I Made a Giant Dorito Burrito • Tasty

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • "I definitely overfilled it." Watch Alix make a giant Dorito burrito!
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    Corn Chips, Tortillas, Junk Foods, Snacks
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    Nachos falling down (ends on blue)
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    Nachos falling down
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Comments • 3 171

  • RandomTorok
    RandomTorok Day ago

    They are both WRONG, the Zesty Cheese Doritos are the best.

  • The Real Triluc Nguyen

    Cumin me

  • Adam Hall
    Adam Hall 3 days ago

    I wonder if any powder includes talcom powder

    KEENoNMYRZRBACK Lol 3 days ago

    Team cool ranch

  • avengers iron man
    avengers iron man 5 days ago +1

    Can we add glucose powder

  • Les Cartoons D'Anto
    Les Cartoons D'Anto 6 days ago


  • Avery George
    Avery George 6 days ago

    Team Nacho Cheese All The Wayyyyy

  • jiyeonking
    jiyeonking 6 days ago

    I don’t even like Doritos nor burritos

  • Rammy Mazhar
    Rammy Mazhar 7 days ago

    Almost the same as prison style burrito

  • FutureRefrence
    FutureRefrence 7 days ago

    Talk about a jail house spread

  • Koel Bajaj
    Koel Bajaj 7 days ago


  • Scarlet Ellis
    Scarlet Ellis 8 days ago +1

    Heyyyy it’s Chelsea form 100 baby challenge I didn’t know that they would you know be in the same video cause like is buzzfeed and tasty like connected idk what I’m saying but someone help

  • koltonshawn
    koltonshawn 11 days ago

    all I wanna do is eat that

  • Manuela Rodrigues2
    Manuela Rodrigues2 13 days ago

    That's a dream burrito

  • lior kaye
    lior kaye 14 days ago

    I know it sounds crazy but i'v never ate a burrito.

  • Raghunandan Satyanarayan


  • APeX Diablo
    APeX Diablo 18 days ago

    I could have sworn I made this in prison once

  • Danielle Burton
    Danielle Burton 18 days ago +1

    love you Alex you my idol

  • Ben Fata To'o
    Ben Fata To'o 19 days ago

    Proudito 🤣

  • Anjali Jaiswal
    Anjali Jaiswal 20 days ago

    Dorito lovers........
    Hit it........

  • Monique Jeffery
    Monique Jeffery 21 day ago

    She's a bad ass!

  • Monique Jeffery
    Monique Jeffery 21 day ago

    I would be a free taster! OH Yeah!

  • Kiana Bryne
    Kiana Bryne 21 day ago

    im confused... so is taasty based in ny or la because ik that alvin ives in ny and alexis is sometimes in his videos and alix is in her videos but kelsey is in the try guys videos...who live in la soooo wtf

  • Jackalope Melon
    Jackalope Melon 24 days ago

    Alvin's looking a little funny today.

  • Nami -Chan
    Nami -Chan 24 days ago

    Grizz would love to eat that🤭

  • Destiny Garrett
    Destiny Garrett 26 days ago +1

    Where my ppl watching in July 🤣😂🤣🤔 that looks so good 🤤🤤🤤

  • Squee Oglesby
    Squee Oglesby 27 days ago


  • mi esposa Star
    mi esposa Star 28 days ago +1

    Sponsored by Lays

  • mi esposa Star
    mi esposa Star 28 days ago +2

    I been busy thinkin bout

  • aamilah
    aamilah 29 days ago +1

    chip-oat-lay or chip-olt-lay?

  • Somthing weird
    Somthing weird Month ago

    The audio wasnt ligned up with her mouth and I wanted to throw my phone at the wall

  • A soul
    A soul Month ago

    They should've give her bigger tortillas

  • Mary Kate Buckner
    Mary Kate Buckner Month ago

    can yall post a recipe lmao this would be a great tailgating dish

  • Eve-aaliyah Mirjah
    Eve-aaliyah Mirjah Month ago

    how do I sign up to work at tasty

  • Liddle Puppies
    Liddle Puppies Month ago


  • lovely Qie
    lovely Qie Month ago

    i want to work in tasty so i get to eat all the big foods they made

  • Christina
    Christina Month ago

    Who in the office got the middle piece? The best of both dorito worlds!

