Idris Elba Knife Violence Response Video

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
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Comments • 903

  • Jimmy Tapia
    Jimmy Tapia Month ago

    Ding ding ding ding ding!!!!!!!
    You just hit the nail on the head!
    I've been saying it all along. It's not the tool that is Evil.
    It's the condition of the heart of people.

  • R C
    R C 2 months ago

    Its not hard. we need fair wages, less billionaires and better healthcare. it sucks because I believe the Democrats message on most everything would actually stop violence. but i cant in good conscious vote for anyone trying to take away my rights.

  • Dan McD
    Dan McD 3 months ago +1

    The knives the kids in the uk are using at kitchen knives not made or intended for self defence innocent kids are being killed by knife crime I support the second amendment but kids killing other kids. Blame the “tool” and the idiot that is using it

  • Dan McD
    Dan McD 3 months ago +1

    Idris you’re a hero

  • Englewood Frank21
    Englewood Frank21 4 months ago

    Bin that knife m8...

  • Rob
    Rob 4 months ago

    ya if everyday people could afford private security why carry anything lol

  • Jake Wright
    Jake Wright 4 months ago

    I carry a knife everywhere, I don't care what country it is. Sweden, UK, USA, Italy... some people freak but its been done since we were cavemen. Been next to George Bush with a folder and in the PM of Canada's office with a neck knife. It's a tool.

  • Lang Strimpel
    Lang Strimpel 4 months ago

    Thanks for the Video.... I could not agree more.

  • Jonathan Thomas
    Jonathan Thomas 5 months ago

    Guns don't kill people. Saying guns kill people is like saying penises rape women.

  • MephilesTheDark1987
    MephilesTheDark1987 5 months ago

    If this guy is British, then I am Kryptonian.

  • A F
    A F 6 months ago

    What a joke. Should you ban cricket over there? You could easily kill someone with a cricket bat. Theres a million different objects you can take someones life with. Take one away and another one emerges. Sick demented criminals who want to kill people will find a way to do so regardless of how much you take away from them. The only way to stop violence from these people is to remove their actual hands and arms or to remove them from society in total. Ban Knives, then peoples use hammers, pipe wrenches, and baseball bats. Ban those then people use steel and iron pipe, ban that, and people can use bricks or large rocks, ban ban ban ban. Evil people will always find a way to commit their evil deeds. The problem is law abiding people will no longer be able to protect themselves from such violent criminals. One day these idiots will hopefully wake up before all the good people are dead and gone and the world turns into a lawless wasteland. Now more than ever good law abiding people need ways to protect themselves in these tumultuous times.

  • Brian Underwood
    Brian Underwood 6 months ago

    And here I go thinking that laws stop criminals from committing crimes. Imagine that.

  • Louis C
    Louis C 6 months ago +1

    So if we get to the "root cause" and solve the reason why people commit crimes, then what's the sense of having guns around? We wouldn't need them then unless for sport or hunting which most people don't do. The main purpose for a gun anyway is to "kill". If we completely solve the issue of crime, that would put most of the gun companies out of business. Then people would cry about that. It seems like a vicious cycle that won't end. I'm a gun owner by the way.

  • Mitch - Datway
    Mitch - Datway 6 months ago

    Lmao I literally have a knife on me everywhere I go. And a gun whenever possible

  • Scott Buckley
    Scott Buckley 6 months ago

    usa =30,000 shootings 2/3 suicides
    uk= 40,000 knife crimes

  • Cents
    Cents 7 months ago

    Bye owning a pocket knife, I’m a murderer?

  • Mosaic Monk
    Mosaic Monk 7 months ago

    You cant wear a gun hate and say stop the violence. im pro-gun like a sum bitch . im black and from chicago but you are just extra with the i want everyone to know im pro gun. when people see those fire arms on your hat you make your self look dumb. im republican but do i walk around with a make america great again hat fuck no in insights violence if tho its harmful. not trying to compare the hats per say just an example of how it looks to other perspectives,

  • ItsToonBruh
    ItsToonBruh 7 months ago

    Ban bacon cheeseburgers they kill people too....

  • JTMC93
    JTMC93 7 months ago +1

    They have the right just as Americans. It is simply their Government doesn't recognize it.

  • Abdull 99
    Abdull 99 7 months ago

    There is difference between 🔪 and 🔫

  • Lycos Surfer
    Lycos Surfer 7 months ago

    Idris and Colion are so right with this. A gun, knife, club, vehicle, etc are only devices. The mentality behind their use is the issue people love to ignore. If someone has 2 or 3 guns, knifes, bats, or whatever and can avoid being stupid; so what they have them. People committed to doing harm will find something else to do the harm with.

  • Sean You Know Who
    Sean You Know Who 8 months ago

    So this guy is saying “Stab yourself if you have a knife. Put them down”. Right now I am cutting up an onion and will carve up a steak a bit later. So what do I do with all these kitchen knives? Am I a criminal for having them? They are the commonly used knife in a crime.

  • Treacy Inks
    Treacy Inks 8 months ago

    I agree, let's not blame the tool, it's a object, people kill people. Airborne.

