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  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • It only takes one rocket to start an interplanetary revolution.
    This animated adaptation of Justina Ireland’s story “A Theory of Flight” imagines a future in which one woman recognizes the barriers in getting to space, and takes the issue into her own hand with an open-sourced rocket and kickstarts a revolution to open up the skies to everyone.
    Read Justina Ireland’s original story here: bit.ly/2RsSYY3
    “A Theory of Flight” is part of Better Worlds, The Verge’s science fiction project about a hopeful future: bit.ly/2RjbsdN
    Based on the story by Justina Ireland
    Directed by: All In Pixel
    Creative Direction: The Verge
    Creative Director: William Joel
    Illustration: All In Pixel, David Feliu, Luke Etcheverry, Evgeniy Yudin, Toni Sala.
    Animation: All In Pixel, David Feliu, Sebastian Garcia, Juan Nadalino, Luke Etcheverry, Evgeniy Yudin.
    Screenplay: Laura Hudson
    Narration: Andia Winslow
    Music and Sound Design: Ambrose Yu, Sonos Sanctus
    Executive Producers: Eleanor Donovan, Nilay Patel
    Supervising Producer: Sophie Erickson
    Production Manager: Meg Toth
    Editorial Director: Helen Havlak
    General Manager: Steven Belser
    Network Manager: Sarah Bishop Woods
    Engagement Editor: Ruben Salvadori
    Social Media Managers: Dilpreet Kainth, Esther Cohen, Kaitlin Hatton

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Comments • 484

  • The Verge
    The Verge  10 months ago +117

    Read Justina Ireland’s original story here: bit.ly/2RsSYY3

    • XX Watcher
      XX Watcher 10 months ago

      I anticipate being muted from this Vox Media channel too. Very healthy. Why are you bent on fostering positive associations with such questionable entities?

    • XX Watcher
      XX Watcher 10 months ago

      When not shilling for the US Army, shill for a defense contractor. How many in you audience is in the market for anything Boeing sells?

      GODDEVA 10 months ago


  • Joe James
    Joe James 2 months ago +1

    Every commenter:
    Boeing Boeing Boeing

  • Christopher Ian Méndez Mondragón

    I wonder what happens at the end. At the credits you can see that they tracked the rockets and Europe activated it's shield

  • Space Faring Civilisation

    Loved the open source space ship idea but people having to flee planet earth and exploitation not very optimistic. Anyways going to watch the second one, still hopeful.

  • Thomas Jardine
    Thomas Jardine 8 months ago

    Seems like Earth has plenty of rocket scientist in the working class in 2090. Other than that and the irony of Boeing sponsoring this, great short I can't wait for more.

  • Roman BRuni
    Roman BRuni 9 months ago

    bellissimo ' theory of flight ' loved the dynamic narrative, fast paced imagery...

  • Sha shank
    Sha shank 9 months ago

    This cyberpunk theme just gets to my heart everytime i see pixelated animation !!

  • Evil1Russian
    Evil1Russian 9 months ago

    Who said that they are needed on Europe?

  • Gwenyth Wynne
    Gwenyth Wynne 9 months ago

    Creating a habitable, near utopian arcology on earth capable of supporting billions of humans in luxury would be trivial compared to making Europa livable for more than a tiny skeleton crew. The whole conceit is pretty foolish for a show by a science channel.

    KARASIRA 9 months ago

    It's actually good, have been hearing about it on The Verge Podcast, and I was like "Enh, that's a hipe"

  • pegadirty
    pegadirty 9 months ago

    I thought this was supposed to be optimistic, then I see "Shield Activation? YES" at the end :'(

  • NVG 2022
    NVG 2022 9 months ago


  • Metaforically Speaking
    Metaforically Speaking 9 months ago

    How pointless was this!?

  • samson stebbins
    samson stebbins 9 months ago

    This is by far the best episode in the series

  • zed625
    zed625 9 months ago

    Why would boeing sponsor this? I mean honestly, how does it help them? they're consumer base at the moment isn't liberal poor consumers, it's airliners and governments. And it's thought that they're trying to enter the consumer space with flying cars etc but still odd to accuse rich people of being evil when it's likely them who will fly these cars first

    ANGELO 9 months ago +1

    Wow this series is incredible

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique 9 months ago

    I like the music
    Love the visuals
    love the story, deep and involving
    feedback 9.7/10

  • Kai Nightmode
    Kai Nightmode 9 months ago

    Absolutely wonderful. Love the pixels and short story format.

  • Urvansh Mehta
    Urvansh Mehta 9 months ago

    The animation is perfect. Resution is best for 2018 phones. Music is 4.5/5 And narration is all starts, even the duration is perfect. Keep it up.

