What's the Longest Walk-able Distance on Earth?

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
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  • RealLifeLore
    RealLifeLore  3 months ago +2812

    I've noticed a slight error in my research that went into this video. The route that I presented in this video still features a ferry across the Aldan River in Russia! So if you're gonna do it idk, maybe just like swim across it you know? It's probably safer than walking through some of the other countries. Anyway, if you wanna watch documentaries that don't feature goofy mistakes head over to CuriosityStream and watch everything for free for 31 days: www.curiositystream.com/reallifelore

    • dylan franklin
      dylan franklin 4 days ago

      @Davy Jones so under rated i love this

    • Hashtag Lan Fbx
      Hashtag Lan Fbx 4 days ago


    • Joey Patrick
      Joey Patrick 4 days ago

      RealLifeLore but that’s not walking, its cheating

    • Sub Boi
      Sub Boi 7 days ago

      RealLifeLore in the temperature is -39C than swim would be blood-freezing cold

    • Adiyar Zharmenov
      Adiyar Zharmenov 11 days ago

      You can walk over ice during the winter

  • gaming cars
    gaming cars 2 hours ago

    The longest i have ever walked is 23 miles when my bike broke and i had to push it in a middle of no where and get to the nearest town

  • ofooda
    ofooda 2 hours ago

    I'm gonna ride my bike from ri to wa

  • Chester Lloyd Doliente

    Challenge accepted.

  • Umbra
    Umbra 4 hours ago

    Okay, any volunteers?

  • Mahonry Mauigoa
    Mahonry Mauigoa 9 hours ago

    My walk to school is WAY longer

  • Emu
    Emu 9 hours ago

    Places were you walk and cons
    Countries | Cons | Pros
    South Africa: *Crime rate is high | Got to walk through it*
    Zimbabwe: *Creepy Dangerous Critters | Cute petable snakes*
    Mozambuic: *Got to walk through it | Got to walk through it*
    Malawi: *Malaria Central (9th Highest Malaria rate) | None*
    Zambia: *MalariaTopia (6th Highest Malaria rate) | None*
    Malawi: *Malaria Central (9th Highest Malaria Rate) | Get to walk through it again*
    Tanzania: *Hiking and Malaria | get to pet all the cute animals you find*
    Uganda: *Fucking Malaria Again (Highest Malaria rate) | Pet all the Gorillas you meet*
    South Sudan: *The Purge 24/7 | Get to die*
    Sudan: *Arizona on Steroids | Make sandcastles*
    Egypt: *Arizona on Cocaine | Get the golden clover*
    Israel: *Walking | None*
    Jordan: *Walking | None*
    Syria: *War Zone | Join the Taliban*
    Turkey: *War Zone | Explore the Harran Virus*
    Georga: *Atlanta Airport | Peaches*
    Russia: *Syberia | BeCoMe A sOvIeT*

    *Total of 17 countries all but 2 dangerous*

  • Nikita Kazakov
    Nikita Kazakov 14 hours ago

    This is suicide with *a lot* of extra steps

  • CoinGamer GD
    CoinGamer GD Day ago +1

    One of my friends said "when we're gonna stop walking?" In a 5 minute walk.
    I wonder how many times he will say it in a walk like this

  • Ryde Mk
    Ryde Mk 2 days ago

    Let’s play a game, you need to travel this walk. What do you bring? What do you bring with you?

  • Nikola Kotur
    Nikola Kotur 2 days ago

    Thats nothing
    Do you know whats longer?

    Walking to the end of the circle

  • the mistake
    the mistake 2 days ago


  • Mohamed Suhail  Irfan Khazi

    Bruh I get lazy just walking to the supermarket to run errands...

  • pip
    pip 3 days ago +1

    "You just need to walk through Syria" no biggie.

  • TotallyRadicoolDude
    TotallyRadicoolDude 4 days ago

    1. Wait until the conflict in Syria is over.
    2. You would need a couple of armoured vehicles to accompany and guard you along the way. These vehicles could also store food, water, medical supplies, changes of clothes so you can wear just shorts in the desert and wrap up warm for Siberia and of course anti-venom.
    3. You can get anti-mosquito repellent for your skin.

  • Comments I Guess
    Comments I Guess 4 days ago

    Yay malaria!

  • 0wner #1
    0wner #1 4 days ago

    So, what day we going boys?

  • PercyPlayz
    PercyPlayz 4 days ago

    People who want to do this- OKAY LETS DO THIS!!
    Me- takes flight*

  • muskymania
    muskymania 4 days ago

    I really enjoy your videos. Keep it up!!

  • Can I get 1000 Subs?
    Can I get 1000 Subs? 4 days ago +1

    I was first view!

  • Ibrahim Najm
    Ibrahim Najm 4 days ago

    You seem to be pretty ignorant on the world. Sad.

  • Riel de bonk
    Riel de bonk 5 days ago

    4:56 47 degrees celsuius eh
    not too much worse than canada it got 43 degrees

  • h Chandra
    h Chandra 5 days ago +1

    Now think of our *ancestors* who walked much *farther* than this

  • Chazz Sutton
    Chazz Sutton 5 days ago

    "You probably have died a dozen times before this anyway." 😂

  • SeVen D
    SeVen D 6 days ago

    0:54 Không xả rác

  • Ryan Biggins
    Ryan Biggins 6 days ago

    hmm i don't know, that seems a lot like the longest walk between two inhabited places on earth to me...

