Vanessa Hudgens: Wrapped Up with Netflix | The Princess Switch | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 23, 2018
  • Vanessa Hudgens shares her holiday traditions and behind the scenes moments from The Princess Switch in the Wrapped Up with Netflix Challenge.
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    Vanessa Hudgens: Wrapped Up with Netflix | The Princess Switch | Netflix
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Comments • 155

  • Trishia Kim
    Trishia Kim 3 days ago

    I think i watched the movie for a hundred times now. I really love the movie , the story and I love Vanessa Hudgens very much😍😍😍

  • Drumming with Sara
    Drumming with Sara 6 days ago

    Omg they filmed in my country

  • Chrystal Neveah
    Chrystal Neveah 6 days ago

    I love this movie but am I the only one who loses the whole vibe of the two looking the same when it’s actually one person. Not trying to be hateful. Just my opinion.

  • Tang-Ho
    Tang-Ho 13 days ago

    if you're not growing you're dying . wise words I support that statement 100%

  • Demigp Patience
    Demigp Patience 17 days ago

    Are there 2 of all of you because I saw in the princess princess switch there are 2 of you are you twins twins????????????????????????????????????????.?

  • Alina Alina
    Alina Alina 18 days ago +3

    I am from Romania and I don’t even know how I got internet to watch this.

  • The Celebrity Channel
    The Celebrity Channel 19 days ago

    No, your Vanessa Hudgens from high school musical

  • Vivian Vlogs
    Vivian Vlogs 24 days ago

    Wait.. Vanessa Hudgens doesn't eat meat?! I love her even more now!!

  • Shirodj Raghoenath
    Shirodj Raghoenath Month ago

    Your accents were horrible

  • geopad22
    geopad22 Month ago

    She forgot Olaf, the other reindeer

  • Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

    Buen video

  • setokaiba991
    setokaiba991 Month ago

    Speaking of watching the Royal Wedding it seems unfair that Vanessa gets paid more for acting than the Royals do for accomplishing their Royal duties and responsibilities. IMO the Royals should be the most wealthiest because they represent their nation everywhere they go and have to act in a certain manner. Whereas actors represent themselves and are considered normal. I hope the real Royal family never watches this movie as it is an insult to them, their traditions and everything they represent. I mean a normal girl becoming a princess really? You have to be born a royal you cannot become one otherwise all of the famous princes of Royalty would've been hitched to all of the hot actresses or singers.

  • Lena R.
    Lena R. Month ago

    A black mirror episode with Vanessa, would be amazing 😼😼

  • Ariana Ruiz
    Ariana Ruiz Month ago

    Netflix I Like Your Video ?

  • Lauren Bashant
    Lauren Bashant Month ago +17

    tbh I ship Stacey and Edward harder than Gabriella and Troy
    Like if you agree.💕💕💖💖❤️❤️

  • Diana Petrut
    Diana Petrut Month ago

    "I don't even know how we got internet..." LOL, Romania has the best internet at least in Europe. :)))) Anyway, loved the movie and am happy it was filmed in my country.

  • Lara Mallory
    Lara Mallory Month ago

    I just watched it on Netflix. I love it

  • Mec Mec
    Mec Mec Month ago

    I love your role in The Princess Switch 😍😍

  • Riani Agustina
    Riani Agustina Month ago

    Such a personality!

  • Thomas Neyu
    Thomas Neyu Month ago

    I already saw you naked go away thot

  • Jay Duck
    Jay Duck Month ago

    Whats the song name? I really like it


    Love the movie

  • K Horan
    K Horan Month ago

    I didn't know they filmed the movie in romania

  • Arthi Rajalakshmi
    Arthi Rajalakshmi Month ago

    I loved the movie....

  • nutrol
    nutrol Month ago

    stop wrapping. focus on the audiance.

  • Eduardo Terrific
    Eduardo Terrific Month ago

    Vanessa queen 😍
    Guys, watch "Grease Live", "The Frozen Ground", "Gimme Shelter", "Spring Breakers" and "Sucker Punch".
    Vanessa played mature characters in these movies. She's awesome. 😊

  • sleepy snowflake
    sleepy snowflake Month ago

    Gosh I love my queeeennn ❤️

  • Hay15Girl -
    Hay15Girl - Month ago

    I watched it twice the day when the movie was released on Netflix

  • private private
    private private Month ago

    watching it now. really enjoying it. Enjoyed Christmas Chronicles and The Holiday Calendar.

