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  • Published on May 31, 2016
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    This vlog has a little bit of everything:
    - Broken USB (eaten by the dog)
    - Dead flash drive (Sandisk for off-the-chip)
    - MicroSD card
    - External drive
    I really hope you guys like to presentation, and if you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to comment below.
    I will try to do these as frequently as possible with a verity of different problems that we get on daily bases. In this specific episode I will demonstrate some of the challenges that I ran into, and my ways of dealing with those challenges. Overall it was a good turnout for this batch, as we were able to successfully restore 3 out of 4 tasks (if only we had the pinout for that MicroSD card). Maybe in near future we can obtain the schematic for this microSD card and finish it as well.
    To repair the first flash drive I just used 4 pieces of wire and reattached the new connector to the device. It was very simple task, and all of the data was retrieved.
    To recover data from the Sandisk flash drive, I had to:
    1. Pull the chip off the board
    2. Wick, clean and polish the connections
    3. Read RAW data off the chip into a binary dump file
    4. Recreate the structure and save the image
    5. Scan the image with R-Studio for Windows available here:
    6. Save data ;)
    For microSD card I used 600 grit sandpaper, some water, 3M double-sided tape to hold the card in place, Meiji EMZ microscope, patience and caution. Trick to exposing the circuitry on the microSD cards for data recovery purposes is to really take it easy, and not burn through the wiring. Stay away from the edges as those tend to burn quick, and sometimes may contain connections to deeper layers of the card. I fold sandpaper to form a firm and thin sanding block, and don’t forget to wet sand.
    External drive had some issues with firmware, so I’ve converted it to SATA from USB 3.0. That helped me to gain access to Service Area, were module 32 was cleaned and blocked to prevent the drive from getting “bricked” again during imaging procedure.
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  • akash singh
    akash singh Month ago

    is it possible to recover data a toshiba suruga 8gb pendrive that has been broken in half .it's not the connectors

  • supriadi kartadarma
    supriadi kartadarma 7 months ago

    Yep thats what happen to my 2pcs 500gb seagate2.5" & 2pcs 2tb wd... Dead but i have donor still learn for hd surgery..

  • Eustus Mutugi
    Eustus Mutugi Year ago

    What tool are you using on disabling slow disk

  • Rus Lan
    Rus Lan Year ago +1

    i like your hat!

  • John Tende
    John Tende Year ago +1

    How do I become an expert in data recovery?
    Any course or certification would you recommend?

  • Extra Income
    Extra Income Year ago

    Thank you so much Brother for taking time to upload these kind of very educational videos. You are one of a kind. Greetings from Philippines Brother.

    RKR COMPUTER Year ago

    your recovey tools name

  • Michael Moran
    Michael Moran Year ago

    following you on youtube... have a micro sd card , 16gb samsung. controller test (continuity passes, not shorted) but when I use a trial version of r-tools or another app, it takes FOREVER to read. I had it running 24x7 for at least 2 months and EASEUS DATA RECOVERY WIZARD (application i paid for) FINALLY completed a deep scan, then it proceeded to 'build the file/directory structure, and is taking (in my opinion, WAY TO FLIPPING LONG). looking for any help... I have done a fair amount of research on how to recover and some of the various software tools to achieve this, but none seem to be working... I think I have an I/O problem... is there anything that can be done to help the process along.... I am doing this for a friend I work with, he just wants the pictures off of the micro sd card...
    Just out of curiosity, how much would you charge to recover (if possible) if I send the card to you... thanks

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  Year ago

      Imaging it would be a good idea. Fill out your form on our website, link in description box

  • 何阳阳
    何阳阳 Year ago

    If you want to recover Data by software on your computer, you can try Bitwar Data Recovery

  • solarj
    solarj Year ago

    Nice job dude!

  • 何阳阳
    何阳阳 Year ago

    If you accidentally cause data loss, you can try Bitwar data Recovery, which will help you recover

  • parth parmar
    parth parmar Year ago

    Sir please give me a whatsapp number

  • Chris C
    Chris C Year ago +1

    Man you need to lower the music lvl. or remove the music period . Its horrid.

  • Kenny Godfrey
    Kenny Godfrey Year ago +1

    been watching your videos like crazy... i am from SA.. but getting donor drives here is a major issue would love to be your Intern :) ... Great vids. Thank you

  • vanhetgoor
    vanhetgoor Year ago

    Annoying, the way he opens the mail.

  • jovani bautista
    jovani bautista Year ago

    Hola soy de mexico que costo$ tiene recuperar fotos y videos

  • tensa zangetsu
    tensa zangetsu Year ago

    How much for cost if i send u micro sd card to be recover?i scratch it badly...sorry bad english

  • clipoff
    clipoff Year ago

    that's a "my passport ultra" i thought they where all encrypted by default SED .. is that not true? how can i tell if mine is encrypted or not? when i got the drive i deleted all the software that on on the drive and never set a password. if it is encrypted whats the point of this encryption? who does it benefit? i never had any problems accessing its data from other PCs or over a network

  • clipoff
    clipoff Year ago +1

    i've seen alot of vids of swapping out the rom chips on pcb boards. wouldn't it be easier to just wire the chip to the donor board ? i'v never seen anyone do this so whats the reason?

