FIFA 20 | Squad Builder Showdown Advent Calendar vs AJ3 | Team of the Year Nominee Roberto Firmino!

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Day 14 of the Squad Builder Showdown (SBSD) advent calendar! 2,500 likes? #FIFA20 #SBSD
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Comments • 240

  • Omar Dernaika
    Omar Dernaika 20 days ago

    Rob is a little cheat

  • Stabbed in Merseyside
    Stabbed in Merseyside 25 days ago

    I never heard the scouse of Andy until I listened closely

  • xd Natty
    xd Natty 26 days ago +1

    Maddison not even on full chem

  • Liam WM
    Liam WM 26 days ago

    Just always play max chem that way if its a trump or not u can choose to give them whoever and then still get full chem

  • Billy Woods
    Billy Woods 28 days ago

    Madison gets a perfect link with madison great logic

  • The Salty Channel
    The Salty Channel 29 days ago +1

    Rob’s a stingebag

  • Inderpreet Bains
    Inderpreet Bains Month ago +2

    Petition next time rob does a sbsd he has to use insinge in goal

  • Matt Edwards
    Matt Edwards Month ago

    Andy use a marksman on vardy

  • Kuolemanlaakso
    Kuolemanlaakso Month ago

    Look at legohead trying to be Reev

  • herman iverfeldt
    herman iverfeldt Month ago

    You are such a tryhard

  • ADJ001
    ADJ001 Month ago +1

    I’m confused. Can someone help me. Do the Team Of The Year Nominees get upgrades? Please someone help me.

  • Benjamin Prohm
    Benjamin Prohm Month ago

    Nice colts hat

  • wdym
    wdym Month ago +2

    Andy: I tried to cover all the bases
    *10 seconds later*
    Rob: I tried to cover all the bases 😂

  • Tj 05
    Tj 05 Month ago

    U should have took isigne noooo ffs

  • ivannse07
    ivannse07 Month ago

    Romero was actually kind of crap for Argentina, he just had a really good 2014 World Cup and that's it. He stopped being called up about 2 years ago.

  • Dai Nguyen
    Dai Nguyen Month ago

    Liverpool fans here I come

  • Jãmës
    Jãmës Month ago

    who else saw andy’s team name

  • Jamie Thompson
    Jamie Thompson Month ago

    should of played of Max chem game mode and played insigne fs Rob you should of had to take him

  • David  Morris
    David Morris Month ago +1

    Football is a business not a sport played by mercenaries watched by fools!

  • Alif414
    Alif414 Month ago

    Take that Insigne you coward

  • J_DHC05 :
    J_DHC05 : Month ago

    I went to school with my dog

  • Ryan Morgan
    Ryan Morgan Month ago

    Rob your such a baby

  • Elias Salinas
    Elias Salinas Month ago

    Imagine being new to youtube

  • Jack George
    Jack George Month ago

    I genuinely do download the squad builder showdowns for long car trips.

  • Lewis Gilmore
    Lewis Gilmore Month ago

    Sergio Romero is the best backup keeper on the planet. Been saying it since we got him. Man would start for every prem team apart from City/Liverpool and maybe Spurs/Arsenal.

    • Lewis Gilmore
      Lewis Gilmore Month ago

      @Kuolemanlaakso yeah forgot about Schmeichel mate, Henderson is good but not seasoned enough imo

    • Kuolemanlaakso
      Kuolemanlaakso Month ago

      He wouldn't get in Leicester's team ahead of Schmeichel. I actually think Dean Henderson is better than him as well.

  • TimmyChungus111
    TimmyChungus111 Month ago

    as if he didn't put insigne in goal

  • Lewis 69
    Lewis 69 Month ago

    Party pooper you are rob

  • Aussie Gooner
    Aussie Gooner Month ago

    2500 likes, well smashed it. I subbed aswell 👍

  • Killer Bananas
    Killer Bananas Month ago

    Rob looked so sad when Andy guessed his keeper

  • Mitchell Adlem
    Mitchell Adlem Month ago

    Seriously change that stupid bloody rule, it's so unfair that you can use a trump card in goal, it just makes the whole game pointless as they don't stand a fucking chance, ruins this series

  • Shyam Mehta
    Shyam Mehta Month ago

    I've noticed Andy seems to waffle alot when he has the ball and throws the opponent off massively. Does it against everyone.

