My FIRST TIME Performing with Jaden!!


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  • Lil Viking
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  • AlanGamer 121
    AlanGamer 121 Day ago

    Soy leyenda

  • Megumi Hayashida

    When your genitor is also da homey

  • Shamsa Hamad
    Shamsa Hamad Day ago

    liza really out hee thriving


    *Congratulations Will. You are one of a kind entertainers. I enjoy your creativity*

  • rohan dioth yt
    rohan dioth yt 2 days ago

    that was sooooo sick!

  • Joshua Carter
    Joshua Carter 2 days ago

    Best parent flex ever.

  • JRR31984
    JRR31984 2 days ago

    (..variety can be greeeeaaat.) You KNOW. "It's not making fights, it's making peace with your (supposed) enemies" (plus)

  • JRR31984
    JRR31984 2 days ago

    (it don't gotta be forever or always, but..)

  • JRR31984
    JRR31984 2 days ago

    Jaden put your hair back.

  • fadzai kativu
    fadzai kativu 3 days ago

    I love my dad but will Smith 😭 you can adopt me haha

  • fenyes attila
    fenyes attila 3 days ago

    Gave me goosebumps bro

  • jahseh tesfaye
    jahseh tesfaye 3 days ago

    will is such a supportive dad i stan

  • Eli And Ezra
    Eli And Ezra 4 days ago

    We love this!

  • Athziri Osuna
    Athziri Osuna 5 days ago

    1:37 Will would make a great villan. Disney where are you?

  • Ariella Woodard
    Ariella Woodard 6 days ago

    oh my gosh i remeber Jaden from karate kids he is so old now

  • Sydney nkandu
    Sydney nkandu 6 days ago +1

    This could have been us dad ,but you always on CNN,BBC,😂😂

  • Tinowimba Katsumbe
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  • Snr S.Zeybek
    Snr S.Zeybek 6 days ago

    Liza koshyyyyyyy😃 I love the smith family❤♠️

  • Optx_Spirit
    Optx_Spirit 7 days ago

    I hate that you have to pay to watch Liza now

  • Hadi
    Hadi 7 days ago +1

    3:24, love this editing.

  • el pata de lana
    el pata de lana 7 days ago

    He look very hold than his father

  • Diana Maccow
    Diana Maccow 8 days ago

    Awesome father and son performance ♥️♥️♥️🎤

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  • Natasha Punt
    Natasha Punt 9 days ago

    He’s such a cool dad I love it

  • Not Shareblue
    Not Shareblue 9 days ago

    Just horrible N I GG E R tier song

    • sgt Logan 613
      sgt Logan 613 8 days ago

      Fruit Loop your racist and will Smith will always be better than you

  • mad_SAKU 682
    mad_SAKU 682 10 days ago

    I'm sure you got way more than 4m fans.

  • Siam Tonsing
    Siam Tonsing 12 days ago

    Father and Son performing with one heart! Cheers!!!

  • Marta Duarte
    Marta Duarte 12 days ago

    Que Portal vcs tão falando

  • Bobby Tarantino
    Bobby Tarantino 13 days ago

    K O D

  • Silkamy
    Silkamy 14 days ago

    Adopt me please, im broke.

  • Silkamy
    Silkamy 14 days ago

    The coolest dad EVER

  • Juan Andres Guevara
    Juan Andres Guevara 14 days ago

    Saludos desde Costa Rica Pura Vida

  • Mr. Rafat
    Mr. Rafat 14 days ago

    Jaden is so lucky to have will as his father as well as friend. ❤

  • Tawny Aquino
    Tawny Aquino 14 days ago

    I love the family support and love u all have for's legit!

  • R Bibi
    R Bibi 16 days ago

    That is rad too

  • Esher Rukengeza
    Esher Rukengeza 16 days ago

    Scary booooooooo

  • Thomas Von Reox
    Thomas Von Reox 17 days ago

    Imagine Will Smith c est ton daron

  • Sara Garcia
    Sara Garcia 17 days ago

    Wtf will smith makes the song better!!!

  • Arkansas Family
    Arkansas Family 17 days ago

    Awwwwwe ❤️🧡❤️🧡

  • Kunle Fowowe
    Kunle Fowowe 17 days ago

    will smith is a legend

  • Donna Hudson
    Donna Hudson 17 days ago

    Very blessed life

  • Khanyisani Mathonsi
    Khanyisani Mathonsi 17 days ago

    I'm high BTW
    Guys, guys...think about it...
    JADEN+LIZZA= Great couple or nah?

  • daniel mesfin
    daniel mesfin 18 days ago

    its crazy. i like it .
    i love you jaden &will smith

  • Royal Cee
    Royal Cee 18 days ago

    Dope 😎

  • Stephanie Rodriguez
    Stephanie Rodriguez 18 days ago

    Good job

    BJPASH HOWARD 19 days ago

    That was lit

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones 19 days ago

    How cool is that .... you grow up in your father's you can have your father in your light... Always been a Will Smith fan.. Now I'm a Smith fan.... love the site, love that you are sharing the good vibes.... God continue to bless you Will!

