• Published on Jul 27, 2018
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    Do They Know It? #146 - DO COLLEGE KIDS KNOW 80s MOVIES? (REACT: Do They Know It)
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    REACT  10 months ago +97

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    • Florendo Saclayan
      Florendo Saclayan Day ago

      Princess bride

    • Brion
      Brion 4 months ago

      Playing a scene from the movie instead of just a poster would have been better

    • NinjaNezumi
      NinjaNezumi 5 months ago

      5:57 is win

    • spider man
      spider man 10 months ago

      mike morina do you mean "Dr. Detroit"?

    • spider man
      spider man 10 months ago

      REACT have you done Godzilla? I mean the old ones or even the cartoon version??

  • Ruby Thursday
    Ruby Thursday 5 days ago +1

    I’m so glad that, even though I didn’t exist in the 80s, I know almost all of these movies. They’re all great in my opinion and I’m so glad I got to watch them as a kid.

  • Alexis Muñoz
    Alexis Muñoz 8 days ago

    I’ve seen every single one of these movies like 50 times except for the color purple!

  • Karen Esquivel
    Karen Esquivel 10 days ago

    I was born December 1984 and knew them ALL. My these movies are my childhood. 🙌🙌💙💜

  • Alejandro Mujica
    Alejandro Mujica 10 days ago +2

    My god, a Miss Argentina tattoo WOULD be cool!

  • Spencer Rees
    Spencer Rees 13 days ago +2

    Cool to see Morgan in a Black Sabbath "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" t-shirt, English heavy metal at it's best and she's got awesome tattoos too!!!

  • Leonardo Guerini
    Leonardo Guerini 14 days ago +5

    "I went to film school, I should know this"...yes, you should.

  • Brian Brandenburgh
    Brian Brandenburgh 15 days ago +4

    who else got all of these movies right? Like if you did.

  • mr. mister
    mr. mister 15 days ago +3


    • mr. mister
      mr. mister 11 days ago +1


    • Wesley Holloway
      Wesley Holloway 11 days ago +1

      Well seeing that my name is Wesley... Its obvious

    • mr. mister
      mr. mister 11 days ago +1

      whos your favorite character? mines inigo

    • mr. mister
      mr. mister 11 days ago +1

      good one

    • Wesley Holloway
      Wesley Holloway 12 days ago +1

      You keep using that word... I dont think you know what it means

  • tayla collins
    tayla collins 17 days ago +4

    did tom really not know the shinning right away...

  • Ale-RA
    Ale-RA 22 days ago +8

    Princess Bride overhyped 🤦🏻‍♀️ kids these days 🥴

  • Michael Guerrero
    Michael Guerrero 29 days ago +9

    The Princess Bride overhyped? Girl please!!! Smh!!! 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Saiko Kujo
    Saiko Kujo Month ago +7

    The Shining... THOSE GIRLS AREN'T TWINS! They're sisters. Just cuz sisters dress alike doesn't make them twins! WHY does NO ONE get that?!

    • Tiffany Allen
      Tiffany Allen 19 days ago

      Probably because while the characters in the book and film were merely sisters, the actresses who played them are actually identical twins?

  • Arun Salwan
    Arun Salwan Month ago +8

    Goonies was awesome.saw it in the theatre was in middle school ..
    Plus for the younger generation Thanos is in it .

  • Lawrence Westby
    Lawrence Westby Month ago +9

    It's inconceivable that only four got "The Princess Bride".

  • R L
    R L Month ago +3

    I used the theme song of Princess Bride to walk down the isle at my wedding. Love the movie.

  • Giovanna R.
    Giovanna R. Month ago +5

    OOOOLD classics she said...honey they are not from 1934, it was the 1980s...not 100 years ago. Their still modern and still loved now. Because their better than most movies today. Back than we saw different types of movies. Now all you have are Marvel after Marvel and DC, and more DC and more superhero movies...nothing different and everyone watched different types of movies than.

  • Giovanna R.
    Giovanna R. Month ago +3

    Reboots and remakes are so blasphemous. Never touch a classic and never recreate a iconic movie... it shows you that this generation Lacks originality and coming up with their own stuff, and they want to reboot a loved movie because they know movies back than resonated more than today and they want some of that genius they can't create like they did back than. They can't even make their own classics that's so sad.

