"I'm a walking meme!": Spider-Man's Tom Holland on the 'Quackson Klaxon'.


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  • Rebekah
    Rebekah 3 hours ago

    Hes.... not American? I was fooled

  • Mega 04
    Mega 04 6 hours ago

    Cuackson clackson 😂

  • epic fortnite gamer
    epic fortnite gamer 18 hours ago

    Now he’s an even bigger meme because of infinity war

  • Hi-Hello
    Hi-Hello 23 hours ago

    It's official he is the Quackson Klaxon

  • Oliver the potato
    Oliver the potato Day ago +1


  • Durrr Burger
    Durrr Burger Day ago

    Toby be salty

  • Bronze Azir
    Bronze Azir 2 days ago

    well tom holland said that maybe we will get tobey as ben parker

  • Alana Dobbs
    Alana Dobbs 2 days ago

    Gg%ç 3 ry5 it5 tu×(l0 es we OP'xcx'''''''''#

  • Kate Rose🌹
    Kate Rose🌹 4 days ago

    Aweee he’s so thoughtful and loving😍😍😍🤤

  • Your Everyday Furry
    Your Everyday Furry 5 days ago

    What's your workout routine when you were just starting out?

  • Hermann Fegelein The master of antics

    "I'm a walking meme." Thought he was gonna talk about Infinity War.

  • Heymin Wolver
    Heymin Wolver 6 days ago +1

    Spiderman has been and always will be my fav marvel superhero and I loved Tom Holland as spiderman as well as Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 4 days ago +1

      You're good person.
      I have it exactly the same, I love all Spideys.

  • STU-Cassandra Multhauf

    TOM HOLLAND UR THE BEST :) i love you

  • emily Winter
    emily Winter 6 days ago

    2:42 am i the only one who’s crying like a god damn waterfall right now

  • Connor Dowdy
    Connor Dowdy 6 days ago

    “Qwason qwasoff”

  • Enzo Ong
    Enzo Ong 7 days ago

    He fighting tennis balls

  • The Lapis Ladd
    The Lapis Ladd 7 days ago

    Spider-Man: into the spider verse
    Starring; Tom, Toby and Andrew

    I wish 😢

  • James Luong
    James Luong 7 days ago

    Tom's head goes through the bed at 3:40.

  • Sara Cullinan
    Sara Cullinan 7 days ago

    hey Holland boi...guess what? "CAN YOU SAY 'QUACKSON?""

  • Katie Wilkinson
    Katie Wilkinson 7 days ago

    5:46 I believe he said incest.

  • Zack Wiley
    Zack Wiley 8 days ago

    God zendayas hot

  • Yuri is my S U C C
    Yuri is my S U C C 8 days ago


  • sam Harvey 98
    sam Harvey 98 8 days ago

    Yesssss Andrew,Tom,Toby. 🕷+🕴=Best marvel hero

  • Teresa Jardim
    Teresa Jardim 9 days ago

    I think Tom holland is the best spider man

  • Kavadag
    Kavadag 9 days ago

    Awesome guest, awesome interviewer, and awesome editor. And of course the camera and audio and everyone behind. Damn.

  • Lily mulder
    Lily mulder 9 days ago


  • Oddsquad can Be a meme

    If only every Spider-Man came through portals and fought in infinity war of maybe avengers 4

  • Germain grant
    Germain grant 10 days ago

    HEY CAN I GET A QUACKSON....ok i'll stop ;-;

  • TSM_ƒσятηιтє ᎶØĐ

    Wait... english people say "mate" i thought its was only us Aussies and New zealand boys....

    • Claire Brady
      Claire Brady 6 days ago

      We say mate, luv, duck, darlin, babe as well as a term of enderment.

