25 Small Details You Missed In Joker

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • Things you might have missed in Joker movie.
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    HELLO SCREENRANTERS! The Joker film has done pretty well. Well, at least with the vast majority of fans. Critics can be a little...critic-y. And with the film’s success, we wanted to put together a trivia filled video all about the Clown Prince of Crime. We poured over the film, frame by frame, and put together a list of all the hidden details and Easter Eggs. References to other moving pictures, to the comics, and even some real-life events. There are loads! You can annoy so many strangers with all the information you pick up from here! Yeah, ScreenRant! Making the world more cinematic day by day.
    But can we give you more detail on what’s in the video? Heck yeah, we can! To start with, there are quite a few references to the filmic library of Martin Scorsese. And not only due to Robert De Niro being in Joker. We also have some info regarding Arkham Asylum. Which Arthur Fleck helps us out with! DC comic stories may not have been adapted for the film. But there are some influences from a couple of Joker’s iconic moments. Who’s this Debra Kane character? We shall tell you where she’s from and what she represents! Why does that Thomas Wayne fellow look familiar? Well, we’re going to tell you! And it involves another Warner Brothers epic...and maybe it’s related to Batman...suspense. So, join us today as we fill you up on some Joker goodness!
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Comments • 884

  • Screen Rant
    Screen Rant  17 days ago +2

    Check out this playlist for more on Joker and Batman! thexvid.com/video/5c2aBCVMwRs/video.html

    • Jace liu
      Jace liu 3 days ago

      Lol why this have 1 like

  • Vivian Muliira
    Vivian Muliira 6 hours ago

    Best comic book movie ever forget endgame bye bye

  • nekuf4 dead
    nekuf4 dead 6 hours ago

    the joker movie is how a genius looks at life, he is not delusional, he is making his life his art.

  • Holly Owens
    Holly Owens Day ago

    John Wayne neutron bomb gay sea James fucked this up putting the sex first, that has nothing to do with building our nation

  • Holly Owens
    Holly Owens Day ago

    Penny is a prostitute nope, Brennan

  • Holly Owens
    Holly Owens Day ago

    George soros

  • Christian Niño Jaralve

    heres my theory on the ending it could be the arkham asylum you can see arthur has white hair it could be the future maybe in the new batman film.

  • Khalid Shamis
    Khalid Shamis Day ago

    @6:30... Travis Banks? who is Travis Banks?

  • Bruce IDW
    Bruce IDW Day ago

    In Taxi Driver he’s Travis Bickle, not Travis Banks. Jeez come on.

  • Helium Road
    Helium Road Day ago

    1:33 It's pronounced "gets" not "go ets"

  • Juls Viray
    Juls Viray 2 days ago

    Man, this movie's really incredible. Don't know why everyone's expecting heath ledger's version to be surpassed. This is more of how joker became the joker. It's not the dark knight movie. Anyways, love this movie!

  • kurt cocaine
    kurt cocaine 3 days ago

    3:00 ok shut up joker was funny

  • Xenomaster Alien
    Xenomaster Alien 3 days ago

    In the back when Joker is waking up after being freed by his supporters, there’s a neon sign for a bar or something that says “Ace in the Hole,” an homage to Heath Ledger’s Joker saying that line towards the end of The Dark Knight

  • Maria Bourquin
    Maria Bourquin 3 days ago +1

    Of course there is a reason for the Starbucks cup product placement bro.

  • Maria Bourquin
    Maria Bourquin 3 days ago +1

    So these are details we missed? King of comedy, taxi driver who knew?

  • Karen Miric
    Karen Miric 4 days ago

    so far over half way through and not a single thing is things we missed just details about the actors and other stuff they did ect and random stuff nothing which you actually miss in the joker lotta info about the actors and other movies they did lmao

  • Karen Alves
    Karen Alves 4 days ago

    1:54 It looks a lot more like an arrogant and selfish patriotism than genuine moral or empathy for black people or even jews or anyone else.

  • Cactiana
    Cactiana 4 days ago

    I haven’t heard anyone talking about the Easter egg that is his moms old picture. He’s holding it while doing his makeup and it’s says “Love your smile, T.W.” HINTING THAT THOMAS WAYNE WAS LYING ABOUT HIS MOM BEING DELUSIONAL AND THREW HER IN THE LOONEY BIN TO PROTECT HIS IMAGE AND POSSIBLY DID FAKE THE ADOPTION PAPERS MEANING HE IS ARTHURS DAD

  • Jos46664
    Jos46664 4 days ago

    NO, we don't need sequels for JOKER!!!!!!!

  • Marcus C
    Marcus C 4 days ago

    There is far more to 16 than that - the protagonist gets commited in a psychiatric hospital. Also accidentally leads a demonstration that ends up in a riot. Finally, this is where the music for the song "smile" originally comes from.

  • Sam Cornford
    Sam Cornford 5 days ago

    Who's Travis Banks??? LOL

  • Badass Snail
    Badass Snail 5 days ago

    Joker will win all the Oscars!

  • Fredd Gregg
    Fredd Gregg 5 days ago

    Leave Arthur alone
    He is my friend

  • JayBravoGaming
    JayBravoGaming 5 days ago +6

    Is it just me or I can’t stop thinking about this movie?

  • Timothy Reynolds
    Timothy Reynolds 5 days ago +2

    Travis BICKLE. Not “Banks”.

