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  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Song with Shakka - thexvid.com/video/qtqAPSBYkgY/video.html
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  • Paul Cris
    Paul Cris 3 hours ago


  • Swag Dragon
    Swag Dragon Day ago

    Mah Boi well know he low-key looking like Itachi but just ain't wanna confuse the non-anime watchers on his channel😂😂

  • Jason Kupa Bakajika

    14:56 Sunday league needs VAR

  • ThatOneGuy 4
    ThatOneGuy 4 Day ago

    Not to be racist and all but Marf is really black

  • DxnielBxaxmxh
    DxnielBxaxmxh 2 days ago

    Ref called nothing for you guys😡

  • .--
    .-- 2 days ago

    Honestly Tobi is soo shit

  • Kani Fuker
    Kani Fuker 3 days ago

    Great finish for goal No.2 but no one likes to see a player go down for a penalty and hats off to the big guy for trying to stay on his feet and go for goal.

  • Juliana Hilliard
    Juliana Hilliard 3 days ago

    Corey the keeper needs to play smarter. Especially as he’s not the most athletic player on the team. He got lucky but some of his play and where he kicked down the field were dangerous!

  • Patrick_ Playz_
    Patrick_ Playz_ 3 days ago

    Playing on the astro turf...This ain't even Sunday league 😂😂

  • Shahil Razeen
    Shahil Razeen 3 days ago


  • RG9 _skills
    RG9 _skills 4 days ago

    You do not need to go down for a PK👌🏻

  • Jose Rico Taco Nacho quesidilla mondilla jones

    UTR buyable kits? And can we get a SideMates v UTR

  • AWildHumanoid
    AWildHumanoid 4 days ago

    4:30 for game you daytime supporters

  • Connor Fitzsimons
    Connor Fitzsimons 4 days ago

    Why doesn’t jj play anymore

  • Alex P.M
    Alex P.M 4 days ago +1

    manny looks like sasuke without his arm in boruto

  • Rayhan Ali
    Rayhan Ali 4 days ago

    17:58 no

  • Finlay Gray
    Finlay Gray 5 days ago

    Kane’s fucking shit and so ugly

  • Suicidz_ Amjad
    Suicidz_ Amjad 5 days ago

    Caine was my ref at mu match today

  • Van Dijk
    Van Dijk 5 days ago +1

    No u don’t need to go down that ref is shit and goin no where in life, and he give that guy the free kick I would’ve killed this ref

  • sus kunt
    sus kunt 6 days ago

    That was sloppy

  • Neymar Jr
    Neymar Jr 6 days ago

    I’m a UTR fan but u guys have to chill out with them tackles I cringe wen I seee those

  • Kyle YT
    Kyle YT 6 days ago

    Jed’s seriously out here looking like a pro clubs player

  • luisfifahd
    luisfifahd 6 days ago

    17:50 yes and no. Technically it was a foul but he stayed up so the ref probably used advantage, however when the ball went out he should have called the penalty

  • Josh Archer
    Josh Archer 6 days ago

    Corey is often questionable🤔😂

  • Jack O Reilly
    Jack O Reilly 6 days ago

    Jamil motm 100%

  • Miiist _
    Miiist _ 6 days ago +1

    My sports teacher was on the opposition. (one with blue cap on his knee) Mad!

    BETTER THAN YOU 6 days ago +1

    Have one of your midfielders to stand around the penalty spot when someone is playing a ball low or high so Incase they get it clear he’ll be there and if the cross is a bit behind he’ll be facing the ball and goal and easier to finish

  • Simo TV
    Simo TV 6 days ago

    Never Caines goal

  • Leyton Olive
    Leyton Olive 6 days ago

    What happened seriously Bradley massively let you done there with that challenge there was no need if he didn’t make that challenge I think the game would have been completely different and they wouldn’t have the motivation for the second goal also I could see the players when they scored the first goal becoming sloppy but respect for Larne he had a great game

