• Published on Jun 7, 2019
    eddie hearn responds to andy ruiz jr wanting 50 million dollars for the anthony joshua vs andy ruiz jr 2 rematch in the uk as hearn speaks on the joshua vs ruiz 2 fight and reveals that joshua wants the rematch in the united states
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Comments • 5 073

  • pukeylukey199
    pukeylukey199 Month ago

    Saudi Arabia.

  • claudio piola
    claudio piola 2 months ago

    hey Andy ... get the Eddie Hearn parasite to throw the money out of it, in addition to what is a personal staff, come and see Hearn after the robbery put in place at poverty Delfine Persoon is making a thousand stories with his boxer for the rematch. Repay it with the same coin and include if you can rematch for the poor persoon that unlike you won by KO she was really robbed

  • daniel pardoe
    daniel pardoe 2 months ago

    Ruiz says no to UK

  • Nad Mahmood
    Nad Mahmood 2 months ago +1

    Thank god wilder never punched aj he would of been in hospital still

  • daniel pardoe
    daniel pardoe 2 months ago

    I dont think it will matter if its thought in the UK which I think it should because if AJ wins the rematch there's bound to be the trilogy fight which could be the decider back at the garden. Let's be fair deontay is fighting ortiz. Tyson will be fighting a bum. Then Tyson is fighting wilder therefore AJ can fight Ruiz in the decider. All aligned with the stars. Who ever wins Wilder vs Fury and AJ vs Ruiz face off that would be massive

  • marc carter
    marc carter 2 months ago

    The camp didn't go well. It went as bad as it can go. AJ looked awful. Was not on his game. As a paying customer, i did not see AJ perform, take hold of the fight.

  • frank blunt
    frank blunt 2 months ago

    The money's flowed in because of Fury not Joshua. Who was interested in the HWD until Klitschko's dominance was removed?

  • Jake K
    Jake K 2 months ago

    AJ is overrated

  • Kevin Ramoo
    Kevin Ramoo 2 months ago

    AJ should fight for free, stepping stone for greater things.

  • kat brissett
    kat brissett 2 months ago

    Mr Hearn after WilderFury, AJ came out pitty on Wilder and then claim he will fight any of them when they're ready. Whatever goes up definitely comes down.

  • Scott
    Scott 2 months ago

    AJ maybe maybe maybe haha robot Engage

  • 99 ron
    99 ron 3 months ago

    It shouldn't matter where a fight is, a rings a ring and a crowds a crowd. The fire in your soul, the man in front of you, the ref, the judges and your corner are what matters.

  • Ryan McCann
    Ryan McCann 3 months ago

    Eddy picks the fights as he just said we didn’t expect ruiz to win 😂😂 money grabbing bastard that needs 12 rounds to his face!!!

  • Yung OG
    Yung OG 3 months ago +1

    He should get 50 million fighting anywhere. Boxing Be rapping these dudes

  • Gustavo Serrano
    Gustavo Serrano 3 months ago

    They where rigging the fight giving AJ most rounds. Now imagine how badly Ruiz will be robbed in England

    • joseph bowden
      joseph bowden 2 months ago


  • mikemgw18
    mikemgw18 3 months ago

    Fuck having fights in America. I'm sick of all the British fights taking places where I can't watch them because I'm in bed!

  • Jay Zee
    Jay Zee 3 months ago

    Props to AJ for wanting MSG again. If he would want it back in England and wins, people will say that he can't win in America and he doesn't want that.

  • Fabric
    Fabric 3 months ago

    So happy Ruiz won, it proves that anything is possible in life.

  • Bare-bones JOE
    Bare-bones JOE 3 months ago

    Ruiz has the fucking belts now and it’s his call. Not Eddies and not Joshua’s. AJ will get beat again by Ruiz and we won’t see a Joshua v wilder fight because Ruiz will do the same to wilder.