  • Toxic Seeker665
    Toxic Seeker665 10 days ago


  • Chloe Houvardas
    Chloe Houvardas 11 days ago

    Mr.Stark I don’t feel so good

  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz 11 days ago

    He sound like the kid from jimmy neutron Carl and ask some guy for his croissant

  • cj skywalker
    cj skywalker 11 days ago

    Mr.Stark I don't feel so good

  • annie daniels
    annie daniels 11 days ago

    “and you know it suck kind of a english- MATE” 😂 sorry honey it doesn’t work like that in America but I’ll pass you only bc you amazing and beautiful XD

  • Ripper Jack
    Ripper Jack 11 days ago

    Tom : i don't knoew hoew tow dow thae mistee stark
    Robert : switch back to America mode boi

  • Terrific Popcorn
    Terrific Popcorn 11 days ago

    Wrong! Quassont!

  • Kenny Stashio
    Kenny Stashio 11 days ago

    The walking meme part starts at 4:44... Thank me later

  • Just Me
    Just Me 11 days ago

    When you're Canadian and live in the UK and people do a double take when they hear you speak. Then they expect you need them to talk slowly but some of your family is from the area so you can understand them perfectly well, and then you talk fast because you forget. Then you sometimes randomly switch to a Romanian, French or British accent (imagine having a voice crack, but instead of changing pitches you switch accents and it lasts for 20 minutes) because you’ve been exposed to it since you were a small child. I surprise myself with my own accent sometimes.

  • Gia Sangha
    Gia Sangha 12 days ago

    😊when I see these people happy
    It sortta makes me feel happy😄

  • Roland Kramer
    Roland Kramer 12 days ago

    well now he has a new meme

  • Jessca
    Jessca 12 days ago

    Tom likes Zendaya

  • Winged Assassin
    Winged Assassin 13 days ago

    wow i can already see his fate.....like......3 different versions of it

  • pew pew pew master
    pew pew pew master 13 days ago

    Zemdaya and tom would be an AWESOME couple

  • Denzel Albert
    Denzel Albert 16 days ago

    Quackson Quacksoff

  • MadlexaTheWolf
    MadlexaTheWolf 17 days ago

    Q U A C K S O N

  • Spider-Woman
    Spider-Woman 17 days ago +1


  • Massive Knob
    Massive Knob 18 days ago

    i DoNt FeEl sO gOoD

  • thomas m
    thomas m 19 days ago


  • Ilana S
    Ilana S 19 days ago

    I LOVE YOU TOM!!!!❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  • lil gomes
    lil gomes 19 days ago

    He reminds me of Lil Xan

  • Caiti Mac
    Caiti Mac 19 days ago

    _but he's saying it right_

  • Jessica Wesley
    Jessica Wesley 21 day ago

    Have Spiderman homecoming

  • Little Crafted United


  • Flame Punch
    Flame Punch 22 days ago

    Quackson quacksoff

  • Надежда Шитова

    What he said on 4:33?

  • Cloé Ignachiti
    Cloé Ignachiti 23 days ago +1

    quakson kkk oh man Tom do not deserve this kkk☺

  • Sethasher Racho
    Sethasher Racho 23 days ago

    Whos the better spiderman?
    Like for Tom Holland
    Comment for Andrew Garfield

      PHANTOM FTW 23 days ago

      Andrew Gardfield has to many relationship problems

  • GoodOlHusky
    GoodOlHusky 24 days ago

    Toby is a great Peter Parker but a meh Spider-Man
    Andrew is a great Spider-Man but a meh peter Parker
    And Tom is the best peter and Spider-Man

  • GoodOlHusky
    GoodOlHusky 24 days ago

    He’s British?! Whuuuuut

  • dabullix Ps4
    dabullix Ps4 24 days ago

    When Tom Ate The Crassont: Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good

  • ghostly. blurryface
    ghostly. blurryface 24 days ago

    I keep forgetting he's actually British lol

  • HeatSmite
    HeatSmite 24 days ago +2

    *oh come on, we all know what made him a meme*

  • Ken Salvatore
    Ken Salvatore 25 days ago

    Love TOM!!

