What Is The Earth Worth?

  • Published on Aug 28, 2014
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  • pOtAtO MaN
    pOtAtO MaN 13 hours ago

    hey vsauce michael here.


  • Mansoor Khan
    Mansoor Khan 16 hours ago

    The bigger question is whether Allens will want earth in this condition

  • Nameless Niiick
    Nameless Niiick 21 hour ago

    Turns out its artificial

  • Godfire dragon
    Godfire dragon 21 hour ago

    Watched this whole video and them looked up and realised I had travelled a whole light year, or did I?

  • The paper warrior

    I live 20 minutes from earth tx so cool

  • dinozaur pickupline

    by fart I think he means first art=fart

  • IzAnSmallCat
    IzAnSmallCat Day ago

    Well, you're on Earth, and you can't put a price on perfection

  • Vinnie Cocco
    Vinnie Cocco Day ago

    5 dolla

  • The Gaming Pancake

    Would, technically speaking, all the rocks in Saturn's ring be considered individual moons by the definition of the word moon?

  • Buttery Biscuit
    Buttery Biscuit Day ago

    Everyone knows god made the earth 3000 years ago, I read it in a book. Idiots.

  • Wither
    Wither 2 days ago


  • Ramus V
    Ramus V 2 days ago

    Hello michael. Vsauce here.

  • Depression Pill
    Depression Pill 3 days ago +2

    yooo I live 30 miles from earth tx lmao

    • Depression Pill
      Depression Pill 2 days ago

      TheLiam27 not really that place is boring, and it’s a little dry

    • TheLiam27
      TheLiam27 2 days ago +1

      lol will you be visiting earth anytime soon

  • Joseph Baumer
    Joseph Baumer 4 days ago

    Maybe we haven't got an offer because we are the most intelligent life forms

  • Super knullisch
    Super knullisch 4 days ago

    05:27 UUUGH!! A BUTT-PALM!! Wtf..

  • Super knullisch
    Super knullisch 4 days ago +1

    00:00 AAAAHHH!!

    You're starting to go overboard with that jump-high-scare!!

    ZAYAN HASAN 4 days ago

    Only TheXvidd who doesn’t ask to subscribe

  • TheFlamingCube
    TheFlamingCube 4 days ago

    Who has a cold and is watching this right now and can’t watch it cause your coughing

  • Zamuraj
    Zamuraj 4 days ago +1

    isnt money a part of earth?

  • NovaComputing
    NovaComputing 5 days ago +1

    An ad played before the video, I was like: Cool, I like this enough to let that play... Then, get this.. ANOTHER AD PLAYED.

  • Tasty
    Tasty 5 days ago

    0:15 theres a moon in western pa

  • IrishCrusader
    IrishCrusader 5 days ago +3

    What if someone stepped on that lego crab lmao

  • Oh yeah yeah guy
    Oh yeah yeah guy 5 days ago

    Thanos: Everything.

  • Dishane 2008
    Dishane 2008 5 days ago

    How would DNA be/ look like on an extraterrestrial, habitable planet?

  • Dishane 2008
    Dishane 2008 5 days ago +1


  • Dark Zeraora
    Dark Zeraora 6 days ago

    Why can’t we just stop and think everything in the solar system are earths moons

  • Dark Zeraora
    Dark Zeraora 6 days ago

    I could do .50

  • VikinG
    VikinG 6 days ago

    He had like... a booger on his nose @4:25

  • Rene Andres
    Rene Andres 6 days ago

    The reptiles have already bought the earth.

  • Skit Snubbarna
    Skit Snubbarna 6 days ago

    Maybe like 2

  • Eugene Badriku
    Eugene Badriku 7 days ago

    Okaaayy😒.....[slurps milkshake]

    JAMAL GAMER XD 7 days ago

    4:43 geometry dash level 😂

  • Anklejbiter
    Anklejbiter 7 days ago

    2:53 If you run this equation backwards, then for the earth to value 5 quadrillion it would need to have been discovered in 1982.

  • Artyom хорват
    Artyom хорват 7 days ago

    The man who sold the world

  • Austin Slayer227
    Austin Slayer227 7 days ago

    *It's worth the world to me*

  • Okay
    Okay 7 days ago

    If a moon is whatever is in orbit of a planet that humans, how come Saturns ring isn't full of moon?

