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Henry v Carragher | 10 Ball Crossbar Challenge!


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  • Vicente Pinto Correia
    Vicente Pinto Correia 17 hours ago

    Don robbie

  • My birds doing that

    If Carragher wasn't such a loud mouthed, pathetic, petty, arrogant little prick, I might only hate him a little less than I do now.
    Wait, no I won't. Prick.

  • skinz
    skinz 4 days ago

    you just know hes the sore loser kind... its 4 we got 4
    no pal its was 3 nah lad nah nah nah we got 4... no pal stfu SLAP

  • Jan Day
    Jan Day 18 days ago

    Carragher is a real turn off. Rude and loud. I turned it off.

  • Oliver Evans1105
    Oliver Evans1105 19 days ago


  • Oliver Evans1105
    Oliver Evans1105 19 days ago


  • Stuart Nicholson
    Stuart Nicholson 24 days ago

    Cringeworthy banter from carra

  • Pocketbook Travel
    Pocketbook Travel Month ago

    4:24 pause here for the face Don Robbie makes every time he thinks of Mia Khalifa

  • Lebohang Makgetha
    Lebohang Makgetha Month ago

    Girls kick better than Pardew😂

  • Thomas Jung
    Thomas Jung Month ago

    if u pause at 1:44 on the very right in the back, it could be Jezza from f2

  • Tom Williams Productions

    In Henry's defence hitting the crossbar on purpose isnt what he's known for

  • mediacenter man
    mediacenter man 2 months ago

    So cute 1:30

  • All in The Game
    All in The Game 2 months ago

    How’s Carragher calling Robbie a wardrobe you nah that’s a vio 😂😂😂

  • 316EJo
    316EJo 2 months ago

    horrible man is Carragher

  • yamyite
    yamyite 2 months ago

    Dirty spitting at kids scouser!!!

  • Blue master Kieran
    Blue master Kieran 3 months ago

    Baker makes my teeth itch!! Get off

  • The Discouraged Ones
    The Discouraged Ones 3 months ago +1

    Pardew is a dirty jew

  • bro vs bro
    bro vs bro 4 months ago


  • Alex Krastev
    Alex Krastev 4 months ago

    I’ve only known two minutes 😂😂

  • Elle Austen
    Elle Austen 5 months ago

    henry missed on purpose so he didnt get spat on

  • Sam O'Callaghan
    Sam O'Callaghan 5 months ago

    Carragher hahaha

  • TOP FOOT 14
    TOP FOOT 14 5 months ago

    HENRY, what the hell?

  • gooners1414
    gooners1414 6 months ago

    "You got holes in your socket" had me dying

  • ori boiman
    ori boiman 6 months ago

    He is human

  • Thomas Jameson
    Thomas Jameson 6 months ago

    Carragher put them off dirty cheat

  • seeker92 21
    seeker92 21 6 months ago

    "Common bakeyy" 😂😂

  • Jamie McKenzie
    Jamie McKenzie 6 months ago

    Spencer and Alex at the start in their own videos!

  • kshckdshkcjh sdlkvjflkvj

    what s the song from the beginning?

  • Dominik Boldi
    Dominik Boldi 6 months ago

    Song??? On beginning

  • No.7 Sly
    No.7 Sly 6 months ago

    I guess Henry had to let the scumbag win or else Jamie would spit on him.

  • Matthew Formosa Melillo

    Anyone know the name of the song pls?

  • grytlappar
    grytlappar 7 months ago

    Robbie! I was impressed. He did better than Thierry Henry! 😂

  • Adam
    Adam 7 months ago

    I thought that was Pochettino

  • Thiccboi44
    Thiccboi44 7 months ago

    Bet Carragher could spit on the crossbar from that distance

  • dogs aren't dangerous
    dogs aren't dangerous 9 months ago

    Typical cheating scouser!

  • Liam Francomb
    Liam Francomb 9 months ago

    Carra should have spat on That French dude

  • Unknown Roaster
    Unknown Roaster 9 months ago +1

    The scores were already there... behind their shirts, just remove the 40

  • David f
    David f 10 months ago

    Dont know why i didnt notice before how much of a prick carragher is

  • tony martial
    tony martial 10 months ago

    Looks like phil nevile and plays like phil nevile 😂😂😂😂

  • cicstommy
    cicstommy 10 months ago

    "Jamie carragher there, look"
    👀🗣💦💦🚗🤳🏼 😅😂😂😂

  • ashley parker
    ashley parker 11 months ago

    Carragher loves spitting a load of abuse at the lads to put them off

  • A2Z DAB
    A2Z DAB 11 months ago

    Alex is better than me for sure

  • Val Was
    Val Was 11 months ago

    You'll never spit alone...

  • Ellis Stonehouse Mc
    Ellis Stonehouse Mc 11 months ago

    It was orsem

  • adad
    adad 11 months ago

    Why is a girl kicking? This is not a beauty contest.

  • Julio Pereira
    Julio Pereira 11 months ago


  • fifa time
    fifa time Year ago


  • Harvey the Heeb
    Harvey the Heeb Year ago

    I thought that one guy was Jerry Sandusky

  • Crisp
    Crisp Year ago

    Carra is so rude😂

  • Crisp
    Crisp Year ago

    Robbie proving that size doesn’t matter…

  • Kopite4life12
    Kopite4life12 Year ago

    It's the Thierry Henry of New York.. hahah

  • Brad R
    Brad R Year ago

    Why can we see Carra's tighty whities?

  • sthanad20
    sthanad20 Year ago

    Henry doesnt hit crossbars, he scores goals. Hes a goal scorer...