  • Bethany Hanna
    Bethany Hanna Month ago +5

    We watched the Princess Bride in English class. Then we had to write a paper on it. 😂😂😂

  • Shane Kellam
    Shane Kellam Month ago

    Had to start with my #1 favorite movie and then it was all downhill. Props to Chelsea for knowing all of them, she deserves a gold start

  • Makayla Groves
    Makayla Groves Month ago +3

    Ok I’m a 2007 kid and got all of them right I have parents that love 80 movies

  • Green Bay Packers12
    Green Bay Packers12 2 months ago +1

    I’ve watched and read the princess bride. I luv it

  • Alexis Darnell
    Alexis Darnell 2 months ago

    yo learn the first movie

  • Violet Wolf
    Violet Wolf 2 months ago +1

    I gave up hope on them when they didn't know some of the movies

  • Devin Giles
    Devin Giles 2 months ago +3

    REACT, I have a list of more 1980's movies the College Kids should know in a future episode of "Do They Know It?".
    1. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
    2. Ghostbusters (1984)
    3. Back to the Future: Part II (1989)
    4. RoboCop (1987)
    5. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)
    6. The Terminator (1984)
    7. Disney's The Little Mermaid (1989)

  • Anna Coblentz
    Anna Coblentz 2 months ago +11

    Seriously... The Princess Bride is one of the greatest movies of all time and none of them knew it.... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • _dance.moms_ _
    _dance.moms_ _ 2 months ago +1

    can you guys put dirty dancing in the mix next time?

  • _dance.moms_ _
    _dance.moms_ _ 2 months ago +2

    uhh...dirty dancing ring a bell?

  • Ruben Banda
    Ruben Banda 2 months ago

    They did make the hover board

    CITA VISA 2 months ago +3

    @REACT Can you guys do 80s Horror movies??

  • Kathaya rose
    Kathaya rose 2 months ago +5

    I'm amazed by how little people recognized the Princess Bride... Not knowing the Princess Bride is like not knowing who Weird Al Yankovic is!

  • astra
    astra 2 months ago +1

    so your not going to include friday the 13th?

      CITA VISA 2 months ago

      And not Child's Play???

  • Italia Ponticorvo
    Italia Ponticorvo 2 months ago +3

    I’m so disappointed with these kids ahahaa

  • flamingpie herman
    flamingpie herman 2 months ago +5

    How can everyone not know Princess Bride it's a cult classic...
    And even my 16 year old daughter knows The Goonies she loves it

  • Angel Singer
    Angel Singer 2 months ago +2

    Read “The Color Purple,” kids. One of the best books in vernacular of all time.

  • Davorin Jurišić
    Davorin Jurišić 2 months ago

    imagine the world where Indiana Jones was played by the actor the studio wanted and not the actor that finally got the role.

  • Davorin Jurišić
    Davorin Jurišić 2 months ago

    zemeckis does so varied movies it is incredible. Compare Forest Gump to BTTF!

  • Davorin Jurišić
    Davorin Jurišić 2 months ago

    do "do college kids know war films"

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger 2 months ago +14

    They don't know The Princess Bride?! Inconcievable!!!

  • Gecko in a Sumbrero
    Gecko in a Sumbrero 2 months ago +3

    Do can teens guess 80s horror flicks

  • Gecko in a Sumbrero
    Gecko in a Sumbrero 2 months ago +3

    I’m smarter than a collage kid, I got the shining right away while that guy thought it was psycho!

  • Andrey Kusanagi
    Andrey Kusanagi 2 months ago +1

    ok, if i ever have a girlfriend, i want her to be like Morgan (maybe with some hair dye too). just saying.

  • Kial O'C
    Kial O'C 2 months ago +3

    Sat there in a Jurassic Park t-shirt, "Honestly I haven't really watched as many older movies as I feel like I should".
    The movie equivalent of the little kids wearing Nirvana t-shirts whilst listening to Cardi B.

    • Kial O'C
      Kial O'C Month ago +1

      Saiko Kujo I know, it’s both newer and more popular than all those films, no excuse really 😋

    • Saiko Kujo
      Saiko Kujo Month ago +1

      To be fair... Jurassic Park isn't an '80s movie.

