Boris Johnson's funny Love Actually parody | Our final election broadcast

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • Brexit, actually. Boris Johnson's funny election advert parodies Love Actually but makes an important point: this election is too close to call. On Friday 13th December, we could have a hung parliament and Jeremy Corbyn could be Prime Minister, or a Conservative majority that gets Brexit done.
    Your vote could be the difference. Vote Conservative on Thursday 12th December.
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    This film features actors.

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  • Hans Hummer
    Hans Hummer Day ago

    thats handel, a german composer on the music btw.

  • Lynnie Heal
    Lynnie Heal 2 days ago +1

    PLEASE HELP us all in UK with MS as I have uncovered all the truths about this disease .I was born on Christmas Day .Silent night is my favourite Christmas carol.

  • Kris Hinrichs
    Kris Hinrichs 2 days ago

    We love you on this side of the Pond too Boris!!!!!

  • G Webb
    G Webb 5 days ago

    Idc that truth and information is basically gone, I have bloody loved this election campaign

  • Joan Jones
    Joan Jones 9 days ago

    Well Boris, I used to be a member of the Labour Party and in the election I voted Brexit, but congratulations on winning and I will be watching every move. Noticed you are reopening the Dept. of Energy, good, which brings me to the point. Social Housing Landlords are clinging on to gas boilers out of the Ark because "we can still get spares to repair them". They cost a fortune to run so people in these "supported" properties get into debt to keep warm. Residents entitled to winter fuel benefit use that up in a flash. Plus these old boilers are pumping out gas at an horrific level. Time to enforce these Local Authority approved Landlords to ditch these museum pieces!!!

  • Caleb Tan
    Caleb Tan 10 days ago

    Does anyone know this song ?

  • SadWings Raging
    SadWings Raging 13 days ago

    1:05 the pleading look on his face might as well say "Are you bloody nuts people? What the hell, the man is a ruddy red communist!" LOL

  • lianna moyse
    lianna moyse 16 days ago +1

    Backfired on Hugh Grant big time lol................... just classic

  • Alif Muhammad
    Alif Muhammad 17 days ago

    Conservative, actually...
    As in, I didn't think Boris "Actually" did this...
    I stand corrected.

  • FifidaBlueBerry
    FifidaBlueBerry 18 days ago

    before you know so will donald duck over in america

  • FifidaBlueBerry
    FifidaBlueBerry 18 days ago

    he probably wants to start a dictatorship

    • David Holgate
      David Holgate 20 hours ago

      You lost, grow a pair and get over it.

  • FifidaBlueBerry
    FifidaBlueBerry 18 days ago

    all of u are so dumb he's replacing police and nurses that he has already taken awaay

  • FifidaBlueBerry
    FifidaBlueBerry 18 days ago +1


  • Corri ander
    Corri ander 20 days ago

    Don't care about your pathetic Ads! I care about the people dying under the policy of the Conservative Party, the so called UC system! The cap on rents are causing absolute devastation! How long Boris? How long will you and your evil Tory party turn the other way and watch these poor souls struggle? 🤔 Always in other countries business, but you can't even look after the people in Britain. 😢 Stop bombing innocent people and concentrate on the suicides in Britain NOW! 😢 😬 Brexit is, a cover for your evil plans to keep the poor, dirt poor! To keep the wealthy laughing on the way to the bank, whilst passing the homeless on the street. Fix up the country and stop depriving the council's of money, especially the Labour boroughs! 🙏

  • Lendo a História e Afins


  • Rufus Ali-Prosser
    Rufus Ali-Prosser 21 day ago +1


  • Ezreal 'TrueWOPR' Clownguard

    This is adorable.

  • glareola
    glareola 24 days ago +2

    its great tohave such aself-effacing pm.

  • Ruaraidh Oliphant
    Ruaraidh Oliphant 26 days ago

    Who's Ever charge of the propaganda for conservatives really need to get a pay rise for example fact check

  • Ruaraidh Oliphant
    Ruaraidh Oliphant 26 days ago

    Seriously don't vote conservative vote Labour lib dem or SNP not conservative

  • Ruaraidh Oliphant
    Ruaraidh Oliphant 26 days ago

    I thought Scotland wanted to stay in the EU with over a 60% majority

    • Ruaraidh Oliphant
      Ruaraidh Oliphant 9 days ago

      @Mark Armage the United Kingdom is damaging for Scotland they take oil they take or electricity and give us nothingthe EU is a much more valuable to Scotland than the United Kingdom and people in Scotland did have the influence of voting for the United Kingdom because they were worried that they would leave the EU take for example this over 60% remain majority in Scotland

    • Mark Armage
      Mark Armage 9 days ago

      @Ruaraidh Oliphant That was your assumption pal, you can not prove that the 2014 referendum has anything to do with staying in the EU or not.
      The vote in 2014 is attached to the United Kingdom, not EU, or anything else. United Kingdom, which Scotland receive far more benefits from than the EU.
      Check out the pub.
      So yeah, no, not gonna happen, consequences of voting.

    • Ruaraidh Oliphant
      Ruaraidh Oliphant 9 days ago

      Yes but the Scottish people did vote on the condition to stay in the EU and was agreed with David Cameron your pop star, and nicola sergon together but that doesn't apply now in law because we are not staying in the EU which for Scotland want to remain sorry

    • Mark Armage
      Mark Armage 9 days ago

      @Ruaraidh Oliphant Nope, that was on the term of nothing. Voting has consequences.
      If you can decide to leave just whenever things turns against your favor, it's not fair. You can't open a "once in a generation" election every 5 years. Study the "generation" part.

