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  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Ad Astra, To The Stars. Here are 60 seconds on what I thought plus 3:40 more of my thoughts on the movie because 60 seconds was a dumb gimmick unless you're into that sort of thing then by all means.
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  • Dash
    Dash 10 days ago

    1:26 Did they reuse that picture of slightly younger Tommy Lee Jones in a space suit from Space Cowboys?

  • wisemoon40
    wisemoon40 13 days ago

    I knew nothing about this movie when I saw it...a friend paid for my ticket and it was Brad Pitt in a sci-fi movie so I said okay. But I seriously loved everything about this movie. It is so totally my jam! To the point where afterward the friend who bought the ticket and wanted to go said he didn’t like it and I was like “whaaaaaaaa...?” Because it just seemed so deep and dense with meaning.

  • wurzyking
    wurzyking 14 days ago

    Well i was going to ask for a 60 second review for 'the lighthouse' but after looking at all the comments telling you to 'make a video about X', I'll just say great video.
    I like the 60 second review concept, kind of like a primer before going to see a movie or if you are the edge of seeing it in theaters or not, this could help you decide.
    I really enjoyed ad astra as well, there were a couple of odd physics things that didn't seem to work right but they didn't really pop me out of the movie, i was along for the ride the entire time :)
    Great movie, one of my favorites of the year.

  • Stephen Jacewicz
    Stephen Jacewicz 20 days ago

    I went in blindlish I also went in blindlish going to see A Simple Favor. That's a great film or getting close to great and Ad Astra is getting close to great it's gorgeous and different.

  • Wdomino
    Wdomino 20 days ago

    Loved this movie, indeed a different, more relaxing space movie that tells quite a story that challenges the character (with beaaauuutifull shots). Also cool to finally have another planet in the spotloghts insted of earth or mars. There was only one thing I didnt like nor understand at all. The only quite bloody scene with that thing... I mean I understand it could have happened but dont understand why that was in the movie or what purpose it served. Anyway noticed your space thing too ^^. This one deserves an EGA and hopefully you can do Oblivon once too, that one deserves it too soooooo much.

  • Ian
    Ian 25 days ago

    I support your channel extremely hard. You're such an open minded person and you have helped me see the world through a different lens truly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Ian
      Ian 25 days ago

      I've even seen my own trauma and depression differently because of your takes.

  • LiteralShoppingKart
    LiteralShoppingKart 26 days ago +2

    attempt 1 for "The secret life of Walter mitty"

  • Steven Robbins
    Steven Robbins 28 days ago

    There were a couple of spots where the science in this sci-fi (being set so much in reality-esque environments) were so outlandish that it was a major distraction. It was beautiful. It had incredible cinematography. The story kept my attention, and I was engaged. Brad was great, rest of cast extremely good. Pacing was decent. There were just these couple of WTF moments/scenes that....I just couldn't suspend my disbelief enough. SMH.

  • Dino Nucket
    Dino Nucket 28 days ago

    do zombieland

  • Horrar
    Horrar 29 days ago

    now that you mentioned gattaca you gotta do a cinemawins on it
    thats the rules

  • Teddy
    Teddy 29 days ago

    Yadda yadda

    HALOFROG 18 29 days ago +2

    I loved the movie's art style
    It's like the art style humanity should go with instead of the "cool looking" organic style some films have

  • Kate Nagle
    Kate Nagle Month ago

    PLEASE can you do everything great about the prince of Egypt!!!

  • John
    John Month ago

    I saw it and didn’t like it too much a bad drama then a true science fiction movie, there was almost no science which I love in space movies

  • Dax Millan
    Dax Millan Month ago

    I hope you do EGA Interstellar cause that movie is a masterpiece and the scientific concepts presented was the most accurate.

  • Flick in a Flash
    Flick in a Flash Month ago

    great review

  • Captain Spaghetti
    Captain Spaghetti Month ago +1

    Everything Great About The Perks of Being a Wallflower

  • Simon Turner
    Simon Turner Month ago

    Was the science thing that bugged you how dense the asteroid field was?

    JACQUELINE GARCIA Month ago +3

    My dad, and I quote, said that this movie was basically about Brad Pitt traveling across the solar system cause he had daddy issues.

  • Gypseytails
    Gypseytails Month ago +1

    I watched this movie after a stressed day and it really calmed me

  • Aaron H.
    Aaron H. Month ago

    So... is it kind of like 2001: A Space Odyssey?

  • Vortex
    Vortex Month ago

    So, imagine *Interstellar 2.*

  • Micah Beckner
    Micah Beckner Month ago +2

    The score is like tron legacy x interstellar

  • SkelaDude
    SkelaDude Month ago

    It was extremely boring

  • SDFcommander
    SDFcommander Month ago

    Great non spoiler review. Well done and I appreciate it. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

  • Roshan Sharma
    Roshan Sharma Month ago

    A request. I didn't get that thing you mentioned about space, towards the end, I think you said. Explain?

