes I think it's the city of over 1m people that's farthest from another city of over 1m people. It's 1300 miles from Adelaide.

  • Thiago Leobons
    Thiago Leobons 5 months ago

    Being Brazilian I always wanted to know more about this island. It's the option before Brazil when I am looking on a drop-down to fill a registration form on any website

  • Brian Waas
    Brian Waas 3 months ago +1

    One of the most valuable tools you have for survival.. is your brain. It is your greatest weapon if you can use it in creative ways.
    My first impulse on hearing about the wildlife actually gives me hope that there would be a chance at survival. As long as you have warm enough clothing on to protect you from the elements for a day or so you should be fine.. as long as you can locate one of those penguin breeding grounds.
    Penguins have bones, meat and waterproof skins. Bone burns, bone also can be rendered into glue. Waterproof skins and a high fat content diet of red meat will enable you to function and last a good while. If you can locate any volcanic activity you can locate fresh water, warmth.. and possibly a cooking fire of sorts. That means you can boil seawater for salt to preserve the meat or simply let the cold arctic air dessecate the meat due to the cold, dry and total lack of insects. You can make clothing, and even a boat out of penguin resources, and stock it with a complement of salt cured penguin water skins and meat.
    It would take several weeks and dozens of those birds to pull this off, but it is entirely possible. All you would need would be your wits about you and your determination to do what you need to, to survive.

  • 100ryanfraser
    100ryanfraser 6 months ago +14

    Can’t believe you missed the suggestion of “Sea turtles, mate. A pair of them strapped to my feet”

  • An B
    An B 6 months ago +1

    ''You need permission from Norway to be allowed to visit the Island, and they are rarely granted''
    What exactly would Norway do if you traveled to the island without permission? Send a ship 13 thousand kilometers away to tell you don't have permission to be on the island? lol

    • Salam A
      Salam A 6 months ago

      How would they even know in the first place unless you announe it. I guess the worst is a travel ban or fine if you live in actual Norway

  • William Fulgham
    William Fulgham 6 months ago

    The video producer failed to mention a few amateur radio operators who have either gone in small teams or with an official DXpedition group to operate from the island. There are 3 planned in the next few years to accompany scientists who will land along with the amateur radio operators and communicate worldwide with other hams.

  • kitten as trophy
    kitten as trophy 3 months ago

    The hardest the survival and the most remote of this land are, the firm ground it points out that no ordinary people would get on this land in the first place. So rest assured you won't be needed to solve this problem.

  • CrazzyJokerr
    CrazzyJokerr 6 months ago +3

    As somebody who has good connections to certain people who deliver goods that arent legal, I can tell you that these "empty areas" are not really empty. For example in Europe these spots mostly get used to grow ... tomatoes u know

  • Basic bee
    Basic bee 4 months ago +1

    I would live there if I had a mansion, very warm AC, infinite food, infinite drinks and internet and I’ll live there

  • bob8mybobbob
    bob8mybobbob Month ago

    Imagine you opened a store on Bouvet that somehow got such a high reputation people actually came to shop there.

  • Sub-Zero 0100
    Sub-Zero 0100 6 months ago +2211

    This is gonna be my "villain's lair" when I become a billionaire.

  • J. Sias
    J. Sias 4 months ago

    I’d love to live there

  • Jonathon Banister
    Jonathon Banister 3 months ago

    Completely overlooked that there is a habitable research station with telecommunications and self sustaining electricity.
    All the reasons given for why it’s impossible to escape are incentives to get there.

  • Ryan Denis
    Ryan Denis 6 months ago +1

    the picture at 4:45 is actually British explores Robert Falcon Scott and crew in the Soth Pole as they were racing the Norwegians. As the Norwegians got to the point they were reaching first by 34 days the British found the camp with the flag and took that picture as a sign of defeat. they all died shortly after that picture was taken

  • Edward Lees
    Edward Lees 6 months ago

    I think there would be other people within the 2,000 km radius as there are bound to be ships crossing the region even if it's not a major trade route.

  • Pete Ck
    Pete Ck 6 months ago +150

    *Fun fact:* There had been a lot of such people, in the middle ages and ancient history who were drifted off from their seaways and reached at the unknown part of the ocean eventually getting lost and later finding a desolate island. And guess what they spent their rest of their lives, on those tiny islands.. finally accepting the fact that they were never ever going to see their families again.

    • whollibaugh
      whollibaugh 6 months ago


    • Henry Mugello
      Henry Mugello 6 months ago +4

      There is nothing fun about that fact at all. Very interesting.

    • Roblox_Player_With_Heart
      Roblox_Player_With_Heart 6 months ago +9

      that doesnt sound fun at all

    • The world explained
      The world explained 6 months ago +3


    • Rogue Ascendant
      Rogue Ascendant 6 months ago +16

      I think there was a boat that was discovered on Bouvet Island when the Norwegian expedition team claimed the island. They say that they have no idea about it.