  • Willy G
    Willy G 8 months ago

    It’s not the knife. Plain and simple.

  • Alex Damian
    Alex Damian 8 months ago

    MSM love talking about the tools and the violence and that it "has to stop" because they don't want to actually invest in infrastructure and jobs in poor communities, the people in charge would rather keep the money for themselves and use w/e they can as a scapegoat, weather it be guns, knives, drugs, gangs, culture, low opportunities, poor neighbourhoods, whatever they can to avoid in actually spending a dime solving the problems

    A's STATION 8 months ago

    My weapons are home every night. Not in the streets and they aren't harming anyone.

  • Kermit
    Kermit 8 months ago

    The violence won't stop until the perpetrators are held to account in an extremely strong way.

  • courageous78
    courageous78 8 months ago

    You couldn’t have said it better. Great video.

  • Jango Mango
    Jango Mango 8 months ago

    I’m guessing every chef who picks up a knife to cut vegetables turns into a murderer then, England has a huge poverty, single mother and roadmen problem

  • 96t5wagon
    96t5wagon 8 months ago

    Walked into my local gun store and almost died from all the guns that loaded themselves, aimed at me and shot...

  • John Hasse
    John Hasse 8 months ago

    If a person feels cornered, and gets pushed, sooner or later they will do something stupid. WHY do people feel cornered? What opportunity has been denied them? Or why do they think that violence will 'solve' any of their problems? Maybe partly because of the 'war on drugs' and what that has caused????

  • roboHOFF
    roboHOFF 8 months ago

    All these celebrities I like keep ruining themselves by opening their dang mouths. Stick to scripts or I’ll stop paying to see you in movies

  • The Human Comedy
    The Human Comedy 8 months ago +1

    We need to ban and confiscate all fists since assault can cause death.

  • Giveme TheDaily
    Giveme TheDaily 8 months ago

    Absolutely right, I wish I could add. But you might as start a discussion that we to create a serum that makes everyone invulnerable. They know they can't stop the violence, so they want to make it harder, the problem is that its not hard to kill a person.

  • spaceracer23
    spaceracer23 8 months ago


  • Tre Reed
    Tre Reed 8 months ago

    WELL, I lived in the UK for 3 1/2 years (USAF)....and I got to say, their ban on guns was and IS effective!!!!!! (There are still shootings over there, but not a HIGH as in the U.S.) However, you are right, there is no 2nd amendment there. Now, there is a "knife law" over there, but as you can see, they have the same problems with knife violence, just like we have gun violence. Talking about it hasn't gone ANYWHERE.....actions speak louder. Come to the table with some ideas, and let's see if we can put those to action!!!!!! But I like the vid...

  • Gunplay_123
    Gunplay_123 8 months ago

    If you lived in these kinda areas you'd know the real issue. These kids feel like all they got is the gang shit. School isn't workin out and doesn't pay so they stick to what they see which is Rob kill and sell drugs to make p. So you see the issue is mainly economic. If these kids were minted do you think theyd be stabbin each other up. Nah they'd feel like they have options and apply themselves in somethin else.

  • Dreadog
    Dreadog 8 months ago

    Stop making sense Nior, there is no intelligent life force out there.

  • Brian H
    Brian H 8 months ago

    The problem with attempting to have a dialogue with gun control advocates is they're seemingly without any reason. The staunchest opponent of "stop and frisk" laws or stricter policing and sentencing of criminals, would also tend to be the most vehement supporter for restricting or banning the rights of gun owners with no history of violence or criminality. A person who could strongly hold to these two conflicting positions simultaneously is surely unstable in all their ways.

  • James Coughran
    James Coughran 8 months ago

    Behavior is always the issue!

  • PAUL REVERE 1776
    PAUL REVERE 1776 8 months ago

    God bless you Colion. And I pray that the violence stops. Find Christ and lead a better life. Bring love to the table.

  • PAUL REVERE 1776
    PAUL REVERE 1776 8 months ago

    Why are blacks killing each other and causing so much harm to others? I really want to know? This doesn't happen in other communities. Very rarely does it happen. The ones causing the most hate and harm are the comm-ies that have taken over our government, media, Banks, our police, military and are the NWO.

  • voodoo 1026
    voodoo 1026 8 months ago

    Ban knives how am I gonna make a pb & j with a spoon what am I a heathen

  • believe me
    believe me 8 months ago

    You'd think that murder being illegal was enough

  • Winning Biggly
    Winning Biggly 8 months ago

    Umm actually, most people that carry a knife don't carry it around to randomly stab people they don't like. Gangster rap is more to blame for young people committing violence than the weapon that is used

  • Matt
    Matt 8 months ago

    We as a species just need to grow the f&@k up.

  • Bob Newhart
    Bob Newhart 8 months ago

    We need to limit knife blade capacity to 10 rounds.