  • bruh that's cringe
    bruh that's cringe 9 months ago

    this is so underrated

  • Wilkine Brutus
    Wilkine Brutus 9 months ago

    Great art style and storytelling. Love it.

  • hellopeople001
    hellopeople001 9 months ago

    Yes! I've been waiting for dystopic pixel art films/shows for a long time now, thank you verge for making this :)

  • A Brand
    A Brand 9 months ago

    I like the story and art

  • Alberto Bertolin
    Alberto Bertolin 9 months ago

    Is boeing so tone deaf it doesn't realize the irony here?

  • Techno Coke
    Techno Coke 9 months ago

    Excellent. Must read the full story...

  • Alam Rasyidi
    Alam Rasyidi 9 months ago

    the ships from the revolution were halted in Europa's orbit because the Europans are worried their moon will get overpopulated and the ships can't just land there because Europa has an energy shield (the credit of the video).

  • John C John
    John C John 10 months ago

    This is basically the movie Elysium.
    Am I the one who saw that?

  • KDrop
    KDrop 10 months ago

    Wow amazing art

  • Robert Vogrinec
    Robert Vogrinec 10 months ago

    This video fascinates me in so many ways... I want more!

  • SsangJit
    SsangJit 10 months ago

    sad that the future is still depicting people of color being repressed.

  • tastygoldfish
    tastygoldfish 10 months ago

    Don't care who it's ironcally sponsored by, looks amazing major kudos to the artists and creators involved.

  • Christopher Ian Méndez Mondragón

    At the end of the video you can see that Europa activates the shield O_o

  • Yahudim
    Yahudim 10 months ago


  • Jc z
    Jc z 10 months ago

    Movie made for iPhone XR

  • Jon Lynch
    Jon Lynch 10 months ago

    Well done! Beautiful and engaging. Can’t wait for more.

  • Kami Sama
    Kami Sama 10 months ago

    I believe I can fly

  • Sergey Yashchenko
    Sergey Yashchenko 10 months ago

    От себя не убежишь.

  • Woodrow Wiest
    Woodrow Wiest 10 months ago

    Love the sci-fi, keep it coming. I was sold on this series by it being a positive view into the future? Is this positive?

  • TekGeekHD
    TekGeekHD 10 months ago

    Is this Elysium? But also pretty cool!

  • StartCodonUST
    StartCodonUST 10 months ago

    I need the video game adaptation of this.

  • OrigMedia
    OrigMedia 10 months ago

    Still dystopian though.

  • Dustin Jefferies
    Dustin Jefferies 10 months ago

    Loved it. We need more science fiction like this. I find myself wanting a feature length film in this genre.

  • Imran Rasyid
    Imran Rasyid 10 months ago

    That grand life, off-world...

  • lucaum
    lucaum 10 months ago

    Yay, let her begin a revolution, wich is probably a socialist one, and then they will kill anyone who is against 😍😍😍

  • Kyle V. R
    Kyle V. R 10 months ago

    Amazing animation

  • Kaloyan Gangov
    Kaloyan Gangov 10 months ago

    This was sick, love the animation style, love the story.

  • Samuel Calame
    Samuel Calame 10 months ago

    This is awesome! Can’t wait for episode 2

  • Daniel Armas
    Daniel Armas 10 months ago

    Awesome. The video has an excellent art and the story is short but very lovely.

  • dystopian786
    dystopian786 10 months ago

    Awesome stuff.

  • Lohith Reddy
    Lohith Reddy 10 months ago +1

    Ohh the animation style aweeeeesome😍

  • Mohamad Anas
    Mohamad Anas 10 months ago +1

    Boring af

  • Andrey Lucas
    Andrey Lucas 10 months ago

    Why did the space elite accepted her kindly? Why didn't the earth army shoot down her spaceship during the flight?

  • Rohit Verma
    Rohit Verma 10 months ago +1

    Nice ripoff of Elysium

  • Alex Joseph
    Alex Joseph 10 months ago

    Take Boeings money and make more stuff like this!

  • Opal Star
    Opal Star 10 months ago

    More.... MORE!!!

  • Mitsuko Megumi
    Mitsuko Megumi 10 months ago

    "Open-source rocket"
    Yeah, I guess?

  • Joscha
    Joscha 10 months ago

    It's so funny how the picture go's all blurry if u set down the quality to low cause YT blurs it, no matter it is actually an video with a small amount of pixels.

  • Luke Ratzlaff
    Luke Ratzlaff 10 months ago

    Beautiful animation; thank you for your positive contribution to the internet

  • Abraham Samma
    Abraham Samma 10 months ago

    That sponsorship though

    Guido FINGSCHEIDT 10 months ago

    How cool was that. Reminded me of the old game Another World and Flashback. Nice done. Hope to see more.