What Did Theresa May Actually Do? - Brexit Explained

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • With May set to leave resign from her position today, we look back on what her government actually achieved. We discuss how she got the role, the progress she made on Brexit and what she actually did besides Brexit.
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Comments • 706

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson Month ago

    June really was the end of May lol

  • Josephine kiaga
    Josephine kiaga Month ago

    Banning cotton buds? What’re we going to clean our ears with?

  • jacob nighthorse
    jacob nighthorse 2 months ago +1

    She tried to murder democracy. The un global compact agreement .5g.

  • gnamp
    gnamp 2 months ago

    Voted to Remain (crucial)- somehow managed to end up in charge of Brexit negotiations (which she infuriatingly insisted on pronouncing as if the word was spelled 'negociations')- banged on a great deal about Strong and Stable leadership- brazenly lied a great deal more about us leaving with or without a deal on March 29th of March 2019 despite having no intention whatsoever of us actually leaving (and quelle surprise....)- & then cried just like Maggie did when she was forced to give up her power. Continuous sabotage and betrayal- endlessly kicked the can down the round until she was stopped because of the damage she was causing the reputation of her shitty political party. Mark my words- Her successor Boris is sure to play the same game albeit in a less transparent way.

  • provokaatio
    provokaatio 3 months ago

    Just don't do it man.

  • Mordecai
    Mordecai 3 months ago

    security of a job... surely she means "jobs". people are working more jobs for fewer hours. they're not officially unemployed but they aren't earning enough to live let alone spur on the economy.

  • Bob Z
    Bob Z 3 months ago

    Debt levels in the US are at historic highs.

  • pykkervots
    pykkervots 3 months ago

    They blustered, provaricated, dragged their feet and stalled. Just as they were directed to do. Powerful forces don't want Brexit to happen, heck they even had Jo Cox murdered {watch 'The Jo Cox Departure' on TheXvid} to sway public opinion. The October deadline will come and go and the can will get booted even further down the road. Oh...and don't trust Dodgy Boris under any circumstance, he's a placeman under strict orders not to take us out of Europe

    GARY GRAY 3 months ago

    Not much! Accept for the rich ??

  • Ashley James
    Ashley James 3 months ago

    It will create jobs and put money into the street level economics.. instead .of Westminster.. so less money for hs2and crossrail. And when you look at it in reality . If ONLY 10% of all uk income tax payers earn so little boy are we in trouble that .. or the 4 million plumbers. Builders .electricity workers doctors . Civil servants head teachers . Corgi gas fitters mechanics software engineers bankers architects and ceo. Directors business owners ..railway drivers uni teachers uni. Bosses . Care agancy directors care home managers .. are pretty poor or in a bad state .. mmmmmmm I smell a fish.and a rat

  • Ashley James
    Ashley James 3 months ago

    And as for Boris.s rise to 80*000 before paying 40 percent. Tax it the best idea . The media will come out fighting against it trying to destroy it for many and wrong reasons ..

  • Ashley James
    Ashley James 3 months ago

    8.4million. Are earning less than 16000 a year in 2019 put this in perspective. A friend of mine was on 17.000* in 1996 as a quality control person for superdrug with a basic bachelor's and even then he did not have money for a flat on his . Own the same in 2004in bristol .. 18 k only got you a studio with no savings at the end of the month

  • merseybeat1963
    merseybeat1963 3 months ago

    NHS Funding for Mental Health..how about making good food easily affordable instead of so bloody dear so that proper nutrition/minerals are in the diet which has a large effect on mental health.Also the high costs of everything creates such pressure on Parents they can hardly offer behavioral stability to theyre children.The basics in a modern Western country like HEATING..FOOD..WATER ..HEALTH CARE SHOULD NOT BE SO G*D DAMN EXPENSIVE..it should be the basics. Instead it is allowed to be a fairground for predatory business.

  • Nelly Phare
    Nelly Phare 3 months ago

    May achieved sweet f all ,worst prime minister in history,And that is saying something with contenders like Tony Blair.She was a Traitor and wasted three years achieving nothing.

