How To Talk To Girls At Parties | Official Trailer HD | A24


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  • DestinysEdge
    DestinysEdge 4 days ago +1

    Where tf do you watch these movies

  • Uriah Gillespie
    Uriah Gillespie 8 days ago

    They should have called this movie Punks vs. Aliens

  • Power Ranger
    Power Ranger 12 days ago

    Plastic glove fetish kind of thing....and nicole kidman's plastic surgery

  • Roni _82
    Roni _82 14 days ago +1

    gonna watching it with boxxy software! looks good

  • Noodlee lmL
    Noodlee lmL 16 days ago

    Ame ame ame ameeeee

  • fancy O
    fancy O Month ago +1

    I'm gonna watch this movie just for 01:21

  • Riscky
    Riscky Month ago

    Yea so i was actually lookin for uh answer.. but now im tryna see this lmfao 😂

  • klever161
    klever161 Month ago

    Can someone explain the ending please, did Enn came back with their kids or what?

    • Hakim Is Dead
      Hakim Is Dead Month ago

      klever161 Yes. His kids come back like 20-30 years after Zan leaves.

  • WilliamV
    WilliamV Month ago

    this kind of vapid garbage is the problem with most movies today

  • John Nowak Kind Sir

    Weirdest movie I have ever seen but still it was pretty awesome.

  • Brixster
    Brixster Month ago

    Looks like an Edgar Wright movie if Edgar Wright was a stoner.

  • humanmoron
    humanmoron Month ago

    2 out of 5

  • Whiskey Black
    Whiskey Black Month ago

    Can't wait to see this. Really hoping I get to find out what Vic did.

  • VirtuaL WorLd
    VirtuaL WorLd Month ago

    i'm happy i have the same birthday as elle fanning

  • SweetDollyLolliPops

    This movie was everything and tears and greatness. Do watch it.

  • Mosquitha de Miramar
    Mosquitha de Miramar 2 months ago +1

    My, this looks pretty idiotic.

  • Eugene Mamonkin
    Eugene Mamonkin 2 months ago

    Люто дикий артхаус, но смотрится легко, интересно и без особого напряга!

  • Alexander V
    Alexander V 2 months ago

    Btw, really wondering what stuff was Elle doing on set. Her pupils are ginormous throughout the movie! XD

  • Alexander V
    Alexander V 2 months ago

    Elle is dope. Definitely should stick to non-mainstream stuff like Neon Demon and this.

  • Nick Welch
    Nick Welch 2 months ago +1

    looks awful

  • Ming The Puppy
    Ming The Puppy 2 months ago


  • HoodedFreak
    HoodedFreak 2 months ago

    In my opinion this trailer is much to revealing. Luckily I watched it without watching the trailer :D

  • petit bobby
    petit bobby 2 months ago

    le film a l'air cool mais la bande annonce spoil tout c a chier

  • Noble Princess
    Noble Princess 2 months ago

    I thought this was a short story?

  • Precious Gregory
    Precious Gregory 2 months ago

    Giving this one a chance since JCM directed this.

  • Gino
    Gino 2 months ago

    I watch this movie without any warning and fucked my mind

  • Roan Dillon
    Roan Dillon 2 months ago +1

    Looks like shite

  • Arunasva Bhuyan
    Arunasva Bhuyan 2 months ago

    this was so bad

  • blob
    blob 3 months ago

    Neil Gaiman...must watch.

  • Scorch428
    Scorch428 3 months ago +1

    shes so hawt.
    Man, I love punk. But I HATE the scene...

  • Borstal Boy
    Borstal Boy 3 months ago +1

    F@@in CLASSIC!

  • TheRadzman
    TheRadzman 3 months ago

    . 7 stupid elemen include sexs lol
    At end he have alots of offspring with alien lol

  • altyn
    altyn 3 months ago +1

    This was such a cool movie! It was amazingly fun, adventurous and completely alien! Don't take it too seriously, and definitely recommend :D

  • hozeyy
    hozeyy 3 months ago +1

    This movie is sooo good

  • Gary Ervin
    Gary Ervin 3 months ago +1

    I love you A24 but this had to of been the worst movie you guys have put out.