  • Lola Cortes
    Lola Cortes 6 days ago +1

    I was laughing the whole movie was supper funny the part where he gets inside the fridge 😂😂and then when he lets the midget go and he can't reach the door 😂😂😂😂😂😂 i could not stop laughing

  • WakenerOne
    WakenerOne 6 days ago +1

    First of all, Bernie Goetz' last name is pronounced like "gets," not "go-etz." Secondly, the "racial grounds" were an unproven media accusation. There is no indication and never has been that his shooting his muggers had anything to do with their race. But it's much harder to prove that it didn't than to accuse that it did.
    And before anyone starts making assumptions, I'm a black man myself.
    By the way, the joke in the panel you show at 1:58 was blatantly stolen from an issue of Thor. Some guys in battle armor learn that their boss is a Soviet communist, and immediately turn on him, stating "That's right! We may be thieves, robbers, and criminals!" "But, by heaven, we're *AMERICAN* thieves, robbers, and criminals!"

  • Tom Milley Music
    Tom Milley Music 6 days ago +1

    I found it pretty funny, it seems a lot like a dark comedy to me.

  • Mamadou Camara
    Mamadou Camara 6 days ago

    Heath best, Joaquin 2nd, jared letto trash

  • Jaykaykisses falife
    Jaykaykisses falife 7 days ago

    The last one is the best

  • Jayne Murphy
    Jayne Murphy 7 days ago +3

    Joaquin Phoenix is stupendous in this film. It also features Zazie Beetz, one of the prettiest leading ladies I have ever seen.

  • walesambyth
    walesambyth 7 days ago

    The most annoying commentary ever! Turned off for this reason!

    K BURNS 7 days ago

    #7 joe Chill in a Joker mask killed the waynes

  • Rob Ruben
    Rob Ruben 7 days ago

    Denero is a scumbag.

  • Matt Guy
    Matt Guy 8 days ago +1

    There was a building in the background of Gotham City at the end of the movie that was named Ace in the hole which I think is a reference to Heath ledger describing Harvey dent at the end of dark Knight

  • Social Life
    Social Life 9 days ago

    A Batman, Spiderman, and Harry Potter Father's day card.... *we all saw the pattern*

  • Johnrap11
    Johnrap11 9 days ago +2

    Joker was hilarious and I'm not going to be shamed into not laughing during a movie.

  • archive303
    archive303 9 days ago

    Travis Banks??? You mean Travis Bickle!! Get it right!!!

  • Briana Raine
    Briana Raine 9 days ago +1

    I was laughing almost the whole time because of the jokers laugh, it's contagious for sure

  • tonefresh
    tonefresh 10 days ago

    I haven't seen anyone mention the backdrop on the Muray show. Along with the show using the font from the animated series, the backdrop in the windows is literally Gotham City from the animated series.

  • powerfulwoman reading
    powerfulwoman reading 10 days ago

    So glad I wasn't the only one that looked sideways when I saw the name of the comedy club

  • David Lanham
    David Lanham 10 days ago +1

    It's Bernard Goetz and Travis Bickle.

  • charles simpson
    charles simpson 11 days ago

    well done. you should have been in my lit class.

  • Brian O'Shea
    Brian O'Shea 11 days ago +1

    The presenters' voice drives me up the wall.

    • Muse
      Muse 9 days ago

      Brian O'Shea same. It’s so over the top.

  • Just a Redhead
    Just a Redhead 11 days ago

    2:53 me, chuckles: I‘m a danger

  • Gorejus Dahl
    Gorejus Dahl 11 days ago

    The man in the taxi with the mask was not a MAN.She was the woman in the subway with the three men,before Arthur shot them.Look at the footage again where the apparent man in the clown mask has long brown hair and the sane clothes as the woman!

  • Smi-Le Nguyen
    Smi-Le Nguyen 11 days ago

    Awww man.alec Baldwin would've been so good in this movie too.spewin.

  • Darlene1969
    Darlene1969 12 days ago

    Tried to watch, but The narrator intonation very annoying, can't stand it

  • Mr. Negative
    Mr. Negative 12 days ago +2

    The Zoro and the Clint Eastwood ad are some of the things that I noticed too.

  • 334665eric 7788977
    334665eric 7788977 12 days ago


  • STV
    STV 12 days ago

    I would appreciate it if you give my little Joker rap a try ☺

  • Michelia Rivera-Acosta

    In the opening scene there is billboard sign that displays Puerto Rico reference for Joaquin Phoenix where he was born.

  • stormking989
    stormking989 13 days ago

    *The three Wall Street guys wanted to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight and they got burned.* 🃏

  • Chod Collins
    Chod Collins 13 days ago


  • James Gallagher
    James Gallagher 14 days ago

    Can anybody else see iron mans face in the opening scene mirror??

  • Gem Lumbang
    Gem Lumbang 14 days ago

    *25 Small Details You Thought We Missssed in Joker*

  • Joost Hoekaf
    Joost Hoekaf 14 days ago +2

    My girlfriend cried 6 times during this movie lol. It's such a sad story.

    • Andreas Kvemo
      Andreas Kvemo 10 days ago

      And I laughed... And from what I've learned from this clip... I'm..?

  • JamesCPotter13
    JamesCPotter13 14 days ago

    I swear as a kid I watched Zorro the Gay Blade...but it was called BUNNY THE GAY BLADE.

  • Christopher Wells
    Christopher Wells 14 days ago

    Travis Banks? Wtf? It’s Travis Bickle...

  • A. Hellion
    A. Hellion 14 days ago

    As someone who loves Willard with Crispin Glover, this was like Christmas to me. Of course, like 10x better too 🤯👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