Star Wars: NEW TV SPOT TRAILER Rise of Skywalker

  • Published on Sep 24, 2019
  • Star Wars: Episode 9 Rise of Skywalker First TV Spot Trailer released, confirming the end of the Star Wars Skywalker Saga▶
    Spiderman back to the MCU -
    DEADPOOL Post Credit Scene in DOCTOR STRANGE -
    Marvel Official Trailer - Infinity Saga: Complete Box Set -
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    TV SPOT TRAILER - Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker
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Comments • 32

  • Chaos
    Chaos  Month ago +17

    Over 30 years of the Skywalker Saga and it is confirmed to all be ending with Rise of Skywalker... THE FEELS!!

  • underman105 T
    underman105 T Month ago

    can you do an update video on whats happening because you went to movies and now back to cod?????? what happened? i dont care with either but ide like to know whats going on lol

  • tenfold_ stain
    tenfold_ stain Month ago


  • Wyatts Zone
    Wyatts Zone Month ago +2

    Hey, jimmy love the new videos!

  • Dylan Lister
    Dylan Lister Month ago

    Jimmy if we were a star wars fan we will have already seen that trailer already

  • GhostLives
    GhostLives Month ago

    Anyone else feel like the spin off movies are better Star Wars movies than the main story movies?

  • Swarnalata Gochhikar

    Call of duty campaign trailer review plz

  • Johnny Narrator
    Johnny Narrator Month ago

    Jimmy! I love this new content!

  • First Last
    First Last Month ago

    Ending of Angel?

  • Dyea_B_Tis
    Dyea_B_Tis Month ago

    0:34 DIO

  • Yobebob
    Yobebob Month ago +1


  • Hassan Alamoudi
    Hassan Alamoudi Month ago +3

    When you going to cover game of thrones

  • ItsSpectrum
    ItsSpectrum Month ago +5

    This type of content was the other stuff I’m into besides gaming so I’m fine with your content swap

  • Orlando Disdier
    Orlando Disdier Month ago +4

    Jimmy, please do a Top 10 Star Wars movies

  • Steve Santos
    Steve Santos Month ago

    Nice vid Jimmy, can't wait man!! 👍😎

  • D Lesel
    D Lesel Month ago

    I just hope they don't ruin it like they have been doing

  • RoytheDestroyer
    RoytheDestroyer Month ago +2

    I want a PS4 because someone broke into my house and stole my PS4 and other thing my Twitter handle is @DestroyerRoythe

  • U mum Giey
    U mum Giey Month ago +11

    Honestly, I like where this channel is going. I’ll stay subbed.

  • PvP Rat
    PvP Rat Month ago +3

    You needed to make vids that makes u happy for a long time ago... We will always support u bro. This is even better content!!

  • Shield 616
    Shield 616 Month ago +4

    I love Star Wars so do more videos please I share your love chaos
    I am very excited for this movie

  • wak4863
    wak4863 Month ago +2

    I was told there would be 🍿

  • ravioli ravioli gimme dem toes

    WOOOO!!! LET'S GOO!!!

  • Pubg Mobile Jest8r
    Pubg Mobile Jest8r Month ago +2

    You're the man Jimmy

  • Codfan401
    Codfan401 Month ago +4

    Your my favourite TheXvidr keep it up

    • ItsJakeBlight
      ItsJakeBlight Month ago +1

      Byron Bowles I can tell you are 12 yr old

  • Noah Rodriguez
    Noah Rodriguez Month ago +2


  • Derek Moore
    Derek Moore Month ago +2

    I sure do like star wars

  • Fraser davies
    Fraser davies Month ago +1

    Let’s go

  • soulreaper453
    soulreaper453 Month ago +3

    Trailer is like 2 weeks old man cmon lmao

  • Warren Thompson
    Warren Thompson Month ago +2

    Hell yea can’t wait

  • kyler mcguyer
    kyler mcguyer Month ago +2

    First like