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Manchester United vs Top Premier League teams - 2019/20

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • This video is about Manchester United versus the original top six also including Leicester City. Man Utd are as the making of the video the only team to take a point from Liverpool. Man Utd are one of the two teams to win from Leicester City. It's a shame United are so bad against the lower teams.
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    Who said Rashford had a bad season? (Please don't make me look stupid Marcus)
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  • Vanemas
    Vanemas  Month ago +58

    Please check out my THIRD Channel "Vanemas3". It will mostly be short highlight videos of historic/memorable games you HAVE to watch.

    • ken rudge
      ken rudge Month ago

      Tottenham......Arsenal.......??? Wolves maybe....Think you nee to get your head out of your arse

    • ken rudge
      ken rudge Month ago +1

      Love the title.....LOL......United against TOP teams.....Love it

    • Noah Oseki
      Noah Oseki Month ago +5

      Done (subscribed)

    • TheFootballianTV
      TheFootballianTV Month ago +2

      Wtf,you tallk like united there burnley or something they should be a top premier league club

  • Davor Brubnjak
    Davor Brubnjak Month ago

    Liverpool vs top premier league clubs

  • omondi k'osir clinton

    And VAR says it's a penalty! Rashford faces the goalkeeper from the spot..Ooohhh cool penalty,and Marcus Rashford cannot stop scoring penalties! 😅 😆 😂 🔥

  • Auwal Muhammad
    Auwal Muhammad Month ago +1

    Rashford vs Top EPL Teams

  • Jay CJ
    Jay CJ Month ago

    I miss pogba

  • Ahmad Mesbah
    Ahmad Mesbah Month ago

    Rashford in his freetime how to fall so it’s looking like a penalty

  • เดดา นานา


  • Winter Soldier
    Winter Soldier Month ago

    This pleases my eye.

  • Rinpuia Ralte
    Rinpuia Ralte Month ago

    shit, liverpool also beat them shit video 🤣🤣🤣

  • Erick Marquez
    Erick Marquez Month ago

    Rashford 🔥🔥

  • FCM
    FCM Month ago

    Rashford has developed into an immense player. Top Class 💯

  • O'Mega Iriferigoma
    O'Mega Iriferigoma Month ago

    Rashford watched clips of Ronaldo....
    It's all over him.

  • Charlie T
    Charlie T Month ago

    Anybody else realise that there was a penalty given to Man Utd in all of their wins?

  • STB TM
    STB TM Month ago

    City a big team 🤣🤣🤣

  • meshari saeed
    meshari saeed Month ago

    I noticed United was awarded a penalty almost every game vs league leaders

  • Yeo Seojin
    Yeo Seojin Month ago


  • Seemanbazz Seeman Subi

    All am seeing is Rashford vs top six

  • Just some guy with a moustache

    rashfords like the opposite of lukaku

  • SlimeZz
    SlimeZz Month ago

    I laughed when I saw arsenal up there

  • GalaxyIsHere
    GalaxyIsHere Month ago

    United at old trafford vs Liverpool =PARK THE BUSS

  • Samuel Rai
    Samuel Rai Month ago

    Give no. 7 to Rashford now...

  • medito Toni
    medito Toni Month ago

    Rashford is so good

  • new moon
    new moon Month ago

    I think chelsea deserve to win that game because chelsea hit the post and the bar

  • 앵거스
    앵거스 Month ago

    Why arsenal in here??????????????????? Why???

  • Y. Abd Allla
    Y. Abd Allla Month ago +1

    Funny how a lot of United fans think Arsenal is not a top club while they think United still are. Nowadays United plays europa league, loses against low bottom teams and their fans literally thinks that they are a top club. In history yes but nowadays nothing more than a club who spent big money only to just lose to the likes of Newcastle.

  • Iornzughul Williams

    I love Manchester United more than my break fast

  • Stan Kigo
    Stan Kigo Month ago

    Rashford will shourly win the golden boot

    TRUMP JR Month ago

    The city is yours, the city is yours, 20000 thousand empty seats are you fucking sure ? Let's yoooooo united !!!!

