Chris Iwelumo WIPED OUT by goalkeeper in Soccer AM Pro AM!

  • Published on Nov 26, 2019
    This week's Soccer AM Pro AM sees Chris Iwelumo, Jake Bugg and Danny Jones take on a series of football challenges to try and win maximum money for the Burnley fans.
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Comments • 161

  • MrJaynash
    MrJaynash 2 days ago

    Actually quite a nice stoney this week from fenners there

  • GreekWarriorGR ROBLOX
    GreekWarriorGR ROBLOX 11 days ago

    3:46 Is what u search for

  • Luis Salamanca
    Luis Salamanca 24 days ago

    Any know the name of the song they play during the 5 mins of Pro Am?

  • Luis Salamanca
    Luis Salamanca 24 days ago

    Any know the name of the song they play during the 5 mins of Pro Am?

  • Jock Knew
    Jock Knew Month ago +1

    F U Iwelumo

  • N V
    N V Month ago +3

    3:10 my man preeing the card lool

    • Jeremy 4L
      Jeremy 4L 24 days ago

      He got it correct coz he was looking

  • Alidad Ebrahimi
    Alidad Ebrahimi Month ago

    Geezer on the right cheating too much 🤣🤣

  • alamb96
    alamb96 Month ago

    Fenders could have fitted in one more question at the end.


    there is some guy on the side who is telling everyone what to do, he is really annoying

    BIRMZE Month ago +2

    The Keepers challenge was shocking 😂 Deffo pen all day long 👏

    • BIRMZE
      BIRMZE Month ago +1

      To be fair though Big Chris was ice skating a bit on the build up 😂

  • LB 19
    LB 19 Month ago

    Speccy giving Germany as every answer

  • Alpha man
    Alpha man Month ago

    Iwelumo bro if your reading this get some proper trousers !! Skin tight jeans with those Chunky legs? Jeez look ridiculous

  • Richard Byrne
    Richard Byrne Month ago

    Great pen

  • Hell Bro
    Hell Bro Month ago

    Is that guy a moron? Why would he think City have scored more then Chelsea?

  • gaba chi
    gaba chi Month ago

    I love this show

  • Greasy Belcher
    Greasy Belcher Month ago

    Good penalty

  • Nick Sebastien
    Nick Sebastien Month ago +1

    I hav'nt watched the video yet, but Im pretty sure that Chris Iwelumo gets WIPED OUT by the goalkeeper

  • Joe Hill
    Joe Hill Month ago +6

    The Burnley lad so blatantly reading all the answers off the cards 😂

  • MrKIKO0riko
    MrKIKO0riko Month ago

    best pro am this season TBH

  • Ross B
    Ross B Month ago +2

    Those pipe cleaners look like they're painted on.

  • Assist King Özil #Arsenal

    What happened to Lloyd ?

  • Clumby
    Clumby Month ago +2

    Hope the Burnley fan in the classic kit is alright, his back must be aching after carrying his mate so hard during the quiz.

  • jazzmen teo
    jazzmen teo Month ago

    Fenners best ever performance ngl

  • John Castillo
    John Castillo Month ago +1

    How can anyone choose City over Chelsea on that last question.. do they not know City were absolutely crap not long ago.

  • willy p
    willy p Month ago

    Follow me on Instagram @1sports _kingdom1 for good sports content post once a week no spam

  • Alfred Rieder
    Alfred Rieder Month ago

    It ain't Twickenham.

  • 2Real 2good
    2Real 2good Month ago

    This is funny episode lol

  • Isaac
    Isaac Month ago +2

    Never heard of this guy who did he play for o.o

    • 2Real 2good
      2Real 2good Month ago

      Burnley Watford Stoke Wolverhampton Wanderers Oldham Brighton and Hove Albion to know a few and Charlton athletic

  • jebadiah4
    jebadiah4 Month ago +3

    I can't be the only man that doesn't want to dress like my wee sister?! What the chuff is going on with trousers these days?! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Cavin Ganarajah
    Cavin Ganarajah Month ago

    Anyone know what the song at the end is?

  • Monkey News
    Monkey News Month ago

    Spoiler alert iwelumo gets wiped out by the keeper

  • William Gallacher 74
    William Gallacher 74 Month ago +12

    I miss the way Jimmy Bullard used to call Lloyd Griffith a muppet in the intro

  • colin james
    colin james Month ago

    Soccer AM: Chris Iwelumo

    Me: Who da fook is that guy

    • R.
      R. Month ago

      Fuck off, plastic.