  • Ling Ling The puppy
    Ling Ling The puppy 3 months ago


  • Ling Ling The puppy
    Ling Ling The puppy 3 months ago


  • Ling Ling The puppy
    Ling Ling The puppy 3 months ago

    Oh nooo...

  • caz
    caz 3 months ago +1

    Kinda wish I saw this on acid but oh well

  • xMusicIsMyDrugxx
    xMusicIsMyDrugxx 3 months ago

    I just got out of the cinema and holy shit it’s amazing, a+ acting from Alex sharp
    I bought a ticket without knowing what i was getting into and I’m so glad I did because everything was a surprise

  • swimming fish
    swimming fish 3 months ago

    Ok, sis, now I'm all in on your mania for this film. On your reco ive gotten the fragile things book, the Darkhorse graphic novel, and this film will be next.thanks... swimming fish

  • etafrite83
    etafrite83 3 months ago

    It seems great

  • Alexandra M
    Alexandra M 3 months ago

    This book was so good. Film looks great, too!

  • Jessica Martínez Hernández

    It's such a weird movie. I didn't like it.

  • Male M.U.T.O
    Male M.U.T.O 3 months ago

    This movie is fucking sad and it made me think about my died who died of cancer idk y and I cried my eyes out

  • Joey D. Gabba
    Joey D. Gabba 3 months ago +1


  • Abhilash S
    Abhilash S 3 months ago

    A24 is a unique studio

  • Watre Mio
    Watre Mio 3 months ago


  • ava quincampoix
    ava quincampoix 3 months ago

    Another good one from a24

  • sam Jones
    sam Jones 3 months ago

    So watch this shit and I want my time back REALLY shit are we lost in movie land do we not have an idea shit

  • josephine
    josephine 3 months ago

    Oh shit I just realised that Joe from bad education

  • Sway Kid
    Sway Kid 3 months ago

    Wtf is dis shit..weird fukn movie

  • Pieter Coetzee
    Pieter Coetzee 3 months ago

    ive seen this movie and its big pile of dudu...can you believe that intelligent human beings put all their effort over a long period of time into this project and this is the absolute best that they can came up with?

  • mafalda
    mafalda 3 months ago

    Pretty good movie, not for all tho.

  • アルブケルケダン二エル

    WTF is this?

  • Broken Dreams Club
    Broken Dreams Club 4 months ago


  • Arp Laszlo
    Arp Laszlo 4 months ago

    wtaf. I just read the graphic novel and the movie is some bizarro take off on it. Hell of a way to ruin a beautiful tale.

  • Popo Bawa
    Popo Bawa 4 months ago

    I saw it in NYC twice liked it the first view, and loved it the second. A24 dropped the ball by giving this only a minimal release.

  • Tecumseh Sherman
    Tecumseh Sherman 4 months ago

    "how to talk to girls at parties"......a story about cannibal makes perfect sense!!!

  • Tecumseh Sherman
    Tecumseh Sherman 4 months ago


  • Autumn Russo
    Autumn Russo 4 months ago +1

    *the punk rock version of Skins*

  • Zorbas
    Zorbas 4 months ago +1

    Amazing movie! LOVE

  • jarry jayo
    jarry jayo 4 months ago

    How to make a fake punk movie! was the original title

  • Liam Dickson
    Liam Dickson 4 months ago +1

    Stunning movie absolutely loved it this trailer doesnt do it justice!

    THIZZAVELI 4 months ago

    So nobody gonna talk about that long ass neck or the fisting scene?

  • gdsmchris
    gdsmchris 4 months ago +7

    WTF have i just watched ?

  • Satan Crusader
    Satan Crusader 4 months ago

    This is one freaky Movie......

