ASMR Yellow Triggers 💛NO TALKING for SLEEP 😴

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
  • Pure #ASMR sounds with YELLOW #triggers, NO TALKING for #sleep by Warrior! Some new triggers on my channel, it's also a live research of new sounds! Hope you'll enjoy it, tell me what's your favorite color in the comments, and have a good night 💛😴 Playlist ALL Colors
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    - Video recorded on Canon 700D
    - Camera Lense : Sigma 30mm
    - 1st Pair of Microphones : Rode NTG-2
    - 2nd Pair of Microphones : Oktava MK-012
    - Binaural Mic (earbuds) : Roland CS-10EM
    - Voice Microphone : Neumann TLM-102
    - 1st Recorder (for Outdoors) : Zoom H5
    - 2nd Recorder : Zoom H6
    - Video edited on Final Cut Pro X
    - Sound edited on Adobe Audition
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    My name is Maxence and I am a french male filmmaker doing ASMR videos since 2014. All my studies on cinematographic and sound design allow me to produce the best sounds & visuals I can to relax you, help you sleep & dreaming, and I hope, to trigger your ASMR tingles. You'll find mostly No Talking videos, but also French / English Whisper / Soft Spoken. All I can say now is: May The Tingles Be With You.
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  • Made In France ASMR
    Made In France ASMR  Month ago +195

    Here's the playlist with all colors (I keep it updated)
    And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE if you want more 💛

    • Luigi
      Luigi 28 days ago

      your videos are really nice and I think you should keep up the good work

      also why did you roll a joint in this video

    • ZzZ眠い
      ZzZ眠い 28 days ago


    • Adam Haywood
      Adam Haywood Month ago +1

      Your intros are too long and this series is shit.

    • Stefan Axentiev
      Stefan Axentiev Month ago

      Sorry to say this but,,, maybe u are out of ideeas but rly? i see that at others too, you, you, You can fall asleep hearing a fcking plastic bag?? rly? stop doing that make something that are gentle not SCRATCHING not PLASTIC BAGS not SCRATCHING THE MIKE , if u can fall asleep on your own video that should be a good thing but you can? you really can fall asleep on this video?

    • Nyx :0
      Nyx :0 Month ago

      Next color?

  • Stewie Steward
    Stewie Steward 3 days ago

    Ngl the hat is the best part

  • lucas Nogueira
    lucas Nogueira 6 days ago

    make a video rolling and smoking a joint

  • Houdou Mouaaou
    Houdou Mouaaou 6 days ago

    Tu fais perdre un temps fou aux internautes avec 53 minutes de vidéo complètement insensé !!!!

  • Führer Alo
    Führer Alo 8 days ago

    Das Klebeband is ja mal mega heftig!👂👌

  • Lemonnadetv
    Lemonnadetv 9 days ago +1

    Wario time...
    Also, you forgot the yellow helment

  • うどん
    うどん 11 days ago


    • うどん
      うどん 11 days ago


  • Gamer Kraken
    Gamer Kraken 14 days ago +1

    I'm Brazilian and VÃO COMER PAVÊ

  • marco plays online
    marco plays online 17 days ago +1

    Society: dont smoke/use drugs...

    Me: 0:38

  • Wilian Schetz
    Wilian Schetz 21 day ago

    Mano o cara bolou um back no meio do video kkkkkk....

  • fladdermus1969 vloggar och spel !!!

    Gold triggers

  • ツMeGustaElKebab
    ツMeGustaElKebab 24 days ago +1

    Can you make a video
    Only 31:10 sound please😊😊

  • !スヌーピーのまつえい

    8:05 ここ好き笑

  • Red Life
    Red Life 25 days ago

    Eu sou daltônico kk

  • Markelino HD
    Markelino HD 25 days ago

    thank you youtube algorithm

  • Deluxe420
    Deluxe420 25 days ago

    Hair wasn't yellow.

