Awful Summer Life Hacks (life hacks by Blossom)

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Your wife left you? ...well did you try a pool noodle?
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Comments • 2 724

  • Em
    Em 12 hours ago

    My Strange Addiction: Pool Noodal

  • Max Plaschka
    Max Plaschka Day ago

    I don’t wanna be that guy but the pool noodle that is hanging brooms n shit is would actually work, as you see in the blossom video the brooms are touching the floor which decreases the amount of weight the pool noodle would have to hold

  • Stephanie Rachel

    Go to IKEA for mesh bags!

  • Maggie E
    Maggie E 2 days ago

    YoU cAn GeT pOoL nOoDlEs At ThE dOlLaR sToRe!!!

  • thatoneperson noonelikes

    I have a mesh bag..for my.bras.

  • Party Girls Can Dance

    Probably if you're a diwhy queen, some of these would be good for baby proofing a house, but for a normal person, this is just stupid and probably costs more to make than the initial thing you're trying to recreate

  • Mattness LP
    Mattness LP 4 days ago

    I think the pool water wasn't the only thing that was cold. Have you seen the nipples on that girl?

  • velazquez armouries
    velazquez armouries 5 days ago

    the pool noodle rack works but it is better for fishing rods

  • Simon G.
    Simon G. 6 days ago

    why is your mattress on the floor elvis are you secretly a crackhead

  • Meli Rayne
    Meli Rayne 6 days ago

    Poor elvis tried so hard to keep that straight face in the beginning i felt that 🤣

  • Paper Toon
    Paper Toon 6 days ago

    Actually Elvish I ah e poll noodles for envy thig Evan slep,dog,makng my self saf ,anf I have it for epics game and for e, Contil,er
    And even moral stuf so elvish get rekrt

  • Annotion Anialation
    Annotion Anialation 6 days ago

    Pooh noudles

  • ll 5
    ll 5 6 days ago

    I mean if you have a pool you should probably be able to afford a cooler

  • ryan
    ryan 7 days ago

    You putting up the noodle rack thing was like watching a cringey infomercial you're trying really hard for it not to work

  • Mervin
    Mervin 7 days ago +1

    Pool Noodles: exist
    Bloom: it’s free real estate

  • SaltyHQ
    SaltyHQ 7 days ago

    Lowkey cool

  • Pizzacowboy
    Pizzacowboy 7 days ago

    we fuckin on the big daddy tonight

  • Filthy White Trash
    Filthy White Trash 8 days ago

    All that weed and you're still slim as fuck. U sure u ain't got speed in that pipe?

  • Sebastain Harrah
    Sebastain Harrah 8 days ago +1

    The black will absorb heat but so little that it will be useless no matter how many you put in
    Edit: it would be like throwing a match in the middle of a snow storm
    Or a ice cube in a pool of lava

  • Alex
    Alex 9 days ago

    Whyd they have 50 brooms tho.

  • Ravenpoe121
    Ravenpoe121 10 days ago

    Who cares about pool noodles, the real message of this video is that Elvis's dog is the goodest boy/girl

  • Krysten Cabbage
    Krysten Cabbage 10 days ago

    Too lazy to swim? I'm sure you're not too lazy to do this crappy hack, right? That doesn't take far more time and effort, right?

  • Wanderbolt
    Wanderbolt 10 days ago

    Ran outta food cuz you spent all your money on pool noodles?
    Just eat the pool noodles

  • Marcus Fraser
    Marcus Fraser 11 days ago

    troom troom is full of shit

  • Nerdling
    Nerdling 11 days ago

    Well. That thing MIGHT warm your pool a bit after a long enough time. Black absorbs sunlight real good, but it also might stop more heat from getting in the pool that it gives it. Also is getting a small child to fall off a bed to sell life hacks child abuse?

  • KinglyGod 34
    KinglyGod 34 12 days ago

    bruh every 5 seconds he cuts to his face, like dude i wanna watch the dumb video not your face. You can comment on the video without showing your face it's kinda getting annoying.

  • BlackberryAce
    BlackberryAce 12 days ago

    She was like "Spread them cheeks" 😂😂😂

    KITTYKOUTURE213 12 days ago

    The pool noodles on bed frame legs does work but I would def spray paint them the frame color or something and hopefully have a blanket long enough to cover most of it

  • BOT the bot
    BOT the bot 12 days ago

    Man they can use pool noodles to hang anything!

    Wonder if i can use it to hang my self

  • LeToastBoy. TV
    LeToastBoy. TV 12 days ago +1

    8:22 i know that guy

  • Dominik yehaw
    Dominik yehaw 13 days ago +4

    A 2 dollar poolnoodle and a 2 dollar box?
    "Bad and bad money spending"
    200 dollars for a box that you will use like 2 times
    Wtf Elvis

    • Sardonicus
      Sardonicus 8 days ago

      Pool noodles and small coolers/boxes are 1 dollar each at dollar tree so you don't even need to spend more than 2 dollars on it. I assume Elvis being rather priveledged in his youtube earnings just assumes people do crafts just for the fuck of it, because they don't have anything better to do and doesn't understand that people tend to do it to save money.

