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  • Published on Aug 8, 2017
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    A compilation of some of the best baseball fights, punches and knockdowns to ever happen. Includes fights with Bryce Harper, Jose Bautista, Zack Greinke, David Ortiz (Big Papi), and many other stars.
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  • Roberto Aguilar
    Roberto Aguilar 2 hours ago

    Cheering dude at public background on 17:40

  • Shameless Coal Burner
    Shameless Coal Burner 6 hours ago

    I like how the guy at homebase (I know nothing about baseball) was checking on Greinke to see if he was alright.

  • sean vogt
    sean vogt Day ago

    13:42 - Goldberg would be proud with that spear.

  • Brandon G
    Brandon G Day ago

    KState vs Kansas fight wouldn’t even crack the top 10

  • Dante Inferno
    Dante Inferno 3 days ago

    Pedro is a dirty player

  • hump de dump oysters

    MLB= straight up gangsta

  • pyledog
    pyledog 5 days ago

    I feel like no one ever explained to albert belle that baseball isnt hockey.

  • Green and White
    Green and White 6 days ago

    There was only about 4 landed punches in this entire video

  • Green and White
    Green and White 6 days ago

    This should be called baseballers argue then everybody cuddles for a few minutes

  • Pickho Pockhy
    Pickho Pockhy 7 days ago

    Fight nya gak seru cok

  • Raja Bilal
    Raja Bilal 7 days ago

    Think if this was Pakistan game

  • Brianna Cockerham
    Brianna Cockerham 9 days ago

    odor is a paper puncher... was that deontay.. that nigga wud be flat dead

  • Anabel Gutierrez
    Anabel Gutierrez 9 days ago

    Most of the time the person who starts the fight always gets wrecked by the other player

  • Anabel Gutierrez
    Anabel Gutierrez 9 days ago +1

    12:28 player: boi you better get yourself out of here
    72 year old man: man I regret doing that
    Me: ohh yes you did

  • Connie Thompson
    Connie Thompson 10 days ago

    Martinez is a huge pain in the head, arms, ribs, knee...That minion is a one man wrecking crew, smh

  • Savage Beast
    Savage Beast 11 days ago

    Is this baseball or american foot ball?

  • Wavee
    Wavee 12 days ago

    “Odor is now 2 for 5 today” 🤣

  • kalish1671
    kalish1671 13 days ago

    0:28 Clean

  • Joey Frye
    Joey Frye 13 days ago

    There’s no kicking in baseball!!!

  • joe doe
    joe doe 13 days ago

    What a bunch of girls. Most pros make more money in a year then most make in their life. Over paid anger management wussies. Be role models for kids

  • g. major
    g. major 14 days ago

    "Both banks are empty here we go"

  • JD Miller
    JD Miller 17 days ago

    Everyone's a tough guy once 3 people get between them.

  • Robert Willoughby
    Robert Willoughby 18 days ago

    Is there one where a guy hits a TEAM MATE?!

    • Robert Willoughby
      Robert Willoughby 18 days ago

      By the way, Derek Lee hit somebody for saying "I'm sorry about that, man"?! Talk about an overreaction!

  • Linus de Vries
    Linus de Vries 19 days ago

    Expected a little more Bud Spencer in Papi.

  • Damian Aviles
    Damian Aviles 20 days ago

    Tf was that, was he trying to kick him LMFAO 10:32

  • Damian Aviles
    Damian Aviles 20 days ago

    I was crying at 5:09 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Anonymous Penguin
    Anonymous Penguin 22 days ago


  • Anonymous Penguin
    Anonymous Penguin 22 days ago


  • Anonymous Penguin
    Anonymous Penguin 22 days ago


  • True North Freerunning

    15:32 fam got hit with a close line😭

  • Jackson Briley
    Jackson Briley 24 days ago

    0:07...Err was Harper trying to hit the pitcher?? 😂

  • MCOC Pope
    MCOC Pope 25 days ago +1

    Baseball brawls are fucking pathetic. They look like a crowd of people at a party dancing to the beat drop in a song.

  • G Bak
    G Bak 25 days ago

    Fight starts.
    The best part is happening and then a thumbnail for another video pops up in the middle of the screen covering up the fight...

  • My World
    My World 29 days ago

    I Dnt know abut tis game but i want know what the eating and the plying the game

  • Craig Brock26
    Craig Brock26 Month ago

    The only reason I ever wanna do baseball 💯

  • Anisa Farah
    Anisa Farah Month ago

    I hate when the two teams from the opposite side come running when a fight breaks out... let me see the fight unfold.. give them a min

  • Visual One Studio
    Visual One Studio Month ago

    Every fight starts the same way and ends the same way but it's still fun to watch.

  • Abd El Nour Zouai
    Abd El Nour Zouai Month ago

    Why would they do that like it’s only a game of bseball

  • Sushil Mishra
    Sushil Mishra Month ago

    Better then wwe locker room

  • atyuin negi
    atyuin negi Month ago

    This is WWE ...

  • x3n03lx
    x3n03lx Month ago

    0:07 for a baseball player who is supposed to know how to catch and THROW this guy can’t even throw a hat

  • hemant rana
    hemant rana Month ago

    and they say.. Americans are civilised 😂😂😂😂

  • NumberTen0119
    NumberTen0119 Month ago

    I’m selling replays, what’s your offer

  • Edwin Gomez
    Edwin Gomez Month ago

    Almost all of them were dominicans hahah, we're the end!

  • Edward Peter
    Edward Peter Month ago

    Man they should've sign at the UFC

  • rockandbluesfan 79
    rockandbluesfan 79 Month ago

    Just think, you can see baseball, amateur boxing WWE, and an attempt at UFC and Kung Fu all for the price of 1 ticket. Love it!

  • Chef Addz
    Chef Addz Month ago

    If Ortiz connected with that upper cut Gregg would have been sleeping lol

  • Abraham Jin
    Abraham Jin Month ago

    13:54 that guy deserved to beat the pitcher

  • Praying Mantis
    Praying Mantis Month ago

    That batboy had guts to ask Mr Sheffield for his bat.

  • Darren Farley
    Darren Farley Month ago

    The funniest part of this was Harper's helmet throw.

  • DW Palme
    DW Palme Month ago

    Mark McGuire another cheat that should not be allowed in the game - ever.

  • DW Palme
    DW Palme Month ago

    Bryce the Pussy Harper is a punk.

  • Bellic Ahr
    Bellic Ahr Month ago

    in baseball ,throwing down your hat means lets fiiiighttttt

  • Orion Parish
    Orion Parish Month ago

    Here's something MLB really needs to look at if they want to end these sorts of things. If it's only player on player, then eject one or both of them.
    If it's a bench clearing? Eject both teams and neither side wins anything.
    I don't want fights to end because baseball is boring as fuck without them. But baseball has done nothing to try stop these from happening.

  • Nicolai Palacio
    Nicolai Palacio 2 months ago

    Sana all

  • taleb daas
    taleb daas 2 months ago

    you probably will laugh on me but i came here from Young Sheldon S3 E7 | Missy's First Fist Fight !

  • vinod kumar
    vinod kumar 2 months ago

    Most unprofessional game..i hate it

  • Justin Damsker
    Justin Damsker 2 months ago

    Pitcher: Looks at batter

  • Tony G
    Tony G 2 months ago

    Mlb brawls are the best

  • Grilo
    Grilo 2 months ago

    Red Sox FTW