Arsenal Magical Team Plays 2019

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Arsenal Magical Team Plays 2019 (ft. Özil, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Guendouzi, Mkhitaryan and many more!)
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  • ArsenalVideosHD
    ArsenalVideosHD  3 months ago +210

    Arsenal: History, Tradition & Class.

    • Kakembo Milton
      Kakembo Milton Month ago

      ArsenalVideosHD by

    • Sanjay Ramanaidu
      Sanjay Ramanaidu 3 months ago

      well edited :)

    • cher gabbidon
      cher gabbidon 3 months ago


    • cher gabbidon
      cher gabbidon 3 months ago +1

      I am your biggest fan signed by Chris I love you guys so much I hope you win every single challenge and yes stay strong and don't give up lacazette Aubameyang Koscielny and all those people stay strong keeps going those goals and Ozil and Ozil and Terraria just keeps going those girls Ozil don't be afraid to school girls and yes we do love you and I like this comment if you think Arsenal strike best team out of Aston Villa and Burnley I think Arsenal's one but yeah I have good challenge and we hope that you pass everything and yes it signed by my whole family not just by Chris and yes I hope that you give keep a smile on your face and we love you and keep the smiles on your faces are you still keep sucking that from couldn't brother doesn't all the time and I just want to punch him his face off the bed and yes he's really irritating me I just want to punch you in the face right now say something brother you said hi yeah if you didn't get back he said hi and we love how you can't we wish we could watch you one day but it's too much money but yes eventually will come and watch you and yes it will save more if we can watch you instead of looking at yes school and school keep up the school he's never going to school and yes see you later bye bye bye Aubameyang and by the way I'm number 14 when I guess delete all of it

    • Aryo Setyo
      Aryo Setyo 3 months ago

      Thats why Arsenal have a different knock according don Raul!

  • Derek Graham
    Derek Graham 5 days ago

    Ozil at the heart of everything, didn't realize how great iwobi was for us until i watched that, also we need bellerin back at his best

  • Djauza Soedjarwo
    Djauza Soedjarwo 25 days ago

    emery out .. !!!

  • Iksan Nurmansyah NEW

    Best CPU

  • Shawez Ahmad
    Shawez Ahmad Month ago +1

    Ahhhh.... Saw this in August, got pumped up. Seeing this now in November, made me shed a couple of tears... You see last season we had Iwobi, Ramsey, Ozil, Mkhi in midfield. They had been constantly abused and cursed by some of our fans. Now 3 of them are gone and all of us are just like what has happened to our attacking football? It was those guys who made things happen for us. We cursed them but they were the ones with the vision, the one touch quickfire passes in tight spaces. Sure they had bad moments but did they actually deserve the treatment we gave them? Each and everyone of us knows that Ramsey was our best CM last season. He had a dip in form and we got on his back. But by the later stages of the season, he was our best player in the midfield. As soon as he went out injured, we crumbled like a pile of hay. And as bad as Iwobi's shooting is, he was our only attacking threat in terms of creation in some matches last season. Seeing Emery now and comparing him with last season, I can safely say that last year we still played some WengerBall. It was Wenger's players who were playing free flowing attacking football. Sure defence was crap but at least we had some awesome attacking moments. Now we have Unai's team and see where we are. Static midfield even with Ozil, and what can Ozil do? He needs some runs ahead of him and not of attackers but of midfielders or wing backs. We brought this upon ourselves. Wenger asked us to keep up the traditions of the club and we did just the opposite. We lost our values, started dissing our own players. And see now where we are. Wenger, Ramsey, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan..... You dont know what you have until you do not lose it :'(

  • Mustik
    Mustik Month ago

    This shows why Emery should play Ozil, Arsenal create some world class opportunities when he plays.

  • Dj Savanah
    Dj Savanah Month ago

    how do u see it!!!!