  • Ben Pollock
    Ben Pollock Month ago

    Andy tried to be itani in disguise

  • Max Doherty
    Max Doherty Month ago

    Andy is the biggest snake on fifa yet always Moans about being snaked 😂 get a grip

  • Insane_Shanxy
    Insane_Shanxy Month ago

    Rob looks either 8 years younger or 8 years older

  • bobby waite
    bobby waite Month ago


  • Izabu Imani Olulu
    Izabu Imani Olulu Month ago +20

    This is the first time I've seen homelespenguin look like an actual homeless penguin

  • eldiego68
    eldiego68 Month ago

    Tonelli and Tonali are not pronounced the same...

  • Jordan Woodbridge
    Jordan Woodbridge Month ago

    I swear sometimes they forget they're doing these videos for our entertainment.. should of accepted insigne in goal

  • Karolis Didysis
    Karolis Didysis Month ago

    robs gameplay video quality is trash

  • Thibaut Maes
    Thibaut Maes Month ago

    dumfries wasnt upgraded, they where knocked out

  • Darren Williams
    Darren Williams Month ago

    Has anybody noticed that the most expensive player always goes in goal and no one ever picks goalie, is this a pre determined agreement I wonder

    • homelespenguin
      homelespenguin  Month ago

      i literally discarded an icon on Andy's channel... think i would let him get away with that?!

  • Ciaran McAloon
    Ciaran McAloon Month ago

    Jesus Rob just play on max chem and stop being a bitch

    • homelespenguin
      homelespenguin  Month ago

      honestly, would have taken Insigne if we thought about this at the time. didnt want to have a CF in goal and my CB off chem

  • Aaron Witt
    Aaron Witt Month ago

    Watch Andy's one come over here watch this one, stay unsubscribed then leave

  • Colinduh
    Colinduh Month ago

    Wasn’t Ronaldo viera a Newcastle player once upon a time?

    • Kuolemanlaakso
      Kuolemanlaakso Month ago

      No. His first club in England was Whitley Bay Boys Club, a local team near Newcastle

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia Month ago +2

    Wants to give him Insigne & mess up chemistry after Andy was given a strong link at RB 🤔

  • Ashwin Hornick
    Ashwin Hornick Month ago

    A few videos ago Andy said that Vardy was insane, this video Andy:Vardy is terrible.

  • NotRobby
    NotRobby Month ago

    Insigne in goal 😭

  • Tom 4444
    Tom 4444 Month ago

    Played that so boring man. So boring

  • Dan Craig
    Dan Craig Month ago

    You are a massive pussiole for not using insigne ngl

  • Grasvein _
    Grasvein _ Month ago

    When are you gonna understand that the tott not get ant upgrades?

  • L Muller
    L Muller Month ago

    Play max chem then everyone’s on full chem anyway so you can use insigne an tarkowski gets full chem ;) 😂

  • Fróði Reyr Hákonarson

    Why not scream Firmino

  • Edgar Jr Escoto
    Edgar Jr Escoto Month ago

    Rob talks wayyyyyy toooo much

  • HadhamZ
    HadhamZ Month ago

    Rob cant just refuse to have a goalkeeper

    • HadhamZ
      HadhamZ 25 days ago +1

      homelespenguin Can you snipe icons for me? I have 103 k in my account. This job pays well. 👍🏻

    • homelespenguin
      homelespenguin  Month ago

      what Andy wanted to do was against the rules, he even said in the video it was against the rules...

  • Gaurav Harsule
    Gaurav Harsule Month ago


  • William Hay
    William Hay Month ago +1

    mom: we’re going to stop at Mcdonalds
    me: 15:17

  • Hazardinho
    Hazardinho Month ago

    did he show the gameplay from andy’s perspective?

    • homelespenguin
      homelespenguin  Month ago

      yea bro, i recorded my content in 720p by accident so the gameplay would have been blurry

  • Oliver Underdown
    Oliver Underdown Month ago

    1234 wow Ronaldo viera wooowayo he’s only a teenager woooowayo he never gives the ball away 1234 💙💛 ALAW

  • matthew dickus
    matthew dickus Month ago

    Should have used insigne

  • Team El Classico
    Team El Classico Month ago

    Фирмино ❤