    • Ruaraidh Oliphant
      Ruaraidh Oliphant 9 days ago

      @Mark Armage but that was on the terms of staying in the EU

  • Ruaraidh Oliphant
    Ruaraidh Oliphant 26 days ago

    Hey what about Scotland

  • sarah lawrence
    sarah lawrence 26 days ago +1

    Love you Boris, you did it xx Happy New Year

  • Watty
    Watty 26 days ago +1

    Is this the kind of content bojo would make if he had a TheXvid Channel.

  • Watty
    Watty 26 days ago +1

    I have never Seen Bojo make people giggle before and NOT be racist at the same time.

  • Ivan Bombana
    Ivan Bombana 27 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣fantastic advert... Where is this place btw?

  • Pearly Cakes
    Pearly Cakes 27 days ago

    He’s a liar liar he’s a liar liar. You can’t trust him no no no no noooo.

  • Jiří Boháček
    Jiří Boháček 27 days ago


  • Do what you must, I have already won

    It makes me so happy to see the Conservatives pull something like this off and not for it to be a total cringe fest.

  • Peter Phosphate
    Peter Phosphate 29 days ago

    This is actually very funny (came across it by chance) - Happy new year everybody.

  • Tom Ripley
    Tom Ripley 29 days ago

    The only good thing about that truly garbage film Love Actually is that it inspired this.

  • Clark Bark
    Clark Bark 29 days ago +1

    This looks like something out of Little Britain.

  • Carlos Ghosn's Mexican brother

    Whoever is in charge of the Tories PR team needs a raise ASAP. Well done.

  • Garnes
    Garnes Month ago

    Hey at least this party allows comments unlike the shitty SNP who aren’t open to criticism

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb Month ago

    Thanks Borris and Dominic !!! Make Britain great again

    The U.K. Will boom 💥 now thank god no bloody Corbyn

  • Bunny The Bear
    Bunny The Bear Month ago +1

    #ThePeoplesPrimeMinister #GetBrexitDone

  • C I
    C I Month ago +1

    Love Actually is all about Britons being, so much with themselves, in love actually.

  • rolo6932
    rolo6932 Month ago

    And what a victory! Congratulations Mr. Johnson!

  • :-p :-D
    :-p :-D Month ago +2

    BJ is an idiot.

  • Martin Mahlatse
    Martin Mahlatse Month ago +1

    As a black South African i am genuinely happy for Britain.

    • FightFairLoseEasy
      FightFairLoseEasy 29 days ago

      Did you know that most British Africans over 25 vote Conservative?

    • Tom Ripley
      Tom Ripley 29 days ago

      Thank you, Martin

  • Pinc7
    Pinc7 Month ago

    This made my Christmas.

  • Aidan MacDougall
    Aidan MacDougall Month ago +1

    This was terrible btw

  • PiANoMotO
    PiANoMotO Month ago

    He’s so bloody loveable 😍
    What a great ad!

  • Here Now
    Here Now Month ago +4

    THE most creative and effective political Ad ever - thank God the British people believe - lets hit 2020 with excitement and passion for our New UK - thank you Nigel Farage and Boris - finally we will be free from the undemocratic EU 🎉🥂🎉🥂🎉🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Tim Hansen
    Tim Hansen Month ago +5

    The fact that this video probably pisses off Hugh Grant is just an extra bonus.

  • Oasis Dilly
    Oasis Dilly Month ago

    Brilliant! 😁

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K Month ago +1

    great advert, whoever thought of it I salute you

  • Moonwalkergirl22
    Moonwalkergirl22 Month ago +1

    Completely and utterly fake dishonest but at the same time it’s absolutely brilliant I may dislike the guy and what he stands for but heads up to him.

  • zidger
    zidger Month ago +1

    Shhhhh don't tell the black husband, we're going to bring in a racist right wing government

    • Tom Ripley
      Tom Ripley 29 days ago +2

      Don't be ridiculous. Being white and wanting to deliver what the country voted for finally doesn't make you right wing or racist.

  • sonic v
    sonic v Month ago

    She didn't give him a kiss

    • Tim Hansen
      Tim Hansen Month ago

      We live in the times of metoo.

  • Twin Mommy
    Twin Mommy Month ago +10

    This was a brilliant ad. Love his sense of humor and willingness to use it.

  • The Dominator
    The Dominator Month ago

    I'm watching this from Australia but Boris seems a lot worn down from when I last saw him on probably Top Gear

  • ladyambermere
    ladyambermere Month ago +2

    I love everything about this, from the pictures of Boris in the photoboard behind the couple in the opening scenes, to the sub-Orla Kierly furnishings to the shonky looking early 2000s portable CD player Boris carries. Very funny (the early 2000s ARE funny: spaghetti strap dresses with a peplum skirt worn over jeans, anyone?) and I love how Boris mugs his way through the ,message cards, nodding his assent and shoving the card closer when he really wants to make the point. The actor who answers the door does a brilliant job of selling the whole thing.

  • Ron G
    Ron G Month ago +3

    I'm an American and I'm so happy with the results.

  • Ron G
    Ron G Month ago

    YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrNevillebamshoo
    MrNevillebamshoo Month ago

    hey chief got to be honest before boris i was a bit too thick to understand polictics. however a lying womanising potato sack in a suit avoiding scrutiny and saying get it done really spoke to me. he deserves his majority go get them champ

  • TrainSpottingWest
    TrainSpottingWest Month ago +1


  • Hayley Salter
    Hayley Salter Month ago +2


  • Emma Canilang bbcnewsat1 therblxplayer 2

    Me support borris

  • MJ Gonzalez
    MJ Gonzalez Month ago +1

    Brilliant Boris, Finally