Is This The Fall Of YG Entertainment

  • Published on May 29, 2019
  • A little editorial on my thoughts of YG Entertainment,Yang Hyun Suk Accusations, Seungri, Is The Fall of YG Entertainment, and the future of YG!
    *This video is just me reporting news that is already out there. Do not take this as %100 fact. All opinion are just that opinion*
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  • InternetsNathan
    InternetsNathan  6 months ago +241

    Hey y'all! I have a upload schedule now! Hope to see you all there!
    Wednesday: Kpop News
    Friday: What Happened
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    • Princess Rantayo
      Princess Rantayo 6 days ago

      2019 is the worst year for k-pop, all.of the scandals, sulli's death and goo Hara's death

    • Zarin Tashnim
      Zarin Tashnim 3 months ago

      Can you make a video about winner 🙂😊

    • John Doe
      John Doe 6 months ago

      @Precious Ignacio It's like saying you're son of a bitch. We know you are stupid but it is not nice to call your mom a bitch, is it, since you dropped out of your mom. If there is nothing wrong, why the fuck did he remove Lisa from the thumbnail? Fucking shameless motherfuckers

    • Blinking ARMY-L
      Blinking ARMY-L 6 months ago

      Could you do a what happened to Big bang video?

    • Gacha Ex
      Gacha Ex 6 months ago +1

      For what happened please do girls day

  • Humaira Aisyah
    Humaira Aisyah Day ago

    I really hope that YG group's move to another company

  • Ma.Criselle Aquino
    Ma.Criselle Aquino 9 days ago

    Bitch stop it!!!! YG still remains😭😭

  • Jungkookies Army Backpack

    Yg produces such successful groups, such a shame he’s a mess

  • Xweet Zhi Yeo
    Xweet Zhi Yeo 23 days ago +1

    In my opinion..... Blackpink, Bigbang (3 member) can save YG

  • stitchie temz
    stitchie temz 24 days ago +1

    I miss YG Family back when 2 kpop groups in YG could collab

  • ShitPIE Avocado
    ShitPIE Avocado 25 days ago

    I never liked this man

  • Arina nam Jin
    Arina nam Jin 29 days ago

    P nation or black label should rlly save blackpink from that heck hole

  • Natalie_ Bnth
    Natalie_ Bnth Month ago

    i hate yg but i dont hate blackpink group

  • army X once X stay X limelight

    This is why i Stan JYP nation

  • •I like Namjoon Potter more than Harry Potter•


  • Masked PM
    Masked PM Month ago


  • sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst


  • Mattiayt89
    Mattiayt89 Month ago

    Dahyun ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rom Blackjackie
    Rom Blackjackie 2 months ago +1

    It may be the fall of YG, Because YG's Biggest mistake is Dibanding 2NE1, What's wrong by Minzy left the group? And 2NE1 oficially disbanded? I hope this is realky the fall of YG!
    This is why i've changed my mind to love D-NATION ENTERTAINMENT, where Bom signed in that small company. In my opinion, YG is just a beggar.. All YG needs is a Powerful Groups like 2NE1,BIGBANG (Sorry if i did not placed BP here) YG's Most powerful group was 2NE1 Not blackpink.. Blackpink is new to YG, and 2NE1 easily get most views in every video(Not hating BP) I'm just a small fan of BP i just knew them before 2NE1's Disbandment. If YG fell down, maybe there something gonna happen to the YG groups (and i dont know what will happen.) Like Blackpink,IKon,Winner, and more.
    and This will be the *Biggest Karma* For how YG treated 2NE1.
    Dont be rude.. It's my Opnion

    • Soru7
      Soru7 2 months ago

      its degenerated piece of shits who ruined 2ne1, not yg...
      you too should learn to stick to facts and not some baseless rumors spread by jealous and delusional piece of shits.
      yg has supported bom a lot at that time, but the worthless trash just didnt stop attacking her, so there was no way he could have let her out to perform and that was for her own well being. when you already suffer so much from depression and other things, such disgusting attacks will only make it worse.