  • Seif Alaa
    Seif Alaa Year ago

    Carra is the master of trash talk

  • Coach Mike McClain
    Coach Mike McClain Year ago +1

    Who the hell is that first woman on Thierry's team? What is the point of you.. you show up to an active FOOTBALL show, you see 5 people and atleast 7 shots before its your turn and you take an attempt like that? Why? Just a waste of a spot.

    PHILIP WATSON 5 Year ago

    I wanna see more of this👍

  • Aidan Quill
    Aidan Quill Year ago +2

    All we've learnt from this video is that Carra can't count 😂

  • Elina Rodriguez
    Elina Rodriguez Year ago

    la bacalo

    XX DEAL IT Year ago

    That’s James milner

  • Simon Maguire
    Simon Maguire Year ago +2

    Anything to shut that carra up

  • MORGs TRIPL3-M (Rapper & Producer)

    Man like Robbie

  • Vince Peeters
    Vince Peeters Year ago

    bother celebration very rifle fundamental route chicken list arab skill ten related.

  • realfan91
    realfan91 Year ago

    those blondes though... ;)

  • wondie
    wondie Year ago

    lmfao "he's the thierry henry of new york"

  • Leon Hartley
    Leon Hartley Year ago

    Great bants from Carra

  • Bobby Firmino
    Bobby Firmino Year ago

    Carragher I beaut and I'm a scouser

  • Abram Escobar
    Abram Escobar Year ago

    they showed no love to the last guy... no high fives no nice try aleast.

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    Spencer doggy dog


    Why did not Henry get robbie I thought of that arsenal connection

  • Ikhsan Fadillah
    Ikhsan Fadillah Year ago +1

    Robbie! hahaha

  • Ali Koksal
    Ali Koksal Year ago

    I wouldn't mind having a go on that Spencer chick.

  • Chief Blub-Blub
    Chief Blub-Blub Year ago

    " ya got a hole in your sock ya know ". JC is too funny

  • Jakeyjammin
    Jakeyjammin Year ago

    When Carra left pardrew hanging 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Devon Archer
    Devon Archer Year ago

    "you never put your worst one first" looool carragher yuno

  • RT222
    RT222 Year ago

    "It's the Thierry Henry of New York!" HAHAHA LOVE CARRAGHER

  • MyrON Gain3s
    MyrON Gain3s Year ago +1

    Spencer "this is classic Jamie"
    Jamie "classic Jamie I've only known you 2 minutes" ohhh 😲 I would've felt so embarrassed if I were spencer god I cringed.

  • mae
    mae Year ago

    lmao at the kids in the comments crying about Carra. cant take a little bit of banter.

  • Chris Bagdonas
    Chris Bagdonas Year ago

    Zwe needs to see his boy pards play

  • Yeshi Dendup Tenzin

    Still freaking Carra. Kappa

  • The iceberg that hit the titanic

    pull ur jeans up 😂😂😂

  • mrjules2008
    mrjules2008 Year ago

    That second girl needed sum coaching! No one else cud do it without a run up! Wasn't she watching?!

  • daedralord1
    daedralord1 Year ago

    The true geordie would have broke that gola in half #truegeordieNUFC

  • Malcolm Brown
    Malcolm Brown Year ago +1

    Carra is a twat! Cheats in all these short vids. Can't keep his mouth shut either!

  • John Hill
    John Hill Year ago

    Carragher is a cu*t

  • Andrius Val
    Andrius Val Year ago

    stfu carafag

  • James McKay
    James McKay Year ago

    That first blonde is fit as
    *EDIT* In fact they both are...

  • Leo Gardner
    Leo Gardner Year ago +8

    Surprised pardew didn't head it

  • John Barnes
    John Barnes Year ago +5

    Does Carragher have ADHD??

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka Year ago +2

    How can u not put Robbie on Henrys team

  • jjsteer91
    jjsteer91 Year ago +1

    Carra's laugh at the end, priceless

  • Josh Shelby
    Josh Shelby Year ago

    Cara is just a men amongst boys in the comments

  • Josh Shelby
    Josh Shelby Year ago

    Team cara wins 4 2

  • ItsMatt XXIII
    ItsMatt XXIII Year ago

    "He looks like Phil Neville and plays like Phil Neville" 😂😂

  • Judas Iscariot
    Judas Iscariot Year ago

    Haha why do all these salty kids hate Carra so much in the comments?

  • BackflipingSheep
    BackflipingSheep Year ago +11

    Carra makes me laugh gahaha

  • Mike Lizewski
    Mike Lizewski Year ago +19

    So many people not understanding that Carra is just joking, trash talking xD

  • J Bregazzi96
    J Bregazzi96 Year ago +1

    I bet Robbie never fought he would hug carra

  • john h
    john h Year ago +328

    "It's the Thierry Henry of new york " LMFAO

    • Alex Schiffer
      Alex Schiffer 2 days ago

      Wdym Henry was good in Mls

    • Eitan Eitan
      Eitan Eitan Month ago +1

      +kyran vermeir Henry played for the New York Red Bulls and lets just say he wasn't that great

    • kyran vermeir
      kyran vermeir Month ago

      What do you mean

    • Eitan Eitan
      Eitan Eitan 4 months ago

      i was actually dying ahahahaha

    • sislerr
      sislerr 6 months ago


  • YVM 78
    YVM 78 Year ago +50

    Carra was sick in his prime, but he's that annoying uncle everyone has..

    • steven lafferty
      steven lafferty Year ago

      YVM 78 exactly my thoughts hes a fukin pestafuck lol

  • I respect your opinion

    Henry is overated..