Alec Baldwin interview with George Stephanopoulos to air on ABC | Watch the trailer

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • The first interview since the fatal accident on the set of the movie 'Rust'. The emotional ABC News Special with George Stephanopoulos breaks tomorrow at 8/7c on ABC and later that evening on Hulu.

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  • BobbieBabbette
    BobbieBabbette Month ago +21

    Alec’s take, “ It’s The Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened To HIM “ A nine year old boy lost his mom. A Husband loss his wife. But it’s the worst thing to have happened to him. And of course he didn’t pull the trigger.

  • mic9check
    mic9check Month ago +229

    Very inappropriate how this is being presented as a cinematic interview with Alex Baldwin.

    • H2W
      H2W Month ago

      He deserves an Emmy for this performance

    • Anthony McGlinch
      Anthony McGlinch Month ago +1

      This is a Hollywood movie trailer for sure. The sad, sappy piano music and the editing, etc. are designed to evoke sympathy. It won't work on most of us. We see right through it.

    • thewormzerjr
      thewormzerjr Month ago

      what do you think TV is for?

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas Month ago +1

      It's just PR for Baldwin, gotta rally public support before a potential trial. Stephanopoulos is an absolute joke of an interviewer.

    • Frank Vizen
      Frank Vizen Month ago +2

      Very inappropriate indeed

  • Matthew McBride
    Matthew McBride Month ago +29

    The most amazing thing about this interview is that Stepohanopoulos is still alive.

  • John Travis Gordon
    John Travis Gordon Month ago +38

    He didn't pull the trigger, his character did.

    • Chris Sheehan
      Chris Sheehan Month ago +3

      Stunning and brave. Now let's all ride our unicorns off into the sunset 😂

    • Bram Kruyt
      Bram Kruyt Month ago +3

      Sounds like a good new movie idea

  • Selma De Faria
    Selma De Faria Month ago +100

    As his lawyer I would have completely advised him against giving this interview. I would have waited until after the case had been settled to do this.

    • Susie Bafoozie
      Susie Bafoozie Month ago

      Let us not forget he IS an actor and has a long history of being a narcissistic drama queen both on and off screen

    • Josh Cardiff
      Josh Cardiff Month ago

      @LegendLength it's Santa Fe New Mexico, check the demographics. The jury is already sympathetic.

    • Susie Bafoozie
      Susie Bafoozie Month ago +1

      Yeah, cuz he seems like a real callous prick who can't take responsibility.....tho he was boss on set

    • sunflower
      sunflower Month ago +1

      I so agree with you ....

    • Loves My Way
      Loves My Way Month ago +1

      @Glock Lesn4r Ego? You assume.

  • Sara S.
    Sara S. Month ago +16

    I just watched this full interview. Before I watched, I felt bad for him. Now I see that he was a producer of this movie, safety concerns were brought to his attention prior to the incident, and he did nothing to investigate or improve. He spends the entire interview casting suspicion/responsibility on everyone but himself, then claims to feel sorry for them. He tells you right at the beginning of the interview that by the end of the interview, you will think HE is the victim. Then he deflects attention at the end to those other bad people who would file a lawsuit. He spent the whole interview pointing fingers at others while pretending to feel bad for them. This is a great example of how a narcissist spins things to make themselves the victim.

    • sharon white
      sharon white Month ago +1

      That is no surprise. A person with narcissistic personality disorder isn't likely to admit a mistake or take responsibility for hurting you. Instead, they tend to project their own negative behaviors onto you or someone else.

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee Month ago +32

    I swear if another person says “the gun went off” to explain a negligent discharge I’ll slap them myself. No, it didn’t - you fired it. Take responsibility. Use rational firearm handling safety. Ridiculous.

    • Natalia make up videos
      Natalia make up videos Month ago

      @RosaRa Vello let’s go Brandon

    • Alexandria Winter
      Alexandria Winter Month ago

      @potorrero It is relevant that he fired the gun. He didn't check it first to see if it had a loaded bullet.