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown 8 months ago +1

    Just shoot them.....oh that's right you dumb asses don't have

  • Charles Woods
    Charles Woods 8 months ago

    I agree and disagree. We have to address both. To leave out what leads to violence or the tool is unacceptable. Like I can stab a person with a pencil yes but a knife is better. I can stab a few people in a crowd with a knife but a gun is more efficient. I can pepper a crowd with a gun but a bomb is better. A bomb can decimate a block or even entire cities but a stockpile of them is better. The tool makes a big difference in how far a sick mind can go. I mean North Korea wasn't a big threat until they brought Nuclear material and long-range missiles to the table. When 2 or more countries with nukes are at odds it's scary for everyone in the world not because of guns or knives but BOMBS. Likewise, mass attacks domestically are usually more terrifying not because of fists or knives but guns. This doesn't mean destruction is only able to happen when guns are involved but, the potential casualties does rise. I also understand how in theory everyone being equipped with a fire arm should decrease violence but, I also know that people tend adapt to new conditions and norms. Around 1912 or so, you saw what happened when everyone had a gun. Criminals adapted to the idea that everyone probably had a gun. However mass killings are a modern predominantly gun driven problem. I'm not talking about serial killers, or armies fighting but if I was the argument remains. I'm talking about potential in the hands of single individuals. Knives are silent and will see use no matter what but, they are just a part of an ever growing deadly arsenal made readily available to some warped individuals. If we all have guns, as we've seen in history, criminals will LIKELY not GUARANTEED, go above that new standard; as they have throughout human history. When guns were almost a luxury, criminals sought after them because a sword was rendered obsolete in the face of guns. The Nazis in WW2 created the biggest paradigm shift in guns with the MG42. Then the Soviets made the next big leap with the AK-47. All I'm saying is the tools can make all the difference. History has shown us that and to pretend that it doesn't is disingenuous. Wars stopped being fought with bows, spears and swords because those "tools" were not effective in a war with guns. Tools matter just as much as the depraved individuals perpetrating the crimes.

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M 8 months ago

    Funny, in the film, " The Looser's", Bruh knife fightong scene was spectacular.
    Stop with the violent films? Also, they stop teaching the truth of why, social engineering, yall youngster forget, some countries just got their independence. Now, they want to stop the bleeding. Teach, stop promoting violent films that poor folks romance over.

  • Gary Lamb
    Gary Lamb 8 months ago +1

    Now they're start a war on knives? How about looking at the REAL DAMN ISSUE! It is NOT the weapon!

  • Faith Dad
    Faith Dad 8 months ago

    Right on Colin! It's a MORAL - Lack of GOD (of the Bible) Issue! And lack of Godly fearing & worshipping parents issue, plus a sexual immorality "free fall" that always goes hand-in- hand w/increase in violence, and lack of self control. Fueled by entertainment/media (pushed by Satan).
    This was exactly predicted in the Word of God;. "...Men (Mankind) WILL be Lovers OF Self, Lovers of Pleasure, Idolators, Boastful, Disobedient to Parents, God Haters, etc., etc ("like in the time of Noah, and as it was in Sodom _ different passage) 2 Timothy 3:2-4. Actually, for this right now time.

  • Aric Q
    Aric Q 8 months ago

    ban knives lmao.....

  • Brandon Wagner
    Brandon Wagner 8 months ago

    Tell it...

  • BCB
    BCB 8 months ago

    Poverty is clearly an issue, and a contributing factor to violence. In my opinion though, a major root cause of social degradation in minority communities has to do with who those members tend to idolize. Listen to rap lyrics... You wonder why the divorce rate and child out of wedlock rates are so high: look no further than lyrics that aggrandize promiscuity and having numerous partners. You wonder why violence is so high, look at lyrics that promote gang membership and gang violence. The list goes on. If we improve our role models, making education, selebesy, hard work, honesty, integrity, and family the things that we value, then much of the problems disappear.

    I only bring up minority communities because of two reasons: that is the community that Idris Elba discussed in his video, and that is the community the overwhelming number of these issues plague.

    I agree with Collin's analysis a lot, digressing from my proselytising about good values and proper role models. We tend to fight the fire of violence by aiming our fire hose at the top of the flames, instead of aiming it at the source of the burn; the underlying issues creating the flames. If there is violence, going after the gun, knife, car, or bomb used doesn't really address the perpetrator's motivation to commit the act in the first place. We must stop vilifying the chosen weapon, and begin to address the wielder of said weapon; with aid, education, opportunity, counseling, and yes, enforcement where necessary.

  • MyTwoCents
    MyTwoCents 8 months ago

    Here is the logical conclusion for the people defending gun bans.
    Guns get banned, man uses knives.
    Knives then get banned, man uses rocks.
    Rocks then get banned, man uses fists.....
    Can you knuckleheads figure out the source of the problem now?

  • peter parker
    peter parker 8 months ago +1

    They should have a knife buy back or have a background check before you can buy a knife

  • Axiomaticness
    Axiomaticness 8 months ago +1

    I fucking hate Hollywood

  • NestingSpider
    NestingSpider 8 months ago

    WTF? Knives are awesome. I have two blades on me one's been stabbed. What's the problem???

  • Austin Gaius
    Austin Gaius 8 months ago

    Propensity for violence seeks out accessible tools. Keep it up CN.