Jim Norton Explains Why Opie Was Fired from Sirius XM - Joe Rogan

  • Published on Sep 29, 2017
  • Jim Norton talks to Joe Rogan about why Opie was fired from Sirius XM, and the possibility of doing another show with Anthony Cumia.
    Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1017.
  • ComedyComedy

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  • chris kayer
    chris kayer Day ago

    NORTON IS A CUNT. That is all

  • cooper cooper
    cooper cooper 2 days ago

    Ha ha ha. GONE

  • James Mcleod
    James Mcleod 4 days ago

    Looks like he was just pure digging a mad hole as he hates to be wrong or corrected haha....

  • Natalie Panaro Stack

    I thought opie got fired for taking off in august . Am I off in the timeline.

  • Vanessa Lynn
    Vanessa Lynn 8 days ago

    OMG Joe. You’re so ridiculous. You DOWNLOAD a podcast for your car. With Sirius you can listen live OR on demand. That’s two options. NOT one like yours.

  • Christopher Aparicio

    Jim daf

  • frank thom
    frank thom 16 days ago

    Yeah joe we have a lot of tunnels in Michigan

  • Michel Folco
    Michel Folco 16 days ago

    Bluetooth and itunes finally solved by boomers.

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 24 days ago

    Howard Stern was funnier on normal FM radio, because he was not allowed to cuss, so he would come up with funnier ways to talk around it, which was funnier than cussing.

    • Kris B
      Kris B 23 days ago

      I stopped listening to Stern when he went to satellite radio. I've only recently been catching up with him after listening to Artie Lange's recent interview on Rogan's podcast. Apparently, Stern is completely different now then he was when he was on FM radio. He is now like the people he used to make fun of.

  • Salvador Dalí
    Salvador Dalí 25 days ago

    LOL joe arguing it being live is better, then starts pre recording all his podcasts weeks in advance doing half the amount and doesnt comment once on it.

  • Cesar Valle
    Cesar Valle 26 days ago

    Jim Norton is mad annoying and act and looks like a weasel. Can’t ride with someone like that.

    IKETINKNOCKER 26 days ago

    Greatest comedic gathering of the times....Man, I miss those days.

  • Kevin Bennington McChipperson

    Oh look it’s Jim Norton who plays Don Rickles in The Irishman.

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay Brooks 28 days ago

    O&a was just ok... wasn’t worth paying for.. reminded me of mark and brian but angry.

  • Raul Duke
    Raul Duke 28 days ago +5

    Jimmy: "When i was a little i had cute kid syndrome"
    Ant: "You're cured!"
    My fav jimmy and ant moment

  • Odinson
    Odinson Month ago

    Jim Norton is a piece of shit

  • Aaron Bouchard
    Aaron Bouchard Month ago

    Why are there so many butt hurt comments lmao

  • s staners
    s staners Month ago +1

    Never seen Opie and Anthony. After seeing this guy, probably never will.

  • fuck google
    fuck google Month ago

    I no like little man.

  • War pig hammer Jr
    War pig hammer Jr Month ago

    You film someone taking a shit you crossed the line.

  • YOZO
    YOZO Month ago +2

    This guy is on so much coke right now 😂

  • Virjunior
    Virjunior Month ago

    "Filmed taking a shit."
    Like... there are jokes, inside jokes, circles of friends... but what the fuck?
    You might be a grown adult making bank, but there's a nugget of your brain that's a maniac 12-year-old, and THAT'S the voice you listen to?

  • Erik C
    Erik C Month ago

    Joes talking shit about Sirius lol, it’s fucking amazing joe stfu

  • ClOuT! cLoUt ChLaMyDiA!

    One of the bald guy's is on adderall, can you guess which one?💊😬

  • the dragonzord
    the dragonzord Month ago

    Recording someone in the bathroom and then blackmailing them about releasing it ... great guy that opie

  • bullsi20
    bullsi20 Month ago

    This segment should make people seriously consider if Joe is somewhat mentally challenged lol, I mean the argument about Sirius and podcasts is just overwhelmingly and hilariously ironic 😂

    • Kris B
      Kris B 23 days ago

      Why is that? Podcasts are arguably a much better platform. There is no corporate overlords watching over the talent. No regulations on what you can and can't say and it's direct to the listeners. No middlemen.

  • jasper booth
    jasper booth Month ago

    Patrice was the best on O&A. He's my favorite

  • Monchan
    Monchan Month ago +5

    Norton's face expressions are as fluid as his spine.

  • beatonthedonis47
    beatonthedonis47 Month ago

    Opie isn't a talented broadcaster. But he is a great talent-spotter and a great facilitator of more talented broadcasters. Norton and Cumia have gone to shit since they stopped broadcasting with him.