    • RosaRa Vello
      RosaRa Vello Month ago +3

      Be careful, you’ll be accused of “Trump supporter and ritenhouse fan” for your critical thinking common sense comment.

    • ROB ROD
      ROB ROD Month ago +3

      @potorrero if he looked he would have seen it he didnt look and he pulled the trigger

    • Quokka
      Quokka Month ago

      This comment right here, Your Honor, clearly estabishes Defendant's premeditated intent to commit the crime of battery in response to mere words. The State requests several decades of enslavement-- I mean rehabilitation.

  • Satukesi Jiire
    Satukesi Jiire Month ago +41

    You know I kinda felt bad since for Alec since I heard the news but now watching this I'm conflicted. What does he mean he didn't pull the trigger? Did the trigger pull itself? And doing this interview now when the investigation is still ongoing plus the fact that someone is DEAD seems disrespectful and weird and wrong

    • MzBritt88
      MzBritt88 Month ago +1

      The gun malfunctioned from pulling on the hammer

    • Natalia make up videos
      Natalia make up videos Month ago

      The gun didn’t shoot it’s self

    • Natalia make up videos
      Natalia make up videos Month ago +1

      He must think we are all stupid

    • Addison Rifkind Guitar
      Addison Rifkind Guitar  Month ago +4

      What's there to be conflicted about? He aimed a loaded gun at someone and killed them. Just because it was a mistake doesn't mean he didn't shoot someone and kill them

    • Randle Carr
      Randle Carr Month ago +2


  • jojo joget
    jojo joget Month ago +66

    I mean he is an actor. it''s either he's really emotional, or thats his awesome acting!!

    • Racheal Cook
      Racheal Cook Month ago

      @Tanya why do you say

    • Tanya
      Tanya Month ago

      @Racheal Cook Alec is not a good person.

    • Larry S. Klein
      Larry S. Klein Month ago +1

      Mediocre acting.

    • Darrell Sarrazin
      Darrell Sarrazin Month ago +2

      He has never been that good an actor!!

    • Quokka
      Quokka Month ago +2

      Either way this is garbage prior to trial.

  • Zack Evans
    Zack Evans Month ago +35

    The gun didn't know he was loaded.
    He's the real victim here, that's pretty obvious.

    • Natalia make up videos
      Natalia make up videos Month ago


    • RosaRa Vello
      RosaRa Vello Month ago +2

      🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣not the woman who died or her family left behind!
      “it was the worst moment in my life” Alec Baldwin. Feel so sorry for the victim. And I mean the dead.

  • Eva Bermudez de Castro
    Eva Bermudez de Castro Month ago +45

    Did you ask Alec Baldwin about the two LIVE ROUNDS (not blanks) that were fired accidentally five days before the incident??? Why did he and others not check if they knew that???

    • RosaRa Vello
      RosaRa Vello Month ago

      @Glock Lesn4r 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • Glock Lesn4r
      Glock Lesn4r Month ago +1

      @nite watchman that one went over your head.

    • nite watchman
      nite watchman Month ago

      @Glock Lesn4r Are you kidding me? Don't tell me you are that dumb.

    • Glock Lesn4r
      Glock Lesn4r Month ago +3

      Or get rid of it if it was a faulty gun, that fires on its own after being pointed at someone.

    • LegendLength
      LegendLength Month ago +5

      they won't ask him anything like that, this is a PR interview as you can tell by the lead in "alec broke down in tears during out interview"

  • Ronbo710
    Ronbo710 Month ago +4

    He goes from *"Who gave me a hot gun?"* to *"I didn't pull the trigger."* Yeah right Al

  • Vivienne Pastor
    Vivienne Pastor Month ago +40

    This interview is clearly inappropriate. Has the police investigation even finished? It looks like a self serving interview to me. If I was his lawyer I would not have advised him to agree to it. It could make matters ten times worse for him. Condolences to the deceased’s family. Such a wonderful person gone too soon.