  • João
    João 25 days ago


  • spit 10
    spit 10 25 days ago

    clarence clarity asmr

  • AGUS 203
    AGUS 203 26 days ago +1

    00:37 iso un porro gigante

    Pd: un comentario en español 🤯🤯🤯

  • JohnsNightmares
    JohnsNightmares 26 days ago

    Yellow is best

  • Dodo Dohi
    Dodo Dohi 26 days ago

    Alors vraiment j'adore t vidéos mais j'ai juste une question... Tu t'amuses bien à faire des grimaces tt au long de la vidéo ? 😂😂
    Mais je crois que personnes n'avaient remarqués😂je pense que tt le monde s'endort au bout de 2 min de vidéo donc c pas grave 😉😂

  • Walter
    Walter 26 days ago

    It's 2019 where the hell did you find a cassette tape?! Lol

  • EJ_ hαko
    EJ_ hαko 26 days ago

    7:22 (*´꒳`*)

  • ick
    ick 27 days ago

    first video ive seen from you, less than a minute in and two things are certain.. quality vid, and my mans got tucks.

  • Sweetian April
    Sweetian April 27 days ago

    Très bonne vidéo:) And I used to hatethe color yellow before!! (trust when you grow up on a banana 🍌 farm yellow won't be your favorite color)

  • Ptw 24
    Ptw 24 27 days ago

    I can taste the yellow my guy

  • Captain Ginyu
    Captain Ginyu 27 days ago

    Hello Wario

  • HI I'M K I R B
    HI I'M K I R B 28 days ago

    not a single faint 'waaa'

    slightly disappointed.

    VPN_ENCRYPTOR 28 days ago

    5:30 congrats to u you have won a new yellow cyber glassed

    tape version...

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User 28 days ago

    you better surrender

  • Ari :v
    Ari :v 28 days ago +1

    Te amo eres súper guapo sigue haci con tus videos

  • Edu & Myla
    Edu & Myla 28 days ago

    O tamanho do balão que o cara bolou 🤣🤣🤣

  • clemto 13
    clemto 13 29 days ago +2

    0:35 lorenzo nique la Bac
    - UN JOIN dla taille d'un réacteur

  • Propan e
    Propan e 29 days ago


  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 29 days ago

    Im colorblind...

  • W1SECO _
    W1SECO _ 29 days ago

    Même Lorenzo est jaloux du pete

  • Attiki
    Attiki 29 days ago

    Wow 777 comments!
    Edit: Oh wait, I ruined it 😭...

  • Wafflefrisbee 420
    Wafflefrisbee 420 29 days ago

    FAT joint

  • IsherGames
    IsherGames Month ago

    Ma yellow dream, my color on my csgo team (Hypers Clan)
    Oh yeah and

    Croissant 🥐

  • Meme lord
    Meme lord Month ago

    0:40 Smoke weed everyday

  • Kim Ed
    Kim Ed Month ago

    With this quality, you deserve millions of subscribers

  • onepiecesan
    onepiecesan Month ago

    Voici le GIF du saint bédo jaune ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

    8BALL POLL Month ago +1


  • Sky T
    Sky T Month ago +1


  • Eli Rodri
    Eli Rodri Month ago

    *Y E L L O W*

  • Tg 1000
    Tg 1000 Month ago

    Do nada o cara começa a fumar um beck kkkkkkkkkk

  • Everlade
    Everlade Month ago +1

    Omg the trigger @ 2:26 is sooo good. Love you and all that you do for us man! Your content is amazing! Keep doing you!

  • GeekTuber
    GeekTuber Month ago

    This guy looks so much like Frenchie from The Boys like damnn

  • Gustavo Souza
    Gustavo Souza Month ago +1

    30:05 WHY?

  • katy martin
    katy martin Month ago

    Tu es vraiment devenu le numéro un de l'asmr français. Bravo !

    VPN_ENCRYPTOR Month ago


  • Brunella Sparaco
    Brunella Sparaco Month ago

    12:51 loving it so much

  • Rin
    Rin Month ago

    you are very creative!

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez Month ago

    Soy yo o en casi todos sus vídeos es de lo mismo no más que diferente color

    (Relajan un vrg)

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    27:11 Wow 😮🌝👻

  • MOsca Ramos
    MOsca Ramos Month ago +1

    This relaxes me thank oyu

  • M.W 24828
    M.W 24828 Month ago

    My favorite color!!
    Thank u

  • Jakias
    Jakias Month ago

    I’m looking for time stamps

  • Никита Ковган

    Кек блин

    PUTIN IV Month ago

    Y E L L O W