"I'm a walking meme!": Spider-Man's Tom Holland on the 'Quackson Klaxon'.


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  • Seoh The Lad
    Seoh The Lad 3 hours ago

    mister from bbc radio i dont feel so good

  • Hadar Gidron
    Hadar Gidron 6 hours ago

    'Ello mate! Love you tommm❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • CosmaticPlayz
    CosmaticPlayz 10 hours ago

    Spiderman-I don't feel so good
    Ironman-"stays silence"
    Spiderman-I don't wanna go
    Ironman-"stays silence"
    Spiderman-i'm sorry "dissapears"
    Ironman- so may you give me back ma supa suit be4 u die?

  • Aidan Dalton
    Aidan Dalton 11 hours ago

    0:05 Look how THICC iron man is...

  • Smeeps Bo peeps
    Smeeps Bo peeps 16 hours ago

    I love him so freakin much💕😩💗💗😆🤤ughhhhhhhhhhh😂💕😂😂

  • Zach J
    Zach J 16 hours ago

    Ben Parker: peter I don't feel so good.
    Ben Parker I Don't wanna go!!!! 😞😞😞

  • desireealicea
    desireealicea 18 hours ago

    "I kinda want Tobey to play Uncle Ben." -Tom Holland. OMG- YES!

  • Beatrix
    Beatrix Day ago

    u wot m8?

  • venusstardustkyojin

    500kcal is ridiculous

  • Cheyanne Lake
    Cheyanne Lake 2 days ago

    The person he didn’t know was Bucky

  • saybel night
    saybel night 2 days ago

    'Quackson 'Quackson 'Quackson 'Quackson

  • Nadya Natasha
    Nadya Natasha 3 days ago

    I am still currently coming to terms with the fact i'm never gonna marry this man.

  • RPG Is Life
    RPG Is Life 3 days ago

    "Quackson Quacksoff"

  • gay dicks
    gay dicks 3 days ago

    Toby and tom are the only good spidermen

  • frank anderson
    frank anderson 4 days ago

    me stark... i dont feel so good

  • Roadrunner44
    Roadrunner44 5 days ago

    I like the kid but my favorite actor was Toby Maguire...

  • Hope Weiss
    Hope Weiss 5 days ago

    How is one person allowed to be so cute in so many different ways

  • Citrus Lump
    Citrus Lump 5 days ago

    And now he isn't allowed to do interviews alone.

  • Austin Bouvel
    Austin Bouvel 5 days ago

    I thought this was after infinity wars

  • KawaiiBunnBunn
    KawaiiBunnBunn 5 days ago

    *talking about Andrew Garfield* "I didn't know if he was sensitive about the topic." Aww so sweet. I always wondered if Andrew was sensitive about the role of Spider-man, being passed onto someone else.

  • Kaley Calhoun
    Kaley Calhoun 6 days ago

    Spider-Man met The Amazing Spider-Man and the Original Spider-Man. That’s awesome.

  • COOLSHADOW45 challi
    COOLSHADOW45 challi 6 days ago

    bbc XD

  • Vandita Rohilla
    Vandita Rohilla 7 days ago

    I am not over the quak son. Part tommy

  • just a dude Who is normal

    He don't go like
    "I am Spiderman."
    No, he go like
    "I'm a walking meme."

  • sean oloan
    sean oloan 7 days ago

    That's the say I say it

  • PrestoAnimations
    PrestoAnimations 7 days ago


  • PredatorKingX
    PredatorKingX 8 days ago

    Tom when he first meets Andrew and Toby: hey guys! Nice to meet you! ^^
    Tom on the inside: *Ha ha. I get to be in Infinity War*

  • Neri West
    Neri West 8 days ago

    I love it how Tom switches back and forth between accents.