  • Hello CookieX3
    Hello CookieX3 2 months ago

    YG is a shit company anyway, it's sad they collect such great, good hearted, talented, good-hearted people and treating them so bad. The CEO gambling all the money blackpink made, being in scandals about him paying prostitutes, he got them bankrupt, I'm sick of him, he treats people like shit and I fucking hate it.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 2 months ago

      @Hello CookieX3 youre the one crying because you cant handle the truth...
      and you still couldnt disprove it, meaning you proved all my points again...
      but youre still too stupid to even realize that

    • Hello CookieX3
      Hello CookieX3 2 months ago

      Soru7 ???? Rich coming from you

    • Soru7
      Soru7 2 months ago

      @Hello CookieX3 wow, you really got triggered hard, that you dont know what else to say

    • Hello CookieX3
      Hello CookieX3 2 months ago

      @Soru7 Im . not jumping on any bandwagon, youre the one seeking attention you hot headed keyboard warrior looking to get triggered

    • Soru7
      Soru7 2 months ago

      and the next disgusting and worthless human waste jumping on this disgusting hate bandwagon, just for some attention that she doesnt get in her miserable life...

      yg is still one of the best companies and he always supported his artists a lot, your jealousy and disgusting opinions wont change that fact.

      either give an official report here that states something else, if you cant do that, you will further prove what a pathetic scum you are.

  • ᗪᑌᑕK ᗪᑌᑕKY
    ᗪᑌᑕK ᗪᑌᑕKY 2 months ago

    He is one-sided because his eyes are too close together LMAO

  • rachrex
    rachrex 2 months ago

    Like can you imagine a free world where artists like 2ne1, Lee hi, winner, ikon, etc! Let’s imagine these awesome people are able to create their own music and be boss’s. High ground please. Fuck YG. Let’s save the artists under YG.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 2 months ago

      ironic, when ignorant and degenerated piece of shits want to sound so nice, while jumping on a disgusting hate bandwagon just for some attention, that you dont get in your worthless life.
      yg artists are known to have the most freedom out of all artists, but its ok, thats just the stupidity and ignorance of such pathetic trash, who care way too much for some attention...

      its obvious that you also shit on every single artist that you mentioned and only jump on their hype bandwagon for some attention...thats a typical thing for such worthless human waste to do...truly pathetic when something so unimportant like attention becomes so important in someones life, that they even shit on innocent people for it...

  • Ester Reyes
    Ester Reyes 2 months ago

    They treated people wrong,so they NEED to seriously shut down.

  • Jas Bernice
    Jas Bernice 2 months ago

    That's karma I guess cause Hanbin left

  • Army x Blink
    Army x Blink 3 months ago +1

    As a 2nd generation fan I have to say that bigbang and 2ne1 were his best selling groups and untouchable. YG then debuted winner and ikon and ikon are like the 2nd bigbang. Then YG and JYP decided to make a nine membered girl group like girls generation. YG was supposed to debut Pinkpunk but then split them like how he made winner and ikon. One of the group was called the future 2ne1 but sadly they left the company. In my theory the other group was Rosé Lisa Jisoo Jennie and Miyeon. But Miyeon left after the delay of debuting leaving YG with the four girls called Blackpink. JYP had twice and YG had Blackpink. YG compared them to 2ne1 because they had some similarities. But then Boms scandal blew up in Korea and minzy left while CL wanted to go to the American markets. YG disbanded them. The groups that are active are winner and ikon and blackpink but he hardly promotes them. Recently BI from ikon left and I don't think they will release music for sometime leaving him with winner and blackpink. Winner should have a comeback and more promotions while Blackpink have the potential of earning the most.
    The way YG can be brought back up is by
    Giving winner at least 2 comebacks a year with at least a full album
    Giving Blackpink 2 comebacks and full albums and promote them more
    Giving his solo artists albums and comebacks
    If GD and taeyang leave yg then yg is basically ruined
    In conclusion it started from disbanding 2ne1 and not promoting his artists .

    • maddybg
      maddybg 2 months ago

      It started bcoz of the company's lack of management skills

  • Chelle Villanueva
    Chelle Villanueva 3 months ago

    It's time for CL and G-DRAGON to sit on the thrown

  • Wonderful World
    Wonderful World 3 months ago

    I think all started suddenly this year to blame at once on many issues on YG to bring him down because they are somebody that’s associated with the ‘Big People’ who are involved in some illegal acts. They just wanna cover it up by blaming many faults of YG who knows ‘what happened and who was involved. ‘
    Lot’s of people are not stupid to see the overall scenarios here. We are smart enough to see the picture here.
    YG has been in the entertainment business since 1990 ( 20 years ago).
    Why this year suddenly after that Seungri scandals started ( which is closer to exposing the ‘big people’ involved in illegal acts such higher ranks local enforcements and some big shots people ) , then all of the sudden, all these targets has been suddenly finding faults on YG. it’s a part of a diversion towards the bigger culprit up above who are powerfull in SK. Somebody wants to put him down coz he knows too much. Use your logical sense of thinking, it’s soo obvious that people can think and see that.