    • Saiko Kujo
      Saiko Kujo Month ago +1

      @Kial O'C
      Goonies? jk jk 😂

    • Kial O'C
      Kial O'C 2 months ago +1

      Andrey Kusanagi It’s a picture of a Raptor with the words “Clever Girl” underneath it. If that’s not Jurassic Park, what do you suggest it is?

    • Andrey Kusanagi
      Andrey Kusanagi 2 months ago

      um, i don't think that's Jurassic Park.

  • Julia Jimenez
    Julia Jimenez 2 months ago +1

    My dad showed me back to the futuer

  • Director Of SHIELD
    Director Of SHIELD 2 months ago +4

    where the heck is labyrinth?! its trending now!!

  • Anik kjl
    Anik kjl 2 months ago +3

    if this was 80s horror movies i would've gotten them all

  • Saber Is A Wulf
    Saber Is A Wulf 2 months ago +7

    This generation fucking sucks.

  • tony montana
    tony montana 2 months ago +5

    Hats off to Chelsea and her parents. Everyone else I want to punch in the throat.

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan 2 months ago +3

    7:25 Another fun fact is that Michael J. Fox filmed this and Family Ties at the same time. He would film scenes for this in the day time then go right to the other studio to film Family Ties at night.

  • Thomas McKeon
    Thomas McKeon 2 months ago +7

    Good job but I am very disappointed in how many of you did no know the Princess Bride

  • dumb fuck
    dumb fuck 2 months ago +4

    this proved how iconic Back to the Future is

  • Viejotrueno
    Viejotrueno 2 months ago +2

    'The Color Purple is the one with Oprah...'
    I want to hang myself from a pine

  • Tracy Gardner
    Tracy Gardner 3 months ago +6

    I hope they watch the movies they have not seen, and the princess bride is not overrated it rocks. My favorite line is “As you wish”

  • Thomas Adams
    Thomas Adams 3 months ago +2

    If Chelsea is single let me know lol

  • sara Ann
    sara Ann 3 months ago +8

    Who doesn't know what the shining is like DA fuck

  • Emily De La Torre
    Emily De La Torre 3 months ago +5

    Honestly thought knowing these movies was common knowledge, I got them all immediately but idk man

  • Dhruvajyoti Sahu
    Dhruvajyoti Sahu 3 months ago +3

    I recognised all of these .. except for beetlejuice . I'm 14 years old

    • dark schneider
      dark schneider 3 months ago +1

      @James Cook i find all but i m 46 old lol

    • sara Ann
      sara Ann 3 months ago +1

      I wasn't born in the 80s and I know what beetlejuice is

    • James Cook
      James Cook 3 months ago

      Dhruvajyoti Sahu how very impressive

    • Dhruvajyoti Sahu
      Dhruvajyoti Sahu 3 months ago +1

      @James Cook I wasn't there in the 80's . All of my friends don't know any movie from the 80's but I watch a lot of 80's movies .

    • James Cook
      James Cook 3 months ago

      Dhruvajyoti Sahu what does being 14 have to do with anything

  • Crystal the wolf
    Crystal the wolf 3 months ago +8

    I see what you did there with the Beetlejuice one XD

  • liduck52
    liduck52 3 months ago +2

    War Games!!

  • Bella Marshall
    Bella Marshall 3 months ago

    4/7. Better than I was expecting tbh😂

  • Manuel Henriquez
    Manuel Henriquez 3 months ago +2

    As a person who is the WWE fan, the WWE legend superstar Andre The Giant is in "The Princess Bride." Same year when this movie came out during the time when Andre was body slam by Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III. BROTHER!!!

  • Clint Subcliff
    Clint Subcliff 3 months ago +2

    Do you guy's know childs play??best movie ever!! People will think it is chucky!!😆

    • Violet Raven
      Violet Raven 2 months ago

      Hell yea! Together with Nightmare on Elm Street it's definitely the best of all those 80's horror movies franchises. Easily beats Halloween and Friday the 13th.