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 3 months ago

    She was abysmal but i am cool with thatit was her lies that pissed me off they were horrendous n never ending

  • Sebastjans Slavitis
    Sebastjans Slavitis 3 months ago

    What May did: learned that brexit means brexit

  • Rollos Internet
    Rollos Internet 3 months ago

    Such a ridiculous postion created by the stupid tories. With such an important matter, a qualiied 60% referendum should have been the logical thing to do, it is legally supported and a normal thing to do in all modern democracies. A 40% cannot say anything against a 60%. With all the lies told by the Leave side and such a close result, no wonder that the UK is so divided.

  • Anthony Clegg
    Anthony Clegg 3 months ago

    Just say she was shite, we'll know what you mean.

  • supraboy33
    supraboy33 3 months ago

    She achieved failure if that's achieving anything absolutely nothing at all 3 years of abject failure !!

  • Dave Corbey
    Dave Corbey 3 months ago

    Theresa May managed to become the worst PM in history. Quite an achievement. She has probably achieved the double whammy of keeping a woman out of the office of PM for a generation.

  • La Kak
    La Kak 3 months ago +1

    "What did Theresa May do?" Answer destroy the trust of the British people in British politics!!!!!

  • squizza28
    squizza28 3 months ago

    She achieved one thing only - anger in the country against the establishment because of her wilful mess-ups and delays on brexit. Did she think we'd forget about the vote if she tried (3 times) to push a rotten deal onto us? NO!!!! We want PROPER brexit, as we voted, and we demand the new prime minister gets us out by 31.10.19 or the country will go mad with rage. We don't care what arsewipe Dominic Grieve says, we demand what we democratically voted for.

  • mike sull
    mike sull 3 months ago

    I will tell you what she did .she put men right off condoms .she's one ugly women when she was born her mother was screaming.because when her mother seen her face it frightened the mother .the mother whent in front of a firing SQUAD to get away from her ugly face

  • Oi You!
    Oi You! 3 months ago

    Whats more astonishing is you got a 16 minute video out of what she achieved !!!

  • Brandon Link
    Brandon Link 3 months ago

    "...as the economy begins to naturally recover, national debt level has become ever more manageable, a trend you'll see all over the world." Except in America.

  • mustang7845
    mustang7845 3 months ago +1

    screwed up brexit big time and she almost killed the conservative party

  • Mark O'Brien
    Mark O'Brien 3 months ago +1

    NOTHING and totally split this country....complete failure

  • Myra Robertson
    Myra Robertson 3 months ago

    Why is she still butting in. She is doing her best to still block brexit by opposing a no deal brexit with others.

  • Tank The Pitbull
    Tank The Pitbull 3 months ago


  • Jeff Bell
    Jeff Bell 3 months ago

    She achieved 3 key things.
    1. She destroyed the Tory party completely.
    2. She destroyed the 2 party establishment by dragging Labour down with her.
    3. She made it almost impossible for any woman to ever again be PM after the disaster that was Thatcher May did even more damage to the UK in less time.

  • David Wootton
    David Wootton 3 months ago

    I grew up in a period of the UK joining the EEC. This was followed by, "The weeping sore's of the Euro skeptics". How do you get out with all the laws and treaties that you have signed? This is like getting married, divorce makes you poor.

    • David Wootton
      David Wootton 3 months ago

      Thankyou for your kind reply!
      Well is it?
      Look at the current mess!
      The people who got us into this mess cannot even find a way for us to leave this mess.
      And at what cost to all of us!

    • GH1618
      GH1618 3 months ago

      David Wootton - The difference is that a divorced persin is not sovereign. He is subject to the state. The UK, upon leaving the EU, will be sovereign. This is a better position.

  • christopher cook
    christopher cook 3 months ago

    Typifies what happens mainly when women do mens jobs.

  • David Humphries
    David Humphries 3 months ago

    Also, Mays plan to just build more houses doesn't solve the problem as many wealthy individuals will just buy the houses seeing them a investment and renting them out.

  • tom rawley
    tom rawley 3 months ago

    wasted 3 years, cosy up to the eu, JUST ABOUT BREAK UP THE TORY PARTY, make us a laughing stock, need I go on ?

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 3 months ago

    Theresa May achieved voter to abandon the Tory party it will take 10 years to rebuild their public Trust again. provided the Tory have someone pragmatic to lead them.