    NOEL GUIDRY 7 days ago

    never knew a fart could kill you

  • PandasHyper9000
    PandasHyper9000 8 days ago +4

    Vsause: Earth only has 1066 people
    Me: Really?
    Vsause: Earth, Texas
    Me: Oh...why is there a town called earth

  • The Thot Slayer
    The Thot Slayer 8 days ago

    It’s worth 0, money is figure of imagination we created to entertain ourselves and others to continue a way of life

  • Kaiden Carr
    Kaiden Carr 8 days ago

    Doing God's work shady potato

  • Grant Lemirande
    Grant Lemirande 10 days ago

    What about moon Pennsylvania c’mon man.

  • Alfrado Rheaume
    Alfrado Rheaume 10 days ago


  • Evan Merrifield
    Evan Merrifield 10 days ago

    Your wall is a carpet. Or is your carpet a wall?

  • SpoonOVeggies
    SpoonOVeggies 10 days ago

    The weirdest town names are always in Texas

  • Szabiplayz
    Szabiplayz 11 days ago +6

    Earth: *exists*
    Villager: I'll give you 2 emeralds for that

    • Z2Gamez
      Z2Gamez 7 days ago

      why were we both recommended this so late lol

  • Joep Stassar
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    No one:

  • Michael ziemer
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  • EBF5
    EBF5 11 days ago

    5$ I’m taking a risk here

  • Sienna Day
    Sienna Day 12 days ago

    I just had a random thought... could humans mate with animals? Or is there such a possible thing as half animal half human?

  • Logan Moller
    Logan Moller 12 days ago

    Theres a moon Pennsylvania aswell

  • Bonasaur
    Bonasaur 12 days ago +1

    Poor ShadyPotato, all that math for 31 upvotes

  • Dingo Dave
    Dingo Dave 12 days ago

    The song at the end, what is it called and who is it by? I need to know!

  • LJK401
    LJK401 13 days ago

    Does Michael work for Frieza or something?

  • Syk Syd
    Syk Syd 15 days ago

    This shit is retarded

  • CiCiNova
    CiCiNova 15 days ago

    Short Answer: _”Deez nuts, nixxa”_

  • yellow dragon
    yellow dragon 16 days ago

    more advanced aliens are not to mess with the younger civillization.

  • Interracial Suspect
    Interracial Suspect 16 days ago +1

    2006 niggas: wow would you look at that. I guess we got a two for one deal on a satellite!
    2007 niggas: hey guys, this is getting a bit close, yeah?

  • World Destroying Power - Your Conquerer

    16,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, wow

  • Mr. Omen
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  • Lee Johnson
    Lee Johnson 17 days ago

    Dennis Rodman

  • Blackout417 Roberts
    Blackout417 Roberts 17 days ago

    ‘Earth is boogin’ it’

  • Ivfalenandicantgetup _
    Ivfalenandicantgetup _ 18 days ago +8

    New challenge: Let Vsauce videos play automatically with only audio and try to figure out what the heck the video title is

  • ricktroller64 Legacy
    ricktroller64 Legacy 18 days ago

    There is a moon and mars in western Pennsylvania

  • Larenz De Chavez
    Larenz De Chavez 19 days ago +1

    What is earth worth?
    First ask American History to know how much is 1/8 of North America

    • X Star
      X Star 13 days ago +1

      “I’ll give you 3 kegs of beer for the majority of your entire continent.” -England

  • Razor Sharp
    Razor Sharp 19 days ago

    about tree fiddy

  • ItsAStikbotParty!
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    Um i think 3

  • Penguin Fan
    Penguin Fan 19 days ago +1

    No Michael, you may not sell the Earth.

  • Ifrostify
    Ifrostify 19 days ago

    I guess you don't believe in Jesus

  • daarrkmatter
    daarrkmatter 20 days ago

    Probably the dumbest of all his videos...

    • The ONYX
      The ONYX 14 days ago

      Well that was sudden.

  • Martin Janas
    Martin Janas 20 days ago

    I love how in a hypothesis where aliens that are thousands of years ahead of us would trade with us on a fair basis (just because we re so egocentric)
    Thats exactly what we did when we discovered America right? Exactly the same when we were using slaves for our economic purposes
    But we would certainly find it unfair if aliens enslaved us...
    Why? They should do just the same thing to us that we re doing to animals why not?

  • Leavethebuilding
    Leavethebuilding 21 day ago

    Apparently it's not worth much to the leaders of great countries like United States or Russia, since they seem to care more about war and showing off than the environment.

  • Mitchell Cohen
    Mitchell Cohen 21 day ago

    *Mr Beast has entered the chat*

  • Calplus
    Calplus 21 day ago

    Humans: Hey, we got gold bars for sale at $100!

    Aliens: Are you kidding me they are so common in the universe its only a cent!

  • Ghostman 88
    Ghostman 88 22 days ago

    This video is stupid don't even know why you would ask what is earth worth. Assuming worth and value of things isn't a man made thing. As if others out there using money.