  • Kayinyt
    Kayinyt 3 months ago

    *blackpink saving YG*

  • mer
    mer 3 months ago

    theyre involved in sm and i hope that the groups can try and label under someone else tbh

  • Ring Pha
    Ring Pha 3 months ago

    I felt sad seeing people hating on yg.... If he is not there remember your favorite may not come this far...

  • bloxboyoutube underground

    Tbh.. I love there artists like BLACKPINK. But I do think that YG has been going too far. They took pink’s tour money for gambling, they can’t even do they’re own normal stuff without given a rule about that. It’s just stupid. And how they treated 2ne1. I do think that they should have a comeback somewhere but judging by the hate on them. I don’t think they will have one.

  • j .
    j . 3 months ago

    i mean just from the title alone, the answer would be obvious


  • Ash sttarlightts
    Ash sttarlightts 3 months ago


  • Ash sttarlightts
    Ash sttarlightts 3 months ago

    YG produces one of the best idols but I hate their agency

  • chocolaty chips
    chocolaty chips 3 months ago

    yg needs to get their crap together

  • Zocku Hocku
    Zocku Hocku 3 months ago

    That is so stupid that this entertainment is in this situation right now... actually it should be the complete opposite, if he could handle blackpink better they would have gain a lot of money but nooo he must give them only one comeback a year

  • Jam Is My Invisible Nature

    I kinda want CL to take over. I WANT HER TO *COME BACK HOMEEEE.*

  • Namjoon sold my jams for 3 dollars & a sprite

    I like yg bands , just not the company , the company is horrible

  • 진신융[ Shinyoung ]
    진신융[ Shinyoung ] 4 months ago +1

    YG entertainment is like a cheap plastic off-brand toys you get from a bad-quality store

  • Mikaela Koukouli
    Mikaela Koukouli 4 months ago

    None of you has realised that someone *CLEARLY* wants to destroy yg entertainment

  • Lily Potato
    Lily Potato 4 months ago +1

    Can we just wish the best for the company instead of wishing them for bankruptcy, yes maybe yg did something wrong but i believe his not bad person,human are so heartless when it come to judging others,when u think yg company bad i believe there is other company worst they just lucky to have media and powerful peopple behind them,while YG it's already been public secret how kmedia against them,,,,,,,,remember the biggest monster usually stay quite while watching their peopple do the work.

  • Soggy beanie baby Taemin’ Ft. Bling bling

    OMG you were so fucking right it did happen!!!!

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 4 months ago +2

    Yesterday Louis vouton said he owe us 46 million dollar 😂 some of his investors announced bankruptcy lol ( this why i never invest my money in Asian companies no matter how famous they are coz i know they are scammers 😂 oh and daesang from bigbang is criticized for doing prostitution business in his building in kangnam 😂 I've never imagined yg is so dirty 😑

  • Jenduekie’s Kookies
    Jenduekie’s Kookies 4 months ago

    I don’t care about YG, I just care about the artists. I hope that they won’t fall. I hope Blackpink, IKON, Winner, and other groups won’t disband. They did nothing wrong, I wish they would go to another company and stay together still. I will throw hands if they have to disband.

  • sooyoung
    sooyoung 4 months ago +3

    This is what happens when you abandon 2NE1 for a newer girl group. Lol maybe one of the blackjacks casted a spell 😂😂😂

  • sooyoung
    sooyoung 4 months ago +1

    Buddy’s Boycotting YG
    Reveluvs 🤝

    • Katerina the Annoying
      Katerina the Annoying 4 months ago

      sooyoung As an army,an once and a reveluv I feel like you shouldn’t blame the groups that didn’t do anything for that and don’t deserve this.I hope no group should experience this😭😞

  • sooyoung
    sooyoung 4 months ago +2

    Let’s boycott YG together 🤝 kpop fans
    Nothing will change until something is done!! YG actually owns other clubs and is still running them. His dirty ass hasn’t stopped

  • c h a e c h a e
    c h a e c h a e 4 months ago

    yg: *falling apart*

    Blackpink: ;)

  • aryn
    aryn 4 months ago

    YG doesn’t listen to the fans.
    Blinks have been BEGGING for full album. We didn’t get it.
    CL (after 2NE1 disbanded) stans really want more activity from her. We’re not getting anything.
    And so much more!
    Ikon would be nothing if they didn’t produce their own song. He barely give them decent promotions. It’s so stupid.
    He is biased on his groups and only gives the popular ones what a Kpop group deserves. Big Bang they seem a little more active (I mean not now but in the past) then a lot of the other YG groups. I mean yeah you should give your best group good stuff but Big Bang compared to what Blackpink (not saying they aren’t popular) get so much better! Blackpink they get a few songs a year and then hibernation time. And they are still defending Seun**i over BI?! Biased much?
    Disbanding 2NE1 and kicking BI out. 2NE1 one of the best 2nd gen groups were disbanded after a small scandal. Jay Park he had a scandal but he waited and sorted everything out and is THRIVING now. Why could YG do that? The same goes for BI.
    YG one of the top three. They NEED to step it up. All the artist deserve better.