  • Mikaela Anastasiu
    Mikaela Anastasiu Month ago

    Wonderfull movie i loved it
    Thanks Vanessa ! 😘
    Still the way you are please god

  • Nancy Ramirez
    Nancy Ramirez Month ago

    One of the best Christmas movies 😍

  • T F N Y
    T F N Y Month ago

    Princess Switch is actually very good Christmas movie. I love it so much! 😭❤️ I kept watching it until I’ve lost count 😅 #VanessaHudgens was so pretty in the red dress and #SamPalladio was so handsome in that tuxedo (I mean in The Princess Switch). He looks like a real-life prince! 😍

  • Iemima Emm
    Iemima Emm Month ago

    OMG! I didn't know it was filmed in Romania!!!
    By the way, I am romanian

  • Kaia Black
    Kaia Black Month ago +7

    Finally something happend in is such a beautiful country and I am so happy that something so big like a succesful christmas movie with Vanessa Hudgens who I admire growing up was filmed in my country.Blessed.

  • Silviano Lopes
    Silviano Lopes Month ago

    Amei esse filme 😍😍

  • Berna
    Berna Month ago

    I love her

  • Nathan Meissner
    Nathan Meissner Month ago

    Netflix I have a idea you guys should make a poll that tells you what people want on Netflix

  • Galandix
    Galandix Month ago +1

    No, you're Vanessa Hudgens from the first Pack ever lol

  • Khang Siang
    Khang Siang Month ago

    She look like Mila Kunis. 😍

  • Danary Williams
    Danary Williams Month ago

    What about criminal minds season 13

  • gυѕισи thє hσlч вlαdє

    Can you guys add more seasons in Teen Titans Go? Im addicted to it xd

  • Wendy Ortega
    Wendy Ortega Month ago

    The movie is nice

  • Michelle Koh
    Michelle Koh Month ago

    Good that they werent freezing but WEIRD that there are a few scenes of Stacy/Margaret with her legs exposed outside with the Prince

  • Ержан Карабеков

    Lucifer plees

  • B P
    B P Month ago

    US: Christmas next day after thanksgiving.

  • Howyaduing
    Howyaduing Month ago

    She loves Black Mirror!!! I love this girl

  • Fionna Adeline
    Fionna Adeline Month ago

    "Have yourself a merry little christmas" also tends to pop up in my head whenever i try to recall the christmas song! (It should be "chestnuts roasting on an open fire")

  • Taylor Kuriger
    Taylor Kuriger Month ago

    Please add more romantic Christmas movies that are pg because I can't watch above pg

  • Rishi Arora
    Rishi Arora Month ago

    It was so bad felt like puking after watching it. So cheesy and creepy. I would rather jump off a clip than watch this again.

    • Rishi Arora
      Rishi Arora Month ago

      +aaradhya I did not have to watch it twice

    • aaradhya
      aaradhya Month ago

      have you jumped off a cliff yet??

  • Michael Caughell
    Michael Caughell Month ago

    When will season 3 of stranger things be out and when will Spider Man homecoming be on Netflix

  • Gabrielle Vedder
    Gabrielle Vedder Month ago

    I'm a fan of yours love your music.

  • Dj Robert
    Dj Robert Month ago +2

    I ♥ this movie I watched it like 5 times already!

  • puppymolly123
    puppymolly123 Month ago

    Either she's wrapping the same present multiple times or the editor fell asleep

  • Meghan Mcclean
    Meghan Mcclean Month ago

    Please release shameless season 8 and 9

  • Leticia Shimizu
    Leticia Shimizu Month ago +25

    My mom never liked cheesy movies and never watched Christmas movies
    But she LOVED this one
    And now all she wants to watch is cheesy Christmas movies

  • dizzyguy 101
    dizzyguy 101 Month ago

    Fucking bring back the star rating system

  • Daltira
    Daltira Month ago

    Loved the movie

  • Evelyn Chavira
    Evelyn Chavira Month ago +34

    Am I the only one who wanted to see the end results of her wrapped presents lmao 🤦🏻‍♀️😆...I was hoping it’d happen throughout the video!

  • Glendoris Galia
    Glendoris Galia Month ago +1

    just finished watching the movie

  • Anthony
    Anthony Month ago

    Another garbage movies for you little retards to eat up

  • Ioana Ruxandra
    Ioana Ruxandra Month ago +9

    Shout out to Romania

  • Gean C
    Gean C Month ago +2

    Ahhh I love her so much!

