Missandei Death Scene | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Ending

  • Published on May 6, 2019
  • - Daenerys Targaryen vs Cersei Lannister
    - Tyrion talks to Qyburn and Cersei
    - Cersei orders The Mountain (Ser Gregor Clegane) to kill Missandei of Naath and proceeds to cut off her head atop the walls of King's Landing
    - Missandei executed
    - Missandei dead
    #GameofThrones 8x04 "The Last of the Starks"
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  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang 16 hours ago

    Why is fast and furius doing here

  • Vincent Cordi
    Vincent Cordi Day ago

    and i oop

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins 2 days ago

    Last words of a pacifist, burn them all.

  • PG - E
    PG - E 2 days ago

    I will say this for Nathalie and Emilia and Jacob. The fact they managed to do this scene where it was really the 3 of them having a moment, across so much distance, was pretty goddamn incredible.

  • PG - E
    PG - E 2 days ago

    They literally had to f-ing show us. What an absolute f-ing sh-show. It’s months later now. And I cannot f-ing believe this happened. I cannot believe Game of Thrones came down to this.

  • PG - E
    PG - E 2 days ago

    F- 8x05. F- The Iron Throne.
    This was the moment Dany went mad.
    No wonder Emilia submitted *this* one for the Emmys.

  • mosesmosestv
    mosesmosestv 3 days ago

    1:14 Prophetic

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 4 days ago

    Finally she should have died long ago

  • Sam Carrington
    Sam Carrington 4 days ago +1

    She only had a little bit men but she still went to Kings Landing for Missandei 😭 R.I.P.

  • Lyon Dynasty
    Lyon Dynasty 5 days ago

    After watching this Scene I feel like killing John snow for stopping this lady.

  • Hesam Safari
    Hesam Safari 6 days ago

    Title Revis: One of the STUPIDEST death on the series

  • Elias Kaasinen
    Elias Kaasinen 6 days ago +1

    Daenerys : *Dracarys*
    Drogon : *burns everything*
    Missandei : *Dracarys*
    Drogon : bitch u cant tell me what to do

  • iTyncWithReality
    iTyncWithReality 6 days ago

    Dammit what is that riff at the end? That violin build up?

  • Waikohu
    Waikohu 6 days ago

    Tyrion: my queen?
    Daenerys: (walks away broken)
    Tyrion: ohhhhhh no.

  • Gren Wren
    Gren Wren 7 days ago

    Tyrion = Rick Grimes
    Cersei = The Governor
    Missandei = Hershel

    Tyrion: I know that we can all change....

    Cersei: ....Liar....


    Danerys: NOOOOOO *Shoots at Cersei*

    Cersei and the Governor have alot in common ever since Tommen's death, she was more concerned about torturing her enemies than comforting her children, Tyrion consistantly claims she loves her children yet in tommen's time of need, Cersei wasn't there and its more a warped form of selfishness, similar to the Governor who loses a child, gains another, and yet is more obsessed with his revenge and again is negligent for his 2nd child's death. Sadly when Rick defeats the governor through his ability to take in allies (Michonne) Danerys who should have gone down that path of victory for earning allies becomes the governor himself (Again, not unlike Rick's brutality after the Governor is beaten but unlike GOT where Danerys is murdered rather than swayed, Rick has to go through a journey of balance not going as far as the governor but not being stupidly naive like the Alexandrians, all thanks to his friends and Coral's wish, while Danerys' allies are torn between brutality and pacifism.

  • Gizmø KøVeK
    Gizmø KøVeK 9 days ago

    They just had to kill the baddest bitch in the whole series huh

  • WargAttack
    WargAttack 9 days ago +1

    «Your Queen’s last dragon is vounerbale» HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH how did that work out for you?

  • la belle province
    la belle province 9 days ago

    Cersei deserves the dead she got, jaime on the contrary deserves to live...

  • Khushi Jaiswal
    Khushi Jaiswal 9 days ago

    I wonder why deny burn Kings landing....

  • Wonho’s soft tiddy breast

    I wish Daenerys torturer Cersei

    NEPHERYA GOLD 10 days ago

    If you look closely at Danny’s face after missandei dies you can see tears forming in her eyes then they quickly goes away when she turns into the mad queen

  • Xolaninokwe Maxwell
    Xolaninokwe Maxwell 12 days ago

    Cercei didn't die this season she died when they killed her daughter who she loved morethan all her children that's why her death was somewhat "easy" if there's such a thing

  • Valentina
    Valentina 13 days ago

    i loved their friendship and there was no other way for Dany to get the throne....Missandei knew this....and at least Dany paid with her life......an they are together again....I´m so sad ---after all---and after 4 months

  • Frank Miranda
    Frank Miranda 13 days ago +1

    Cersei awoke a sleeping mad queen

  • Connor Ross
    Connor Ross 13 days ago

    Cersei's a bitch.

  • k a r m a
    k a r m a 14 days ago


  • Jenna Denjern
    Jenna Denjern 15 days ago

    "If you have any last words, now is the time."
    Missandei: *looks out over everyone, takes a deep breathe, then exhales* "Jaime fucked Brienne."