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos Month ago


  • Mis25121989
    Mis25121989 Month ago

    I love alex. She is the best

  • Iris Liang
    Iris Liang Month ago +2

    Alix: I will be adding some sour cream...


  • Flowershows
    Flowershows Month ago

    freemasonic hoodie omg

  • Lele Zerangue
    Lele Zerangue Month ago

    Any kind of powder 👀👀👀🤣🤭

  • b0realis
    b0realis Month ago

    Chilli heatwave is the best

  • Arjun Dev
    Arjun Dev Month ago

    I am not acting dumb...i am really dumb - Alix 2019

  • Storm Burger
    Storm Burger Month ago

    I put gunpowder in it it isn't good

  • Krodin Kaminari
    Krodin Kaminari Month ago

    Alix: any kind of powder.
    Me : gun powder?

  • oops I did it again

    we don’t have ranch Doritos in nz. we don’t really have ranch at all

  • Isabella Forish
    Isabella Forish Month ago

    What about #teamsweetandspicychilly

  • Payton Wisley
    Payton Wisley Month ago

    3:36 is a heart cute

  • D.I. Meow.
    D.I. Meow. Month ago


  • Brewster Evans
    Brewster Evans Month ago

    Kesley Impicciche

  • Ruqiya Ibrahim
    Ruqiya Ibrahim Month ago

    Shes very pretty

  • Banananana
    Banananana Month ago

    i wonder if they do dishes at tasty... they probably do... thats tuf

  • Susan Sheffield
    Susan Sheffield Month ago

    Yay swfc! Go ify with the Owls!

  • fathin maftuh abdullah

    Not as big as the one in we bare bears
    But BOI that was big

  • A Seal
    A Seal Month ago


    *powdered sugar*

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye Month ago


  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye Month ago


  • Daniel Novikov
    Daniel Novikov Month ago +2

    Team nacho cheese! Whose with me?

  • Resolute Protector Hamsha

    Me :#teamnaxhicheesedoritos!!!

  • Dante Guilford
    Dante Guilford Month ago

    Nah she could've just used ground beef for the black dude side but she just gave that nigga some chicken 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Nathaan Makanjuola
    Nathaan Makanjuola Month ago

    Do a giant gummy bear pizza with chocolate sauce. And cookie crust. Add some more candy like m&ms or skittles or whoppers.

  • Andrea Chavez
    Andrea Chavez Month ago

    no one ever:
    Alix: "proudito"

  • Liddy Titty
    Liddy Titty Month ago

    Any kind of powder? What about cocaine?

  • Al- Fenomeno17
    Al- Fenomeno17 Month ago +1

    Anyone tried making this? If so, how does it taste? Also, how long you bake it for?

  • Diamond Soul
    Diamond Soul Month ago

    I suddenly got a crave of eating Doritos with frosting. Not pregnant, just have a random diet

  • Little Eggs Gacha
    Little Eggs Gacha Month ago

    I LOVE Alix! She has such an amazing, funny personality, and overall she’s just an amazing person! 💗😁

  • Matthew Jansky
    Matthew Jansky Month ago

    I wonder why she chose chicken for cool ranch...

  • Zinneerah Usman
    Zinneerah Usman Month ago +1

    1:46 even baby powder

  • Gamer Bot
    Gamer Bot Month ago

    Furious Pete wants to know your location

  • shin james
    shin james Month ago

    stop doing that kind of crazy thing, nobody wants to eat it even u could not fold it up, its too heavy and i dont like ur style, i dont like burito , just eating sushi is much better, burito will be familiar with american, but no korean even i know american culture and lnaguage.

  • Will Iam
    Will Iam Month ago

    Where my chilli heatwave gang at

  • Jaden Wang
    Jaden Wang Month ago +2

    Alvin better
    No shade

  • Nicholaus Leonard
    Nicholaus Leonard Month ago

    Baby powder??

  • Pizza for Lunch
    Pizza for Lunch Month ago

    Is it just me or does this look like an Alvin job..