  • Sal Sagev
    Sal Sagev Month ago +19

    It's all about the lawsuits and possible criminal charges at this point. Facts are secondary for Baldwin.

  • Jerome Ridge
    Jerome Ridge Month ago +2

    HE'S AN ACTOR! Of course he knows how to cry on demand!

  • Spacecoastz
    Spacecoastz Month ago +4

    I ask myself...what could I have done?
    1) hire competent people
    2)no live ammo on set
    3)proper storage of weapons
    4)check the firearm yourself
    5)no unnecessary firearm action

  • Isanne Yard
    Isanne Yard Month ago +52

    Why so commercial about such a topic.. the music.. the streaming on hulu… the whole trailer… lord have mercy

    • Isanne Yard
      Isanne Yard Month ago

      @Pandamoniumm Vic Yeah I also have a poblem
      With the way they make it looks like he is the victim. I do not believe he killed this woman on purpose though. Neither do I think he is responsible, but he is definitely not the victim. the editing…. Is disgraceful

    • Isanne Yard
      Isanne Yard Month ago +1

      @Maureen Metcalfe I know it’s America, I am used to the trailers and the background music, but this is too much. Can’t believe somebody had the audacity to also edit the video like the way it is now. I think it’s tim for Jesus to come back cause the world is LOST

    • Maureen Metcalfe
      Maureen Metcalfe Month ago

      You nailed it Isanne

    • LegendLength
      LegendLength Month ago +1

      @Pandamoniumm Vic he took her to dinner!

    • Pandamoniumm Vic
      Pandamoniumm Vic Month ago +7

      Exactly what I was thinking the whole background music is designed to tug at peoples feelings and feel bad for him as if he is the victim in this situation. But let's not forget he is the killer. Yet know he is claiming he would never ever aim a gun and pull the trigger when that's exactly what he did

  • Tek Trades
    Tek Trades Month ago +118

    Does he really think that we are stupid enough to believe that he didn't fire the gun?

    • David Matejka
      David Matejka Month ago

      @ROB ROD dear snowflake ❄️, please, this has NOTHING to do with whiny republicans.. save it for a call in session on a right wing nut radio show..

    • ROB ROD
      ROB ROD Month ago

      YES ACTUALLY HE DOES. just like they put Joe byeden in 1600 Penn ave

    • P.O.P.E Don King
      P.O.P.E Don King Month ago +1

      If it was tampers with and turned into a "lemon squeeze"or hair trigger, it's possible he barely moved the trigger. The truth will come out tho

    • vtogvblog
      vtogvblog Month ago +4

      @Matthew Sotomayor You must not know how single action revolvers work then…

    • Quokka
      Quokka Month ago +1


  • Hugo
    Hugo Month ago +22

    Top notch acting. He almost fooled me

    • Dominic Sisinni
      Dominic Sisinni Month ago

      @joecaragoog The Donald must be secretly sniggering.

    • joecaragoog
      joecaragoog Month ago

      He needs to get into Trump impersonation to fool me

  • Banzan Buddhist
    Banzan Buddhist Month ago +32

    No one should feel sorry for Alec even though it was an accident, the only ones who really are suffering are the victim and her immediate family.

    • Andrew Blinkov
      Andrew Blinkov Month ago

      @Dave Burton Yes, I did. I was replying to the person above.

    • Rick Sanchez
      Rick Sanchez Month ago +1

      @Dag Eustice You said they could not be made without real guns but that isn't true. They could easily be made with fake guns, no reason they can't be.

    • Dag Eustice
      Dag Eustice Month ago

      @Rick Sanchez I'm specifically talking about movies where they're actually firing the gun (blanks). In those cases, yes, they're almost always using real guns.

    • Dave Burton
      Dave Burton Month ago +1

      @Pandamoniumm Vic if you SINCERELY believe the BS that you just said, then I would honestly suggest seeking some type of counseling. It's disgusting that people like yourself think that since he's an accomplished actor, that he must be incapable of feeling any type of real human emotion?!? How ignorant is that? and I'm not sure what exactly your point is either? He's never once denied his part in this??

