The Fab School: TIG brazing using silicon bronze

  • Miller's John Swartz and Troy Johnson, owner and lead instructor at the Fab School, demonstrate TIG brazing using silicon bronze on a piece of sheet metal where the windshield will later be inserted on the project vehicle. Silicon bronze was used in this application to minimize the heat input.
    Read this article for more information on the Fab School and its partnership with Miller.

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  • Jesse Wright
    Jesse Wright Year ago

    The word is downside, not downfall. 1:37

  • gordonfrank
    gordonfrank Year ago +2

    Appreciate you going over welder settings, etc at the end of video.

  • Mark Rich
    Mark Rich 3 years ago

    So rather than heating and grabbing a puddle , then add filler like I normally would. Heat ,no puddle, but dab brazing rod? Then work off of brazing rods puddle.

  • cb
    cb 3 years ago

    How do you properly match the sizing of your filler rod, tungsten, & cup with the material you are brazing? Is there a handy chart to link to & print out for reference? Thank you.

    • Miller Welders
      Miller Welders  3 years ago

      Thank you for your question! As with many TIG applications, various size combinations of cups, tungsten and filler rod can be used in order to achieve acceptable results. We don't have a chart for you, but it will be very similar in application (other than amperage) to other materials on our TIG Welding Calculator: We hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

  • Ethan Schulz
    Ethan Schulz 4 years ago

    How does he get away with tig welding with those gloves without get sunburn there are so many holes for the light

  • Miller Welders
    Miller Welders  6 years ago +1

    That rod is a gas rod used for gas welding and brazing. The rod that should be used for this application would be an ERCuSi-A. This type of rod is formulated to be used in the electric arc welding process. The spitting and sputtering you're seeing is most likely due to the additives in the gas rod. Hope that helps. Good luck!

    • Craig Meyer
      Craig Meyer 7 months ago

      Is the splattering from flux in the gas rod? Or does it have to do with its metallurgy? I'm struggling to understand this.

  • TheHuntsmanWorkshop
    TheHuntsmanWorkshop 6 years ago

    I need some help. I recently bought some hobart bare bronze 770510 rods to try some with my tig. This stuff spatters and smokes a ton. There was a lot of white zinc dust as I just made my tacks. I saw your video and it looks like a smooth process. What's happening? I'm using DC. Is there a difference Bare or silicone bronze? Please help

  • Kevin Hornbuckle
    Kevin Hornbuckle 6 years ago

    Thanks for this. Very helpful.

  • Micah Adams
    Micah Adams 6 years ago

    Right on eh

  • aaroncake
    aaroncake 6 years ago

    Informative video. I've brazed before using my EconoTIG and it's a great way to finish off a weld, or fix pinholes in thin metal. Just make sure to buy non-fluxed brazing rods otherwise you're just going to make a mess of the torch, material, and in general.