  • Holo
    Holo 8 days ago +1

    3 sec into this video: *Wait he's Britsish! Woah*

  • Yian Choi
    Yian Choi 8 days ago

    Me trying to fight with my fake friends I make

  • Sarinyaa
    Sarinyaa 9 days ago

    Tom is making me jealous ... I WANNA BE ZENDAYA‘S FRIEND TOO

  • Ethan Tiongson
    Ethan Tiongson 9 days ago

    *I’am a walking meme*
    Me: ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA
    *Laughing INTENSIFIES*

  • Liana H
    Liana H 9 days ago

    Ahhjgjfjfjjfjgh dying

  • Ellie Holland
    Ellie Holland 9 days ago

    I say Quackson a canny help it cuz of my accent

  • ASquared
    ASquared 10 days ago

    What a bean 😍😍

  • Cup Cakes
    Cup Cakes 10 days ago

    TH: how would you say quackson?
    INTERVIEWER: croissant
    TH: *shit* how would YOU say quackson?
    OTHER GUY: croissant
    TH: *imma pretend u didn't say that* A quackson, right
    OTHER GUY: *.....that's not what I said but ok*

  • Alise Everett
    Alise Everett 11 days ago

    We don’t say hello mate

  • Kaleoa
    Kaleoa 11 days ago

    I like how Tom says it like "Crossaint" the first time and then the second and third time he says "Quassiant"😂😂

  • Sprinkle Productions
    Sprinkle Productions 12 days ago

    Wow puplished on july 4 and im just now watching this on july 4th how convenient

  • maxsass
    maxsass 12 days ago

    tom is on a whole new level then you guys, he's saying croissant correctly, that's the french pronounciation

  • WoahItsNicole
    WoahItsNicole 12 days ago

    i dont understand quackson. i mean id get quason but i dont hear the ck

  • Katelyn Hazel
    Katelyn Hazel 12 days ago

    "I am a walking meme" -Tom Holland

  • Bluefur StarClan
    Bluefur StarClan 13 days ago

    Tom is so precious and adorable and pure

  • Geekgirl Graham
    Geekgirl Graham 13 days ago


  • CaZuaL DeMoN
    CaZuaL DeMoN 14 days ago

    omg i didn't know he was british

  • Mr fat boi
    Mr fat boi 14 days ago

    He is now


  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 14 days ago

    He’s so precious

  • Infernox
    Infernox 14 days ago

    2:08 see what I see? 😮

  • Ikjot Nijjar
    Ikjot Nijjar 16 days ago +2


    BLaDer GAMING 17 days ago

    "Mr.Stark, I dont feel so good'

  • Jodie S
    Jodie S 17 days ago +1

    Are you sure is she just a friend?😜😜

  • Jack Kemp
    Jack Kemp 18 days ago

    Pizza time

  • Liv S
    Liv S 18 days ago

    Ain't no crying in the club

  • GigiTeeVee
    GigiTeeVee 18 days ago

    Mr Stark I don’t feel so good.. blahhhhhh

  • Some short Asian
    Some short Asian 19 days ago +1

    3:51 "I'm a native of southwest London darling"

  • Laura Marie
    Laura Marie 19 days ago

    What is he saying at around 4.16 (I‘m not english and Iiterly watched it like 500 times but didn‘t get it😂 thanks for helping😂🤷🏼‍♀️)

    • Hayden Fawcett
      Hayden Fawcett 17 days ago

      He says "Ello (Hello) mate, you alright?", Its a common English phrase haha

  • Some short Asian
    Some short Asian 19 days ago

    1:34 bitch I want one

  • TheChewyDinosaur
    TheChewyDinosaur 19 days ago

    Quackson, Quacksoff.

  • Kane Town Beats
    Kane Town Beats 19 days ago

    That accent

  • Sarah Gill
    Sarah Gill 20 days ago

    QuacksON quackOFF

  • Skewy
    Skewy 20 days ago +1

    He's so determined to get the signatures down to his fans xD

  • Emily Gee
    Emily Gee 20 days ago

    "Ahhh, stop. You almost made me drop my QUAKSON!" Anybody get that Vine reference? No? Ok then.....

  • kareem mohamed
    kareem mohamed 20 days ago +1

    Hey this man is awesome and funny why doesn't he play a comedian character or a film that called " spider man the comedian " from a comedian universe this will be good I think

  • Doctor Blue Who Monkey
    Doctor Blue Who Monkey 20 days ago +1

    I pronounce "croissant" like "cruh-sont"

  • Hamz Ibrahim
    Hamz Ibrahim 21 day ago +1

    Crying In The Club?