    • ollopa1
      ollopa1 8 months ago

      ? It's easier, faster, and more reliable to just swap the chip.

  • Mowgz -c.o.v
    Mowgz -c.o.v 2 years ago

    good work dude! I have a micro sd card snapped completely in half....what options are there and what chances of repair? cheers

  • labotecno todo sobre electronica

    hello where i can find rusolut stuf ? and how much for recover 16 gigas monolitic chip ? thank you

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  2 years ago

      on their website. Monoliths are custom price because there is too many variables. We need photos, and some other specs. Best is to email about it

  • Hdd Mst
    Hdd Mst 3 years ago

    A Canadian of Russian device hardware (pc3000)was funny
    I'll do the repair drive without the device
    Or should I say an American software

  • Tyranosaurus xeR
    Tyranosaurus xeR 3 years ago

    you use olfa cutting pen! great one

  • daand12
    daand12 3 years ago

    Had a old seagate drive failing on me a week ago. It did work without any bad sectors, did copy data from a external hard drive to this seagate drive. When i came back home, the drive was dead. Very slow response, gets recognized, but throws at bad sectors right away.
    Can't create MBR, read speed is less then 0.5mb/s :) The drive is 11 years old, so that's a pretty good age for a seagate drive.
    Do you know if there are known issues with the Seagate ST1000DM003 ? I have that one in my desktop and it works great and fast.
    I had to RMA this drive once, because it bricked on me while doing Secure Erase. That one gave me I/O error, can't create MBR in Disk manager.
    Also haveST2000DM001, also fast, and it's in the Seagate ext hard drive enclosure.
    My laptop has a ST1000LM024 and sometimes it clicks and beeps, but yeah it still works. My Scorpio Black is for RMA right now. Did drop it on the floor, but it still did work and it did click of death sometimes when spinning up.

  • mrsemifixit
    mrsemifixit 3 years ago

    I'm curious how converting the external from USB 3.0 to SATA allowed you to gain access? Does USB have more restrictions or?

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  3 years ago

      Converting the drive to SATA and trying to access data without clearing out module 32 is not going to give access to the drive. Module 32 is located in Service Area. Access to service area of the drive can be gained without the SATA swap, but the terminal would need to be attached. I find that with SATA swap it just works more reliably, and since PC3000/Data Extractor can now decrypt data on the flight I find this method works best.

  • javed khan
    javed khan 3 years ago

    I replace a folder same name past 1 year I want to recover it my old data bro cane it possible or not if it possible... please guide me my old data is very impotent for me thanks.

  • Amanda Qin
    Amanda Qin 3 years ago

    try to recover Micro SD card, but i didn't know the pinout of it.

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  3 years ago

      happens sometimes, back layer was so thick that until I sanded it down I couldn't even tell if we have pinout on this unit.

  • Tech Knewz
    Tech Knewz 3 years ago

    Hi. How do u know which sata pcb will work with that Usb 3.0 drive.

  • F C-G
    F C-G 3 years ago

    what reader you use for flash chip? keep up good work!

  • allow433
    allow433 3 years ago +1

    hi men
    which program recommend you to see health of hard drives?
    -sorry my bad english

    • Detroit_Baron
      Detroit_Baron Year ago +1

      Hi! Awesome video! You just got a sub. Any advise for an aspiring data recovery technician? I have a degree in Network administration and security information but want to learn about data recovery. Certified Data Recovery Professional (CDRP), is this cert recomendable? Infosec offers a bootcamp. Any thoughts?

    • Mohammed Nisar
      Mohammed Nisar Year ago

      Hello.every working Data Recovery you have any item or storage device for recovery plz contact on...0554838545

    • 38911bytefree
      38911bytefree 2 years ago +1

      In the ultimate boot CD there tools for HDD diagnosis, many of them read SMART data from the drive. Other calculate metrics while performing tests. Use at you risk because some of them can turn the drive into a paperweight when improperly used. Of course these tool are from being something pro, limited, just for basic diagnosis.

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  3 years ago +4

      I honestly don't use anything other than PC3000 and Data Extractor for my work on hard drives (well Winhex, R-studio and UFS explorer too). But that covers everything for me. PC3000 is the tool that helps me diagnose the issue, and check the health of the drive. That being said, I am sure that there are tons of freeware tools that can check SMART and run surface scans to tell you what state the drive is in. In my practice these tools are irrelevant because on degrading hard drives running surface verification tools is similar to checking the minefield by walking on it.