  • Stuntman D29
    Stuntman D29 3 months ago

    Non of these fighters have “taken the fight game to another level” there simply copying the great like Ali and Tyson. They are far from original in any way and Ruiz does owe Joshua a lot do to the fact that they chose him. Rematch I go with Joshua because I know he will respect him and go the distance and win via points. Watch and see son!

  • Michael Sims
    Michael Sims 3 months ago

    Wot a load of shite he talks.. Can't see this happening in America at all aj been exposed aventurely

  • fijianz1
    fijianz1 3 months ago

    Andy was the ignored kid who achieved his dream that night.. woohoo ! It will be great to see a real champ go fight for his crown on the same battleground where he lost..

  • adeleke Falano
    adeleke Falano 3 months ago

    How can u be talking about other opponents and boosting their moral...I think AJ should dump this Eddie...''If he wins the second fight he will be a superstar'' why that crap..I have seen Eddie several times supporting AJ in press conferences but never did that with Ruiz..kept saying we chose a serious opponent that can beat Joshua. As a promoter you need to put fear in your opponents when fight is close

  • Paul Lindley
    Paul Lindley 3 months ago

    It's natural for AJ to want to put it right at the garden,so he knows he can do it away from home.If he just fights in the UK then he won't know that and it'll bother him.He won't be 100% sure is what I'm getting at

  • Peter Keen
    Peter Keen 3 months ago

    How are all the heavy weights living off of AJ??
    He was found out plain and simple he is a mediocre boxer, that is the exact reason he has dodged whyte.

    • Double D
      Double D 3 months ago

      Peter Keen he already knocked dillion out haha

  • turntwo37
    turntwo37 3 months ago

    Eddie Hearn is a bitch

  • Fantalation Zone
    Fantalation Zone 3 months ago


  • Beast Sam
    Beast Sam 3 months ago

    Very Well said..I agree.I have mad Respect for Ruiz happy for him but don't see him winning again..js

  • spikepunk133
    spikepunk133 3 months ago

    Your a crook get lost I'm sick of your face you grubby little man. This fight was an odd fight and you are the reason AJ crumbled before the fight. How much you making on these fights?

  • Ben Hurley
    Ben Hurley 3 months ago

    Ruiz is all wrong for Joshua, even if he tries to fight long next fight he will get worn down by Ruiz in the later rounds imo

  • poorhouse bob
    poorhouse bob 3 months ago +1

    Have to admit DAZN is a great deal. Ruiz v Joshua was a great fight..so was Canelo v Jacobs..I'm a pleased member

  • SportMotion
    SportMotion 3 months ago +1

    Ruiz is not going to lose the rematch unless he gets a big payout

  • 1844life
    1844life 3 months ago

    every word and every sentence from this man does not sound like there is any truth in there.... the man is a straight liar and butt hurt.... his cash cow, is no longer the A side no matter what happens in a rematch between joshua and ruiz. hes only giving respect to ruiz to lure him back into the ring with joshua... don't trust this man.

  • Javier Jeremias Sanchez Ek

    Que paguen el precio

  • Daniel Ruvalcaba
    Daniel Ruvalcaba 3 months ago +1

    Ruiz has 4 belts for a reason! Look at that instead of looking at his body! Go Snickers!

    • Corneille Lalle
      Corneille Lalle 3 months ago

      Daniel Ruvalcaba tell them fam, they keep disrespecting the man but it’s the champion

  • Code Yungplay
    Code Yungplay 3 months ago

    Can you just sign Andy already to DAZN?

  • Junior Akete
    Junior Akete 3 months ago

    It will be good for A.J to try to speed up is works , is strong in body but not in head and he can try adopt Mike Tyson still or to propose to train by Mike Tyson for a rematch .if he losse again it will retail.

  • Pamela Llantén
    Pamela Llantén 3 months ago


  • SGTMAC7470
    SGTMAC7470 3 months ago

    Who else is sick of seeing this guy, white ass don king..