  • Ayisha Abdulai
    Ayisha Abdulai 19 days ago

    Best Dad ever

  • J. Raiminee
    J. Raiminee 19 days ago

    the bond 💯

  • vagazzon tv
    vagazzon tv 20 days ago +1

    Pause at 1:01 scotty was lookin at the camera

  • Humble Servant
    Humble Servant 20 days ago +33

    As a black man who grew up without a father I love seeing the affection they sho each other. Watching them hug makes me feel good. I cant wait to have me a son and show him how to be a man. Show how that men can express themselves. That holding in your emotions is actually a weakness and not a strength.

  • M Henderson
    M Henderson 20 days ago

    that was mad sick yo

  • Akshay Patil
    Akshay Patil 20 days ago

    Andreas Hem

  • Juhi Gangaramani
    Juhi Gangaramani 21 day ago

    hahahhhahah it says Caleeb pinkett

  • Shnaz Fangler
    Shnaz Fangler 21 day ago

    Does he still want to chop his balls off? Or did he grow out of it like we all suspect he would?.. those of us with normal brains and emotions?? Pc = emotionally vulnerable.

  • U dont wanna Know
    U dont wanna Know 21 day ago

    Damn that was lit

  • Justin Kase
    Justin Kase 23 days ago

    That's huge support for his son, once again will Smith super hero family Guy,.

  • Rodolfo M M vaquita
    Rodolfo M M vaquita 23 days ago

    Will sos un maestro...

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  • Abraham Tag-at
    Abraham Tag-at 24 days ago

    Adopt me will,adopt me.

  • teka urrutia
    teka urrutia 24 days ago

    ya pues y un video en español brother cuando ???

  • Pipenashho
    Pipenashho 24 days ago

    That Edition in the video is so really neat, Good job and nice video!

  • Nick F
    Nick F 24 days ago

    Kick the tires and light the fires.

  • Taylan Acar
    Taylan Acar 25 days ago

    The fresh prince

  • Alexia Morrow
    Alexia Morrow 25 days ago

    I love them so..........

  • Les tontons Windsurfers

    Le rap c'est de la grosse merde !!!!

  • Brooklyn H
    Brooklyn H 25 days ago

    Watching this brought back memories of when jaden performed never say never with Justin OMG I'm crying

  • status Universe
    status Universe 25 days ago +1

    That's amazing

  • shashank sonu
    shashank sonu 25 days ago

    How someone be so cool af..

  • Dawit Tedros
    Dawit Tedros 26 days ago +1

    One thing this video missing
    More of J cole

  • Enderson Encarnacion duran

    Algún comentario en español?

  • Hayley Jarden
    Hayley Jarden 26 days ago

    I fuxken love this video

  • Rochelle Ellis
    Rochelle Ellis 26 days ago

    You are sooo awesome

  • barbotas1
    barbotas1 26 days ago

    jaden is on meth?

  • xv Faye xv
    xv Faye xv 26 days ago

    I Love you bouth so much😂❤️❤️

  • Faith Harris
    Faith Harris 26 days ago

    Iconic performance! Mr. Pinket is Gorgeous!

  • Billy Selinga
    Billy Selinga 26 days ago

    best inspiring father eva....

  • Patrick Kirby
    Patrick Kirby 26 days ago

    What a waste jaden smith his dad probably paid everyone to come and listen to this garbage the only reason anyone came was to see will smith

  • V. M Sarojini
    V. M Sarojini 27 days ago

    will smith is the coolest dad of the century

  • derrie page
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  • Ronald Haleluya Puji Tuan

    awesome , thank you for sharing Mr. Will Smith and Jaden

  • Ya Ya
    Ya Ya 27 days ago

    C trop mignon leurs complicité🤗

  • berta boyle
    berta boyle 27 days ago

    Best remaining flower beach wake some historical outstanding nuclear.

  • Q Graal
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  • King First
    King First 27 days ago

    Will turned his son all the way out crazy

  • Chol Strong
    Chol Strong 27 days ago

    I've added the Smiths concert to my bucket list.

  • Ke'sha Shaw
    Ke'sha Shaw 27 days ago

    Y'all rock that, as usual

  • Chloe Powell
    Chloe Powell 28 days ago

    I hate myself everyday for going to the bathroom when he come out to preform 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Sabrina Sakura
    Sabrina Sakura 28 days ago

    Sooo coooolll

  • Aron Pérez vargas
    Aron Pérez vargas 28 days ago

    Gran familia gran persona...Saludos de santander cantabria españa

  • The Tamer
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  • Nikki George
    Nikki George 28 days ago

    That was amazing!

  • Cynthia Serrano
    Cynthia Serrano 28 days ago

    Yo the Spanish was lit 🔥

  • ClerVibes
    ClerVibes 28 days ago +3

    I wish my dad was like will

  • abigail polanco
    abigail polanco 28 days ago

    Ilove you Will Smith

  • Linda Jackson
    Linda Jackson 29 days ago

    Why is Jaden always throwing up the devil horns though. I used to admire this family so much but they have become weird on recent years with Jaden looking more and more feminine. I love little Willow though, she's super cute and the thoughtful type.