    CHIPZILE 6 days ago

    Love these videos manny love watching them, keep up the good work 👌

  • Shingrwa Tv
    Shingrwa Tv 6 days ago

    Best player technically Lanre by far

  • noget soccer
    noget soccer 6 days ago

    Good result but the team needs to be serious

  • Gabi Dosa
    Gabi Dosa 6 days ago

    You really need a good goalkeeper, you don't concede goals just because of your solid defence

  • Azzam Rey
    Azzam Rey 6 days ago

    What the fuck is the video title about

  • TALLEST_93
    TALLEST_93 7 days ago

    Jed is the type of baller that need 7 chances to score one. good effort lad but work on your clinicality

  • Kyle Falero
    Kyle Falero 7 days ago

    I don’t usually watch these vids much, but from what I can see, all you need to work on is passing. Too many loose passes in the match.

  • Beau Leury
    Beau Leury 7 days ago

    lanre was onside

  • Martin Ferguson
    Martin Ferguson 7 days ago

    Your team is so frustrating to watch. Yous build up well and using ghe wing backs effectively. They are actually very good a putting balls into the box but nobody attacking seems to have any interest in winning the header or running near post its all static in the box waiting for a rebound or something. Yous really have to work on making sure you have a midfielder running late into the box and your attackers are bursting there arse to get onto the end of the cross in.

  • 2 certi
    2 certi 7 days ago

    This is trending

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  • Nathan Donat
    Nathan Donat 7 days ago

    Thomas is such an ideal Sunday League striker he is amazing

  • Dillon Valenzuela
    Dillon Valenzuela 7 days ago

    Tough draw boys. With the wind and the 3G pitch I would have liked to see the boys keep the ball on the floor, especially in the first half and not give up so many 50/50s

  • JohnnyCZ 4
    JohnnyCZ 4 7 days ago

    Yo, manny and Jed seem to play every game with either, different style or their hair has grown like 2-3 inch and it looks way different

  • Alex Alvarez
    Alex Alvarez 7 days ago

    What cleats is Toby wearing?

  • Josh Richards
    Josh Richards 7 days ago

    What is Bradley doing!?

  • UltraSkillz Gaming
    UltraSkillz Gaming 7 days ago

    how do you get into the club?

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams 7 days ago

    You have to go down to get a pen in football, you shouldn’t have to and I don’t like it but that’s the way football is now sadly

    TRAPAHOLIC 1738 7 days ago

    Finally a good pitch thank god

  • Ascend Destinyy
    Ascend Destinyy 7 days ago

    4th on trending! Nice

  • Simon Nzewi
    Simon Nzewi 7 days ago

    looks like sasuke post war arc

  • Mrburger
    Mrburger 7 days ago

    How is this 4th on trending

  • me No
    me No 7 days ago

    It was an own goal

  • Mati football
    Mati football 7 days ago


  • Louie United
    Louie United 7 days ago

    #4 on trending

  • Sebxstian M
    Sebxstian M 7 days ago


  • Sybren Boi
    Sybren Boi 7 days ago

    That's exactly the problem! Referees should always give penalty's for that! Even if the player does not go down, a foul is a foul

  • Mario Chavez
    Mario Chavez 7 days ago

    I dont like Kory as keeper. A keeper needs to be light on his feet. And i feel like he panics and thats when he makes mistakes.

    PACYBITS Milo 7 days ago


  • Kyun Miller
    Kyun Miller 7 days ago

    adult SASUKE but u forgot your sword at home

  • Honorai Serrano
    Honorai Serrano 7 days ago

    11:19 my man looks like sasuke without his left arm

  • Vignesh Menon
    Vignesh Menon 7 days ago

    Lanre absolute baller

  • Dan Eggington
    Dan Eggington 7 days ago

    Constructive criticism - everything your lads do seems to be at full pace, especially in centre mid

  • Yasir Islam
    Yasir Islam 7 days ago


  • Huhiho
    Huhiho 7 days ago

    #4 on trending? Good job mate!

  • B0Y3
    B0Y3 7 days ago

    Lanre or Mbappe?

