How To Talk To Girls At Parties | Official Trailer HD | A24


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  • iSirAnonymous
    iSirAnonymous 30 minutes ago +1


  • Gene Wilkerson
    Gene Wilkerson Day ago

    What a fucked up movie!!

  • Alice Thompson
    Alice Thompson 3 days ago

    Pretty cool to see more of Neil's work getting adapted into film. Super excited for this!

  • James Maxi
    James Maxi 4 days ago

    London 1977 - Peace, fun and love
    London 2018- Muslims taking shit on streets, throwing acid and bombing innocent people.

  • Popo Bawa
    Popo Bawa 6 days ago

    Opens at the IFC in New York on Friday, May 25th!

  • Konstancja Siewierska

    I’m a real slut for A24 but this looks...a bit shit??? Say it ain’t so...

  • kittypie
    kittypie 8 days ago

    What song is Elle is singing

  • Patrick O'Malley
    Patrick O'Malley 8 days ago

    Having a few at Bilgewater's then checking this one out.

  • Insan3
    Insan3 8 days ago

    tooo british

  • Guy Montag
    Guy Montag 9 days ago

    This movie is what oxford social studies graduates think punk looks like.

  • Carlton
    Carlton 10 days ago

    Born sexy yesterday

  • Alex Lavin
    Alex Lavin 11 days ago

    does anyone know the name of the song they played in this trailer?

  • Ming The puppy
    Ming The puppy 11 days ago

    I only clicked cause elle was in it

  • potato
    potato 11 days ago

    Wow nicole kidman is into these things now

  • aidanner
    aidanner 12 days ago


  • i have no rival no man is my equal

    read Neil gaiman

    FRISHR 13 days ago

    I am both confused and aroused.

  • Cailee G
    Cailee G 14 days ago

    Holy shit this looks amazing

  • Sunny Flower
    Sunny Flower 14 days ago

    Give it to me now

  • Morgan C .Lete
    Morgan C .Lete 15 days ago

    This movie looks really stupid

  • Random Kryptonian
    Random Kryptonian 15 days ago

    What have I just watched?

  • X3DN
    X3DN 15 days ago

    Ahahahah Ahahahaha

  • X3DN
    X3DN 15 days ago

    This looks amazing

  • Shawn Spencer
    Shawn Spencer 16 days ago

    This is pretty interesting. Definitely has my attention

  • Outcast Gyke
    Outcast Gyke 16 days ago

    I miss conservative UK

  • Lobster Galaxy
    Lobster Galaxy 16 days ago

    Mods In Drug Land - The Movie

  • Eadlyn June
    Eadlyn June 17 days ago

    This was a comic right? It never looked good, like another one of those comics trying to “defy literally anything with a cool female lead” type of thing, but now I think I might read it! This is the kinda thing I kill for. Lovey dovey, maybe saying things I already know, but making them seem almost new. That’s what I liked about the beautiful deconstruction that was “The End of the F***ing World” and I hope to find in this.
    Also it’s Neil Gaiman one of the best writers and edglords there ever was.

  • blackclothesblackcat
    blackclothesblackcat 17 days ago

    this looks like it would be good but will also disappoint me somehow

  • Vadim Kropotin
    Vadim Kropotin 17 days ago

    What's the soudtrack at the end of the trailer? I can't identify the lyrics


    Want to attend?

  • kaan.
    kaan. 18 days ago

    always looking forward to anything A24 puts out

  • figic fgiddi
    figic fgiddi 18 days ago

    Song in the end??

  • megaatomicmuffin
    megaatomicmuffin 19 days ago

    This is very different from the comic lol

  • Azania Inman
    Azania Inman 19 days ago

    This seems like Doctor Who had a love child with skins

  • Lkllkl Mttm
    Lkllkl Mttm 20 days ago

    Is that the girl from blacked?

  • riderman0071 Games
    riderman0071 Games 20 days ago

    Punk is still not dead :)

  • Ash Zaylie
    Ash Zaylie 21 day ago

    This looks like pure shit.

  • Justin Mason
    Justin Mason 21 day ago

    Can't wait for thr sequel when all those girls scream rape....

  • Ezra Hsiao
    Ezra Hsiao 21 day ago

    Guess it is time for the idea of alien and human breeding to be mainstream.

  • toshi takara
    toshi takara 21 day ago

    It's like if music genres and art styles were... people

  • ً lea
    ً lea 22 days ago

    I cringed

  • My other account broke

    this looks so fucking cool

  • figic fgiddi
    figic fgiddi 23 days ago

    What a weird neck

  • Ruby
    Ruby 23 days ago

    well that looks fucking fun!

  • joe knight
    joe knight 24 days ago

    Looks like a load of shit

  • Mystery Wand
    Mystery Wand 25 days ago

    Not gonna lie, this trailer scared me.

  • Matthew Livingston
    Matthew Livingston 25 days ago

    Being john malkovich fucked a Tim burton film.

  • ricardo soto
    ricardo soto 25 days ago

    Punk not dead. Especially with aliens among them.

  • Jordan Sullivan
    Jordan Sullivan 26 days ago

    How is this related to Neil Gaiman?

