Late Show's Alter Egos: Roger Stone Edition

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Relive all the times Stephen Colbert has roasted convicted presidential advisor Roger Stone in this edition of Late Show's Alter Egos.
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Comments • 311

  • NinjaBluefyre
    NinjaBluefyre 4 days ago

    Trump lawyer and man expecting you to die, Mr. Bond, Rudy Giuliani.

  • Dream146
    Dream146 18 days ago

    Man it'd be really great if that smug entitled prick died in prison.

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles 19 days ago

    I think the "AKAs" for all the different Trump goons are the best thing the writers have and continue to come up with. #FrostAmulet #OpenCasketAmerican

  • angela bluebird60
    angela bluebird60 20 days ago

    Trump and all his gang look like monsters that hide in children's closets.m

  • Ian Gascoigne
    Ian Gascoigne 20 days ago

    He deserves locking up for wearing those glasses.

  • Cash
    Cash 21 day ago

    Batman can't be defeated.

  • Russ Martin
    Russ Martin 21 day ago

    Late night TV does not need people to write material. Trumps flunkies are their own best joke. U cant make this shit up fast enough

  • Darrell Powell
    Darrell Powell 21 day ago

    Jon in the background laughing his ass off at the last one, Stephen done that joke good style.

  • thnktank1
    thnktank1 21 day ago

    Tiny Tim's angry accountant.

  • thnktank1
    thnktank1 21 day ago

    The acid trip before Christmas.

  • thnktank1
    thnktank1 21 day ago

    Bond villian who rose out of a peet bog

  • thnktank1
    thnktank1 21 day ago

    Show tunes vampire with albinism

  • jessejauregui
    jessejauregui 21 day ago +2

    Stone is a traitor! No debating his action. Traitors back in the day got hanged.

  • Canuckmom1958
    Canuckmom1958 21 day ago

    Trump Sycophant and man who had to declare bankruptcy because of overdue fines on his rental Halloween costumes.

  • lildavey09
    lildavey09 21 day ago

    Stone isn't a "dirty trickster;" he's a miserable piece of shit criminal. A criminal. Let's call him what he is.

  • downhilltwofour00
    downhilltwofour00 21 day ago

    Stone bears an uncanny physical resemblance to the Batman character, "The Penguin". Not only in physical attributes but also in his clothing style and persona. I'll never want his autograph, but I would like to get the autograph of his cell-mate and an autographed pair of Stone underwear. I can imagine the guy on Stone's back looking into the face of Nixon while he does his thing! LOL

  • Diego Castro Aviles
    Diego Castro Aviles 21 day ago

    By far one of his best ongoing Skates! I really hope they do a years worth of these for the last year

  • lopez otoole
    lopez otoole 21 day ago

    The rapist bill Clinton and many many more are still free ???

  • sdfkjgh
    sdfkjgh 21 day ago +4

    I got one: Man with tattoo on his upper back of the secret lover he never got over.

  • Chris Murray
    Chris Murray 21 day ago

    Alter Ego cuts are my favorite!

  • Str8edge Rockstar
    Str8edge Rockstar 21 day ago

    The umbrella he uses to defeat Batman 😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Eaton
    Mark Eaton 21 day ago

    Stone had a rigged trial with a rigged Judge and Jury.
    Colbert Anti American propaganda hour. He serves the same China crap, every day.
    Anti American sell out Steven Colbert.

  • Project Scoop 601
    Project Scoop 601 21 day ago

    Mr. Magoo glasses. What a fkn clown.

  • Julie Anne
    Julie Anne 21 day ago

    Roger Stone is a demon. Like Trump, Jared and Ivanka. All evil demons.

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez 21 day ago

    I feel like if the first ego was a movie, Stephen would watch it lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dave F
    Dave F 21 day ago

    These will never not be funny. This man should be sent to jail by the fashion police...oh wait!

  • Ralph Bernhard
    Ralph Bernhard 21 day ago +2

    Where does Trump dig up all these slimy characters?
    Oh, right, I forgot...he knows "all the best people"...

  • Uriah Gillespie
    Uriah Gillespie 21 day ago

    A Clockwork Orange 2: The Elderly Strike Back

  • Uriah Gillespie
    Uriah Gillespie 21 day ago

    Roger Stone I have to give props to, cause while some people are literal villains...he sure knows how to play the part.

  • Stephen Guess
    Stephen Guess 21 day ago

    Good bye and good riddance!

  • Fix News
    Fix News 21 day ago

    Stone is such a slime bag.
    One down, 121,361,975 to go.