    HEYITSMECHAAD 7 days ago

    mitch is a far better keeper he should be playing

  • Connor Carney
    Connor Carney 7 days ago

    Will UTR ever hold trials for next season?

  • BanterBen 2
    BanterBen 2 7 days ago +1

    Ngl thought I clicked on a porno

  • Jamie Abrahams
    Jamie Abrahams 7 days ago +1

    Where the youtube dawg at

  • Paddy 77
    Paddy 77 7 days ago

    Di Maria downgrade to ayozy Perez 😂😂

  • Christian Eibye
    Christian Eibye 7 days ago

    u dont ned to go down! It just makes diving more attraktive for the players.

  • Tommacne64 X
    Tommacne64 X 7 days ago

    Lanre is the goat

  • Maz Records
    Maz Records 7 days ago +1

    Legit full on quality video! You know what in this industry, we all trying the goal to make it!

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    Respect guys, have a nice one!!

  • rossvegas7
    rossvegas7 7 days ago

    Shit team

  • Lydon Green
    Lydon Green 7 days ago

    Keep up the good videos Manny.👍

    THEMAHIRRAHMAN ! 7 days ago

    Can’t lie worst bit of football

  • JoMoPhi
    JoMoPhi 7 days ago

    Cheeky bit of Pied Piper in 19:30!

  • Frazer Ingham
    Frazer Ingham 7 days ago

    Very good and honest commentator 💯 really enjoying these types of videos

  • KA7
    KA7 7 days ago

    so annoying from 2-0 up to draw 2-2. played though. unlucky.

  • Kieron Carpenter
    Kieron Carpenter 7 days ago

    He definitely was offside

  • Kevin-The-Felon
    Kevin-The-Felon 7 days ago

    Jamie is too fat to be playing, he so slow. If I was you I would find a fit CB because he low key lost y’all the game by getting beat and then scored on, thus giving the other team the momentum to tie the game.

  • Peter Dunne
    Peter Dunne 7 days ago +1

    Where is jj?

  • Tom_210
    Tom_210 7 days ago

    You boys need too get a better GK someone who can kick and dive

  • David Avery
    David Avery 7 days ago

    That second goal where was the keeper off? poor decision there need to change something there i think.

  • Max S
    Max S 7 days ago


  • K D
    K D 7 days ago +2

    Manny coming like a new member of the Akatsuki

  • Adam Wiklo
    Adam Wiklo 7 days ago

    Shouldn't need to go down to get a penalty but unfortunately, nowadays you do.. this is when you refs get conned by players or players get no justice when they are fouled. There's no real consistency at all.

  • K D
    K D 7 days ago +1

    Lanre is literally the eden hazard of the team

  • David Potter
    David Potter 7 days ago

    Manny tell Toby to toughen up, he always goes down when he barley gets touched. I still like him tho 😂

  • Owen Anderson
    Owen Anderson 7 days ago +1

    Where was tolu ?

  • The DJE
    The DJE 7 days ago

    Don’t need to go down-a foul is a foul it’s just less obvious

  • Xpl0dingLee 2k
    Xpl0dingLee 2k 7 days ago

    Trending in Maldives

  • Manuela Delle
    Manuela Delle 7 days ago

    4th on trending. Congrats??

  • Jack Dyer
    Jack Dyer 7 days ago

    Great audio 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍love it

  • Nafis Ahmad
    Nafis Ahmad 7 days ago

    Manny face ur camera abit lower like there are alot of top space. Put lower so there will be more focus on u

  • Josiah Green
    Josiah Green 7 days ago

    Number 4 on the trending page ?

  • Perazim Sofela
    Perazim Sofela 7 days ago

    Was this in Thamesmead Sporting Club? I live near there

  • Momo The epic
    Momo The epic 7 days ago

    8:03 look it’s sasuke! 😂 😂 🤧

  • Will Ryan
    Will Ryan 7 days ago

    You should sign Tommy from eltham F.C. 👍

  • Jacob Reynolds
    Jacob Reynolds 7 days ago

    I think it would be class to see a utr junior team 🤔