  • NPA1001
    NPA1001 26 days ago

    Park Hill Flats, Sheffield, pretending to be Camden, London in the 70s.

  • Rayna Butler
    Rayna Butler 27 days ago

    i just read this a few days ago in my book fragile things and now this pops up! weird. it looks cool

  • wdcain1
    wdcain1 27 days ago

    I figure they'd change a lot from the book since it doesn't have the 3 act structure. Personally I figure the movie adaption would just focus more on Enn interacting with all the "girls" and seeing the wonders of the universe while Vic has a breakdown since his tiny mind can't handle the Twilight Zone-esq stuff.

  • GOD Penber
    GOD Penber 27 days ago

    End of the fucking world but with aliens

  • The Ad Archive
    The Ad Archive 27 days ago

    A24? Hell yes. Film4? *HELL YES!*

  • Bodball123
    Bodball123 28 days ago

    Where’s jeeeeeeesssss???!!!?!???

  • Bela Lugosi's Dead
    Bela Lugosi's Dead 28 days ago

    When does this come out?

  • Panos Kwstakis
    Panos Kwstakis Month ago

    whats the last song??

  • Gia Gonzalez
    Gia Gonzalez Month ago +1

    More white people shit lmao

  • Caramel Tomato
    Caramel Tomato Month ago

    Oh... my... God... /кажись, я влюблюсь в этот фильм😍😍😍

  • Stefane Sheryniele
    Stefane Sheryniele Month ago

    I'm so excited for this movie

  • Geckey
    Geckey Month ago

    Ok this actually looks pretty good.

  • Rachel Salgado
    Rachel Salgado Month ago

    Is this the new Trainspotting lol?

  • bowl4two
    bowl4two Month ago

    Um, wut?

  • mackvnzie
    mackvnzie Month ago

    You had at “They must be from California”

  • Emmy Hucker
    Emmy Hucker Month ago

    This film looks so quirky, I'm really excited to see it!

  • Kendy Herrera
    Kendy Herrera Month ago

    What a horrible way of ruinning a masterpiece

  • Chris Atko
    Chris Atko Month ago

    Someone please tell me the name of the song playing at the end of the trailer.

  • carol
    carol Month ago

    Society (1989)

  • NWforager
    NWforager Month ago +1

    A24 is Kicking BUTT

  • zombiedrea
    zombiedrea Month ago

    That was...not what I was expecting.

  • Emilia Burgos
    Emilia Burgos Month ago

    Read the story by Neil Gaiman. This movie seems weird, not sure if good or bad, just weird.

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella Month ago

    A24 has good movies but it’s mostly populated with a bunch of white people...that’s one of the thing that really annoys me!

  • Tesni Smith
    Tesni Smith Month ago

    This is based on a comic

  • Meta Maus
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  • uh what
    uh what Month ago

    okay uhhh this looks really good

  • Lu na
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  • YX Lau
    YX Lau Month ago

    oh god how much i LOVE A24

  • Adam Vogt
    Adam Vogt Month ago

    Why are the comments so weird

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Month ago

    I was fool by the title of this videos :(

  • Erin Yarbrough
    Erin Yarbrough Month ago

    This looks awesome I really want to see it!!!

  • MT M
    MT M Month ago

    Nothing really like the graphic novel but still looks interesting!!!

  • Madisyn Terrell
    Madisyn Terrell Month ago

    i have come to realize that a24 will never release a bad film

  • Nicole Faith Carolino

    so is this the new age romeo and juliet or whatever

  • I'm ur dog
    I'm ur dog Month ago +1

    Even if the movie ends up not being that good, its cool seeing all these crazy ideas being put to film

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood Month ago

    no thanks

  • Tyrion Targaryen
    Tyrion Targaryen Month ago

    I don't Even go to parties

  • Kaia Thompson
    Kaia Thompson Month ago

    Why she look like the goblin king

  • Brandon Bregenzer
    Brandon Bregenzer Month ago

    song is Eat Me Alive by Xiu Xiu

  • Liz Neptune
    Liz Neptune Month ago +1

    now this is cinema.... this is what im talking about!!!

  • Prog Rock Anarchy
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  • Danielle Atok
    Danielle Atok Month ago

    Alien sex movie?

  • KrolikPudding
    KrolikPudding Month ago

    It's a punk, energetic, weird and funny movie. See it !

  • shenkaed
    shenkaed Month ago

    Looks original, not sure though. Will be interested to see.

  • klv0klv0klv
    klv0klv0klv Month ago

    Well that was different!

  • jasmine grg
    jasmine grg Month ago

    i adore a24 and it looks like a pretty solid cast but pulling off an alien sci fi film like this...yikes

  • HisLordDudeness
    HisLordDudeness Month ago

    Well this looks awful.

  • Mike Staton
    Mike Staton Month ago

    I just fell in love with Elle Fanning with that punk makeup

  • Bianca Oliveiras
    Bianca Oliveiras Month ago


  • Filip Nikolic
    Filip Nikolic Month ago

    Worst instructional video ever

  • MrGrimlocke
    MrGrimlocke Month ago

    looks like fun