  • Max Brinicombe
    Max Brinicombe 21 day ago

    Anyone else notice power playing in the background

  • • grace •
    • grace • 21 day ago


  • Fallon Johnson Vlogs
    Fallon Johnson Vlogs 21 day ago +1

    I’m in love with Tom Holland and zendaya is my role model

  • Brick blast studios
    Brick blast studios 21 day ago


  • chees6 cola
    chees6 cola 22 days ago


  • That Vex
    That Vex 22 days ago

    “Mr Stark. I don’t feel so good”

  • Milli Black
    Milli Black 22 days ago

    did you know that the croissant is from Austria?😎

  • JimmyJamyShamy
    JimmyJamyShamy 22 days ago

    Quackson quacksoff quackson quacksoff

  • Lisa Navarro
    Lisa Navarro 23 days ago +1


  • Smile-Tube 1743
    Smile-Tube 1743 23 days ago

    4:51 I don’t feel so good mr stark

  • Diamond Slasher
    Diamond Slasher 23 days ago

    New god tom holland?

  • Okruszek Lukeya
    Okruszek Lukeya 23 days ago

    little mix in the background

  • kim twena
    kim twena 24 days ago

    i would love british spider man because IM, BRITISH

  • Jade McDorman
    Jade McDorman 24 days ago

    Mr. Stark, i don't feel so good

  • TheThing 123
    TheThing 123 25 days ago

    5:26 cant hold his laugh

  • TheRealAstronautKlan
    TheRealAstronautKlan 25 days ago

    911: This is 911 what is your emergency?
    Tom Holland: my friend is choking on a quackson.
    911: sorry what did you say?
    Tom Holland: he is choking on a quackson.
    911: what is a quackson?
    Tom Holland: it's a crossin now please help my friend!
    911: sorry sir I don't know if you are joking with me in that British accent and stop speaking gibberish sorry but you have to call another 911 operator.
    Tom Holland: I'm Spiderman.
    911: so why do you need me

  • candyiguana
    candyiguana 25 days ago

    What a pure boy.

  • Gigi E. Stippich
    Gigi E. Stippich 26 days ago

    tom holland is agressively english

  • Hd82022
    Hd82022 26 days ago

    I don’t wanna go Mr.Stark

  • Sip Of Dragon
    Sip Of Dragon 26 days ago

    After spiderman he'll star as a new superhero Quack Clackson

  • leila villanueva
    leila villanueva 27 days ago

    I ship “Tendaya,” tom and zendaya

  • Aybike Önder
    Aybike Önder 28 days ago


    XO TWOD 28 days ago

    Mr Stark, I don’t feel goo

  • Doge Bros- Gaming and More

    quacks on
    quacks off

  • Sunkissed Cabello
    Sunkissed Cabello 29 days ago

    There playing crying in the club In the background 😂

  • Disbelief Rat
    Disbelief Rat 29 days ago

    Him: I’m a walking meme! Me: you’re death is a meme.

  • Oivatank
    Oivatank Month ago

    Maguire, Garfield, and Holland being in the same room together is one of the signs of Ragnarok.

  • Oivatank
    Oivatank Month ago

    Are people really so uncultured that they think he’s pronouncing croissant wrong?

    • Oivatank
      Oivatank 17 days ago

      Of course there are different ways of saying it. People say the letter “z” differently for Pete’s sake.

    • Hayden Fawcett
      Hayden Fawcett 17 days ago

      I reckon there are different way of pronouncing it. I say Cruh-sont

  • Oivatank
    Oivatank Month ago

    Toby Maguire as Uncle Ben? DO IT!!!

  • Jade Martinez
    Jade Martinez Month ago

    Tom holland is the best spiderman yet. Of course it is an unpopular opinion but to me he is the best spiderman ever.

  • Captain DerpFace Of The Derps


  • Ninja Boy Ethan
    Ninja Boy Ethan Month ago

    How come the actors can’t know who they are fighting. It is their movie and they don’t even know what’s going on 🤦🏻‍♂️. Has Hollywood gone that far

    • Hayden Fawcett
      Hayden Fawcett 17 days ago

      Its mostly just for the big blockbusters that they don't want any spoilers getting out early

  • aesthetic · eilish

    *quackson* _peNgWeNGs_