    • Dave Burton
      Dave Burton Month ago +1

      @Andrew Blinkov DId u not watch the trailer or something? He literally said these exact words and agreed that "this was the worst day of my life", without question

  • Tina Rippee
    Tina Rippee Month ago +3

    If you watch his pointer finger when he is reconstructing what happened; you can see him “pulling the trigger” when there wasn’t a gun!!! (Involuntarily or nervousness or maybe his hands just shake often, but his pointer finger is clearly moving in the interview!) I think this is evident he pulled the trigger! In my opinion……. I don’t believe he did it on purpose, I think it was a horrific accident, but I think he’s responsible. A life was taken because of him and he should feel guilty. It makes me sad that he doesn’t. I would not have done this interview if I were him.

  • Sassy Dispatch
    Sassy Dispatch Month ago +4

    Shoots and kills someone on a movie set.
    "Looks like I'll have to act my way out of this..." 😂😂😂
    God these people are shameless monsters

  • Nazifa Ramcharitar
    Nazifa Ramcharitar Month ago +17

    No doubt. He is a really good actor. Does he feel he is on a movie set.

  • P.A.V. Airsoft
    P.A.V. Airsoft Month ago +67

    the self firing gun is here guys, pre order now and get the “it’s not my fault” perk for free

    • Tidepod Eater
      Tidepod Eater Month ago

      @Happy Jack Tails they said that it shot live rounds accidentally before, not that it shot by itself. If it did, shouldnt they have used a diffrent one?

    • John Travis Gordon
      John Travis Gordon Month ago +9

      @Happy Jack Tails he's the executive producer, so he is negligent either way you slice it.

    • Happy Jack Tails
      Happy Jack Tails Month ago +4

      People on set said that gun was faulty and had misfired before.

  • Rejected Autobiography

    Must've been one of the full-auto-semi-self-firing guns.
    Y'know, the guns that pull their own triggers!
    Let's go Alec!

  • njeri123
    njeri123 Month ago +1

    I would love to watch this movie in theater♥️

  • Donny
    Donny Month ago +3

    "Do you feel guilt?" This interviewer is just trying to make sure he's guilty to the jury, dang

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas Month ago +1

      False. Stephanopoulos' purpose is to make the audience feel sorry for Baldwin. This entire thing is a sham.

  • BobbieBabbette
    BobbieBabbette Month ago +12

    Alec’s take, “ It’s The Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened To HIM “ A nine year old boy lost his mom. A Husband loss his wife. But it’s the worst thing to have happened to him. And remember he did pull the trigger.

    • Harry Skywalker
      Harry Skywalker Month ago

      That wasn’t the quote. George asked him if it was the worst thing, and he responded with ‘yes’. If George asked him if it was the worst thing he had ever done, Alec probably would have still said ‘yes’. Stop twisting his words

    • Rick Caldwell
      Rick Caldwell Month ago +1

      Instead of the worst thing that ever happened to Alec Baldwin, Alec Baldwin say, "It's the worst thing I have ever done."

  • kmcheng
    kmcheng Month ago +29

    attorneys better watch this, and see what mistakes he made that he can unwittingly incriminate himself

    • RosaRa Vello
      RosaRa Vello Month ago

      And jury selection tampering

    • vtogvblog
      vtogvblog Month ago +1

      This is 100% how to incriminate yourself.

  • Kung Fu Lender
    Kung Fu Lender Month ago +3

    I would have not done this interview if I were him.

  • Darrell English
    Darrell English Month ago +36

    It was a Single Action Revolver you must pull back on the Hammer to engage the Action and the Trigger to fire the Weapon ... If you don't pull back on the Hammer you can squeeze the trigger all day long and the Weapon will not fire ...

    • Rick's Outdoor Adventures
      Rick's Outdoor Adventures Month ago

      @MJPamuru20 NOPE....not possible.

