How to make an Induction Heater (Like a professional one)

  • Published on Feb 6, 2018
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    In this video I am going to show you how to make a powerful induction heater at home.
    This bladeless fan is powered by a 12v adapter and is is very useful for those having kid around them.
    This is a powerful induction heater that can handle surges of upto 300 watts that is a lot of power to heat up any metal to red hot. This induction heater is completely homemade.
    This is made possible by using a printed circuit boards that I have ordered from JLCPCB.
    They are offering very low prices and high quality PCBs so visit their website and get an instant quote.
    For more information and details such as dimensions part lists schematic and gerber file please visit my Instructables blog.
    Moreover I am also giving away the remaining PCBs to five lucky winners. So subscribe,share and like this video and drop a comment below about what you want to see as our next DIY project.

    DIY King
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  • анатолий янченков

    Хорошая самоделка но при длительной работе индуктор отпаяется от платы. Нужно водяное охлаждение. У же проверено.

  • Bogdan Dinov
    Bogdan Dinov 12 days ago

    Can you send me a sketch board of that Induction Heater?

  • Sangam Saumya
    Sangam Saumya 19 days ago

    Are you Indian

  • Shrikrishna Narkhede
    Shrikrishna Narkhede 27 days ago

    Very Nice

  • hasan hasani
    hasan hasani 28 days ago

    Can the stone be melted or broken?

  • Anuj Vishwakarma
    Anuj Vishwakarma Month ago

    can u please instruct me how can i make larger of it that can heat up of 1and half inches of iron rod

  • Rajeev Bairwa
    Rajeev Bairwa Month ago

    How to increase its power? I want to make it powerful enough for some higher application.

  • Chris Sparks
    Chris Sparks Month ago +2

    I really do apprt you talking slow and clearly. It really helps people like me who find it hard to understand certain accents. Indian being one of them. I love their accent, it's just hard to understand sometimes, so thank you you for speaking clearly, that really does help :)

  • Just Arrived
    Just Arrived Month ago

    Can plz make one for me... Plz plz plz... I will pay you for that... Contact me on

  • Anshu Maurya
    Anshu Maurya 2 months ago

  • king marri
    king marri 2 months ago

    why we r using inductors and diode what r the maint perpose of usint these components in this project ??

  • Hussain Khatri
    Hussain Khatri 2 months ago

    Ye hamko chahiye

  • The Techalaya
    The Techalaya 2 months ago

    bro no offense its schematic not skimatic

  • Carl Street
    Carl Street 2 months ago +1

    Excellent Video -- well presented, good scripting and pacing; good audio and lighting; very informative -- Well done, Sir!

  • Naim Akhter
    Naim Akhter 2 months ago

    I like this pcb i want to make this project for gold melt can u make next project smbs power supply for this project

  • nasaman23
    nasaman23 2 months ago

    What is the name of the music in the video?

  • fla playa
    fla playa 2 months ago

    Amazing how those little tiny channels of doped silicon in those MOSFETS can switch 130 Amps continuously.

  • Zaenal Fanani
    Zaenal Fanani 3 months ago

    Hi sir ...
    We are very interested in making it, can we be assisted and how much for the series, thank you

  • Ethan Cunningham
    Ethan Cunningham 3 months ago

    you blasted my mind with your intro statement

  • Solanki Hardik
    Solanki Hardik 3 months ago

    Will you plz.. Make a video about the explanation of circuit diagram of induction heater

  • Tinkar Gayen
    Tinkar Gayen 3 months ago

    This pcb brought by flipkart

    ELECTRICAL REPAIRS 3 months ago


  • Ambrosio
    Ambrosio 3 months ago

    Muy bueno.Quisiera ver el esquematico.Donde esta?.

  • facer reader
    facer reader 3 months ago


  • Bagus Armad
    Bagus Armad 3 months ago

    Oh you use glue stick in the heatsink to put the fan. How come if the transistor over heat?