  • TheLukeJefferies
    TheLukeJefferies Month ago

    What the fuck are these snowballs doing on here talking about the presenters wasting time every week😂 WHO GIVES A FUCK

  • drAlbans styvsson
    drAlbans styvsson Month ago +3

    Bring Loyd back ffs

  • Cam TV
    Cam TV Month ago

    Fenners jacket looking straight flames

  • Shyam Doshi
    Shyam Doshi Month ago +3

    this chris guy used to be a pro? his runup to the ball is so strange.must be the kicks

  • Knights Templar
    Knights Templar Month ago

    I am liking that Stone Island Fenners has on this week.

  • James Pendleton
    James Pendleton Month ago

    Why did people ever think Fenners wasted time as opposed to him being told to, if the do three of the challenges in 1 minute then they need to save time.

  • moulinyan
    moulinyan Month ago +3

    4 seconds left.. the fenners ''started so i'll finish'' routine got less time than his stoney jackets

  • moman
    moman Month ago

    Gotta be city... the shmucks have been alive for 10 years.

  • boutxthatxtime
    boutxthatxtime Month ago

    Emery IN

  • No Yes
    No Yes Month ago +4

    Lucky it werent Big G in goal 😂

  • The amazeing gooner

    *Its christmas*

  • Sarkozy
    Sarkozy Month ago +2

    03:44 😭😭😭

  • Sergent Buzz
    Sergent Buzz Month ago +6

    You think Fenners has an entire room full of dead cats and his jackets?

  • Decor YT
    Decor YT Month ago

    I’m not sure it would have mattered if they got any wrong the worst players seemed alright

  • Chewie
    Chewie Month ago

    where's big g

  • jimboslice613
    jimboslice613 Month ago +14

    Iwelumo still an absolute donkey I see. That was cringe.

  • Fat Ninja
    Fat Ninja Month ago

    What happened to you know the drill oafv

  • Shxh
    Shxh Month ago

    No views but 850 likes k that normal

  • Kon Zaros
    Kon Zaros Month ago

    how on earth can you say city? although both clubs were made successful by rich artificial owners chelsea were taken over in 2003 and had won league titles in 2005 and 2006 compared to cit who were bought in 2008, logic would suggest chelsea have won more games and scored more

  • Novelist
    Novelist Month ago +45

    You know that Stone Island jacket still has the tags on it

    • Novelist
      Novelist Month ago

      grytlappar who

    • grytlappar
      grytlappar Month ago

      You are the dullest person on earth.

    • Michael J Fox
      Michael J Fox Month ago +2

      Alister Ingram I guarantee he changes his name every year, it was probably champions league before they got knocked out by my local curry shop XD

    • Alister Ingram
      Alister Ingram Month ago +4

      Celtic FC Europa League Winner 2020 hahaha Celtic fans on a giro fuck up mate ,

    • Celtic FC Europa League Winner 2020
      Celtic FC Europa League Winner 2020 Month ago +4

      He only buys the shite ones on sale that no one else wants lmao.
      Probably on £250 a week hahahaha

  • Non cookie cutter
    Non cookie cutter Month ago +24

    *Starts raining at the socceram studio*
    Jake Bugg: ‘Morning, it’s another pure grey morning’

    • Aaaa Bbbb
      Aaaa Bbbb Month ago

      Non cookie cutter
      Good one. 😂

  • Non cookie cutter
    Non cookie cutter Month ago +9

    Iwelumo taking a leaf out of Bullards book and wearing his mums clothes...

  • Calum Hills
    Calum Hills Month ago +3

    I think these fans have the worse footballing knowledge around

    • Assist King Özil #Arsenal
      Assist King Özil #Arsenal Month ago

      Calum Hills to be fair most fans don’t really watch football other than the Prem. Doubt there are many championship supporters as there are premier league ones

  • Ben Official
    Ben Official Month ago

    No views and 609 like and 9 dislikes 🤣👌

  • David Struger
    David Struger Month ago

    Just here for the fenners comments

  • Zach Harris
    Zach Harris Month ago

    No views 545 likes 👏🏻TheXvid

  • Andrei
    Andrei Month ago

    The burnley fan on the left was useless