    • Mark Anthony
      Mark Anthony Month ago

      @John Travis Gordon Thanks for that thorough basic discourse. Life changing point.

      Believable or not AB will not be charged for murder in the absence of more compelling evidence.

    • Mark Anthony
      Mark Anthony Month ago

      @Paul BruinFan No sir, I did not read his mind. I read his actions in the released video. Any well trained police officer, as he was proven to be during trial, would have known that kneeling on a neck for as long as he did would most likely cause harm. Floyd saying he couldn't breathe and no subsequent adjustment of Chauvin's physical position on Floyd's neck is enough proof he intended to hurt him beyond reason. The length of time he kneeled on him suggested an intent to kill.

    • Mark Anthony
      Mark Anthony Month ago

      @LegendLength I am not defending AB. I am highlighting how people will judge without considering all the facts in a situation where they were not present or have video footage. A gun does not have to be pointed directly at someone for them to be hit. Nothing wrong with doing western style draws if you think your gun is loaded with blanks. Actors do it all the time.

      We are entitled to our opinions but not when it it stretches and risk harm to someone. Suggesting murder is a stretch. Until there is evidence supporting murder, I believe he is guilty of only negligence at this point.

    • John Travis Gordon
      John Travis Gordon Month ago +1

      @Mark Anthony i agree it is irrational to treat AB's story as credible. He would be more believable saying he was married to Bigfoot.

      However hyperbole is much better than ad hom. It allows you to frame the edges of an argument without intentionally sabotaging the discourse. Learn the difference, see above for a fantastic example.

  • BlueEyed Wolf
    BlueEyed Wolf Month ago +44

    Very bizarre to watch him give a video about something like seems inappropriate.

    • Jackiechan
      Jackiechan Month ago +7

      Yes, this is kind of grotesque, at least this presentation is.

  • Matt Ray
    Matt Ray Month ago +6

    First gun in the history of the world that could pull it's own trigger.

  • iSenmangel
    iSenmangel Month ago +84

    NOT watching this. The style of this creeps me out. This is not a „now streaming on Netflix“ situation. Someone died. Have some respect.

    • Muskateering
      Muskateering Month ago

      @Josh Ryan Bored now!

    • Josh Ryan
      Josh Ryan Month ago

      @Muskateering how do you follow that with "Go off" not making much sense yourself, big guy

    • Muskateering
      Muskateering Month ago

      @Josh Ryan You're not making any sense. Go off.

    • Josh Ryan
      Josh Ryan Month ago

      @Muskateering People make up stupid words all the time, you my friend are a follower

    • Muskateering
      Muskateering Month ago

      @Josh Ryan It's called 'Sensationalism'

  • Jaaa C
    Jaaa C Month ago +3

    Wow dude actually has the stones to fake cry during this. He should have watched himself fake cry in 4k on a massive screen cause lemme tell ya it don't look good. I think a jury is gonna think the same thing when they watch this.

  • Jerry Wise
    Jerry Wise Month ago +20

    Keep in mind, he is a great actor and a terrible liar! Anyone who knows anything about guns, knows that they don’t magically fire themselves!

    • j
      j Month ago

      He said he let go of the hammer and it went off..

    • johnny v
      johnny v Month ago +3

      Obviously you don't know much about guns. They can go off without the trigger being pulled...rare but it can happen.

  • pencejd
    pencejd Month ago +1

    "It's not my fault"....uh yes it is! It's absolutely amazing to me how these anti-gun celebs will take millions for the movies using guns, but won't invest in guns that will not fire live ammo....will not invest in training....will not accept responsibility for the weapons they hold.

  • Jason Yuhara
    Jason Yuhara Month ago +13

    Your movie, your production, your failed. Be accountable.

  • Kenneth Knoll
    Kenneth Knoll Month ago +16

    Too bad he didn't do the interview as Donald Trump! Really you did not pull the trigger? That will not fly.