  • Tanhah Nishuti
    Tanhah Nishuti 25 days ago

    Can someone smack some lips on him

  • Don Cheadle
    Don Cheadle 25 days ago

    5:39 ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas

  • AStrange Child
    AStrange Child 26 days ago


  • Léo Silva
    Léo Silva 26 days ago

    Seria top uma cena do spider man pulando de um prédio sem o seu traje

  • Jake Sampson
    Jake Sampson 26 days ago

    Literally all his vids have 100x as many likes as dislikes and they have millions of views he must be really likeable. I like how he is polite but not in a completely smooth natural way- as if he is naturally but finds it hard to be so infront of cameras I mean I know you have to be to maintain a career at a young age and saying hi he has presumably been told/ figures but was probably drilled in anyway is the price for being a famous actor but nonetheless you know, he must like acting and money but acting lol, seems like a nic kid

  • TheHazeMonster
    TheHazeMonster 26 days ago +2

    Quackson quacksoff, Daniel San.

  • sofia vargas
    sofia vargas 26 days ago +3

    He’s so precious ❤️

  • Kelly Van dieken
    Kelly Van dieken 27 days ago

    JK I'm 😕 about

  • DZ Blue
    DZ Blue 27 days ago

    This is my theory I think that Mysterio is gonna be Spider-Mans villian for his next movie.

  • Lil Camil
    Lil Camil 27 days ago

    I dont feel so good

  • Erika Castillo
    Erika Castillo 27 days ago

    How the hell dose Tom Holland change his accent on the big screen

  • SpiderMan Fan
    SpiderMan Fan 28 days ago

    I like tom but toby was the better spiderman and still is

  • Angelo Pellicci
    Angelo Pellicci 28 days ago

    What's wrong with Spidermans eyes in the thumbnail?

  • ItzAlfie 2017 2
    ItzAlfie 2017 2 28 days ago

    I’m British

  • fortnite BG
    fortnite BG 29 days ago

    he has a baby face

  • Can Sahin
    Can Sahin 29 days ago

    I also want to meet him and talk to him and spend time but of course all the acting legends have to live in the USA

  • Lisa Nelson
    Lisa Nelson 29 days ago

    he died in avengers infinity war

  • ethan mcfadden
    ethan mcfadden Month ago

    I don't hear quackson I think he is saying it right

  • talyia hitachiin
    talyia hitachiin Month ago

    I don't know why but I find his way of saying 'daunting' cute

  • Eric Greyson
    Eric Greyson Month ago +1

    "Movie 3"

  • Hey Its Jasmine
    Hey Its Jasmine Month ago

    Will no one point out how he met both
    Spider-Mans and how he wants Toby McGuire to be Uncle Ben.

  • JBA YT
    JBA YT Month ago

    By movie three?
    Comment if you think there will be a third movie after far from home
    Or is he referring to infinity war

  • Adam Hayton
    Adam Hayton Month ago

    0:26 I'm in love

  • Can we get to 50 subscribers with no Videos?

    Cwasont. That’s is how brits say it. Not just him !

  • ZNoob
    ZNoob Month ago

    Remember the "i dont feel so good" part?
    Thats after tom is in avenger ;-;

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus Rodriguez Month ago

    He has an accent😮😮😮

  • Pew Pew Pinaplz
    Pew Pew Pinaplz Month ago

    I say it how he says it

  • ughwaffle k
    ughwaffle k Month ago


  • Lore TMFP
    Lore TMFP Month ago


    edit: croissant

    edit: there are no edits or re edits

  • Suatt38
    Suatt38 Month ago

    I dont like him much, but he is probably the only spider man thats not a dick.

  • GamePlayKid/GPK
    GamePlayKid/GPK Month ago

    i want to see a movie with the new venom and the new spider man in it that would be soooo cool

  • ReBelle
    ReBelle Month ago

    _That moment when you realize that Tony Stark may be Uncle ben from the past but just changed his name_


  • annagwhite
    annagwhite Month ago

    am i the only one who heard the crying in the club opening in the backround

  • its Chelsea-marie xx

    Hes not my fav spiderman but hes still pretty cool and funny

  • Lev K
    Lev K Month ago

    british spiders wtf

  • Taylor Gould
    Taylor Gould Month ago

    I love Tom Holland! His a pretty cool dude!

  • i am louod
    i am louod Month ago

    Quason quasoff