  • iuduehd jduisjd
    iuduehd jduisjd 15 days ago +2

    the only scene where i don’t like cersei

  • Benjamin Garrett
    Benjamin Garrett 15 days ago

    Tyrion: "But... but I don't want to hear it."
    Well ya know what Tyrion? You wouldn't have to if you would not have lied and said that Daenerys taking Cersei, and all her enemies who were in the Red Keep at the SAMETIME, out back in S7. Just stating facts.🔥🔥🔥

  • Ser Bronn Of the Blackwater

    Felt worse for greyworm here than dany

  • OregonAndy
    OregonAndy 16 days ago

    Daenerys at 7:00 is like when Bill O’Reilly screamed “We’ll do it live!”

  • Travis Mannix
    Travis Mannix 18 days ago

    Poor greyworm dude bagged one of the finest women on the planet with no dick. Odds of that happening again?

    TASFIA MIM 18 days ago

    This is the most shitty scene ever...idk how but I was dissatisfied

  • Marcy
    Marcy 19 days ago

    I may have hated the ending, but I loved the amount of power Missandei was given before her tragic end. She literally commanded a dragon. She said "Dracarys" and Daenerys obeyed.

  • Darth Youtuber
    Darth Youtuber 19 days ago

    Finally that bitch is gone ...

  • Jacob David
    Jacob David 20 days ago


    This is bullshit

  • J Da
    J Da 21 day ago

    Why did Tyrion trust Cersei? Just a truly unbelievable burden to put on the audience to accept.

  • Enigma
    Enigma 21 day ago

    And the mad queen was born.

  • Ghada Jamal
    Ghada Jamal 21 day ago

    Dany has the right to burn them all.
    they deserve this

  • Lelo M.A
    Lelo M.A 21 day ago

    Oh shit I have always hated Cercei

  • Sara Groeger
    Sara Groeger 23 days ago

    As soon as Missandei died, Tyrion knew what was gonna happen, He knew that was the final straw for Dany....

  • Ebony Egw1103
    Ebony Egw1103 23 days ago

    Ummm, is ot just me, but why tf didnt Missandei just JUMP?!? It was high, but she'd have at least had a chance(slim. but a chance) feet 1st gurl legs bent hit & roll prob break a few bones. Mayyybe take someone down with u to land on lol.... Anything besides waiting for the Mountain to swing his sword... smh.

  • 이재진
    이재진 24 days ago

    I would’ve gone batshit mad too if i saw one of my best friend get beheaded right in front of me. Not to mention seeing my child get shot. There will be hell to pay innocent or otherwise lol

  • Lil Peep Forever
    Lil Peep Forever 24 days ago

    Solo vine por peep

  • Dylan Roberts
    Dylan Roberts 25 days ago +1


  • Matt Preston
    Matt Preston 25 days ago

    As bad as this season was, the acting was incredible. Emilia Clarke is perfect in this scene.

  • Chandra Craven
    Chandra Craven 25 days ago

    Just like every POC in fantasy -- used as a plot device and killed off for the sake of others. D and D: I will never forgive you.

  • Ashlyn Wolff
    Ashlyn Wolff 25 days ago

    3:20 4:20 4:54 and right here we can see the last moments of Cersei's humanity in the show

  • lisa koola
    lisa koola 26 days ago

    being ambushed being betrayed your best friend died beheaded what would you do?

  • Aisha E.S
    Aisha E.S 26 days ago +1

    What is the soundtrack that plays at the end? I don't think it's from the original scene.

  • Destiny Brookey
    Destiny Brookey 27 days ago

    "You don't want to awaken the dragon do you?" -Viserys "no" -Daenerys (season 1) Cersei plays her game, "you don't want to awaken the dragon!" -Daenerys (season 8)Dany commands Dothraki to stop: "How dare you give me commands! Now you have awoken the dragon!" -Viserys (season 1) Missandei's death: "Now you have awoken the dragon!" -Daenerys (Season 8)

  • Alicia Sanchez
    Alicia Sanchez 27 days ago


  • Majid Khan
    Majid Khan 28 days ago

    Cercei don’t have any idea what does it mean “ DRACYRUS”. Otherwise she never did so.

  • к п
    к п 28 days ago

    Just imagin ,when she say dracaris , drogon just go and save her 😎😎😎

  • Kyle George
    Kyle George 29 days ago +1

    Season 8 really wasn't that bad

    SUDHAKAR SHARMA 29 days ago

    Love how Lena shifts her balance from one leg to another in the opening scene!

  • Stark The Slick
    Stark The Slick Month ago

    question. Why didnt cersei ordered every single archer and scorpion to shower them all with arrows ? Every single important commander is there including tyrion who she tried to kill since the beggining and daenerys who is her rival. So why not just kill them all when they're in shooting range ? :/

  • Curly R
    Curly R Month ago

    Boring character was in the show for her boobs

  • Lavanya Rawat
    Lavanya Rawat Month ago

    She could have just jumped off from the castle mahn

  • ThatLadyDray
    ThatLadyDray Month ago +1

    When Drogon cried out I knew there would be no mercy. "Dragons have a fondness for their friends" - Tyrion Lannister