  • John The lion heart
    John The lion heart 3 months ago

    Absolutely nothing all they did was obstruct the will of the people the EU must have thought all their birthdays at come at once
    Historically I wouldn’t want to be may or Hammond they’ll be remembered as being traitors to our country

  • Jo Pink
    Jo Pink 3 months ago +2

    Confirmed that we need a Leave leader in charge of a massive Leave referendum.

  • Brendan Ensor
    Brendan Ensor 3 months ago

    Mate get to the fucking point

  • Rifki N R
    Rifki N R 3 months ago +1

    Maybot is a very sexist slogan. And you amplifying that slogan means that you are complicit in the sexist operation

    • Mat Bird
      Mat Bird 3 months ago

      No it really isn't. She was called Maybot because she doesn't show emotion. Nothing to do with her gender.

  • Roy Rj
    Roy Rj 3 months ago

    May..totally wrecked the oldest political party in the world. .from unassailable to 4th in 36 months..quite a achievement, apart from that not much... probably THE worst polititian EVER..

    • Roy Rj
      Roy Rj 3 months ago

      Ooops forgot mental health she's invested in....only because she's as mad as a hatter

  • Bill Gowland
    Bill Gowland 3 months ago +2

    Where there was harmony she brought discord
    Where there was hope she brought despair
    Yes this ladies definitely fit for burning

  • David Pierce
    David Pierce 4 months ago +1

    This channel has done very well out of Theresa May

  • Norman Mattson
    Norman Mattson 4 months ago

    Conservatives are a vile lot. Same in America. Good luck cousins. Hope Boris is next in line. He looks like a real wanker. You probably ain't seen nothin' yet!

  • debeeriz
    debeeriz 4 months ago +2

    she managed to ruin both the tory and labour parties

    • noel wittle
      noel wittle 3 months ago

      @GH1618 not really look what you are left with, snp, greens libdems and brexit party, not one of them is capable of running the country, the only 2 are the tories and labour, the others may have some good policies but hey are only 1 trick ponies

    • GH1618
      GH1618 3 months ago

      debeeriz - That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

  • stell bass
    stell bass 4 months ago

    Decimated the NHS and the Police service.

  • Maximiliano Zuñixtli
    Maximiliano Zuñixtli 4 months ago

    Why didn't she just call for a NATIONAL referendum for the people to decide whether they wanted a "soft" or "hard" Brexit? Since the politicians weren't cooperating...You technically still get a Brexit but the people would ultimately decide what KIND of Brexit...

  • bo ptah
    bo ptah 4 months ago

    Theresa May is a traitor. she was actually working for the EU to keep the UK aligned with the EU to bounce us back into the EU after the next GE.. . but she was busted... She will forever and always be known as Treason May....the end.

  • Mark Salmon
    Mark Salmon 4 months ago

    Let's summarise: Our politicians have comprehensively let-down the British people over decades and Mrs May continued that long tradition. We are lions led by jackasses.

  • Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj

    Our debt levels would not have fallen under Corbyn just the opposite. Most of this is tripe.

  • Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj

    This was a waste of time. For those cluless individuals who cannot think or research for themselves?

  • Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj

    Very little of what she did was driven by her own ideas or beliefs.

  • Pedro Matias
    Pedro Matias 4 months ago

    A new record: five TheXvid ads in a 15 minute video. Might as well be watching TV

  • Megi Žáková
    Megi Žáková 4 months ago

    Great video
    I believe that is all that needs to be said

  • molly Jones
    molly Jones 4 months ago +1

    Well unless you count the fact that she and her cronies made the British nation a complete laughing stock - Nothing !!!

  • Snaily
    Snaily 4 months ago

    Have you replaced your microphone at some point recently? I'm not talking about the lower echoes in recent videos, I mean how much clearer it sounds now.

  • Stephen Roche
    Stephen Roche 4 months ago

    "Poverty and dispair."

  • TheMarker2015 L.S
    TheMarker2015 L.S 4 months ago +1

    She'll go down in history as the worst after Margaret thatcher.

  • denbydish
    denbydish 4 months ago

    At a time when definitive action was needed, she did almost nothing of consequence. A waste of time and resources. Ready for the next ride on the merry go round?

  • peter lee
    peter lee 4 months ago

    Is that besides milking the country nowt

  • Tom Benjamin
    Tom Benjamin 4 months ago

    Can you do a video on the Robin Tilbrook Brexit Case?