  • Bella Ball
    Bella Ball 3 months ago +1

    i knew them all but beetle juice and im 14

  • TheFunkyStone
    TheFunkyStone 4 months ago +3

    Oh ok

  • I’m in too many fandoms for my own good

    Tom’s shirt is amazing

  • Abbey Barnhart
    Abbey Barnhart 4 months ago +3

    I knew all of these...I feel very proud of myself

  • your mom
    your mom 4 months ago +4

    We have failed our kids. What a bunch of abortions. :(

  • Carter Gonzalez
    Carter Gonzalez 4 months ago +1

    I got all of them and I love Tom’s shirt

  • Stuff&things&molerats
    Stuff&things&molerats 4 months ago +1

    I have a friend who I tell him that he looks like the deformed monster guy from the goonies

  • old_school_4ever
    old_school_4ever 4 months ago +1

    If they answer the question correctly but... with that question mark after the correct answer... it's wrong!

  • Ashley Ellis
    Ashley Ellis 4 months ago

    The. GONESES

  • Brax1982
    Brax1982 4 months ago +1

    Not sure whether or not Eric just tried to say that he is a classic...?

  • Leroyrs
    Leroyrs 4 months ago +4

    Ghostbusters, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ?

  • Jeffrey Cross
    Jeffrey Cross 4 months ago +1

    Chelsea with the Clementine cap!

  • sakay west
    sakay west 4 months ago +4

    THE PRINCESS BRIDE!!!!!! Y'all are killing me.

  • Helena McKinney
    Helena McKinney 4 months ago +6

    I’m going to keep looking through these movie videos until I find the Outsiders

  • Meg Willsher
    Meg Willsher 4 months ago +22


  • rosemary love
    rosemary love 4 months ago +4

    I've seen the shining and I've stayed at the Stanley hotel I've seen the movie in the hotel

    • rosemary love
      rosemary love 4 months ago

      I'm in college...

    • Starman62
      Starman62 4 months ago +1

      When I was in college we would get drunk at the bar in the Stanley and then wander around the grounds surrounding the Hotel muttering "REDRUM" over and over. Surprisingly nobody ever complained and we never got asked to leave.

  • Antoine Fisette
    Antoine Fisette 4 months ago +2


  • Mary Gordon
    Mary Gordon 4 months ago +1


  • Mary Gordon
    Mary Gordon 4 months ago

    Colr Purple

  • Mary Gordon
    Mary Gordon 4 months ago

    I love the Peter Centera song that goes with the movie

  • Mary Gordon
    Mary Gordon 4 months ago

    Karete Kid

  • Mary Gordon
    Mary Gordon 4 months ago


  • Mary Gordon
    Mary Gordon 4 months ago


  • Mary Gordon
    Mary Gordon 4 months ago

    Princess Bride

  • Cody Patterson
    Cody Patterson 4 months ago +2

    1:00 "As you wish"

  • Jonathan Ross
    Jonathan Ross 4 months ago +3

    You got a thumps up for having Beetlejuice show up after the 3rd time his name is said.

  • Bein Joué
    Bein Joué 4 months ago +2

    Tom is that All Might from My Her Academia

  • Megan Tewalt
    Megan Tewalt 5 months ago +10

    Parents, educate your kids!

  • Sarah Rodrigues
    Sarah Rodrigues 5 months ago +4

    I just noticed Tom is wearing an All Might shirt 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  • Stefan Gingrich
    Stefan Gingrich 5 months ago +1

    I got 100% and I was born in the year 1987.

  • I’m in love with my car ITS A METEPHOR!!!

    I got 100% and was born 2007 :,)

  • Angie
    Angie 5 months ago +6

    Inigo Montoya!

  • Alyssa Goss
    Alyssa Goss 5 months ago +2

    1:41 STOP SAYING THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiny and Lilly’s Adventures!

    The boy that says he knows Beetlejuice only from robot chicken every time he’s on these he gets on my nerves. Only because his attitude lol

  • Deborah LePage
    Deborah LePage 5 months ago +3

    Can we inflict our opinions of the most romantic movies during our own childhood old movies and see if you're interested or have even heard of them?
    Ok for romantic ghost stories...
    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    Ghost (that's a gimme)
    What Dreams May Come
    Somewhere in Time (a bit iffy on ghost criteria)

  • Chris Cullen28
    Chris Cullen28 5 months ago +1

    These are fascinating ! More for what is still remembered than what is forgotten.

  • Isabel Monterroso
    Isabel Monterroso 5 months ago

    Has anyone tell chelsey girl that she look a lot like brighet medler from good luck Charlie Disney show

  • Martin Wallace
    Martin Wallace 5 months ago +5

    stop saying iconic