• Published on Jan 14, 2022
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    Welcome to Blake’s Exotic Animal Ranch
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  • Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch

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  • Kelly Farrell

    Hey at least you have a girlfriend that gets her hands dirty and believes in you and your vision because she was coming around with your sister helping you everything looks amazing Blake congrats can't wait to see what's next

  • Randy Y
    Randy Y  +45

    Loved how Kenya gently placed her hands full of fish into the water and just didn't throw them in. Shows she cares about them.

  • animefanart

    Everything is coming together so great and i have loved watching your channel grow over all this time❤️👍🏻

  • Ingo Breuer

    two Fish-eating Birds would be very cool for the aviary, maybe a pair of kingfisher

  • Alexia Scott

    I've watched ur channel so long and just watched u grow and reach goals most people didn't thing u could but keep going❤❤❤❤

  • Veezy Kids

    Killing it! Love the ponds. Daddy tilapia was upset he was moved lol.

  • Ron Parcke-Wms

    I hope you could give us an outside view from ground and aerial so that we can have a better perspective of what your pond aviary really looks like. It looks beautiful on the inside from that one angle you've shown here already.

  • Boibie G.

    I want some fish lol 😂 I really love the colorful ones!

  • John Bubba Johnson

    Awesome video Blake, i know you all did a great on it. God Bless and your family.....🙏❤🙏❤🙏🙂😊🙂

  • Rafael Torres

    Love what you do for the animals bro!! Keep it up!.. I'm inspired!

  • Nathan Vang

    Awesome video! One day ima have a pond like yours!

  • Tre Bands

    Happy to see blake getting that sponsorship money!! Know its towards great things for the ranch.

    APOLLO  +3

    love to see it!

  • Adolfo Lagunas
    Adolfo Lagunas Day ago

    Need more predatory fish videos bro you have an extreme cool collection maybe a fish feeding video soon

  • Sammy Vargas

    Great job love them fish

  • Willyssa Catcheway

    i had african cichlids in my tank they were so beautiful and loved them. didn't know my zebra couple had babies until they kept attacking the cleaning utensils and then i saw all their tiny spawn lol can't wait to see the otter enclosure work. show us an update when you put the predators in! would love to see how that pond in the aviary progresses with them. also, you are too cute... love watching how excited you get and when you try speak fast lol love that you have so much people that help you too

  • Mike Williams

    Taking out the dark ones was exactly my thought. Nice!

  • Andrew Sauteur

    Your a legend bro much love from DownUnder Australia 👊🏾

  • Balrog
    Balrog  +8

    Crazy to see how you have rebuilt. How you never let all that loss stop you. Well done bro. This next build is gunna be insane! Can't wait! 💜