  • SeeThroughScreen
    SeeThroughScreen Month ago +2

    There was a moment towards the end of the film, all that subtle building of character and themes, lead to one line that BROKE me.
    An emotional explosion.
    A brilliant example of how film should communicate it's story.

  • ll2nycell
    ll2nycell Month ago

    not anamorphic lens flares

  • birdie hera
    birdie hera Month ago +1

    I like the movie a lot but while watching it, I was kinda pissed the laws of physics were completely unacknowledged, like uhh the gravitational pull on Neptune would definitely suck both characters into the planet, but hey whatever

  • Ok
    Ok Month ago

    Please my man, where’s the endgame video?

  • Roger Lareau
    Roger Lareau Month ago +1

    This movie sucked.
    "Emo in space"...
    I felt nothing for the protagonist and the antagonist was wasted.

  • Marshall Boice
    Marshall Boice Month ago

    Everything Great about Cloud Atlas!

  • Elmao
    Elmao Month ago


    when watching this movie I tried to take it serious and it was fine and pretty interesting, but the movie feels like it itself starts to take itself way less serious, especially the monkey scene near the middle, or the main character becoming a master in shooting.

  • Andrew Harvey
    Andrew Harvey Month ago

    zero g does not exist - it's falling. I have no seen the movie yet.

  • Turtleneck
    Turtleneck Month ago +1

    Just watched this movie, before catching your 60 second review, and I think I really want an "Everything Great About" now. I wouldn't call Ad Astra an "entertainment movie", but I think it is something people need to see because of the introspection that the movie elicits and I'm confident you could word that better than I considering it sounds like you really enjoyed the movie. Also because I always think you do a good job of painting the beauty of movies and help break down some of the artsy stuff that goes over the average viewer's head, myself included.

  • chris shipp
    chris shipp Month ago

    Donald Sutherland is always a win!

  • Victor Aravena Leal

    Not a single comment about the movie or the review in the comments wtf. Anyway i was interested but it looks boring af like tgat gravity movie yicks, my fav movie interstellar

  • Michał Kucharczyk
    Michał Kucharczyk Month ago

    I think it may be even worse than The Revenant.

  • Hugh Griffin
    Hugh Griffin Month ago +4

    I loved the arc of brads character as well as the closing message that he learns through the movie as well as how it seems like he knew that the climax of the film was coming for his entire life

  • NKProductions2014
    NKProductions2014 Month ago

    poop on poop toast. Totally pointless and I HATED it. nothing happens

  • Ken S
    Ken S Month ago

    I value your opinion on movies a lot so I really appreciate these! Screw the 60 second trend, just make the review as brief and spoiler free as you can but get your whole point across (like you kind of do here after the 60 seconds is up)

  • ItsMeAtheistBoi
    ItsMeAtheistBoi Month ago

    ENDGAME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mátravölgyi Zoltán

    Review Crawl, please!!

  • BreakingHarmonics
    BreakingHarmonics Month ago

    Am I the only one still wanting the mortal engines video?

  • Ddoe
    Ddoe Month ago

    Never thought I would find opposite of cinema ains and ita good to catch good stuff

  • StuffedNinja21
    StuffedNinja21 Month ago

    Like if you agree he should do Dunkirk next

  • DraJeezConicus
    DraJeezConicus Month ago

    Can you make an EGA about Rango (2011)

  • Elizabeth Cohen
    Elizabeth Cohen Month ago +1

    When can we have the review for endgame 🤣🤣

  • _ Oscar _
    _ Oscar _ Month ago

    can you do the steven universe movie

  • Navigator87110
    Navigator87110 Month ago

    I appreciate your appreciation of movie music scores.

  • 黄一Tony Huang
    黄一Tony Huang Month ago

    Ummmm.... when does EVERYTHING Great about Endgame come out

  • The Puppeteer
    The Puppeteer Month ago +1

    I know it wasnt very popular but can you PLEASE do a Everything Great About Brother Bear

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Month ago

    Please make an everything great about Rambo! The new one is so good and I’d love to see you review them!!!!

  • Blank_Space_801
    Blank_Space_801 Month ago +1

    When are you gonna do endgame? Like for real me and a lot of your viewers have been waiting man. Let’s go ain’t nobody care about ad astra or Godzilla we want end game

  • Redflametrow
    Redflametrow Month ago

    I really think this movie isn't for everyone. It's pretty slow paced which is intentional. As far as movies it's like, it's kinda a hybrid between Locke and Gravity. The lack of well developed secondary characters really is felt watching this.

    I would be mad if this wins for best picture especially given what other cinematic masterpieces have come out this year and are planned.

  • Pokemon Trainer John

    Do I.T. chapter 1

  • mariocrazyman
    mariocrazyman Month ago

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  • _ᴇᴛᴄʜɪғ_
    _ᴇᴛᴄʜɪғ_ Month ago

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  • L P
    L P Month ago +8

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  • notyoure mom
    notyoure mom Month ago

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