  • mtkrealboy
    mtkrealboy 6 days ago

    4:37 just friggin leave the country

  • G G
    G G 6 days ago

    20 km a day for an accomplished hiker that would try something like this is just insanely low. Serious hikers who set Fastest Known Times on long trails like the AT typically average 50+ miles a day. Someone doing this trip would do similar, but I also don’t understand the google maps requirement. There are many people who have walked huge distances across the americas and have crossed the darian gap on foot. It’s dangerous but it’s been done hundreds of times.

  • Casrena Su
    Casrena Su 6 days ago

    I walk so far and tried so hard

  • Erwin Tolus
    Erwin Tolus 6 days ago

    why not go through spain as well when youre at it?

  • ACoral
    ACoral 6 days ago

    This is almost the thing that i've been dreaming about for a long time now. Well, actually, I want to go between northmost tip of Europe, and southmost of Africa by feet, but I've considered half of problems you've listed here. Wadi-Halfa part is one of the most irritating things on the way... Oh, by the way, you did not mention visa problems, since its hard to do some border crossings here.

  • Gonzalo! Hi
    Gonzalo! Hi 6 days ago +1


    Reallifelore: Guy who ate a plane

  • Glitchay
    Glitchay 6 days ago +1

    3:56 no pun intended

  • Lucas Brinster
    Lucas Brinster 6 days ago

    RealLifeLore is a really good channel!

  • //Cassiopeya Plus\\
    //Cassiopeya Plus\\ 6 days ago

    Can't you walk through the coasts to take even longer?

  • Muhammad Abdullah Waseem

    What if you reach the world limit

  • Anwar Qureshi
    Anwar Qureshi 7 days ago +1

    It can be more longer if he walks upto mongolia

  • Beethoviet Union TH
    Beethoviet Union TH 7 days ago

    I wonder why can't you walk to Kamchatka Peninsula...

  • Sulfur X
    Sulfur X 7 days ago

    What about that extra part of Russia? Why not walk farther there?

  • Rak 553 Gaming
    Rak 553 Gaming 7 days ago

    3:21 ahh The Mozambique my favorite shotgun!

  • Oliver the official one

    Go furthermore

  • -14 subscribers with no videos

    I just realized that the profile image is a windmill... I thought it was a bunny

  • indiscrimiNATE junctiON

    Whats the meaning of this video?

  • The United Randomness

    Every step is 1.0000001% Faster/Slower. From your bed to your neighbors house.

  • Mandy Chen
    Mandy Chen 8 days ago

    Walk in a circle

  • debkumar mukherjee
    debkumar mukherjee 8 days ago

    The longest walkable distance for me is to the gym

  • Tronix HD
    Tronix HD 8 days ago

    I'll walk in circles to get ''farer''

  • Flashlight
    Flashlight 8 days ago

    just go up and down across America and it'll be longer than this

  • Leila Garcia
    Leila Garcia 8 days ago

    Why are you insulting my country , SA?😢

  • EpikFish
    EpikFish 8 days ago +1

    Starting this journey now. I’ll make sure to let you know if I live in three years.

  • That guy in the group

    I'm doin' it.
    Probably gonna keep playing games and saying I'll do it

  • Lukeland
    Lukeland 9 days ago

    But Humans Migrated Millennia Ago From Those Places..
    Nvm But It Could Be Worse >~

  • Łukás Nøzadzé
    Łukás Nøzadzé 9 days ago +1

    Hey, after Turkey you can't go through Georgia to Russia, because now Russia is occupying Georgia's territory - Abkazia is occupied Russia's military forces, and there is 'border' closed between Georgia and its own region, so you must travel another road in Georgia.

  • leon lindstrom
    leon lindstrom 9 days ago

    Mom said to go outside...so i did

  • Benjamin Lam
    Benjamin Lam 9 days ago

    I found a route twice as long. This but round trip

    • Adam Smith
      Adam Smith 8 days ago

      You actually can't do this route, Syria like most Arab League members BANS anyone who takes one step in Israel. So basically your trip ends in Jordan unless you illegally immigrate into Syria or illegally immigrate into Israel to avoid getting their stamp in your passport

  • BalticBlin YT
    BalticBlin YT 9 days ago


  • Ashley Hurtado
    Ashley Hurtado 9 days ago

    If you did that in 2019 it would be 2022 when you get there and if you return to South Africa it would be 2025 when you return

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 9 days ago

    What's the farthest dis- wait dats easy.
    From San fransisco to Hawaii by... FOOT! 👣👣👣 AND A LOT OF FERRY STOPS TOO! You go thru USA then a loooong ferry trip across the Atlantic to get to France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, then a ferry to Norway, Sweden and Finland before you finally reach Russia. Then go to Mongolia, China, then North Korea. This is the point everyone going will die. If you survive, go to South Korea and Japan. Ferries to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Austrailla will be very handy. Visit New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa then the last ferry to Hawaii. I think this will take 6 years or 5 of them I dont know.

  • Unprepared Zebra
    Unprepared Zebra 9 days ago

    Just put water walking on your diamond boots lmao

  • Aiden Potter
    Aiden Potter 9 days ago

    A circle