  • mucayina rutabana
    mucayina rutabana Month ago

    arsenal is good every time, but we need mr ozil on table plzzzzzzzzzze

  • Lucky Onoderra
    Lucky Onoderra Month ago

    I love every Ozil's touch in this video 🥰

  • Joseph Powon
    Joseph Powon Month ago

    Am I the only fan who feel sad with ozil situation?

  • ahmed adigun
    ahmed adigun Month ago

    AFC need another iwobi

  • Leinad
    Leinad Month ago

    Its crazy in how many of these Ozil is involved in, may as well be an Ozil comp. Wish we could still see him play from time to time, the man is a fucking genius

  • Ezekiel Some
    Ezekiel Some Month ago

    Kipchoge wishing you all the best

  • Lam bol Lam
    Lam bol Lam Month ago

    Lam Bol Lam

  • Lam bol Lam
    Lam bol Lam Month ago

    Lam Bol Lam

  • johnmike ojobo
    johnmike ojobo 2 months ago

    No matter how lazy everyone thinks Ozil is,who is watching the killer passes we have been missing in Arsenal?

  • Ahmad Rizki
    Ahmad Rizki 2 months ago

    So damn beautiful! 😍 satisfying

  • Nurudeen Fatai Olami
    Nurudeen Fatai Olami 2 months ago

    Arsenal as fullise coach right now.

  • Vanlalauva autea
    Vanlalauva autea 2 months ago

    Arsenal 😘😘😘

  • Muaviya Chamadia
    Muaviya Chamadia 2 months ago

    Hey dude, thanx to your channel I came to know what real passing.
    Thanx a lot

  • Brian Tole
    Brian Tole 2 months ago

    no team can even dream of playing like this

  • Circuz Gaming
    Circuz Gaming 2 months ago +1

    U can see how much more fluent we play when Ozil is on the pitch, when he is on his best he is the best CAM in the world. just wish he would show that more often. like he did before... but i think he's done at Arsenal. Unai don't rate him like we do..

  • Rohan Makkar
    Rohan Makkar 2 months ago +1

    The only problem with Mhikhi & Iwobi was finishing. They missed a lot of simple and important opportunities.

  • Nanbie
    Nanbie 2 months ago

    Love Arsenal
    Great Videos!!!

  • Rang Klos
    Rang Klos 2 months ago

    your editing skills!

  • Abdulmalik Abdulmalik
    Abdulmalik Abdulmalik 2 months ago

    after watching this... still don't understand why Emery isn't playing ozil....

  • youpay me
    youpay me 2 months ago +2

    Too much beauty with very less goals.

  • ashedicted
    ashedicted 2 months ago

    When the hell will Ozil be back 🤔

  • CMA Group
    CMA Group 2 months ago

    This is the reason why i Love Arsenal

  • Þorbjörg Ragnarsdóttir

    Typical arsenal video with no goals 🤣.
    I know there where goals it was sarcasm because there was few goals

  • Nuru Lema
    Nuru Lema 2 months ago

    ozil must start.. what is unai waiting for??? suspect

  • Alif Firman
    Alif Firman 2 months ago

    I miss Ozil so much 😟

  • Simran Mohamed
    Simran Mohamed 2 months ago

    I wonder what's wrong with kolasinac always goes forward but doesn't score or shoot the ball

  • Randa Yousef
    Randa Yousef 2 months ago

    Poor video

  • Manato Takahashi
    Manato Takahashi 2 months ago +1

    Arsenal HAVE TO PLAY OZIL and torreira and ceballos and guendouzi in a 4 mid formation to win consistently

  • Manato Takahashi
    Manato Takahashi 2 months ago

    What a goal 4:18

  • Manato Takahashi
    Manato Takahashi 2 months ago

    Why oh why do they do this only occasionally😭

  • Arnab Sinha
    Arnab Sinha 2 months ago

    3:45 simple and beautiful

  • Ashish Chauhan
    Ashish Chauhan 2 months ago

    BEAUTIFUL Football

  • Man from the Orient
    Man from the Orient 2 months ago

    This compilations shows our best combinations of last season and does it surprise anyone that Özil was literally involved in any of them? He has his weaknesses and can be very lazy and frustrating at times but there is no doubt that he is the best creative player in the team and he could absolutely flourish in a team with a solid defensive foundation. Emery has to drop Xhaka and start rotating between Özil and Ceballos in the no 10 role and play Torreira and either Guendouzi or Willock behind the no 10 but not Xhaka