    KPØP FĀNDØM 4 months ago +1

    I hope they do they treated 2ne1 like trash and shit CL had to buy there costumes And take care of her group

  • Ceynanshe Hasan
    Ceynanshe Hasan 4 months ago

    F*** yg

  • Natasha Smith
    Natasha Smith 4 months ago

    I feel bad for treasure 😢 they probably will never debut. They worked so hard 😰 its not fair

  • Tea Bitch
    Tea Bitch 4 months ago +1

    I worried about the artists and groups

  • GND,EI Holmes
    GND,EI Holmes 4 months ago +2

    the artists dont need YG

  • lalicon
    lalicon 4 months ago +2

    I love Blackpink and other groups... But YG is only MONEY :/

  • s b
    s b 4 months ago


  • Katakuri
    Katakuri 4 months ago

    Just go out of business already

    • Natasha Smith
      Natasha Smith 4 months ago

      What about all of the innocent artist who had nothing to do with all this mess. Why is it fair their lives get destroyed

    • john tran
      john tran 4 months ago

      Katakuri hahaah 😆

    • Katakuri
      Katakuri 4 months ago

      @john tran damn, i hope that would be very soon
      My meaningless life could end now like seriously

    • john tran
      john tran 4 months ago

      Katakuri until the day it goes out of business your life would too 😆

  • Najmi Zahir Handalan
    Najmi Zahir Handalan 5 months ago

    In all honesty, like you said before this video was uploaded, something has to change within YG. This time is not just the Fall of YG Ent., it is more as a wake up call. A wake up call either they figure out the wrongs then restart or staying with their own way riskily.

  • Jenifer Powers
    Jenifer Powers 5 months ago +1

    If YG does fall can all the groups go to different entertainment companies ( specifically BP)

  • chérry *
    chérry * 5 months ago +2

    YG ruined Jisoo career....and made her feel bad.
    Here’s the reason why

    Jisoo and Rose is my bias.
    Jennie is always in the middle of EVERYTHING literally everything
    Why can’t YG make everything fair?
    All of them gets the same equal lines.
    For some dances each Blackpink member is in the middle every time they do a dance (bc Jennie is always in the middle -.-)
    All of them gets good and beautiful outfits (Lisa gets the worse and Jennie gets the best -.-)
    I just wish Jennie OML I hate her just bc she gets everything so perfect and they are..
    She gets her OWN song (SOLO)
    She gets the best outfits
    She gets the longer better lines
    She always sings first in every song of theirs
    She is always getting everything good

    LIKE WHY CANT JISOO,ROSE AND LISA GET THEm TOO?! This is the most unfair company every.
    Jisoo derserves attention, love, longer lines (bc she gets the less, she only gets like 7 seconds lines) prettier outfits.
    Lisa derserves better outfits, love, etc
    Rose derserves love, better outfits , longer lines etc
    Jennie derserves no she gets everything perfect so she derserves nothing to me..everyone only cares about her only
    Everyone only cares about Jennie and Lisa and Rose the most and leaves out Jisoo
    This is not hating I just want things to change in Blackpink
    I feel like Jisoo is left out every single time..give her love
    I feel like Jennie dosent really like Jisoo much
    Lisa loves Jisoo
    Rose loves Jisoo
    Jennie likes Jisoo
    Give Jisoo her love too, include Jisoo to
    💕💖❤️I love blackpink

  • UnknownDarkDragon
    UnknownDarkDragon 5 months ago +1

    YG is not family anymore.

  • Cocafizz
    Cocafizz 5 months ago +1

    Please PSY save Blackpink iKON Winner akmu Somi Dara Lee Hi the trainees from YG PLZZ😭🙏

  • Mich Lee
    Mich Lee 5 months ago +3

    YG is nasty and should be ashamed of himself for taking advice of young kids. What goes around comes around.

  • Sami
    Sami 5 months ago +4

    *That Yoongi gif gave me life after YG scandals drained my last two brain cells*