    • The ONYX
      The ONYX 14 days ago

      It is a hypothetical scenario, not literal.

  • Ethan Elliott
    Ethan Elliott 22 days ago

    If a moon is a natural satellite than doesn't Saturn have thousands of moons?

  • Il Y Aura Du Soleil
    Il Y Aura Du Soleil 22 days ago

    Giant Monkey World

  • Saiks the anime
    Saiks the anime 23 days ago

    Earth only has 1,066 people..?
    Oh, earth texas

  • gopro_2027
    gopro_2027 23 days ago

    If the aliens can just go to any planet willy nilly, then surely our knowledge and information would be much more valuable than the resources on the earth.

  • CatchPhase
    CatchPhase 23 days ago

    It also has the galaxy's biggest slave labour force... that we know of... hey, we might not be.

  • Captain Deadpool
    Captain Deadpool 23 days ago

    Africa be like "I need about tree fiddy".

  • Elliottallen
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    Stop being a premium channel

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  • Ever Martinez
    Ever Martinez 23 days ago

    Were can i get that shirt were it shows my ingredients

  • Luke
    Luke 24 days ago

    anyone else think that it’s hypocritical how governments don’t credit artists for animal made art, but still let corporations profit off of zoos?

  • Just Looking
    Just Looking 24 days ago

    So we're effluvia. That means a booger or a shart. LOL> Aaaaaand, he goes with fart. Love this guy.

  • Ambient Pizza
    Ambient Pizza 24 days ago

    Ssssgggg hhh aaaaaaaoooouu ppppooosssseee vvvvnnnnndddd?????

    FALLEN AMAZON 25 days ago

    Probably 1p

  • cracked your moms balls, baby

    "What is the earth worth?"
    "But first, let's just talk about the moon"

  • Thebadassduck Op
    Thebadassduck Op 25 days ago

    ayy lmao land lord

  • Earth Chan
    Earth Chan 25 days ago +1

    Huh?? I actually didn’t know I had another moon?!

    • Earth Chan
      Earth Chan 11 days ago

      Just Looking I’m not flat thank you so much

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      @Earth Chan

    • Earth Chan
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      Just Looking thank you

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  • The Kerry Weddings Store & Bridal Boutique

    I love his transitions

  • Therein lies your first problem

    Property ownership is a human construct, there is no such thing in the physical reality. The Earth, the Universe, belongs to everyone and everything. The minute our species realizes this introspectively and unanimously, the better off our future will be. Capitalism is a cancer that must be removed from the human experience.

    • Therein lies your first problem
      Therein lies your first problem 14 days ago

      @The ONYX @The ONYX Your vague comment wasted about 3 seconds of your life to type, about a second of my life to read and scored you no intellectual merit. If I had to guess, I'd say you were born after the millennium, congratulations.

    • The ONYX
      The ONYX 14 days ago

      Well that was sudden.

  • Nick Gray
    Nick Gray 26 days ago

    Who put it there ? Earth and everything on it was bought . Get ready for a harvest. The aliens will not revel their selves until humans are ready. They don't want us to have a society economic . Sociology brskedown. And the deep state does not want the public to know .

  • Michal Duňka
    Michal Duňka 26 days ago

    why do i cry to these videos xD

  • Cosmickiller 109
    Cosmickiller 109 26 days ago +70

    vsauce:or am I?

    • Jonathan Lumbreras
      Jonathan Lumbreras Day ago

      Cosmickiller 109 where are my fingers?

    • JeezTec
      JeezTec Day ago +2

      More like:
      VSauce: Oh no! wait... Am i?

    • Dishane 2008
      Dishane 2008 5 days ago +1

      dun dun dun

  • Life As Kenna
    Life As Kenna 26 days ago

    How much is the galaxy worth?

  • Jorgo Van den Brande
    Jorgo Van den Brande 27 days ago

    I got this in my recommended and for a second i thought micheal got his pasword back.

  • BenXVariety
    BenXVariety 27 days ago

    lol "we are earth's first fart!"

  • Joseph Poulsen
    Joseph Poulsen 27 days ago

    Here is a theory; you know how people are constantly saying that aliens will be smarter than us? How can we be so certain. If an alien force somehow comes to earth, sure, they will be more advanced in terms of space travel, but what about other fields? Healthcare, language, math, writing, even weaponry things like that. What if we could be more advanced overall than them. What if instead of aliens bringing earth to their knees, aliens that come are shocked by how much more advanced we are. Not in space travel, but in other things. Maybe aliens are not such a threat as we think.