  • mo om
    mo om 2 months ago

    Arsenal should build the team around Ozil. Give defensive responsibilities to others and give Ozil a free role. He is the most creative player in the team.

  • Tameem
    Tameem 2 months ago

    notice how Xhaka is not involved in any of those !

  • Damian Makala
    Damian Makala 3 months ago

    Master of assist mesut ozil

  • Dion Simasiku
    Dion Simasiku 3 months ago

    Arsenal is the best

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester 3 months ago

    when ozil played that game vs leicester at home, that was one of the best games i’ve ever seen him play. shame he can’t have good consistency and play like that every 1-2 weeks :(

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester 3 months ago

    would much rather have sold Mhki and kept Iwobi. pretty sure almost everyone can agree with me

  • Adil Göcmenoglu
    Adil Göcmenoglu 3 months ago

    Özil is so good and smooth

  • Ahmad Rahman
    Ahmad Rahman 3 months ago

    i have a got a goosebump when see ozil touching the ball

  • syed hassan
    syed hassan 3 months ago

    That miss against Chelsea...amazing video compilation though as always

  • Abubakar Sarwar
    Abubakar Sarwar 3 months ago +1

    WHERE IS ARSENAL? Fabregas, wilshere, ramsey, iwobi, song, rosicky, cazrola, nasri, mikhi, ox, etc all creative players gone! Only Ozil is left and even he doesn't get a chance in the starting 11! You can't play a bunch of CDMs with Strikers. We have no midfield, the heart of midfield, the ARSENAL I know. It's lost, emery needs to play Ozil CAM, Ceballos CM and Torriera CDM with laca pepe and auba upfront. Playing 5 defenders with 3 defensive midfielders and still conceading goals is total bullshit. We will concead regardless of how many we play at the defense, its better that we play to our strengths which is offensive! I miss watching this football. Make the most of auba and laca before they get too old.

  • Aden Omar
    Aden Omar 3 months ago


  • фыв апр
    фыв апр 3 months ago

    8:23 TOP

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell 3 months ago

    Arsenal is a magic football team since I supported them in 1984.

  • Olakunle Olafisoye
    Olakunle Olafisoye 3 months ago

    We will surely miss Iwobi

  • Glunt
    Glunt 3 months ago

    Eyegasm 😍

  • nor azri
    nor azri 3 months ago

    its in arsenal dna to play beautiful football. coyg.

  • Оганес Гаспарян

    Excellent video man, this is why I'm a gunner, the music also perfect

  • Mikezz
    Mikezz 3 months ago

    Notice how Ozil was involved in most of these moves. He just needs to get his form right then he can be the highest assister in the Premier League full stop. He is quality when he turns up so we as fans need to get behind him.

  • EMW Productions
    EMW Productions 3 months ago

    It's annoying how channels like this can upload premiere league HD clips without copyright but when I do I get instantly blocked.

  • Abu-Jahid Mukid
    Abu-Jahid Mukid 3 months ago

    From this video, it is evident Xhaka is not needed. Not a single clip of him in this video, when he plays we do not have this football. We need to get rid of Xhaka, guendouzi is good and obv now we have Ceballos, Pepe and willock to create more chances and plays. Xhaka simply isn’t needed, play Torreira Willock in CM and Ceballos/Ozil CAM. Guendouzi bench, sell Xhaka and buy another RB and maybe LW, use the rest of the money on a CB and IF we have money left buy a dominant CM like Parthey or Dacoure, and we will be good to go!