  • juan vega
    juan vega 13 days ago

    In the video they did not hang them they had them against the wall touching the ground so that way the brooms and mops did not tilt or fall over you are doing the opposite that's why it didn't work I love you videos but I'm just going to point that out

  • Murder Motion Pictures

    Pool noodles I guess are the new duct tape, Can fix anything

  • Justapissjarwithglasses E

    I have an x-acto knife for my victims

  • Matt Watroba
    Matt Watroba 14 days ago

    What's the point of the mesh bag one... Isn't a pool noodle supposed to do that already?

  • Papa Joe
    Papa Joe 14 days ago

    I mean I get why you wouldn't want to wash your feet on grass, the water will just get more dirt and grass on your feet. But you already made a point, wash it on cement. lol

  • Poly Steve's wife and girlfriend

    I thought the thumbnail said "it will heat your poo"

  • Anony Ninja
    Anony Ninja 14 days ago

    ALSO - TO ANY FISHERMEN/ PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO GO FISHING - Pool noodles are a fantastic way to store your pre-set replacement lines. Basically, when you're at home, you tie a bunch of hooks to your line with your weights and swivels all set up - then you take a small piece of pool-noodle, stick the hook in it, and wrap the line around the pool noodle. a 4 or 5 inch piece of pool-noodle can hold MANY, MANY, MANY replacement lines, hook and all, without worrying about them getting tangled or stabbing stuff. This way, when you're out fishing and break your fishing line, you don't have to sit there tying everything together, you just unwrap pre-tied hooks, already set up swivels and all, and then all you have to do is tie your line to the swivel to replace it.

  • Anony Ninja
    Anony Ninja 14 days ago +1

    When I was younger, we used to own a fairly large, circular shaped above-ground swimming pool - around 5 feet deep. We purchased 2 very large BLACK plastic tarps, and glued them together with hot glue. We would then lay the tarp over the pool to where it touched almost all of the water surface but still kinda hang on the sides of the pool. After a few hours of letting the black tarp sit on that pool water, it would heat that water up WAY better than one would think. In fact, that black plastic tarp got HOT TO THE TOUCH. In all honesty, it was a GREAT and CHEAP way to keep that pool as warm as we wanted. I sometimes wonder what would happen if you spray painted the outside of an above ground pool flat black.

  • Haydn Turcotte
    Haydn Turcotte 15 days ago

    but elvish ?! I have pool n0o0odeles I tyghink pool noodles are veureaht common everbnody hgas a pool noodele elvihshgr

  • Alex Summers
    Alex Summers 15 days ago

    We used pool noodles in our house for my niece and nephew so they wouldn't bang their head on the coffee table. Only thing they're good for though.

  • Paputsza
    Paputsza 15 days ago +1

    Well, it's fall now, so sea is closed. No more sea. It'll come back after spring.

    Also, you would love a dollar store. It has all your needs. Pool noodles, mesh bags, hoola hoops.

  • Ashley Reyes
    Ashley Reyes 15 days ago

    9:00 You KNOW Elvis is thinking “I can’t wait to try sticking my dick in this!”

  • ClashingFlames
    ClashingFlames 15 days ago

    Half of these aren’t even summer hacks, it’s just summer because it includes a P O O L N O O D L E.

  • MagicPonyMilk
    MagicPonyMilk 15 days ago


  • Fal your Pal
    Fal your Pal 16 days ago

    Love that the gag is you're pretending 90% of these objects are hard to obtain but they're like literally super cheap at almost any store in the summer. And people who have kids have hoolahoops and poop noodles

  • Jan Baltes
    Jan Baltes 16 days ago

    Here is a real lifehack for heating the pool. Buy a cover for the pool and wait for the sun to heat it up for you. Your welcome.

  • Jasper Rose
    Jasper Rose 16 days ago +8

    Elvis: "Who has an exacto knife lying around!?"
    Also Elvis: *Proceeds to use exacto knife*

  • Racinq
    Racinq 16 days ago


  • Pappy
    Pappy 16 days ago

    Everyone DOes have POolnoodlE

  • Caffeinated_ Reaper
    Caffeinated_ Reaper 17 days ago

    didnot know you had a slight country accent

  • shut the fucc
    shut the fucc 17 days ago


  • Cassandra
    Cassandra 17 days ago

    Needs more pool noodles

  • That One Salty Kid
    That One Salty Kid 17 days ago +1

    illhaveyouknowthatiusedeachandeveryoneofthelifehacksshowninthisvideoandeachoneworkedwithoutfailandbetterthanthingsyou canbuyfasterandcheaperonlinestinky

  • GWR C
    GWR C 17 days ago


  • Anger Issues
    Anger Issues 18 days ago

    i have a pool noodle on my roller shades on the window to keep it from hitting the window from the wind. its in my dorm and i moved into the room and it was there. genious lol

  • David Beeley
    David Beeley 18 days ago +2

    I hate it when my closet attempts to assassinate me with brooms.

    BABBY BOBABS 18 days ago

    this reminds me of how at my grandma's pool I'll always put the noodles up against the pump so I can shoot water at my parents

  • Georgina Blackwell
    Georgina Blackwell 18 days ago

    Why are they called noodles if they have holes ? Call them pool pasta ? Also in Britain we just call them floats ahaha. However they are the most fun. Save the noodles from being abused by life hack channels

    • David Beeley
      David Beeley 18 days ago

      When I had swimming lessons they called them "woggles" for some reason.

  • Κωνσταντίνος Φραγκίσκος

    A friend:Oh I can't take a shit in this toilet
    Me: I have a pool noodle at home