  • Simon Shulgefella
    Simon Shulgefella Month ago

    Opie is only one of the three who isn't an arsehole. There's a reason why they haven't had success without Opie.

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Month ago

    Just watched the clip of Jim trying to get opie to understand that he was a friend and that he wouldnt go behind his back, yet Opie just kept acting like an ex wife bitchin and moanin

  • Ethan king
    Ethan king Month ago

    Did Joe not realise that Bluetooth works in your car.

  • wolf j loophole
    wolf j loophole Month ago

    Rogan is so dumb. He rips Sirius bc you need a phone to listen to On Demand... Then immediately says podcasts are better and explains to Jim that you just listen to them through your phone. What a pompous idiot. Rogan stinks

  • Wayno Soze
    Wayno Soze Month ago +50

    “Norton is shaped like any container you pour him in” ~ Patrice O’Neal

    • Jacob Egleston
      Jacob Egleston 14 days ago

      Yes! One of my favorite Patricky lines ever!

    • Escudo's finest fights
      Escudo's finest fights 16 days ago +2

      "Jim Norton looks like an albino turtle who washed up on the beach dead." -Ben Bailey

  • Gregory Thorne
    Gregory Thorne Month ago

    Everyone should come back!

  • John V. England
    John V. England Month ago

    Opie was always the boring one.

  • Tanner Jordan-White

    you’d have to use your phone in order to pick a specific podcast to listen to as well joe come on man Ik he’s the podcast king but that’s just a stupid argument😂

  • Adam Polak
    Adam Polak Month ago

    Always VERY much respected how diplomatic Jim is, without being pandering.

  • Slippah
    Slippah Month ago

    "how does the podcast play in the car"
    Holly fck is Jimmy uses his phone for sexing and porn only? Out of touch douche.

  • Othello Smalley
    Othello Smalley Month ago

    Reading these comments, it's hard to believe that these people like the show geez, repeating what their saying, talking about how someone looks, boy i won't be reading comments again, EVER!!! no wonder these guys don't read these comments

  • Casey Walker
    Casey Walker Month ago +1

    It's hilarious how JOE acts like the only way to get something to listen too is the way he does... Complaining he has to take steps "where is this going" 😂😂😂 Your taste and facts are totally different. Still dig the channel.

  • Live Life Freely
    Live Life Freely Month ago

    Joe Rogan is the most alpha beta male. I can't believe I used enjoy listening to his emotional show.

  • Migo STX
    Migo STX 2 months ago

    Jim Nortan=Biggest pussy,coward on the planet!! I really hate this guy and would love to chop his body up and feed the gulf of Mexico. I know that's hateful but he's a scum bag all the way.. Idk how you even could be cool with this cat Joe Rogan!! I know Joey hates this cocksucka as well..

  • n. kelati
    n. kelati 2 months ago

    *regular Tuesday at the HR Department*
    "so uh, Opie filmed someone taking a shit?"

  • Adam Kramer
    Adam Kramer 2 months ago

    What did opie get fired for? Being a talentless unfunny hack.

  • Connor L
    Connor L 2 months ago

    Opie single handedly ruined every bit of that show, if ever a comedy bit came to a screeching halt, you could be sure that it was opie saying “but guys let’s get back to the episode plan!”

  • Active Lunar
    Active Lunar 2 months ago

    This dudes a penis

  • Christian H.
    Christian H. 2 months ago +1

    9:20 lizard cough...

  • The One
    The One 2 months ago

    The ad with the man talking about our gun rights made me join the NRA. Liberalism has become a mental disorder.

  • Imight Realperson
    Imight Realperson 2 months ago

    8:16 whassat?

  • Imight Realperson
    Imight Realperson 2 months ago

    opie LOVED uncle paul at first. then he changed fror some reason i think it was his fsmily or something

  • Matthew Robitaille
    Matthew Robitaille 2 months ago

    Joe you need a fucking phone to play podcasts. Same thing with siruis

  • Luke Zuzga
    Luke Zuzga 2 months ago

    Anyone get the feeling Joe was shitting all over Serius and their comedy shows?

  • Anthony Watson
    Anthony Watson 2 months ago

    Spotify has a ton of podcasts.... Except this one.

  • moderatingmoderation
    moderatingmoderation 2 months ago


  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 2 months ago

    I fuckin loved opie tbh

  • Everything
    Everything 2 months ago

    Oppie made the Patrice broadcasts unbareable

  • Shane H
    Shane H 2 months ago

    Sterns regular radio show was better than the uncensored Sirius show!

  • Shane H
    Shane H 2 months ago

    And explains why sterns subscribers to Sirius are in the toilet!

  • TwoTonedMonster
    TwoTonedMonster 2 months ago

    Opie was the worst part of O&A