  • maclennanld
    maclennanld 6 months ago +2

    3:53 those sound like a reasonable list of qualities that an island belonging to Norway should have

  • iRoxanneLady
    iRoxanneLady 3 days ago

    Right, this is how you do it - you take an Argentavis and fly there. You may also want to bring a lot of berries, tranq arrows, meat and sedatives to tame a few of these penguins and seals. Probably make a good penguin farm and then sell them to Africa for penguin oil 🤣 ...and no I haven't gone mad

  • Aundrea Cervi
    Aundrea Cervi 6 months ago +1

    Hi, Canadian here. Italy has more than twice our total population in their tiny little boot.
    Just continues to blow my mind. That is all.

  • stacy mirba
    stacy mirba 4 months ago

    The thing I found most fascinating about this was nuclear tests are being preformed in an area of the planet that nobody would ever know about unless it was caught by accident.

  • World War Two
    World War Two 6 months ago +4280

    *Desolate lump of ice 2,000km from any land*
    19th Century British Empire: It's claiming time.

    • XxThegamerYTxX
      XxThegamerYTxX 6 months ago +1

      Didn't expect to see you here

    • Simon Turner
      Simon Turner 6 months ago

      We were only operating on the unwritten rule of 'no flag, no country'.

    • Muhammad Jalal
      Muhammad Jalal 6 months ago

      @Don Gately yoo

    • John Nikollaj
      John Nikollaj 6 months ago

      @Name NL someone's gotta put an end to cannibals and ritual sacrifice to multiple animal gods.

    • Arpon Deb
      Arpon Deb 6 months ago


  • TheRickRoller
    TheRickRoller 6 months ago +1

    i swear i cant help but imagine norway in this scenario as that one civ in civ5 that is at the bottom of the point list all game, and at about turn 250 after not settling all damn game they just plop a city on a random ice tile at one of the poles that has nothing of value and all u can say is "well they did something atleast"

  • Fadi
    Fadi 5 months ago

    Just imaging myself stranded there makes me feel terrible 🤒

  • ixyzyxi
    ixyzyxi 6 months ago +1

    The Netherlands isn’t even comparable as some of our ‘cities’ aren’t cities and some ‘villages’ with a couple of thousand inhabits are ‘cities’.
    Basically every town is a city here

  • Andrew Bloom
    Andrew Bloom 6 months ago

    Whenever there's a tiny piece of land in the middle of nowhere that some country wants to claim, its almost always about either defense or EEZs. But I have no idea *what* this is about

  • Austin Butts
    Austin Butts 6 months ago +359

    This brings up a question in my mind: if you had an emergency satellite beacon to alert rescuers to your location, how soon would they be able to get there? WOULD they even get there, and how?

    • JAFO
      JAFO 6 months ago +1

      @Random Tech, Auto, Security, & Skateboarding - As to how many rescuer's lives 'should' be risked.. surely that's up to those concerned, and nobody else. Life is full of examples of groups of people who risked (and sometimes lost) their lives trying to save just one individual.. both in war and in peace. If someone (or a lot of someones) is willing to risk their life to save another, who are we to criticise that choice, and what makes us think we have the right to set a limit on it?
      And while I can't speak to your example of a battlefield situation, I do know that in the cases of a dangerous rescue, or in a hospital situation, the "worth" of the person is NOT the deciding factor, but rather, the question is "is there a chance we can save them?" If you think otherwise, you are badly mistaken.

    • Random Tech, Auto, Security, & Skateboarding
      Random Tech, Auto, Security, & Skateboarding 6 months ago +1

      @JAFO First of all, my comment wasn't meant to be taken literally... It was just a bit of snarky sarcasm. Obviously there are men and women across the globe who selflessly put themselves in danger in order to rescue people they don't know.. people who are very often are doing extremely dangerous things that are far outside of their abilities.. and the rescuers risk their own lives regardless of the circumstances or the stupidity of the individual they are saving. They are brave and selfless people and deserve much more credit and praise than we give them as a society.
      Now, even though that is the way these things often work, I don't agree with your sentiment that no justification is needed. Does a person deserve to be rescued, without exception, regardless of how many rescuers lives it will put in mortal danger? If so, what is a reasonable number of rescuers to lose in pursuit of rescuing a single individual? 1? 2? 10? 20? How about if that person you are rescuing has a history of doing reckless, dangerous things that the state/federal government has spent tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to rescue them? At which point or how much money does that stop being reasonable to continue doing?
      My point is to say that regardless of how warm and fuzzy it makes us feel to think that we are priceless and impossible to value in terms of money/risk/time/effort/lives/etc, that simply isn't true. We encounter situations constantly in which we must account for an individual's worth, whether that be on a battlefield, a dangerous rescue situation, or a hospital operating table. I can assure you that healthcare providers, regardless of whether they are private or government funded, have to deal with this exact issue on a daily basis. It is simply not feasible to spend millions of dollars trying to keep every patient alive for as long as scientifically possible. So yes, I do I think both you and I have a value and I do believe justifications (to save a life or not) are absolutely necessary whether you want to believe that is the case or not.