  • sj11791
    sj11791 3 months ago

    Absolutely true what Hearn said about Wilder. Nobody cared about who he was or rated it at all until he started talking about Joshua and their potential fight.

  • Sid White
    Sid White 3 months ago

    Mr ballshit !!!!!!

  • gary fen
    gary fen 3 months ago

    Eddie says this rematch will be efface but it’s mean 💵 💴 💰 💰 💰

  • achilles11
    achilles11 3 months ago

    I want to see Eddie Hearn begging suck everyone’s balls when Joshua will loss again

  • Andy Fox
    Andy Fox 3 months ago

    Promotion parAsite

  • RJ Macready
    RJ Macready 3 months ago +1

    Typical Brits, class even in defeat absolutely pouring off them. Wilder will never amount to anything, his behaviour & character is that of a total punk. He’ll never go down on the list of greats and I believe it’s the root cause of all his anger.
    Now if old man Ortiz can just clip that yapping jaw of his....

  • Ryan Bugden
    Ryan Bugden 3 months ago +1

    A lot of people’s true colours have been displayed since AJ’s loss.
    Let that sink in any way you like...
    If AJ comes back and KO’s Andy, there will be a lot of naysayers eating their words - If he doesn’t, there will be the same people kicking him while he’s down.
    I swear... this is the BEST and WORST sport to be a fan of 😂

    • Corneille Lalle
      Corneille Lalle 3 months ago

      Ryan Bugden naaa I don’t care what AJ does for the rematch we will always remember the first fight 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Sigitas Jonyka
    Sigitas Jonyka 3 months ago

    Talking shit

  • Golga Kahvedjioglou
    Golga Kahvedjioglou 3 months ago

    Illuminati made him loose

  • Keown Red
    Keown Red 3 months ago +1

    Congrats on 1M views 📈

  • Neymil Simpson
    Neymil Simpson 3 months ago

    I’m an AJ fan but if AJ had to lose then it’s good it was Andy if he beats AJ again the whole of the U.K. will be behind him if wilder actually grows some balls and fights Ruiz

  • ademola apata
    ademola apata 3 months ago

    He was shocked you can see his smile

  • GN L&M
    GN L&M 3 months ago

    The only way AJ can beat Ruiz is to fight like he did against Parker.... trust me on that! Ruiz can’t be knocked out!

  • Raymone Johnson
    Raymone Johnson 3 months ago

    Hean saying all this shit...and A.J ain't saying anything there is a rematch clause yes but no time no date and no place hearn dont hold all the card this fights going to be were ever Ruiz wants it at

  • Lyle Benzo
    Lyle Benzo 3 months ago

    Its weird I've been called a fanboy when I don't even follow boxing anymore but I will say it again Joshua will beat Ruiz to a pulp next time, I know Ruiz is game and isn't stopping but I don't think Joshua is gonna be like Tyson who got beat and never was the same again. Now not saying he is Ali either but he is more secure in himself. Tyson was only as good as Cus told him he was gonne be which was a fucking monster

  • george moore
    george moore 3 months ago

    That's some bulshit it's all politics

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 3 months ago

    2:45 Is that Messi in the back fighting on a Matchroom card?

  • Al Fersnoz
    Al Fersnoz 3 months ago

    Look this fuckn liar they chose Andy bcuz they thought he was a chump, but now u know he never been no chump ...he is a WARRIOR FROM BIRTH!!!!

  • Jamie Hemmy
    Jamie Hemmy 3 months ago

    He can’t handle a punch

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 3 months ago +1

    Stop lying and trying to save your own skin Eddie

  • Blackkcx Blackkc
    Blackkcx Blackkc 3 months ago

    They did not choose Ruiz because Ruiz was a back up as the one chosen failed his drug test they did not know Ruiz was going to knock him out Anthony Joshua is a true bitch he has not exhibited anything but bitch assness. Joshua has been Running from Wilder for forever and got exposed don’t listen to this rubbish this is just pre-fight intakes to beef up the steaks