  • elisabeth grill
    elisabeth grill Month ago +6

    She was in High School Musical right?

  • strangertayley potterheads

    The movie is soooo goood!

  • Lazarus
    Lazarus Month ago

    Who still faps to her leaked nudes?

  • Hruses Samantray
    Hruses Samantray Month ago +1

    Is stranger things 3 the end of the series !?!?!?

  • Corina
    Corina Month ago +3

    I live in Romania OMG !!! WHAT

  • Davina Missick
    Davina Missick Month ago +1

    It's so boring.

  • Draven Lyman
    Draven Lyman Month ago +1

    Hi Netflix idk if u guys can do this but can u guys put the twilight saga on there and more 80s teen movies I like that u guys put 16 candles on there so can u put something like pretty in pink and more winona Ryder movies and Molly ringwald and Ferris bullirs day off and more Adam Sandler and IT 1990 and 2017like if u aggery plz thanks so much 😊💛

  • Creepy Sánchez
    Creepy Sánchez Month ago

    Send more nudes!

  • tyri sanders
    tyri sanders Month ago

    Still fine 😩

  • Kaylee Situ
    Kaylee Situ Month ago

    This is just like another hallmark Christmas movie but I liked it 😂

  • Entertain Matrix
    Entertain Matrix Month ago

    More videos #entertainmatrix

  • Alice Sierra
    Alice Sierra Month ago +70

    "and of you're not growing, your dying." VANESSA HUDGENS BRUH WHAT A QUEEN.

  • VeganQueen
    VeganQueen Month ago

    couldve been great asmr material

  • Juliana Molina Silva

    She's seeing MANIAC from my babe Emma stone 😍😍😍😍

    • Fall Vibes
      Fall Vibes Month ago

      Juliana Molina Silva i love Emma stone

  • david friend
    david friend Month ago +2

    I really enjoyed this movie.

  • Lothbrok
    Lothbrok Month ago

    Shut the hell up, bitch.

  • reezdog
    reezdog Month ago +23

    Just became an ASMR video without even trying.

  • Navarro Miriam
    Navarro Miriam Month ago +2

    Why is She doing something that she doesnt have a Clue about it?


    Spring brakes is on Netflix 🤔😂😂😂

  • Phantom Thieves
    Phantom Thieves Month ago +1

    A Christmas movie that has nothing to do with Christmas. 3/10

  • Ernesto Che Guevara

    How are you?

  • KaRaSu C
    KaRaSu C Month ago

    I hated her music....
    Her acting isn't much better....

  • Rehmaan Khan The Boss
    Rehmaan Khan The Boss Month ago +18

    I actually watch the movie, it was quite good and fun. I really enjoyed it.

  • 89Judy89
    89Judy89 Month ago +1

    Baby V ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • ashaaib
    ashaaib Month ago

    i remember her weird looking saggy boobs

  • Albion
    Albion Month ago +6

    I'm so into voguing right now so that gave me life.

  • Adrianne Allen
    Adrianne Allen Month ago +26

    You should make a behind the scenes video

  • Babee Breez
    Babee Breez Month ago +1

    Yay I’m so happy she said Black Mirror🖤🖤

  • Adrianne Allen
    Adrianne Allen Month ago +9


  • Rebecca Casdorph
    Rebecca Casdorph Month ago +1

    Best movie ever... ❤

  • My Music Hurts Your Ears

    Aging Very Well Ma'am 🍷🍷🍷!

  • Frez Magic
    Frez Magic Month ago +176

    No, you are Vanessa Hudges from High School Musical😂😂😂😂

  • tittytwister 1888
    tittytwister 1888 Month ago

    A think she has a sex tape

  • Bri Tollefson
    Bri Tollefson Month ago

    Yes Theory and Vanessa Hudgens should do a collab!!!!

  • d0wnshift
    d0wnshift Month ago

    high school fucking musical HELLO

  • Bella Wolfson
    Bella Wolfson Month ago +13

    Well i feel lucky dat i watched this movie🙂

  • missrosethings
    missrosethings Month ago +2

    She don’t eat meat that’s surprising

    • ccdd xxx
      ccdd xxx Month ago

      she stopped for a while now

    • 89Judy89
      89Judy89 Month ago +1

      I didn't know that either....