  • tauntes 756
    tauntes 756 4 months ago

    interesing movie from baku

  • onlythewise1
    onlythewise1 4 months ago

    when does this move come out in LA USA

  • Ling Ling The puppy
    Ling Ling The puppy 4 months ago


  • simple gaming
    simple gaming 4 months ago

    Gaiman? Hmm

  • Horace Bones
    Horace Bones 4 months ago

    This looks kinda cringey.

  • Jayquan Floyd
    Jayquan Floyd 4 months ago

    They're alien women?

  • Keyser Sozë
    Keyser Sozë 4 months ago

    i fucking love neil gaiman. let's go.

  • MyTubeIsBetter20
    MyTubeIsBetter20 4 months ago

    Aliens on Rumspringa

  • simbad909
    simbad909 4 months ago

    i liked it ... zardoz meets rollerball meets the sex pistols ..

  • Liz Altman
    Liz Altman 4 months ago

    fuk ell fanning and kidman...John Cameron Mitchell, Neil Gaiman, Lou Reed...HOLY YES!!!!

  • Aaron Bellman
    Aaron Bellman 4 months ago

    Feel like I just watched the movie

  • Ja Ma
    Ja Ma 4 months ago


  • Gustavo Burciaga
    Gustavo Burciaga 4 months ago

    I love Neil Gaiman so I might be down

    IRT ECCENTRIC 4 months ago +2


  • Fakhrusy Syakirin
    Fakhrusy Syakirin 4 months ago

    Oi oi matee

  • Dusk Dawg
    Dusk Dawg 4 months ago

    So they're like New Wave aliens who decide to go Punk Rock?

  • Demian Oxen
    Demian Oxen 4 months ago

    Nice... straight to the trash bag this little drooly teen flick.

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar 4 months ago

    neil gaiman well lets get fucked up in a good way

  • President T Nediserp
    President T Nediserp 4 months ago

    White people take the cake when it comes to being cuckoo.

  • JewelGrenades
    JewelGrenades 4 months ago +1

    Let me know if its worth watching, thanks :)

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel 4 months ago

    Saw this on Yify. I'm legit just gonna watch it because it's produced by A24

  • raul Busters
    raul Busters 4 months ago

    another crap...another propaganda of a decayed society shown as if it were exceptional....!!

    • raul Busters
      raul Busters 4 months ago +1

      and u ...are braindead.

    • All Alone
      All Alone 4 months ago

      raul Busters You’re a delusional fool

    • raul Busters
      raul Busters 4 months ago

      yes i do... propaganda is defined as the reason why US citizens are so fat...!! Mcdonalds, Coke Cola, the ability to brainwash american brains to believe in something that they do not need or even can harm them... but they believe it and eat it anyway...! That is precisely the way how US leaders want the people to be... braindead..!

    • All Alone
      All Alone 4 months ago

      you don't even know what propaganda is

  • Sobeitmusic
    Sobeitmusic 4 months ago

    Just seen it it was on some Zenon meets sex pistols type she i fucks with it

  • Tendo. S
    Tendo. S 4 months ago


  • Natalie G
    Natalie G 4 months ago +2

    Hey!! Let's fix the environment with Anarchy!! ??

  • butt head
    butt head 4 months ago

    no why are people making movies about punks now!!??

  • iSirAnonymous
    iSirAnonymous 4 months ago +1


  • Gene Wilkerson
    Gene Wilkerson 4 months ago

    What a fucked up movie!!

  • Alice Thompson
    Alice Thompson 5 months ago

    Pretty cool to see more of Neil's work getting adapted into film. Super excited for this!

  • James Gonzalez
    James Gonzalez 5 months ago

    London 1977 - Peace, fun and love
    London 2018- Muslims taking shit on streets, throwing acid and bombing innocent people.

  • Popo Bawa
    Popo Bawa 5 months ago +1

    Opens at the IFC in New York on Friday, May 25th!

  • Konstancja Siewierska
    Konstancja Siewierska 5 months ago +1

    I’m a real slut for A24 but this looks...a bit shit??? Say it ain’t so...

  • kittypie
    kittypie 5 months ago

    What song is Elle is singing