  • Barbara Curcuru
    Barbara Curcuru Month ago +2

    This is his best performance. He was out shopping for a mansion few days later. I feel so bad.

  • Cuzntime
    Cuzntime Month ago +2

    They didnt even cover the other gun related safety incidents that happen on the set prior to this incident. George didnt ask a few key questions or maybe he did and they just edited it out.. Either way the whole interview left me feeling like he was acting and the whole thing was scripted and edited to what he wanted everyone to see and hear..

  • IreneF7
    IreneF7 Month ago


  • Marcus Chang
    Marcus Chang Month ago

    The most movie-ish interview I've ever seen.

  • Scott S.
    Scott S. Month ago +8

    I spoke to my friend Bill Clinton and he told me to say that I never touched that woman... I mean I mean I never touched that trigger

  • Antonio DG26
    Antonio DG26 Month ago +1

    Award for best supporting actor goes to....George Stephanopoulos
    At the end of this investigation, Baldwin wasn't even present at the scene.

  • Rick Caldwell
    Rick Caldwell Month ago +1

    Remember the Team America movie and Kim Jong Il II saying, "You can't out act Awec Balwin." This is all an act by Baldwin.

  • Necromonger
    Necromonger Month ago +2

    Of course, he goes on ABC and gets interviewed by Stephanopoulos who's not gonna ask the hard questions and is going to cuddle Baldwin so he can get sympathy points.

  • 06MERC
    06MERC Month ago

    Wow what an actor!

  • Mario I/O
    Mario I/O Month ago +3

    You guys really decided that this kind of cinematic presentation + the title of the interview is the appropriate one?

  • Kenny James
    Kenny James Month ago +11

    He had 4 chances to avert this tragedy. If only he would have followed just one of the Golden Rules of Gun Safety his victim would be alive today. 1. Treat the gun as if its always loaded. 2. Never point a gun at something you are not willing to destroy. 3. Never put your finger on the trigger unless ready to shoot. 4. Be certain of your target and what is beyond it.

    • Crazy Ralph
      Crazy Ralph Month ago +4

      Yep, and if the moron took just ONE NRA course, instead of declaring them as terrorists, she’d be alive today.

  • Pablo Camargo
    Pablo Camargo Month ago +20

    He could get an Oscar for this performance. What a bit...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • John Deagle
    John Deagle Month ago +5

    There was a second shooter behind the stockade fence.

  • Lion of Truth
    Lion of Truth Month ago +8

    And the Academy Award for Best Performance goes to Alec Baldwin ! 🤔 Now comes the MSM spin, Ridiculous !

  • Its Me
    Its Me Month ago +4

    So what will the Reviews for the movie be?
    " Rust' Best movie of the year so Good it kills." 😲

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas Month ago

    That's the first time I've seen somebody wipe their eyebrows when crying.

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas Month ago +1

    Wow! A trailer? Is he going to be up for an academy award or something? This is NOT A MOVIE! SOMEONE DIED FOR REAL!

  • Moonpie Spotlight
    Moonpie Spotlight Month ago +24

    now they make an exclusive about it. never change, Hollywood elitists.

  • The Great Scot
    The Great Scot Month ago

    Where do I record this to watch the whole thing?

  • bible dynasty
    bible dynasty Month ago +6

    Sorry the way this is edited as a exclusive event or interview should be removed and re-edited right away. Do you guys have no decency towards a soul who lost her live???? Remove it please this could have been edited and made differently

  • Elixium - X
    Elixium - X Month ago +6

    It just feels like this video clip is some sort of defense promo. Why would so many people claim he did this and then this video he says he never did anything. Then why cry if he didn’t do anything? I’m confused

    • TobaccoRowe
      TobaccoRowe Month ago +2

      Well remember Kile was shooting black people. Well up until it got to court anyways. Then, all the sudden, they turned white.

  • Thumper2k17
    Thumper2k17 Month ago +1

    Let's go Brandon. Let's go Alec.