  • siyume tesfaye
    siyume tesfaye Month ago

    man untd is the fantastic, rashford , james the veary veary naice good lack

  • Parakat Urazbaeov
    Parakat Urazbaeov Month ago

    Manshester utd alga qaraqalpaqsha panatin

  • allenfig18
    allenfig18 Month ago

    I've never seen Manchester United get this many penalties in a long time

  • Andre Kurnia Putra
    Andre Kurnia Putra Month ago

    United only need small club goal scorer

  • Squek Squek
    Squek Squek Month ago

    The pace upfront is unbelievable and they're very direct with their attacking it's no wonder we're winning so many pens.

  • Lars 39
    Lars 39 Month ago

    Rashford is the best penalty-taker in the world!

  • swansmeister
    swansmeister Month ago

    not particulary a fan of united but I am a huge Roshford fan, they are lucky tho they have degea he is realy good.

  • j ari
    j ari Month ago

    Why but why do you need that stupid music in the background?

  • Ithe Wa Kûi
    Ithe Wa Kûi Month ago

    They got their way back into their old mischief of buying referees , it's a shame!

  • Shaban Alphonice
    Shaban Alphonice Month ago

    Rashy mentains the reds respect

  • Shaban Alphonice
    Shaban Alphonice Month ago


  • Abhro Dhar
    Abhro Dhar Month ago

    All jokes aside, I must say! Rashford's free kicks are quite potent! He's scored some worldies, unlucky to miss out on a few more...
    The dip he gets is unbelievable! - 5:56 WOW

  • Mandy Stanners
    Mandy Stanners Month ago

    Manchester always pay the ref against Liverpool and manes should've counted it wasn't a handball

  • Mandy Stanners
    Mandy Stanners Month ago

    Arsenal bad there not near top

  • Peter
    Peter Month ago

    Great vid, makes me think we're on the verge of returning to the top of the pile again.

  • Biiinchoou Xtk16
    Biiinchoou Xtk16 Month ago

    Rashford dont score against arsenal because is not a top team 😝

  • Vishnu Nair
    Vishnu Nair Month ago

    Last couple of seasons it was Pogba, this year it's Rashford

    ...domestic abuse with the woodwork

  • Moustache Crab
    Moustache Crab Month ago

    Can't wait for: Man Utd vs Trash Teams

  • spitfiredubstep13
    spitfiredubstep13 Month ago

    People are like Rashford's numbers are only good because he takes pens...who won 90% of those pens ;-P

  • Lloyd
    Lloyd Month ago

    Not Manchester United vs big teams

    Marcus Rashford vs big teams❤

  • 신한서
    신한서 Month ago

    Arsenal is not top pl team

  • Yatharth Rawat
    Yatharth Rawat Month ago

    Now look Liverpool vs top premier league teams....

  • Calum Whelan/Hoban
    Calum Whelan/Hoban Month ago

    Man u shit

  • Ivan Grbavac
    Ivan Grbavac Month ago

    Imagine Ronaldo with this number of penalties..(Utd fan)

  • Zelalem Lasibew
    Zelalem Lasibew Month ago

    we scored 13 goals against among them 6 goals are against Chelsea so united is husband of Chelsea , we coincided 5 goals .

  • Ian coudenys
    Ian coudenys Month ago

    Rashford us actually a beast

  • Newhand not NOOB
    Newhand not NOOB Month ago

    Luckily we faced man city or that handball would probably count.
    Man city never takes advantage from VAR

  • Taufik Randiawan
    Taufik Randiawan Month ago

    Team penalti

  • zhongming wen
    zhongming wen Month ago

    Penchester United

  • tanmay chopra
    tanmay chopra Month ago


  • willy zz
    willy zz Month ago

    when you feel down on MU performance, watch this probably can hype you up

  • Duke Kibeni
    Duke Kibeni Month ago

    Just happy people have started to recognize Leicester as a big team