  • Paulo Hulk
    Paulo Hulk 3 months ago

    Quero comprar manda para o Brasil?

  • Juan Luis Besoain
    Juan Luis Besoain 4 months ago

    It is possible to order the whole kit (or 10 kits) for the Induction Heater and to be dispatched by airmail to Chile, South America?
    many thanks for the replay.

  • Majid M. Latif
    Majid M. Latif 4 months ago

    Bro i need a Bolt heating machine please contact me my whatsapp number I am from Pakistan. 03213324599

  • Mert Pekrul
    Mert Pekrul 4 months ago +1

    Forwarded video to several people...very helpful

  • Mert Pekrul
    Mert Pekrul 4 months ago

    Thank you

  • hans-juergen rasch
    hans-juergen rasch 4 months ago

    dein video ist shit

  • King Freedom
    King Freedom 4 months ago

    Step by step sweet video

  • King Freedom
    King Freedom 4 months ago

    Iv always like black smithing . this is an advanced way😁🙏🤜🤛

  • cleippo
    cleippo 4 months ago +1

    2019 I use an induction heater to vape my herb....yay for Technology!!

    • 0 0
      0 0 4 months ago

      Dynavap for the win!

  • tuul jargal
    tuul jargal 4 months ago


  • JP jay
    JP jay 5 months ago

    @DIY King
    which components do I need to order so the heater can "survive longer" and not bur so quickly?
    (more reliable)
    which parts need to be "oversized" or from a Japanese/US/Korean supplier?


  • hystericalMisfit YT
    hystericalMisfit YT 5 months ago

    Loved the video but why you talking like a robot

  • Fred Bloggs
    Fred Bloggs 5 months ago +2

    That was a great video. You should be proud of your production. I've used these quick turn around PCBs before, but they were for much more complicated boards and took quite a while to design and verify. But I was really impressed with your attitude for use with these simple boards. As for constructive comments, you do need to improve your soldering skills. And to really use 130A you would need to "seriously" beef up all connectors, wires and PCB traces to deliver that sort of current to the coil. I suspect you are only using a fraction of the full capability of that power supply.

  • HugeInJapan
    HugeInJapan 5 months ago +1

    Whelp! I had no idea I could order custom PCBs with quick turnaround for such an affordable price. I purchased a Cricut vinyl cutter to make masks, but this seems like a better option for some more tedious builds.

  • Joy Junction
    Joy Junction 5 months ago

    Please make a video on your education and collage life

  • Saurabh Meena
    Saurabh Meena 5 months ago

    Music name at 8:08? Pls

  • Alan Deng
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    Despite the good information he talks like a robot in the beginning

  • Mazhar Saeed
    Mazhar Saeed 5 months ago

    hello Sir, can u give me 1set price and your email add thanks

  • Bob Leach
    Bob Leach 5 months ago

    If you put a kit together I would love one.

  • Gerardo Sanchez
    Gerardo Sanchez 5 months ago

    Cual es la fuente de poder?

  • Urban Udovč
    Urban Udovč 5 months ago +1

    Super helpfull. I ended up making bigger one so i can use it in my blacksmithing workshop

    • Urban Udovč
      Urban Udovč 5 months ago

      @James Gardner i use it for melting metal. For forging i made my forge out of ytong, firebricks and weed burner

    • James Gardner
      James Gardner 5 months ago

      Urban Udovč I'm just getting started I'm smiting an thought this would be good to

  • Taegen P
    Taegen P 6 months ago

    Do you know of a way to be able to control the temperature your induction coil gets up to?

  • oofig
    oofig 6 months ago

    Indians are the most creative race

  • ThomasHaberkorn
    ThomasHaberkorn 6 months ago +1

    the one thing which bugs me about this circuit are the 2 inductors (here: 100µH) at both sides of the main coil. Why are they needed?

    • fred dryer
      fred dryer 4 months ago

      Congratulations sir. You are one of two curious enough to ask. Please reply for an explanation of these single ended parallel circuits.