    KCBOBX Month ago

    Alec Baldwin was solely responsible for knowing if the gun that he was pointing at people was loaded or not. Not even the most dramatic production of an interview will change that.

  • Statler & Warldorf
    Statler & Warldorf Month ago

    "I would never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger". You see this gun was made in China, it was plastic. Not me..

  • slotty gw2 wvw
    slotty gw2 wvw Month ago

    Jail him for life his tweet from 2017 tells us he did this on purpose

  • Joanna
    Joanna Month ago

    This reminds me of Prince Andrew being interviewed for the famous car crash interview on BBC

  • Scott Black
    Scott Black Month ago +8

    Disgusting the way ABC are calling this a "trailer" and it even looks like a "trailer" for a movie - absolutely vile the way U.S television use a death as a way to "ring the tills" - Baldwin has made a number of "tone deaf" moves and he's had quite a few moments where he's not been able to "read the room" - this interview takes the biscuit - how inappropriate. Baldwin is a megalomaniac - not a murderer but a megalomaniac - and that can get you in to all sorts of trouble if you consistently treat people like they are of a "lower caste" than your self appointed "rank" within society. He would have done shelf a favour to keep his mouth shut for the last 10 years.

  • Pen Knight
    Pen Knight Month ago

    The next day after this interview he will be playing in the park and posting the pictures to social media while he tweets about something political.

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson Month ago +7

    I am surprised Alec hasn't blamed Trump for pulling the trigger. He will blame Abraham Lincoln if he thinks it will get him out of trouble.

    • Andrew Thompson
      Andrew Thompson Month ago

      @Alexandria Winter Wait until he blames the whole thing on a conspiracy between the gun and the alcohol he drinks..... they wanted to kill HIM but he managed to fight them and turn the gun away.

    • Alexandria Winter
      Alexandria Winter Month ago

      He's already blaming the gun itself.

  • enzee
    enzee Month ago +9

    Why are they making a cinematic trailer for this???

    • LegendLength
      LegendLength Month ago

      This is the station that had a 6 person panel during the whole Kavanaugh hearing, talking about how bad rape is

  • NC Vman
    NC Vman Month ago

    I am not an Alec fan but there is no way he wanted to kill the poor girl intent intentionally. I feel for the guy. He had no idea there was a live bullet in the gun. He is partly to blame though for pointing the gun as a human.

  • Gigi
    Gigi Month ago +9

    It makes me so angry to see the victim's family silently suffering but the guilty family doing interviews and social media posts, his wife's recent post was so insensitive considering a child has lost his mother, but you're just talking about how you able to afford some professionals help to guide your own children and even publicly showing off, please you're not a victim, every mother does this daily, but one child just lost this privilege, have some kindness and be silent for now! The pain for someone else is still raw!

  • Susan Cheer
    Susan Cheer Month ago +3

    ABC, you've sunk to a whole new low. This is so low class and inappropriate. Wonder how the husband feels about this?

  • Krez Sez
    Krez Sez Month ago +2

    He didn't pull the trigger. He wasn't holding the gun. There was no gun. No one was shot.

  • clay bomb
    clay bomb Month ago

    great entertainment!

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago +1

    Never trust an actor trying to act his way out of a situation.

  • Lion of Truth
    Lion of Truth Month ago +22

    And the Academy Award for Best Performance goes to Alec Baldwin ! 🤔 Now comes the MSM spin, Ridiculous !

    • Artie
      Artie Month ago

      @Lion of Truth grew up in hollyhell

    • Lion of Truth
      Lion of Truth Month ago +3

      @Artie Ahhh yeeeessss, I was about to put that & you beat me to it. We both know how Hollyweird works. Totally agree! 😂😂😉

    • Artie
      Artie Month ago

      Man's going broke needs a sacrifice.

  • Alexandria Winter
    Alexandria Winter Month ago

    Maybe he'll write a book called "If I did it." Right, and the bloody glove doesn't fit.