  • dom crocitto
    dom crocitto 21 day ago

    Mr.Foxnews sir. I am a super doc of psychology and have a sdp in psychology. Sir we have a list of how crazy a person is.
    Number one: I met God
    Number two: it’s everyone else, not me
    Sir you suffer badly from number two. It’s not all the many other news channels, it’s you

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto 21 day ago

    For 3.8 billion years , every Life has been SHORT, and FEEDING the future of Creation. and every GOOD DEED has been FOREVER. Roger Stone is what Life has been calling "Satan" for centuries. Stone, a predator that Hates, destroys and Murders what Life has been Loving, Feeding and Raising for billions of years..

  • Paul
    Paul 21 day ago +2

    The alter egos are some of my favorite Late Show jokes and the Roger Stone ones are the best ones, since he’s so god damn ridiculous.

  • M. Sienno
    M. Sienno 21 day ago

    That last one almost made me choke on my spicy jallof rice laughing

  • Tegridy Farms
    Tegridy Farms 21 day ago

    "I have the best people..."
    The best prison bitch butt buddies... that's all the best you got fool 😅😂🤣

  • Simon Wilson
    Simon Wilson 21 day ago

    hilarious and continually spot on vicious

  • SilverZombie44
    SilverZombie44 21 day ago +1

    “The love child of Willy Wonka and Mary Poppins.”
    “Man addicted to injecting chameleon blood into his veins.”
    “Seen here as the new host of Nixon.”

  • Marius Thefaker
    Marius Thefaker 21 day ago

    Albino Ozzy Osbourne 😆

  • aegisofhonor
    aegisofhonor 21 day ago +2

    "the umbrella he uses to defeat batman"

  • Fauler Perfektionist

    "We're gonna run out of these."
    You sure? This guy seems to provide them pretty abundantly.

  • Valore Dramack
    Valore Dramack 21 day ago

    Roger Stone, Sebastian Gorka, Rudy Giulani, Stephen Miller, Jim Jordan, Steve Bannon.... the staunchest group of Donald Trump supporters all look like a bunch of rejects from a comic book villain syndicate.

  • Eduardo Landolt
    Eduardo Landolt 22 days ago

    On the way out he pulled a Nixon by the chopper...on the way in the other day... not!!

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte
    Napoleon I Bonaparte 22 days ago +3

    Roger looks like Pence but is from the late 1800’s.

    • Sherry Berry
      Sherry Berry 21 day ago

      Napoleon I Bonaparte YES! Absolutely true when u check it out!😂😂😂🤗

  • PreacherC
    PreacherC 22 days ago

    Bizarro Harry Potter lmaooo

  • MULU2
    MULU2 22 days ago

    Evil Lair in Harlem !!!

  • yake222
    yake222 22 days ago

    Trump associate and man tying someone to train tracks, Roger Stone

  • Iffy350
    Iffy350 22 days ago

    Roger Stone looks like the bastard child of orville redenbacher and that question mark guy trying to tell you how to get money from the government.

  • Christoph Loewen
    Christoph Loewen 22 days ago

    Seems like most of Trump's henchmen belong in Batman as villains - so you are fairly close to the mark

    • Pal läo
      Pal läo 22 days ago

      But if Roger Stone is the Penguin, who is the Riddler? You know, the Riddler is an intelligent man?
      I mean, at least it is obvious who Trump himself is:
      He is the Joke.

  • MsFair
    MsFair 22 days ago

    Roger Stone, or as we now call him, inmate 001D10T

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  • True Black Knight
    True Black Knight 22 days ago


  • Thrissur Diary
    Thrissur Diary 22 days ago

    Roger roast edition!

  • Robert Martins
    Robert Martins 22 days ago

    Witch-hunt.! All because Roger Stone helped orchestrate the greatest political victory in history.

  • FreshFruit LeanMeats
    FreshFruit LeanMeats 22 days ago

    Absolutely fantastical!! x DD

  • blindsightedkill
    blindsightedkill 22 days ago

    Wasn't there a "Man calling to have you killed" quote somewhere in there

  • Sickoslater
    Sickoslater 22 days ago


  • Joe S
    Joe S 22 days ago +1

    How about...
    -Steampunk villan waiting for his dirigible.
    ‐Judge Doom about to dip Rodger Rabbit.
    -Evil Dr Who

    • AubreySciFi
      AubreySciFi 21 day ago

      Joe S- If you're going the Doctor Who direction then he could be the unknown incarnation of the "Master".

  • Chris John
    Chris John 22 days ago

    Just looking at him reminds me of what Hell might be like. Hope I passed.

  • r385671
    r385671 22 days ago

    Hopefully Stone dies in prison.