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  • José Ferreira
    José Ferreira 6 months ago

    Preciso de dez peças

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    jimbo demonjuste 6 months ago

    Hola vivo en Haïti cuanto cuesta con todo y transporte

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    chummaker1 6 months ago

    'Why the music????? And the audio????? A smart guy like you can get better audio and no music PLEASE!!!!!!! Otherwise your video is GREAT.

  • POV NW
    POV NW 7 months ago

    Me: But I have to make a big fire to get this iron red hot!
    DIY King: Hold my curry.

  • Bisma Gul
    Bisma Gul 7 months ago

    I use copper wire instead of copper pipe.???

  • Matt Harasimo
    Matt Harasimo 7 months ago +3


    Circuit diagram , plz, or you are just a shill for this jlcpcb place. How many amps is the PSU supposed to be? What exactly does adding a 10 ohm 2w resistor do to your 15v input voltage? Does it affect the amps? I checked out the linked Instructable, while IT has an INCOMPLETE parts list it is still lacking a circuit diagram.
    Awesome clickbait shillstub, though, dude. Lookit you, aren't YOU so smrt!! /sarcasm

    NB that I am occasionally using the keystrokes "uf" to designate micro-Henrys in this list BUT ALSO there is a PART with that prefix.(UF4007) DO NOT USE IF4007 diodes or your entire project WILL go up in sparks and smoke. Ye Have been Warned.

    2* 10k resistors
    2* 2200 ohm resistors
    2* UF4007 diodes (UF (Ultra Fast) NOT IF (Is Fast) OR YOUR HEATER WILL GO SPARKLY-BOOM)
    2* 1N821 ZENER diodes
    2* IRF540N MOSFETs
    2* capacitors/banks ~400VAC non-polar 0.33uf capacitors. (Volts seems to be more important than Micro-Henrys (uf) here, ideally you want 800VAC of caps but ya can play around a bit with the numbers.)
    2* 30mm toroidial (circular not tube shaped) ferrite cores OR 2* 100uf inducers
    Semi-optional part: f NO CLUE WTF a "100uf inducer is you WILL need enough 1.2mm solid copper wire to do 30 wraps around EACH ferrite core
    12v PC fan(NOT a cpu blower)
    2* heatsinks (aluminum or copper) that fit your MOSFETs
    1* small tube of thermal paste for an excellent thermal bond between the MOSFETs and their respective heatsinks (this step is entirely missing from the vid and Instructable but all ya gotta do is smear a thin layer of paste on the surface of the mosfet(s) that touches the heatsink directly before screwing them to such)
    1m (100cm) * 5mm diam. copper pipe
    10cm* 2.5cm dowel (any material that you can wrap a coil of the 5mm copper pipe around, I suggest wood but whateva ya use is fine)
    12v power supply with sufficient amps (I'd guess 20+, but this info is sadly lacking so idk this for sure. TOO MANY amps is better than not enough)

    VERY USEFUL but NOT needed tools/extras:
    impedence meter
    volt tester
    ohms tester
    solder iron

  • Chris Fredriksson
    Chris Fredriksson 7 months ago

    Awesome project and video! Also wondering what the wonderful music was at 8:27?

  • JP jay
    JP jay 7 months ago

    awesome video

    • JP jay
      JP jay 5 months ago

      @Peter Hansen exactly!
      (or give it a bit more time)

    • Peter Hansen
      Peter Hansen 5 months ago +1

      JP jay - Yes, the technique could be better.
      Never try to melt the solder with the iron. That will lead to what is known as a “cold joint”.
      Heat the joint with the iron and use the solder to determine when there is enough heat. As you heat the joint, keep touching And removing the solder from the components being joined. When it is hot enough, the solder will melt quickly and be drawn into the gaps to create a good bond. At that point, remove the iron so as not to overheat the joint and burn off the flux.

  • Zach Finger
    Zach Finger 8 months ago

    can you use an DC capacitor?

  • kwantoon
    kwantoon 8 months ago

    No disassemble number 5