  • Jeff Schindler
    Jeff Schindler Month ago

    George Stephenopolas should cover the Maxwell Trial!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Everybody knows that will never happen!!!!!

  • stratgibson
    stratgibson Month ago

    And the Academy Award for best performance goes to A.Baldwin... we are all stupid ,gun discharges not once but twice all by it self..Im a target shooter & hand loader ,talk to me alec

  • Hub ert
    Hub ert Month ago

    We are living in cary time, autonomous cars and revolvers roaming on the streets...

  • Drummer boy
    Drummer boy Month ago +1

    ABC corp covers up for these type of people!

  • Woody Allen
    Woody Allen Month ago +3

    George: Alec. Do u think talking to me is a good idea since the investigation is still ongoing??
    Alec: I can talk to whomever I want. I’m Alec Baldwin. Besides they know about my world famous temper. They know not to make me angry especially if I have a prop gun in my hand. Hehe.

  • dick long
    dick long Month ago

    Yep. They got him. Hes a terminator now 😂😂😂

  • Jose Gutierrez
    Jose Gutierrez Month ago +2

    Now we know why the dislike is gone :)

  • able baker
    able baker Month ago

    Baldwin admitted he pulled the hammer back and pointed the weapon at two people.But didn’t pull the trigger?
    Emmy winning performance *

  • Andy
    Andy Month ago +12

    I love how this was filmed using a potato.

  • Randle Carr
    Randle Carr Month ago

    At the :45s mark he says he never pointed the gun at anyone AND NEVER PULLED THE TRIGGER...???? He’s so anti-gun he doesn’t even know how a gun works.

  • Bjsimon
    Bjsimon Month ago +1

    If they can't prove their is malfunction of the Gun, he pulled that trigger for sure. They can have experts look at that gun.

  • Bryan Toth
    Bryan Toth 21 day ago

    I’m assuming Alec Balless had the trigger pulled back before he let the hammer drop. This would allow him to say that he just grabbed the gun but didn’t actually pull the trigger. And of course he could say he wasn’t told it could go off like that.

  • Thumbs Down Count
    Thumbs Down Count Month ago

    He's an actor.

  • Isaak Faulk
    Isaak Faulk Month ago +1

    Didn’t really know if he was guilty or not but this interview really isn’t helping his case

  • Carmine Grillo
    Carmine Grillo Month ago +1

    Wow, how much money did this cover-up cost?

  • Jamie Shelton
    Jamie Shelton Month ago

    I’m truly grieving about it, but not enough to admit I pulled the trigger.

  • Ozzy R
    Ozzy R Month ago

    These types of interviews didn’t work for R.Kelly or Jussie but okay, here we go.

  • Don Prehn
    Don Prehn Month ago +1

    "Alec Baldwin Unscripted" with the touching and dramatic music in the background. Let's go for those ratings! These people are disgusting.

  • TobaccoRowe
    TobaccoRowe Month ago +8

    What could you have done ?. Loaded your own weapon is what you could have done. I'm sure at least one person on a Cowboy set could teach you how. You know, just so you don't kill anyone.

    • LegendLength
      LegendLength Month ago

      That's the real problem his ego wouldn't let him listen to an expert. Especially a young female gunmaster.

  • j h
    j h Month ago +1

    The big giveaway with this interview is the music. Why the music, the dramatic cinematic music? Oh, right, and also the gun fired itself! Come on now! Really? So if he's so innocent why does he look so guilty? And now we know the truth, people don't shoot people, guns fire on their own! NO!

  • Kaz Kelly Quest
    Kaz Kelly Quest 18 days ago

    Alec plays for the the Oppressors. They’ll handle him with kid gloves.

  • Fran Jaré
    Fran Jaré Month ago

    What time is the Alec Baldwin Unscripted special on? 8pm EST, 7 Central, Is it 6pm PST?? Why is Pacific Standard Time NEVER listed. Why the mystery?

  • kmcheng
    kmcheng Month ago

    attorneys better watch this, and see what mistakes he made that he can unwittingly incriminate himself