    • JAFO
      JAFO 6 months ago +2

      @Random Tech, Auto, Security, & Skateboarding - Human life is considered *inherently* valuable. NO rescue service on earth even takes someone's "importance" or "value" into account. The mere fact that someone's life is in danger, is the only justification needed. Which is as it should be.

  • Warren Bartlett
    Warren Bartlett 3 months ago

    I often imagine I'm the only person on a continent. Had high hopes of the pandemic but that turned out to be another let down.

  • Malaquias Alfaro
    Malaquias Alfaro 5 months ago

    Can you build a shelter out of the skins, bones and coats of penguins and seals? (Assuming you could even kill a seal”

  • Smushleve R
    Smushleve R 6 months ago +1

    RRL: "Island in the middle of the ocean 2000km away from civilization"
    Introverts: I'll take your entire stock
    RRL: "-1 Celsius"
    Introverts: Mission failed, we'll get em next time

  • Canessa1298
    Canessa1298 3 months ago

    Man, that foto at 4:46 is from the british expedition to the south pole, that was beaten by the noruegian Amundsen to it. They took the image when they arrived to discover that they where defeated at the "race". Sadly, nobody in that image made it back

  • Owen Swanson
    Owen Swanson 6 months ago +356

    There is nothing wrong with leaving a lot of earth empty to be left to nature

    • BJGvideos
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      @gloriouspopeman tom Technically everything pollutes if it produces waste.

    • BJGvideos
      BJGvideos 6 months ago

      @Owen Swanson Really, really didn't.

    • BJGvideos
      BJGvideos 6 months ago +1

      @Owen Swanson How in the world does it imply that? That assumption sounds like a you problem.

    • Owen Swanson
      Owen Swanson 6 months ago

      @Utkarsh G. Bharti having larger density of people means less suburbs meaning less lawn meaning more trees more wildlife less water pollution. It’s not that we’re polluting less it’s that we polute in more concentrated Areas. A house pollutes a lot more than an apartment building if you look at per person.

  • Samantha Lake
    Samantha Lake 5 months ago +1

    Bovet Island is even frightening for the most isolated introverted loner!!!😨

  • Some Other Dude
    Some Other Dude 15 days ago

    This is the most depressing video I've watched in a while. Being stranded on Bouvet is like being stranded on a distant planet.

  • Xun Li
    Xun Li 6 months ago +2

    Talking about escaping, drawing a massive Mickey mouse in the center of the island would be a good idea, eventually lawyers of Disney will find you and charge you for sure.

  • Marit
    Marit 6 months ago +6

    *"What if you were stranded on this Island?"*
    *"Megatsunami has now decided to swallow the island."*

  • ChowdongsFameCrew
    ChowdongsFameCrew 6 months ago +497

    I had a dream about that ( stranded at french polynesia, worldwide lockdown due to corona so no airplanes flying) so nice you made a video about that 🤣

    • Loukas
      Loukas 6 months ago

      @T4NG0M4N not at all. They were very close to their fathers and knew them well.

    • Brendan H
      Brendan H 6 months ago

      @stefan1132 A type of beer.

    • N4MEL3SS W0LF
      N4MEL3SS W0LF 6 months ago

      red dead redemption 2 charechters would be proud of you

    • Freddie Cunningham
      Freddie Cunningham 6 months ago

      @Keyboard Moment not me

  • Flávio Viana Gomide
    Flávio Viana Gomide 4 months ago

    One question: what about Pitcairn island? Isn't it the most isolate place?

  • Arcturus
    Arcturus 5 months ago

    If I were stranded here, well that would be very unlikely. I would have to escape this economic whirlpool known as Florida first.

  • Andy Mesa
    Andy Mesa 4 months ago

    This is why I carry a satellite communicator with me, because I *do* often find myself in remote locations.

  • Andrew Gallant
    Andrew Gallant 5 months ago +1

    If I was there I would be the only human in 2000km? Sounds perfect.

  • ItzDannyYT
    ItzDannyYT 6 months ago +627

    The ISS could actually be closer than any land mass because it orbits 400km away from earth and if its flight path lands over this island then the nearest person there would be is a ISS operator

    • EpiclyLemon :3
      EpiclyLemon :3 6 months ago

      Next step: build a rocket

    • Muhammad Jalal
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    • vkusno!
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      @Liberation Was A Lie it's ISS- International space station

    • Shubham
      Shubham 6 months ago +1

      @Liberation Was A Lie is this /s?

  • 0 0
    0 0 6 months ago

    With so many trips from Norway coming up, maybe someone should pay a visit 😏

  • Brendan Rizzo
    Brendan Rizzo 3 months ago +1

    So I suppose that Kerguelen Island is the remotest inhabited land, while Bouvet is the most remote land period.

  • Sef Era
    Sef Era 6 months ago

    5:40 well now, that depends on the size of the nuke.